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#G0285* – A GOOD WEEK for EUroRealists!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/02/2011

#G0285* – A GOOD WEEK for EUroRealists! 
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
A GOOD WEEK for EUroRealists!

Nigel Farage gets a video on YouTube promoting referendum & against Prison votes!

Nikki Sinclaire gets a number of articles in the media and featured on the EU TV Channel having a go at The EU & Mrs. Cathy Ashton!

The Petition for a Referendum got huge publicity outside Parliament & numerous Peers, MPs, MEPs and othewrs in the area signed up and gave support for a Referendum!

Will it be the public who take control & save OUR Country or will the fat cat politicians run out of cream and wake up to do their duty?




It seems to have been a good week for EUroRealists with the debate in Parliament on The FACT that The EU is forcing us to give Prisoners the vote – clearly the vote was a huge success but as Mary Ellen Synon in The Daily Mail at CLICK HERE The British Parliament has a long way to go before the vote this week has anything worthwhile to contribute.

I predict that the EU will spend huge amounts of OUR money having lavish dinners in exotic resorts for its fat cats to work out a fudge. The next British election will turn up and much will be made of Tory faux EUroScepticism and how they rejected The ECHR barmy concept of votes for prisoners (which by the way it was NOT, it was for given catagories of prisoners I understand!) – shortly after the election it will be made clear we had merel obtained a derogation (FUDGE) or on reflection rather than paying the price the British people want and leaving the politicians have decided it is a small price to pay for all the benefits (FUDGE) – By the way what benefits?

Then whilst that debate was on one of EUroRealisms most dedicated workers had something of a coup in that Nikki Sinclaire a UKIP elected MEP managed to get permission to park her constituency mobile office in right outside OUR Parliament at Westminster – a fortunate booking in that the date booked months ago turned out to be on the day of debate & vote on an issue perceived as related to The EU.

Fair play to Sinclaire’s staff they were willing to stay till 17:00hrs. on Friday but having had near constant rain they packed up when interest dwindled after lunch on Friday only to watch the sun come out as they reached the M1 on the long haul back to the constituency – having hugely raised the profile of EUroRealism and the need for a petition.

I appreciate there are bitter little voices from UKIP seeking to denigrate anyone’s efforts but their own – but would YOU want to be associated with the scum in UKIP’s leadership who have allied themselves with the racist, anti Jewish, violent sexually intolerant Pan EU Political EFD Group (Here is how UKIP aim to overturn the members democratic vote against UKIP surrendering to EU control CLICK HERE)

Nigel Farage as leader of The EFD published a letter through his office denigrating petitions and referendum CLICK HERE yet he was in Finland helping The EFD with a referendum last weekend – The duplicitous two faced nature of UKIP which is realistically our only lifeboat at the moment is a tragedy as clearly the lifeboat has been seized by rascals and the corrupt for personal gain and in betrayal of not just our voters but our Country as others have made most clear CLICK HERE

Now we see Farage lining up as if to follow the Judas Goat CLICK HERE

That said it was good to see his video clip at the end of the Channel 4 news in the political slot, which I understand UKIP get by rotation based upon the votes it has to date. A good video in that he had been persuaded not to rant but VERY weak on figures, usually Farage can provide a few soundbites to convince the trailing and arm the followers!

That said – well worth watching on YouTube at CLICK HERE sadly only 308 visits last time I checked but I felt the following comment was apposite:

Is The EU forcing us to comply merely to denigrate democracy since The EU is bereft of any meaningfull democracy?
We joined the ECHR in The 1950s where we could argue our values but British  Governments have unlawfully betrayed Britain & our peoples & handed over Government to the centralised & corrupt EU unelected control.
Any opportunity to bring this to public attention is worthwhile & Farage makes the points better than most when on form – well done, more please!
Champagne in Prison?? – How?

The good news for EUroRealists continued with 2 articles Nikki Sinclaire managed to get into the Sunday papers:

The Sunday Times CLICK HERE
The News of the World CLICK HERE

Let us hope the good news and promotion of EUroRealism rolls on – it would be nice to see our lifeboat repaired and retrieved from the self serving scoundrels and nere do wells of UKIP leadership and its parasites now wrecking it!

I hear the foul mouthed slut Annabelle Fuller is back officially on the play roll having parted company with The British Legion and then The British Forces Pensions or whatever – presumably when they read her vile blog and started to find out the truth.

I can see no way in which this addition to UKIP can do anything but more harm than she has done in the past – many will remember the pack of lies Farage told to try to keep her on his play roll last time and the general dishonesty and unpleasantness that surrounds her.

I gather this time a new story has been spun – it is being put about that The News of the World offered her a large amount of money to tell the truth about her activities with Nigel Farage and within UKIP leadership and the only way UKIP could stop the truth spilling out was to employ her.

Firstly do you honestly believe The NotW would pay her much – Lega from Rega hardly came out of her expose of Farageand his drunken reverie with a prostitute picked up in his local pub. Frankly knowing the Journalsist (several) at the NotW I just don’t believe it – it is hard to get ANY story about UKIP in the Meeeja at the moment as shown by how infrequently they feature, then usually because some sleaze like John Ison has leaked unsound fantasies to ingratiate himself for a job as a UKIP parasite CLICK HERE or some idiot like Douglas Denny has unwisely invented and irritated a journalist then finding it blows up in the face of UKIP due to his lies CLICK HERE

– I do hear Denny is on the verge of quitting which would be a start in cleaning up UKIP, this is some confirmation of the rumours that first started circulating at the utterly risible so called leadership campaign – we note the rewards Steve Allison is gathering for the manner in which he managed Prof. Tim Congdon’s campaign!!!.

I hope he is starting to realise just how much he has been duped by the other parasites and the extent he has been used as a patsy, well lets face it if he believes the fantasies he publishes on little Anthony Butcher’s UKIP controlled forum with all the filth he puts his name to he is far from bright though possibly not so corrupt, duplicitous and cowardly as Anthony Butcher who hosts the lies and disinformation for UKIP.

At least on my blogs I make every effort to be accurate and have NEVER been found to have presented a single solitary item of misinformation of any material nature despite tthe many stalkers I have like the obsessive liar and cheat Mick McGough, Douglas Denny, Matt Quinn, Gawain Towler, Annabelle Fuller, Mark Croucher, Steven Milne, David Icke, Brian Gerrish and the like the slime trapped in the U Bend of the gutter of conspiracies and corruption.

Secondly do you believe that UKIP should fund such an apparent case of blackmail to hide dishonesty, corruption and the childish insecure antics of UKIP leadership and its parasites?

I do question who in UKIP leadership and their parasites is fit for office ANY office, sadly I see UKIP as a part of the problem with no place in the solution under its present inept, incompetent, dishonest corrupt and self serving nere do wells of its leadership and their salaried praise singers and parasites.

We are not alone in being betrayed by our politicians on all sides but let us hope we are not forced onto the streets as were the Russians, the Hungarians, the Cheks. the Chechen, the East Germans, the Algerians, the Tunisians, the Egyptians and Iran – all of whom were forced to ignore their self serving self styled political elite!

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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