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Posts Tagged ‘Thomas Evans (UKIP)’

The Criminality, Corruption & Unethical Behaviour of UKip!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/08/2014

The Criminality, Corruption & Unethical Behaviour of UKip!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


 A few examples of The Criminality, Corruption & Unethical Behaviour of UKip, its staff & leadership!


unfortunately UKip has proved time and time again that its candidate selection processes are incompetent and inadequate – one need only note the low grade of most of its MEPs to realise just how unfit for purpose UKip is with so very few candidates with any background experience fit for the job.
No amount of rhetoric and confrontational insults and slogans can act as a substitute for the gravitas and expertise required to act to represent the electorate, in a manner that acquits their duty.
Can YOU imagine, in the light of widely reported behaviour by UKip elected individuals and their staff and the numerous allegations of corruption and abuse of public funds including the jailing of UKip MEPs and the well publicised instances of orders to repay money obtained from the public purse including some £36K embezzeled by UKip MEP Tom Wise, somewhere between £30 & £100K procured by UKip MEP Derek Clark, Numerous £1,000s ordered repaid by UKip Leader Nigel Farage, similarly UKip MEP Graham Booth and former leader and UKip MEP Jeffrey Titford.
Also it is worth remembering that The Sunday Times filmed UKip MEP Stuart Agnew not only admitting that he and the then UKip MEP David Bannerman used public funds unlawfully to fund UKip NEC member and Regional Organiser Peter Reeve. In the same filmed interview he solicited donations from a member of the public of a substantial amount and confirmed that UKip leader the snti Islamic racist Malcolm Lord Pearson would arrange the effective laundering of the donation to obfuscate its source.

UKIP committee chairman ousted after vote of no confidence threat by other parties and diagnosis of “severe dyslexia”

Cllr Paul Clapp being interviewed by the BBC film crew at the Waterlees Spinney play area this week. Picture: Steve Williams.

Cllr Paul Clapp being interviewed by the BBC film crew
at the Waterlees Spinney play area this week. Picture: Steve Williams.
Friday, August 29, 2014

6:41 AM

The chairman of one of Cambridgeshire County Council’s biggest spending committees is to be replaced after being diagnosed with “severe dyslexia”.

UKIP Councillor Paul Clapp of Wisbech has been forced to accept his replacement as chairman of the adults committee following a threatened vote of no confidence by the group leaders of the four other political parties at Shire Hall.

Council leader Steve Count together with Lib Dem leader Councillor Maurice Leeke, Labour leader Councillor Paul Sales and Independent Leader Councillor John Hipkin all signed a vote of no confidence letter to the chief executive Mark Lloyd.

They said they did not “undertake such action lightly or with any personal malice but purely out of concern for the reputation and efficiency of the council”.

They claimed that Cllr Clapp was

•struggling to cope with the role

•forgetting to call for votes on committee items

•failing to realise when the next item should be introduced

•reading recommendations from different items to that being debated

•is generally failing to ensure the meeting follows due process

The letter claims the role of chairman is also to work with officers on strategic issues “and we simply do not believe that the current chairman is experienced enough to do this at a very difficult and important time”.

Cllr Clapp said he had accepted a statement to be issued by his group leader, Councillor Paul Bullen, which will recommend a change in chairmanship from the October meeting of the council.

It is intended Cllr Clapp will swap places with health committee member and spokesman UKIP Councillor Sandra Rylance of Chatteris. He take her place on the health and wellbeing board.

Cllr Bullen said: “The swap is being recommended to help support Councillor Clapp who has had a recent diagnosis of severe dyslexia.

“While this means he finds it hard to cope with the amount of paperwork a chairman needs to deal with and read it also gives him vital insight for his new role on health. “Equally Councillor Rylance, with a background in caring, will be an ideal chairman for the adults committee. The council will be supporting Councillor Clapp following the recent diagnosis.”

Cllr Clapp said the recent diagnosis had been “a great surprise” to him but he denied he had failed to chair committees to a high standard.

He said: “For all of last year I was chairman of the children’s and young people’s committee and everyone was very pleased with the work I did.”

Prior to becoming a councillor his outside work had included 10 years as a youth worker which, ironically, had included helping young people cope with dyslexia.

He said: “Effectively we were pushed into a corner since we would have not succeeded against a vote of no confidence. It’s left a bitter taste.”

He added that he would be speaking out at a national UKIP conference on the issue and hoped to win support from those who believe people with dyslexia face discrimination.

The letter to Mr Lloyd from the four party leaders spoke of the “potential negative effects” of having a chairman with an “apparent lack of experience and understanding”.

