1          The organisation shall be known as UKIP Wales.

2          UKIP Wales was formed at a Conference held at the Strand Hall, Builth Wells on 21st July 2018

3          Membership of UKIP Wales comprises all paid up members of UKIP who are:

domiciled in and registered as residing in Wales,

or who regularly attend UKIP Branch meetings in Wales

4          Objects:

1   to support and promote UKIP in all its endeavours and in particular:

(a)       to provide candidates for elections to the Westminster Parliament, Welsh Assembly,

Local Authorities and the European Parliament

(b)       to increase the membership of UKIP

(c)        to raise funds for UKIP

(d)       to campaign actively for UKIP

2   to operate within the Constitution and Rules of UKIP

3   to promote the formation of Regional and Constituency Branches in Wales

4   to mediate in the resolution of issues of conflict

5   to communicate with members

6   to develop policies for presentation to the Welsh Assembly

7   to consider National Policies affecting Wales and to advise accordingly

8   to draft Rules for electing candidates for the Welsh Assembly

9   to establish a 3 year rolling programme


5          The Governing Body of UKIP Wales shall be the Annual (or more frequent) General Meetings

of all paid up members of UKIP as defined in Article 3 above.

6          The Annual General Meeting shall:

1   elect a Wales Executive Committee comprising 15 members  made up of 3 members from each of the 5 Regions in Wales as defined by the D’Hondt List System which applies at Assembly Elections and comprising the following constituencies:

North Wales             Ynys Mon, Arfon, Aberconwy, Clwyd West, Vale of Clwyd,

Delyn, Alyn & Deeside, Wrexham and Clwyd South

Mid & West Wales               Dwyfor Meirionedd, Ceredigion, Montgomery, Brecon & Radnor,

Carmarthen East & Dynefwr, Preseli Pembroke, Carmarthen West &                                                         South Pembrokeshire and Llanelli

South Wales West    Gower, Swansea West, Swansea East, Neath, Aberavon, Ogmore                                                             and Bridgend

South Wales Central            Vale of Glamorgan, Rhondda, Cynon Valley, Pontypridd, Cardiff                                                                        West, Cardiff North, Cardiff Central and Cardiff South & Penarth

South Wales East     Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney, Blaenau Gwent, Islwyn, Torfaen,

Caerphilly, Newport West, Newport East and Monmouth

(1)  the 3 members from each Region shall be elected by the members present from that Region

(2)  the first Regional representatives in each Region shall serve for 3 years, 2 years or 1 year

  • selection for any of the three terms shall be either by agreement, or by the drawing of straws
  • Regional representatives retiring by rotation may offer themselves for re-election
  • a casual vacancy shall be filled at the next General Meeting by the members present from the same Region electing a replacement to complete the term of the outgoing member
  • at subsequent Annual General Meetings the members from each Region shall elect one representative for a three year term

[A member of the Wales Executive Committee unable to attend a meeting shall be entitled to nominate a deputy on not more than 2 occasions within a twelve month period. The deputy shall be briefed by the elected Executive Committee member on issues to be dealt with. TO BE VOTED ON ]

2   receive a report from the Chairman of UKIP Wales

3   receive a report from the Treasurer on the state of the finances of UKIP Wales

4   receive reports from the Members of the Welsh Assembly

5   develop proposals for policies to be presented to the Welsh Assembly

6   develop proposals for policies to be adopted by UKIP nationally

7   The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February of each year

7          General Meetings:

1   Additional General Meetings may be called

in June of each year [after the usual election period of May and early June]

                        and October [after the National Conference and 6 months before the usual election period]

and at other times when considered necessary

2   A General Meeting may carry out any of the functions of the Annual General Meeting

3   Notice of a General Meeting and of the business to be transacted shall be sent to UKIP Members

in Wales at least 21 days in advance by email to those able to receive email

and otherwise (and if requested) by post

4   Failure of delivery of a Notice shall not invalidate the Meeting

5   The purpose of a General Meeting is:

to ensure that no-one can prevent participation by all UKIP Members in Wales

to provide a forum for all UKIP Members in Wales to meet and develop camaraderie

to facilitate development of Policy at all levels – Branch, Region and All Wales

to enable casual vacancies on the Wales Executive Committee to be filled without delay

8          The functions of the Wales Executive Committee:

1   the Wales Executive Committee shall elect from among its number a Chairman

Vice-Chairman and Secretary and such other officers as it thinks fit

2   it may appoint from outside its number a Treasurer and other officers

but such appointees shall not be entitled to vote

3   it may invite UKIP MEPs, MPs, AMs and Councillors to attend their meetings as guests

but such invitees shall not be entitled to vote

4   it shall meet regularly, and keep minutes in hard copy

distribution of minutes may be effected by electronic means

5   Notice of a meeting of the Wales Executive Committee shall be given at least 10 days in advance

details of the proposed Agenda shall be given at least 3 days in advance

6   The over-riding purpose of the WEC is to galvanise UKIP Wales into a force to be reckoned with

9          Confidence motions:

1   A General Meeting may pass a vote of no confidence in any member of the Wales Executive

Committee, or an unelected officer appointed by that Committee

2   The subject of a vote of no confidence shall vacate office with immediate effect

and shall not take any office for at least one year thereafter

3   Intended Motions of no confidence shall be communicated to all members

at least 21 days before the Meeting at which the Motion is to be tabled

10        The 5 Regional Branches:

1   The Constitution for Regional Branches is the same as for Constituency Associations

2   Each Regional Branch shall actively support the Objects of UKIP Wales set out in Article 4

3   Regional Branches shall hold regular meetings to which all members in the Region are invited

4   The Regional Branches will act as Regional Organisers for all Westminster and Welsh Assembly

elections in their respective Regions

11        The 3 levels, comprising:

1   the local Constituency Association (or Branch in the case of 2 or more Constituencies)

2   the Regional Branch

3   the UKIP Wales Conference (and its Wales Executive Committee)

are not hierarchical. Every UKIP member in Wales is a member at each level simultaneously.

The relationship between the three levels is one of co-operation and mutual support

for the purpose of furthering the aims of UKIP in Wales, and to that end:

The Regional Branch will never interfere with a Constituency Association which is fully functional

but will offer assistance where it is not

The Wales Executive Committee will never interfere with a Regional Branch which is fully functional

but will offer assistance where it is not

12        The Chairman of the Wales Executive Committee shall be the Leader of UKIP in Wales

[this is indicative only until there is a change of the UKIP constitution

                        currently the appointment of a Leader in Wales is by the National Leader Gerard Batten.]