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An employees OPINIONS of Gerard Batten MEP UKIP etc.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/07/2012

An employees OPINIONS of Gerard Batten MEP UKIP etc.

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An employee’s OPINIONS of Gerard Batten MEP UKIP etc.!
the informant uses a broad brush but I CAN attest to much of the detail as published on Junius blog & received this information a while back – choosing not to publish UNTIL it was in the public domain, as it now is!

I have sought a copy of the Court Bundles and also of the judgement and was awaiting further facts, before publication.

However the material so far published on the internet would seem to be true – Though I can NOT attest to all of it.

I await further substantiation and provenance AND THEN it was my intention to publish the balance of this damning material, that so clearly shows UKIP to be unfit for purpose.

Having been a long term supporter of UKIP and currently still a supporter of its core aim, as stated by the membership, Leave-The-EU, I hope the truth will be reached that exposes the seemingly constant corruption so as to ‘Clean-up UKIP and make it fit for purpose and electable by informed honourable men and women not just the self serving, the duped and the ill informed’!

UKIP posturing as a political party on a broad spectrum is patently ridiculous, one need only consider the handful with a say in the party and their political ineptitude and self serving corruption to realise they have no gravitas, competence or comprehension of the issues of political governance – merely the naive and catch phrases of opponents of good governance and political behaviour.

Let us face it in 20 years UKIP has failed to educate the public and take them with them having failed to produce one single convincing aspect of a sound ‘Exit & survival strategy, relative to Leave-The-EU.

UKIP have failed abysmally to address the problems, being reliant on childish stunts and inept jingo in the realisation they will NEVER be handed the levers of power and it is ‘Events Dear Boy, Events’ that have made the public increasingly EUroRealist not the childish posturing of a few largely ignored political wannabes !

I publish below The Posting from JUNIUS with the caveat that there are some details I can NOT personally substantiate but with the assurance that with apposite provenance I am only too happy to publish any substantiated corrections, as ever See: CLICK HERE



Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gerard Batten: A former member of UKIP’s inner circle speaks out!


We have received the following email from a former member of UKIP’s inner circle. They requested that we make it public. The first part features alleged remarks made by Gerard Batten.

‘I am white English Anglo-Saxon and only English should be allowed to live in the UK. This is our land. All others, drunk Scots, sheep shagging Welsh and terrorists Irish should just fuck out. Foreigners should not have never been allowed in’.