It added: “The council has to be perceived as a knowledgeable, credible and well run organisation.” Cllr Clapp “clearly has relevant personal knowledge in both children and adult services…..but we have seen no evidence of any ability to take a strategic view for the good of the residents of Cambridgeshire.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

In the light of the serial abuses of public monies and criminal behaviour of senior figures in UKip when will these abuses be recognised for what they are rather than some sort of endearing cheeky chappie in some way acceptably on the make and the take!
It is also interesting to note the listed donations to UKip (those that have not been obfuscated!) on the Electoral Commission web site – this led me to speculate on the identity and legitimacy of the donation from Michael Savage – could this be a clandestine way of his paying for the support of the extremist anti Islamic campaigner and prominent Zionist Lord Pearson sometime UKip leader as a puppet for Nigel Faragewho has a record of laundering donations for UKip as we note that Lord Pearson has been campaigning in the House of Lords for the lifting of the ban preventing the extremist anti homosexual Michael Savage from entering these United Kingdoms?
It is the endless stream of inappropriate behaviour from UKip staff, candidates and elected officials, of which the above is but the tip of the iceberg, that clearly shows they are unfit for office consider also:
ATKINSON, Janice 02UKip MEP Janice Atkinson
ETHERIDGE, Bill 02 - GOLLIWOG COVER 01by: UKip MEP Bill Etheridge
Frank Maloney election campaignUKip PPC & London Mayoral Candidate Frank Maloney – Spelling Genius!
WISE, Tom 04 MEP
UKip’s criminal MEP Tom Wise
FARAGE, Nigel 92 Jolly RACIST 01UKip Leader & MEP Nigel Faragedrinking provocatively at The Jolly Racist!

FARAGE, Kirsten 03Nigel Farage’s wife Kirsten Farage

db128-annabelle-fullerAnnabelle Fuller Sometime Mistress

Do these instances represent any of your values? They sure to hell represent none of mine or I believe the values of decent British citizens of any integrity or ethical understanding!.





14:15hrs. 31-Sep-2014
Thomas Evans, by incorporating UKIP in his name, implies he wishes to speak for and as UKIP yet makes a denial of this in his personal data on Twitter!
I can only assume his confusion spills into other areas of his life!


Thank you:
Thomas Evans (UKIP)
for taking the trouble to put your opinion, unsound & offensive as it clearly is, as I will seek to help you to see below.
Firstly let us start with the last item first, where you dishonestly seek to claim I am a Labour supporter!!!

Clearly your information is low grade Ukip propaganda in keeping with so much else that emanates from the largely dishonest and corrupt leadership & claque of Ukip.
Let’s see. The main subject article is a decision taken by ALL the political groups and the council.

I’m glad you noticed that – had Ukip been somewhat more competent and fit for purpose it would have become aware of the personal difficulties this candidate was likely to experience and found a more suitable role for him and a more suitable candidate for public office – thereby avoiding embarrassment for the candidate and ridicule for UKip.

It also appears that the individual in question agreed to it so not sure what the problem is?

Clearly the problem is as I stated – Ukip selection process was inadequate and in terms of intellect & gravitas their leadership and its claque are unfit for purpose.

As for the rest…Janice Atkinson foolishly lost her temper with a group of 3 silly girls abusing her, other canvassers and members of the public. The 3 trouble makers in question were Green Party members who were also members of the UAF. They were holding placards calling UKIP members “fascists” and had been following Janice around for 3 days.

Clearly you endorse my opinion that Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson is unfit for the job and unable to conceal her obscene responses nor able to control her temper – This overtly racist and foul mouthed woman is hardly suitable material for a politician with internastional duties representing Britain!

The second picture. Those toys were being sold in most major shops at the time of the release of the book so a non-story.

Perhaps you are unaware that Bill Etheridge was dumped by the Tories for his racist style and use of Golliwogs – However Ukip were all too willing to take this buffoon on board in an attempt to belittle the Tories – You might also be unaw3are of his openly made claim that he was joining Ukip to become an MEP within 3 years, a position he stood no chance of gaining in the Tories as they have a rather more professional approach to representing the electorate!

Third picture down is obviously a printing error.

Clearly you are unaware of the claims of the candidate himself!

Further I am only too happy to accept it was a proofing error, however the standard of Ukip’s candidate is more than adequately displayed by the fact that he used the poster without realising, despite his/her protestations aftwer the event. An indication of the unprofessional nature of Ukip’s leadership, claque and candidates.

Fourth picture down, Tom Wise was kicked out of UKIP in 2007! 7 years ago?!

