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It Is A Duty To Report Criminality Incl. Sexual Abuse & Harassment

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/04/2014

It Is A Duty To Report Criminality Incl. Sexual Abuse & Harassment

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It Is A Duty To Report Criminality Incl. Sexual Abuse & Harassment! Not to let abusers get away with their crime nor tyhe criminals who collude in the cover up – including false witness!


one might have thought this was an unwise background from which to have any political aspirations and would ring warning bells for anyone of integrity in the light of the classic dreamer at such an early age. An individual likely to play hot and cold and eventually betray her true friends with indecision would be my guess!REDACTED
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Just returned from South Africa where I was writing about and caring for rehabilitated elephants and am completing a book to raise funds to help the the fight against poaching. I’ve spent a great deal of time with elephant herds who have been brought together through the trauma of poaching – some have seen their entire families gunned down. Hard being back in the UK away from them and am looking forward to returning to South Africa later this year. I’m also completing studies in Law and Ecology.

In conjunction to this I worked in the theatre world and am also a wildlife artist. Last November I worked on my first sell-out West End production over at the new and fabulous St. James Theatre in London, marketed the show, designed the production website and got involved in production. I market shows from scratch and act as a producer in overseeing a show’s development from concept to get-in. I brand and design websites and create flyers, theatre programmes and bang on doors to get advertising. I also act as an agent to some actors. This website is just for fun and the articles featured on here are productions I’ve been invited to write about and comment on.

Then there was the sordid incident at UKIP’s Party conference which led to this series of TWITTERS a few days later:
LISTER, Fiona 01 TWEETS 01
LISTER, Fiona 01 TWEETS 02You may remember that not only did this blog cover the sexual abuse at UKIP Party Conference but so also did The Telegraph!



I hope you don’t mind me writing. The reason I am writing is that I’ve been through absolute misery no thanks to some of the UKIP brigade (I was the victim in the newspaper recently, but remain anonymous for legal reasons and due to being the victim of a crime). I’m also very unwell as a result and it has proven incredibly destructive both psychologically and physically, particularly the last six months. I have taken legal action against the reporting (my lawyer is REDACTED). I have been doorstepped, harassed and worse. Please relay to REDACTED that my thoughts are with her as no doubt she was bullied by certain men and women in UKIP and made ill. They were keen I should not be in touch with REDACTED. I think what’s happened to her is terrible and although I am not that familiar with her case am suffering myself through what I’ve been put through and know how tribal some of those people are. I’ve been made to feel very upset, devastated and afraid.

Please relay my thoughts to REDACTED during what must be a horrible ordeal.

Kind regards,


Obviously I and numerous others, including the media and the police, have the facts and details and have deduced exactly who was involved in the cover-up, however I hope that the girl who was sexually abused and filmed will even at this stage have the common sense to prosecute her case with the police but I fear her immaturity and naivete may well lead to her further damaging her friends in cowardice at being bullied and blackmailed by UKIP leadership and those who abused her!
So in the hope she comes to her senses and facilitates investigation to clean up the body politic with her contribution being to clean up UKIP – let’s leave it there for now.




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