‘You, scum from Balkan have imported your ethnic hatreds and blood feuds onto British soils’
‘All Nigga Nogs are homicidal baboons. Fucking Establishment has let them in to apologise for slavery. I am not apologizing to anybody for anything. Schwarzies should be dropped from planes back to Africa where they belong’.
‘All Muslims are terrorists. When you reform Christianity you get Martin Luther King. When you reform Islam you get Osama Bin Laden’.
‘Fucking Mohammed was not any prophet. He was pedophile’.
‘Quran is a mumbo-jumbo terrorist guide for suicide bombers and nothing else’.
‘Muslims have declared a war on all of us and we must fight them’.
‘All fucking Jews are part of Bilderberg conspiracy. World is run by fucking Jews. At Bilderberg they get money and training how to screw the rest of us’
‘Your husband is a fucking Jew. He got £1 million pounds when he was 18 at the Bilderberg. If you don’t admit I will just ask questions in the European Parliament until I get the answers’ (One week after first question out of 10 asked and then when Batten did not get the answers he wanted in September last year he ranted about Bilderberg).
‘Ban Kosher, Ban Beth Din, Ban Jews’
‘Ban Sharia law, Ban Islamic Banking, Ban Mosques’
‘All foreigners are criminals’
‘Stupid Slavs’
Import of Slavs has led to the Balkanisation of my country’
‘Only foreigners who should be allowed into the country are those marrying white English people’.
‘My constituency London is now controlled by foreign ethnic gangs’
‘My East London looks more like India, Bengal and Somalia rather than English city’.
Some of the daily rants by UKIP’s London MEP Gerard ‘Adolf’ Batten.
However there are 2 groups of people that Gerard Adolf particularly despises. Which are none of the above. One group are UKIP voters ad Gerard’s favourite ‘term of endearment’ repeated almost daily is:
‘My voters are stupid and uneducated. They don’t read newspapers and they don’t watch news. Nobody reads papers or watches news. They do what I tell them to do and they will always vote for me. I will always be a MEP’.
But Gerard particularly hates one very specific group of people. British taxpayer.
For those not familiar with UKIP MEP’s shenanigans, the name of the game for UKIP’s trusted circle led by Nigel Farage is not UK’s withdrawal from EU. They don’t have any intention of pursuing that dream. For them EU is the their best friend and source of unbelievable riches. And believe me when I say each one of them will fight to the bitter end to stay in EU, to keep their seat in the European Parliament because that is their ultimate ticket to fleece British taxpayers. Nowhere else would such assortment of incompetent nobodies be allowed to become millionaires or almost millionaires.
How do I know? I was their press officer whose job was more to keep their theft out of newspapers rather than promote any of their activities in the media. I was a part of their inner circle, I had their private phones (Nigel’s included), they consulted me daily and abused my good will towards UKIP’s stated aims.
I was the one who stopped story in News of the World (my apologies to everyone now), which was going to publish:
David Campbell Bannerman’s second home in Cambridge, also his designated office paid through EU expenses clad in marble and giant Jacuzzi.
Godfrey Bloom whose private company employees are paid by EU expenses. They work for Godfrey, make profit for Godfrey and are paid by British taxpayer through EU expenses.
Nigel Farage who pays his wife Kirsten £30 000 a year to communicate via emails for him (E-mail address: . Why? Because‘dear Leader’ Nigel doesn’t know how to type or use computers (NB for fools who follow Nigel on twitter @Nigel_Farage it is not Nigel who is tweeting but his bellowed Annabelle Fuller. Same goes for Nigel’s Facebook page).
Nigel also has full control of UKIP finances, which are used to subsidize Nigel’s constituency office. Why? Because Nigel needs all his expenses to finish in his own pocket. Nowhere else. And for those fools banging on about Isle of Man trust account – well who is going to pay for private schools fees for Nigel’s and Kirsten’s children. Nigel? Grow up.
Gerard Batten also loves his expenses. His public transparency report (attached) mentions only 4 people working for him: Lynnda Robson – part time secretary in London, Kamila Zarychta – secretary in Brussels, Fiona Wise – researcher in London (and real author of the ‘Cost of the EU’ booklet because Gerard doesn’t have a clue about figures and Math, his single O level is in Geography) and Lawrence Webb, UKIP’s Regional Organiser in London. I am not mentioned at all. Full time Press Officer. Neither is his friend (famous perpetrator of conspiracy theories which really believes – nobody laugh now – Vice President of USA Joe Biden wants to kill him and all other Russian dissidents and also President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who in his spare time, between running huge country, also personally trains leading Al Qaeda operatives) Pavel Stroilov. Pavel’s job does not exist because Pavel is still a student who has huge problems with English language. He is there to guide Gerard on Russian affairs and split with him his EU payments. Just as Tom Wise did with Mrs Jenkins. Last but not least Gerard’s employee, certain graphic designer Harold Batten, Gerard’s own brother.
And those two brothers really know how to steal. Harold Batten is not only paid monthly by Gerard but also is paid for every piece of stationery, every leaflet, every letter, every newsletter, every piece of graphic that comes out of Gerard’s office. When I blew a whistle on Batten’s brothers after feeling sick to my stomach that they, thieving brothers Batten were charging £2500 a piece for UKIP’s ridiculous letterhead (one with £ sign in chaotic dark pink/yellow colours) and £1500 for one set of Gerard’s business cards it resulted in OLAF’s investigation.
