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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/05/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
So Called UKIP Friends of Israel ZIONIST EXTREMISTS BEFOUL UKIP and drag the values of Judaism in the gutter!!




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Greg_L-W. said…

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davidjm said…

100% agree with Greg_L-W above. The powerful international Zionist movement deliberately conflates the Zionist cause with the interests of Jewish people – A very cunning way of ‘hiding behind the Jews’ and deflecting any criticism of Zionism by denouncing it as ‘anti-Semitic’. The Zionist State of Israel was founded by the most barbaric acts of terrorism. It possesses a spook outfit well-known as the MOSSAD (“By deception shall we wage war”) which is renowned for its perpetration of ‘false flag’ terrorist events around the world. The Zionists are committing genocide against the Palestinians who have been displaced and dispossessed of their nation on a gradualist basis.  
Pass the sick bag!
I am quite disgusted that UKIP has got into bed with the Zionist cause.

Greg_L-W. said…

Hi,so I am left with the clear impression that so called FOI is nothing more than an anti Jewish organisation – no wonder it is welcomed by UKIP who have alligned themselves with the anti Jewish EFD Pan EU Political Group.Now that you have been exposed as Zionist anti Jewish despoilers will you ban this item of free speach as is done by the terrorist forces of The IDF and the obscene regime that is destroying Palestine.Can I expect, like Mordeccai Vannunu to experience 20 years of unrellenting torture!No wonder you are so ashamed you remove debate.Regards,Greg_L-W.

Greg_L-W. said…

Hi,the posting which I made as an issue of free speech follows – I have re-posted it as an object lesson in ethics for your readers:You will now find it posted on various public blogs and forums to ensure you are unable to silence Free Speech as amongst others my Family has willingly been prepared to lay down their lives through the ages for such values – as did my Father and uncles in defence of Judaism, justice and liberty.Hi, I can only believe that you actually believe what you have written!! Firstly UKIP has no role in other people’s political mess it was is and will continue to bump along the bottom without a single credible individual of stature as a self enriching mechanism for a small and corrupt claque achieving very little for the huge amount of money it absorbs. Posture politics whilst in bed with the racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual reformist grouping of extremists in The Pan EU Political Party EFD Group and with under 30 elected public office holders with 19,500 seats available shows the contempt earned by UKIP with the British electorate at large. Part of the cause of that is their gesture politics when the ONLY reason people vote for UKIP beyond an acceptable version of The BNP in blazers is that they CLAIM to want to Leave-The-EU Zionist behaviour in Palestine has been repugnant bringing shame on decent Jewish folk world wide. The abuses by The mock state support of the terrorist like behaviour of The IDF is contemptible. Yet you preach and lecture on ‘Arab’ belief in democracy whilst the odious behaviour of Zionism in Palestine has led to ever more extreme politicians and leaders being ELECTED as with Hamas and Fatah. You preach of Nuclear issues yet Zionism is in breech of more International issues on that than every other country world wide! I would welcome the demise of Zionism so that the decent indiginous Jews of Palestine could return to practicing their chosen beliefs and superstitions alongside their Muslim Arab brothers and those of no particular superstition or cult. Many Jews world wide would be able to hold their heads up rather than bear the shame heaped upon them by Zionism and its political ambitions. I am surprised that you can not see how biased and self serving your deliberate misrepresentation in your essay clearly is. UKIP has no place in support of extra territorial complexity least of whilst it is supporting anti Judaism and racism in The EFD – Zionism that would seem to have no interest in Judaism!! UKIP’s sole function is to campaign to Leave-The-EU to restore democracy in our own country not meddle in the affairs of others and their ambitions! Regards, Greg_L-W. YOU may feel in shame that this posting should be removed to hide the obscene behaviour of Zionists and their treatment of the peoples of Palestine – I understand your shame but running away, as a coward, from your behaviour is no solution.Regards,Greg_Lance-Watkins#8 – NP165ETMonmouthshire.


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