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‘No Fool Like An Old Fool’ as UKIP’s Elderly Roger Helmer Shows.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/05/2014

‘No Fool Like An Old Fool’ as UKIP’s Elderly Roger Helmer Shows.


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‘There’s No Fool Like An Old Fool’ as UKIP’s Elderly Candidate Roger Helmer Shows, but thet some young members of UKIP consistently behave in an inapropriate manner is a given!



Married UKIP politician, 70, accused of taking young female researcher to a strip club, threatening to ‘trash’ her reputation if she told and then pressuring her to resign

  • Former UKIP researcher accuses MEP of sacking her after strip club visit
  • Alexandra Swann said she felt ‘deeply uncomfortable’ about Roger Helmer’s behaviour
  • Ms Swann claims Helmer brought her to the Manhattan bar in Brussels

By Paul Cahalan

A UKIP politician took his young female researcher to a strip bar and watched as a topless dancer cavorted in front of them, it was claimed last night.

Roger Helmer, a married MEP who is standing in next month’s Newark by-election, took Alexandra Swann, then 24, to the Manhattan bar in Brussels, she claims.

Miss Swann says she was made to feel ‘deeply uncomfortable’ by the 70-year-old’s behaviour, but felt unable to speak out for fear of losing her job.

Alexandra Swann, right, claimed that she was sacked as a researcher for UKIP after an MEP took her to a strip club


Miss Swann, a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party youth wing who defected to UKIP in 2012, worked for Mr Helmer for five months that year while he was attending the European Parliament.

She claims she was later pressured by Mr Helmer to resign, and threatened by another UKIP member that her reputation would be ‘trashed’ if she ever spoke publicly about the strip bar.

Alexandra Swann said she was sacked by UKIP MEP Roger Helmer after he took her to a lap dancing club


Mr Helmer, who has been married twice and has children with his first wife, strongly denies the allegations and described Miss Swann as ‘a serial fantasist’.

Miss Swann began working for Mr Helmer in April 2012, said they visited the bar in September that year.

She added: ‘The bar was called Manhattan. I had never heard of it but now I know it is where a lot of MEPs go. There were scantily-clad women and they were dancing.

‘It was deeply uncomfortable, but what could I do? I loved my job.’

Miss Swann, now 26, said that straight after the UKIP conference in Basingstoke that year, Mr Helmer sacked her.

Last night Mr Helmer said: ‘I have a vague recollection of what she might be referring to.

‘After a meal with my staff, she wanted to have another drink and I took her to a bar. It became clear it was a bit of a dodgy bar, so we finished our beers and left. The detail is frankly a load of nonsense.’

Roger Helmer MEP said he had a 'vague recollection' of what Ms Swann was referring to and described it as 'frankly a load of nonsense'

To view the original article CLICK HERE
Roger Helmer’s comment is all too redolent of that of mandy Rice Davis in response to an earlier Conservative government after inapropriate behaviour:
“he would say that wouldn’t he”.
One needs to bear in mind a few things about this particular elderly fool who has shown his age makes it difficult for him to keep up, or perhaps his late night drinking in strip clubs may well be the cause for his inability to stay awake in the EU’s so called parliament:
But then again let us not forget his drinking habits with his chum, the convicted criminal Tom Wise, another of UKIP’s devotees, who Helmer fulsomely and aggressively defended.
Roger Helmer featured in the video clip puiblished by The News of The World that was part of the publicity exposing Tom Wise as a dishonourable criminal:
WISE, Tom 04 MEP
Roger Helmer was elected as a Tory MEP but announced his retirement as he felt he was too old for the job, however when he could not gift his position to his personal choice he withdrew his resignation and defected to UKIP! Clearly he felt his age more suited to UKIP and is currently standing as their candidate in the by-election in Newark at the age of 70.
Alexandra Swann, as a turncoat from the Tories also has he own problems not least of which is a massive insecurity and her own indiscretions to contend with:
as a 23 year old researcher for the Tories she was foolishly caught on camera by The Mirror on the lap of divorcee David Morris a 45 year old MP so clearly an age differential is of little consequence to her!
& her maturity is not enhanced by her personal message on line:
swann, aLEXANDRA 01
Tough a message neither as accurate or as revealing as that of Annabelle Fuller, who I gather is also touting her story around the media though I gather her £200K price tag, which I gather is her aim, is unlikely to be met and she has a very short window of opportunity as it will be greatly reduced shortly due to her investigation for theft and I gather false allegations of sexual assault that led to the finality of tyhe divorce of Andrew Bridgen!
However here is her crass, though accurate message:
FULLER, Annabelle 10A warning that Nigel Farage would have been sensible to heed.
“If Roger Helmer becomes UKIP’s first MP, I believe he alone will ensure that he is the last”.
As Roger Helmer’s employee and staff member stated See: CLICK HERE
This may of course prove grounds, to som,e to ensure the odious, bullying old bufoon is elected!
Already ity is clear that Roger Helmer typifies the long held belief that ‘There is no greater fool than an old fool’ and clearly the attentions of a young woman have led to his acting inappropriately, yet again!




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