This is just a barefaced lie on your part, whether deliberate or in ignorance I know not. Tom Wise WAS NOT kicked out of the party – Tom Wise remained a member of Ukip and even paid off some of Ukip’s leaders bills with money he had embezelled, money Nigel Farage knew to be unlawfully obtained!

Tom Wise quit Ukip when his membership ran out and despite letters to him encouraging him to rejoin and also seeking donations from him HE CHOSE to quit Ukip.

Do check you facts, before peddling the party’s dishonest propaganda.

Fifth picture down has been pretty immaturely edited.

IF it is a Photoshop picture it is widely on the internet and also sadly all too true of Ukip – such that many find it rather macabrely humorous.

Sixth picture down, so what if she is German, UKIP have members from numerous nations from Poland to Pakistan!

You will note I made absolutely no allusion to Kirsten Farage’s German origins, though for a party so adamant that foreigners should not hold jobs that take jobs from British citizens it was hardly a PR coup for Farage to employ a German.

Far more importantly it is the utter dishonesty of Ukip’s leadership in that Farage himself promised on Meridian TV and no doubt elsewhere, in order to get himself elected, that no Ukip elected individual would ever employ family members!

Farage later said, when exposed for his dishonesty in employing his wife on a salary approaching £30K, when even his own constituency office were unaware she was on the payrole funded from the public purse and had no idea of any work she might be doing for Ukip, it was claimed by Farage that the ONLY reason she was employed by him was because of the unsociable hours and frequently found herself showing him how to use a computer late at night in her night dress!

Are we to assume that is why she is now employed by Nigel Farage’s goffer & fixer Ray Finch now a Ukip MEP! Or is it more likely that she is thus paid either by way of bribery or to evade EU rules guarding tax payers’ money – OR possibly both!

Seventh picture was an immature accusation made by a bitter mentally unstable individual who was kicked out of the party and has since been charged with expenses fraud! The media tried it along with a follow-up article and they were both laughed off.

Perhaps you know Nikki Sinclaire, but it would seem you know absolutely nothing about her – there is every reason to believe that Ms. Sinclaire has an absolute defence of ‘Veritas’ regarding her denounciation of Nigel Farage employing his wife on a salary disproportionate to any apparent work she does for Ukip after his promises which he broke and the fact that Annabelle Fulller is widely believed to have been one of Nigel Farage’s mistresses or at very least one of his sexual partners. A fact confirmed by Nigel Farage’s flatmate, of several years standing, Godfrey Bloom when he publicly told the idiotic Herman Kelly not to be so foolish as to threaten him regarding his knowledge of Farage’s sexual liasons as he would bankrupt the party.

That Ukip and its leaders have openly and deliberately lied regarding Nikki Sinclaire and have already lost one High Court Judgement against her and a tribunal and further have been openly and officially censured for their abuse of her – perehaps you would care to justify your unprincipled and unfounded comments about her as I am certain you lack the integrity to apologise.

Further it is widely believed that John Ison together with Nigel Farage’s sewer rat Mark Croucher liased on Farage’s interests to deliberately embroil Nikki Sinclaire in a fraud of their making to try to discredit her – just as was done by Gerard Batten in his dishonest efforts to have me prosecuted for factual and honest comments and opinions which I wrote about him.

Thus, in view of the widespread corruption of Ukip’s leadership and its claque I am inclined also to believe they deliberately lied about Jasna Badzak to obtain a dishonest conviction for the implausible claim she set out to defraud Batten – a claim made with the collusion of what seem to be corrupt Metropolitan Police and a judge without the ethics to prorogue himself as an associate of individuals involved in the prosecution and in which a guilty verdict was obtained based on a clear lack of credible evidence and a crass summing up by the judge who may well have presented the spin out of partisan affiliation with the prosecution.

Labour Party members really do have to much time on there hands than to create a website like this.

To return to the first point I made – I trust you will have the integrity to withdraw the implied lie you have seen fit to publish and to apologise for the fact that you seem to claim that my blog is in some way sponsored by the Labour Party! – Though I doubt I will receive the apposite apology, as Ukip’s liars are notoriously incapable of admitting their dishonesty and corruption.

Why don’t you take a closer look at your own councils.

Clearly a foolish and inaccurate implication that I am in some way allied to a rival political party or Council! My local councils are Monmouthshire & Forest of Dean – on the latter I believe UKip have the distinction of having a councillor best known for his conviction as a shop lifter in one of the Forest towns and most clearly no one of any stature though one UKip councillor has been subject of some public censure for his misguided comments!

I must admit I am unaware of anyone of ability in Monmouthshire who represents UKip.

I trust you and others who have swallowed the dishonest propaganda from UKip whole and unchecked will be better informed when seeking to regurgitate their irresponsible and corrupt mantras.






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