Later on when Gerard started lying that he does not employ his brother, that Harold Batten is not a sole trader hiding behind name Roundel and that way submitting invoices on top of the pay he receives monthly, and when I started Employment Tribunal it ended in the comical exchange at the last hearing on 20 March in the East London Employment Tribunal. Gerard lied and wrote to the Tribunal every single week to complain about all posts on Junius and Greg Lance Watkins blogs, and in particular about very existence of his brother stating in his writings, which became part of the sworn witness statement
‘My brother Harold Batten is a semi-retired professional graphic designer who does not and has never owned a “printing business”. The absurd allegations that he does and it is funded by me only appears in X’s ET1 and then in Mr Lance-Watkins’s article”
(statement attached).
But since Gerard is not the brightest bunny himself and there are invoices with Harold’s name and Gerard himself openly admitted to Open Europe think-tank that he does employ family members, in short when Adolf Batten was confronted with written evidence, only then he admitted lying in the Tribunal and admitted that Harold Batten does extremely profitable business on the back of British taxpayer. Conservative estimates to the tune of at least £300 000.00 since Adolf was elected. Tidy little sum for jobless‘graphic designer’.
On top of it Gerard learned from Nigel that expenses are there for taking. Of course he is illegally paying Lawrence Webb as a Regional organizer for London and has been paying him £45 000.00 a year every single year since 2004, when Batten was first elected. But Batten also pockets money himself. It is a known fact that Adolf Batten only visits Brussels couple a times a year
(‘I can’t stand sitting in the hotel room by myself eating chips. I rather be home and do nothing’, as Batten says).
He only goes to Brussels when his lunatic band of EDL mates meet to hold their CounterJihad meetings. As he did in 2007 when CounterJihad movement was established and they held their very first Brussels conference
held on 18 and 19 October 2007 when he took with him another UKIP racist fruitcake Magnus Nielsen and designated him a driver. Batten used even that opportunity to help himself with taxpayers money and claimed full cost of the trip to Brussels as well as cost of the driver, pocketed money himself and didn’t even tell Magnus anything. Secret which Batten tried to keep for himself for years but is now in the hands of OLAF.
Batten really does not like paying for anything himself. Every meal he has in London, without a fault he always takes somebody with him, be it those in his offices or Alan Lake, Deputy Leader of EDL (as Searchlight caught him in March 2011) to a launch in restaurant at Liverpool Street station, he submits those receipts as his expenses for constituency work. Gerard Adolf doesn’t even think he should be buying himself a car from his own money nor paying insurance to drive that car. Expenses are used for that too. At the end of last mandate in 2009 Batten bought the car (green Ford that he totaled last year when he hit biker and then set him up to be prosecuted because he is MEP) with unused expenses, which should have been returned to EU Parliament.
List of Batten’s thefts is a very long and I will stop here and will not even mention house Batten bought for his older son, again with our money. OLAF is investigating and hopefully they will do a good job and issue arrest warrant for Batten very soon.
My proceedings are now at the status where perjury has been committed by Batten himself, and two of his witnesses as well as by his lawyer Diamond.
I have asked that Court issues orders and warrants for Gerard ‘Adolf’ Batten himself, his two witnesses crazy anti-abortionist Andrea Williams, CEO of proscribed racist organisations ‘CCFON – Christian Concern for Our Nation’ also known as‘Christian Legal Centre’ (which also employs Batten’s barrister), Sam Solomon, known anti-Islam preacher proscribed everywhere (co-author with Batten and Diamond of ‘A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding’ with Binding Code of Conduct – in short despicable illiterate ‘re-rewriting of Quran’ to suit Solomon’s, Batten’s and Diamond’s needs, paid from Batten’s EU expenses, and whose only purpose is to offend Muslims, harass them into signing allegiance to Adolf Batten and make Muslims leave UK) as well as already mentioned Paul Diamond, Batten’s barrister (operating from Paul Diamond Chambers with only PO Box in Cambridgeshire as an address) and only UK lawyer with more than 50 warnings of the most senior judges for misleading various courts and bombarding judiciary with his ‘travesties of reality’ to borrow the words of Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beatson.
These Employment Tribunal proceedings could not have been openly reported before because in true UKIP fashion Batten and Diamond have at the first hearing fraudulently tricked inexperienced judge and used article 8 of the ‘Human Rights Act’ (yes, only in UKIP land can hypocrite UKIP MEP use Human Rights Act for himself and at the same time tell UKIP voters he is fighting for its scrapping) to obtain Restrictive Reporting Order (which was abused by Batten to harass everybody, from journalists with legitimate interests in Batten’s theft and racism to brave bloggers Greg Lance Watkins and Junius ).
Last hearing put an end to Batten’s precious RRO and Presiding Judge stipulated that ‘it is a right and proper that publicly elected officials are subjected to the public scrutiny’. Therefore all Batten’s idiocies can be freely published now.
Batten’s sworn testimony in the Tribunal was just extension of his favourite rant
‘I am MEP, I am right, everybody else is wrong and that’s it. I have Parliamentary immunity and I am can do what I want’.
Amongst other things I asked Batten why does he have Greg Lance Watkins’ home address (see witness statement). Batten’s reply:
