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Farage’s UKIP In Desperate Moves To Hide Its Associations With Slease

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/04/2014

Farage’s UKIP In Desperate Moves To Hide Its Associations With Slease

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Nigel Farage’s UKIP In Desperate Moves To Hide Its Associations With Slease are not limited to a short term fix ousting The Hamiltons as others jockey for position!



Neil Hamilton and Ukip: it just wasn’t meant to be

It seems that Neil and Christine Hamilton, and their chequered history, are too embarrassing – even for Nigel Farage’s party
Neil and Christine Hamilton campaigning for Ukip
Neil and Christine Hamilton campaigning for Ukip in 2013. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Earlier this year, James Landale, deputy political editor for BBC News, reported on a form doing the rounds of potential UK Independence party candidates at their conference in Torquay. It was a list of statements, asking them to declare that they had never engaged in racist behaviour, or had links to organisations that might bring the party into disrepute. * Among the statements: “I do not have any ‘skeletons in my cupboard’ that may cause me or Ukip embarrassment if they were to come out during the election.”

This seemed slightly incongruous, considering the identity of the man then leading the party’s campaign for the European elections in May. It’s debatable whether Neil Hamilton has any skeletons left in his cupboards, given the graveyard that dances around him. There is, of course, the cash-for-questions affair he was embroiled in while MP for Tatton in the 1990s – a scandal which led him to resign from his post as a minister in John Major’s government, and eventually leave parliament in disgrace, synonymous with sleaze. There is the libel suit he brought against the Guardian, which he abandoned the day before the trial was due to start in 1996, and many other embarrassing incidents in the years since. Once you have seen Hamilton stripped to the waist, cradling his wife Christine, recreating the pottery scene from the film Ghost, the image cannot be easily erased.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that, as the Observer reported this weekend, Hamilton has been dropped as Ukip’s campaigns director. With questions having been raised about Nigel Farage‘s use of EU allowances over the past few weeks – allegations that Farage calls “outrageous” – an Observer report suggests that Hamilton’s demotion stems from fears his reputation might leave Ukip vulnerable to sleaze allegations. There’s also the small matter of Hamilton’s comments about the party’s main donor, Paul Sykes, at Ukip’s conference in February. “So far, we haven’t seen the colour of his money,” he told the Observer.

In The Times earlier this year, it was reported that the Hamiltons had initially been wooed to the party by Farage, over a “four-bottle lunch” at a Westminster restaurant. Neil Hamilton was elected to the party’s National Executive Committee in 2011, but had his application to become a Ukip MEP rejected last August. Still, his star seemed on the rise. That same month, the Telegraph reported Farage was keen to make him either chief of staff or deputy secretary general of the party’s group in the European Parliament, but in February Farage referred to Hamilton as a “backroom boy”, and he has now reportedly been demoted to a regional support role. Even in a party as legendarily odd as Ukip, Neil Hamilton may have too many skeletons to bear.

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Probably the most interesting part of this article is not just Nigel Farage’s natural affinity with sleaze and corruption, dishonesty & the debasement of the body politic as best shown by his personal appointments within UKIP as with his mistresses, ex or otherwise, on the tax payers’ bounty and his lies about employing family members as exposed by his funding of his wife at the expense of the tax payers, and of of course his personal appointments of some of the sleasiest and doggiest liars and associates in politics from the racial extremists he chooses to be associated with in The EFD Group and the likes of the corrupt journalist Patrick O’Flynn, the discredited and ousted Gawain Towler, the convicted benefits fraudster Clive Page, the odious and outspoken extremist & superstitious racist Gerard Batten and his slease associates, the liar and low life John Moran, the thief and embezzeler Tom Wise, the untrustworthy turncoat, liar and fraudster David Bannerman, the dishonest self publicist and fantasy whistle blower Marta Andreasen, those found guilty of abuse of public funds ordered to repay money corruptly purloined such as Jeffrey Titford, Graham Booth, Tom Wise (who shared his stolen money with Farage himself) the large sum the liar cheat and thief Derek Clark was ordered to repay, then of course tyhere is farage’s personal sewer5 rat Mark Croucher and t6he buffoon Kelly who passes for PR in Farage’s EFD Group and others of dubious merit, including Farage himself.
Even Farage’s close association with and approval of Jasna Badzak will surprise many and it will be an appointment he will much rue after the ongoing police inquiry into the sound jurisprudence of the judiciary, police and body politic in her recent questionable & seemingly contrived, so called conviction! Based on a methodology of which I am all too well aware having been the subject of UKIP dishonesty myself and indisputable false witness.
SWANN, Alexandra 01 & FarageLet us not forget Farage’s other protege Alexandra Swann who has defected after Farage’s personal endorsement of her arrival  who is, I am reliably informed by media associates, is it seems touting her story around the news rooms looking for a serious bidder! Can we expect Annabelle Fuller to finally pull the rug on Farage in similar fashion when the offers are adequate since it wll prove difficult for Farage to re-employ her in any capacity in the future as his friends disassociate themselves from his barrow boy tactics and efforts at self enrichment at the tax payers’ expense.
All above were personal appointments made by Nigel Farage so that as a strutting popinjay the clearly inadequate Farage could strut the farm yard and crow from the top of the dung heap he had crested around him shinning like Zirconium amongst the squalor he had created around him!Consider the claim:
* Among the statements: “I do not have any ‘skeletons in my cupboard’ that may cause me or Ukip embarrassment if they were to come out during the election”.

Just who would this leave in UKIP’s leadership clique and its parasitic claque – its NEC and staff?

In present terms it would most clearly leave UKIP bereft of a leader, a position it looks all too clearly that the self serving Patrick O’Flynn would seemingly be lining himself up for!

It is unfortunate that bereft of charisma and most clearly an inept and poor speaker of little credibility or track record Patrick O’Flynn provides no viable leader for UKIP should he manage to oust Farage or if Farage is ousted by his own corruption.

At least Farage has been a good performer, it is clear his weakness and insecurity have served UKIP ill in that he has forced out all who could have formed a viable leadership team of any stature for fear of their challenge or the transparency they insisted on.a detailed study of CLICK HERE and HERE will pay dividends for those seeking to expose the truth about UKIP, particularly bearing in mind CLICK.





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