‘I made it my business to find his address to trick stupid Frank Maloney to send his boxers to threaten Lance-Watkins with severe beating for things he wrote about me’.
I was astonished and simply stated ‘Do you Batten realize that nobody is allowed to threaten anybody with physical violence in this country? It is a crime, plain and simple’.
‘I am MEP and Lance Watkins is nobody. I can do what I want with him’.
(NB Court record exists should Mr Lance Watkins wish to pursue this further).
Afterwards I questioned in details Adolf Batten about the meeting he tricked me into attending in above mentioned proscribed Christian Centre on 10 February 2011, Wimpole Street London. Once there I was introduced to anti-Islam preacher (Batten’s close friend) Sam Solomon, Andrea Williams, CEO of the nutty organization, her deputy Andrew Marsh. The purpose of the gathering was to finalize policy of removal of Jews and Muslims from UK that this group was preparing for some time already. One more person joined them over the phone (Sam Solomon’s mobile) well known racist thug and leader of EDL Stephen Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson. In short whole discussion during the meeting was to develop policy (at the end they agreed to call it ‘Dismantling Multiculturalism’ policy) to ban all customs, religious requirements, buildings, schools, economic allowances, to ban religious laws and religious customs of Jews and Muslims and in that way (rather than through straight killing) eliminate those two groups
(‘Fucking Jews’ and ‘sick Muslims’ as Batten referred to them) from UK.
They even prepared expanded ‘Binding Code of Conduct’ for Jews and Muslims that every Jew and every Muslim would have to sign (yes, for those remembering history lessons Hitler did the same through Nuremberg laws, but even Hitler made only Jewish organisations to sign, whilst Adolf Batten wants every Jew to sign). During the meeting Batten kept handwriting notes of the meeting (I have a copy and is attached). As meeting was nearing to the end (I did not speak just listened trying to memorise everything) I was asked if I would organize big launch of this ‘wonderful policy’ in the House of Lords (Batten to organize) and invite Gert Wilders, Dutch anti-Muslim nutter to help them launch. I was also asked to brings as much press as possible to publicise it. Final item of the meeting was a plan to trick some big American Radical Christian donor to buy Batten a big house with security and provide funds so Batten can remove Farage as a party leader and Adolf Batten to become one.
As soon as the meeting finished I called Nigel, naively hoping, that he will do something about those stupid racists. All that happened was Nigel lightly reprimanded Gerard (and not before Batten was further exposed in Searchlight) and I was sacked for blowing the whistle.
Later on I handed whole file (Batten’s handwritten notes, Batten’s two emails of 10 and 11 February 2011, complete typed ‘Dismantling Multiculturalism’, Ban Burqa rewritten document and Binding Code of Conduct) to the police. Sadly Batten is still not arrested because he has two bent cops friends who are protecting him and due to his immunity.
During the hearing I had four exceptionally reputable expert witnesses: Mr Michael Whine, director of the CST (Community Security Trust – organization protecting Jewish population) and also director of the Board of the Deputies of British Jews, Mr James Brandon, Communications Director of the human rights organization Quilliam Foundation, Sheikh dr Suhaib Hassan, director of Sharia Council for UK and Ireland, and Member of the Islamic Council for Europe and Mr Massoud Shadjareh, the Chair of IHRC (Islamic Human Rights Commission), who have all jointly condemned Adolf Batten and his fascist conspirators.
During the Tribunal hearing there was oral testimony by Sam Solomon (his sworn witness statement is attached) who lied on stand that he is ‘leading expert on Islam in the Western World’ which was proven to be a lie by statements of expert witnesses: Michael Whine, James Brandon and Massoud Shadjareh, who jointly confirmed that nobody considers Solomon expert in anything, let alone Islam, with James Brandon describing Solomon as delusional, paranoid man driven by his own prejudices with no understanding of Islam. In the second part of his testimony, in collusion with Batten and Andrea Williams, Solomon continued with his lies and claimed that meeting on 10 February 2011 was meeting about ‘Rise of Anti-Semitism’. When presented with a copy of Batten’s handwritten notes from the meeting Solomon became speechless and at that point even Judge had enough of him and told him to leave.
Similar nonsense about meeting being about ‘Rise of Anti-Semitism’ was contained in Andrea Williams signed and sworn statement, leading to perjury investigation against Batten, Solomon and Williams.
Just for a good measure, Batten’s barrister Diamond just could not keep his mouth shut and complained to the Judge that his name is mentioned on ‘extremist websites’ Greg Lance Watkins blog and Junius. I used the opportunity to remind the Judge that actually Paul Diamond is known extremist and author of articles on PJ media about him, Diamond, being ‘street fighter against Islam with posh British accent’, one more speech which he also used in Nashville Tennesse at the Conference of US based anti-Muslim nutters where Diamond was raising funds for EDL leader Tommy Robinson, as well as his radio interview ranting about Islam, which are all publicly available on Internet. Then Diamond, just like his friends, also started lies he did not write article, he did not give speech (video exists), he did not give radio interview (recordings exist) earning himself also potential charge of perjury and perverting the course of justice.
As soon as any of these muppets are in the cells I will be in touch to report further.
My very best wishes,
Redacted by the Junius Team



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