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‘Ukip Seems To have Bolt-Offs, Bolting, Bolted & Maybe Even A Bolton! …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/02/2018

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‘Ukip Seems To have Bolt-Offs, Bolting, Bolted & Maybe Even A Bolton! …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



The Main Web Site:


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

000a ukip-025 count.png~~~~~~~~~~#########~~~~~~~~~~



Henry Bolton will find out this weekend whether his party wants to keep him, in fact it will be interesting to note if enough people turn up to reasonably be able to call Ukip a Party, for as Bolton publicly announced members have been Bolting at the rate of 1,000 a month.

Of course the figures do not seem very accurately to reflect membership as in the past Ukip had a habit of keeping long dead members on the books and many of the members are nothing more than those who have taken little interest and in fact may well have forgotten they were given free membership in an effort to boost figures a few years ago!

The reality is better defined by the percentage vote the rump party is getting on a national basis which seems at the moment to be less than 3%! They are currently a total irrelevance and it seems unlikely they could turn that around by May’s Local Government elections its unlikely due both to lack of finance and the paucity of competence of a single individual visible in the party over a prolongued period.

Ukip hasn’t even been able to find a competent leader for years and their NEC is even less impressive – clearly there isn’t a single MEP of calliber or stature who stands out – just a rag tag of self serving also rans. As of May they are unlikely to retain a single Council seat up for election and many have Bolted already as with Thurrock & also Thanet!

In a clearly desperate last-gasp attempt at hanging on to leadership Bolton has dreamed up a new party constitution/rules. You will find an insight in the article below there is little exciting in it, it seems and it comes across as somewhere between smoke & mirrors distraction from the main issues amounting to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic & a game of ‘spot the lady’.

There is much in his reforms which are similar to the power grabs Farage made in his time but was prevented by the membership; the aim seems to be to dramatically reduce the role of the party chairman, putting in place an unelected new Chief of Staff thus give sweeping new powers to the leader!

Whether the membership is so diluted now that with the support of Nigel Farage, who failed to change the Party will open the door to this centralising of power will become apparent on Saturday!

Already the proposal seems to be making waves as Ukip’s chairman Paul Oakden last night revealed he was stepping down he may of course be Bolting Off due to the parlous financial situation of the party where staff such as Gawain Towler have Bolted as there is clearly no longer money to fund his bloated salary, he is not alone I gather!

Bolton told LBC yesterday that ‘ex’ mistress Jo Marney ‘might’ get a Valentine’s card from him I guess she may, if the numbers are sufficiently diminished, be Bolted On as the new Chief Staff Officer, as I gather she is not working at the moment!

Astonishingly Bolton has been defending her vile racists texts attacking Meghan Markle, claiming they had been merely “fiery” and “provocative”.

This does sound ever so similar to the sort of justification KKK members make when they are thwarted in their efforts to lynch & murder on a racist basis – ‘Oh it was just a bit of fun’ – yeah yeah fun for whom:

IN MEMORIAM: 19-May-1918 8 mth pregnant lynched in Lowndes County, Georgia for speaking out about her husbands death. White men cut her open while suspended, the foetus fell out…& they stomped on it. Police did nothing..She was 19

The important point for Bolton is that the risidual members don’t Bolt is the defacto leader of Ukip for the last 23 years Nigel Farage & his openly stated support for absolute authority for the leader! Bolton’s future is largely in the hands of Farage whether Bolton does or doesn’t survive Saturday is of course of little consequence as it is unlikely Ukip will survive the loss of its NEC, as they have no choice but to resign if Bolton is supported if they have any integrity and act honourably.

Also it must be considered that IF Bolton survives or if not the main task of the leader will be fending off the many pending Court cases & very substantial debts minded that most of their MEPs have bolted, the staff seem to be Bolting & the income from the EU has seemingly Bolted.

No wonder Mr & Mrs Glum look so cheery:

BOLTON, Henry 03 + Jo MARNEY 04

Ukip Leader Henry Bolton Will Cut Power Of Party Chairman Under Make-Or-Break Reforms

His future will be decided at a meeting of party members on Saturday

PA Wire/PA Images

Under-fire Ukip leader Henry Bolton is set to release his blueprint for party reform at noon in a last-ditch attempt to save his political career.

Bolton, who was handed a vote of no confidence by Ukip’s ruling committee last month, will put out his proposed changes to how the party is run in a bid to win the support of rank and file members.


Bolton’s future is set to be decided at a crunch meeting in Saturday, where members will decide whether to back him as leader and adopt the new constitution, or oust him from the top job.

HuffPost UK understands Bolton’s changes to the party would see a dramatically reduced role for Ukip chairman Paul Oakden, the creation of a new Chief of Staff, and put the leader at the heart of the decision-making process on key issues.


One source said: “It’s very interesting, but is it enough to get a lot of people to get people to support him?

“We’ll have to wait and see.”

One person’s support Bolton will need if he is to persuade the membership to back his plans is former leader Nigel Farage.The MEP and talk-show host was sent a copy of the document this morning, and is set to give his verdict on the proposals later today.

Bolton’s position has become increasingly precarious since it emerged he had left his wife for Ukip activist Jo Marney – a move which some in the party felt undermined his ‘family man’ image.

Leaked texts from Marney which contained racist and derogatory comments about Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle only added to the pressure on Bolton, who then broke up with the glamour model in order to stay on as leader and fight for his position.

Since then, he was spotted by HuffPost UK having an intimate dinner with Marney at an exclusive members-only club on the banks of the Thames.

In an interview with Andrew Marr on Sunday, Bolton said: “There are strong affections there, yes,” when asked if the relationship was back on.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

BOLTON, Henry 03 + Jo MARNEY 04

Clearly Dopey & Mopey are an ongoing item – they are clearly well suited!

Already there have been moves to replace Bolton, unsurprisingly with various people putting themseves forward – Guido has rather belatedly published the story of the front runner IF/when Bolton is Bolted Off:

Interestingly in this bit of catchup by Guido he has published his thoughts on the possibility that the vile & corrupt Ukip MEP Gerard Batten might become interim leader if Bolton gets Booted Off:

UKIP Plot to Make Muslim-Bashing Batten Leader

Senior UKIP figures are proposing to appoint pink-suited Muslim-basher Gerard Batten as their interim leader if Henry Bolton loses the vote at this weekend’s EGM, Guido can reveal. The three UKIP peers, Lords Pearson, Stevens and Willoughby de Broke, have written to the party’s NEC this morning:

“We now write to suggest that, ahead of the EGM on 17th February, you resolve to immediately appoint Gerard Batten MEP as Interim Leader in the event that Henry Bolton loses the vote at the EGM. Further, we suggest that you publicly announce ahead of the EGM that it is your intention to appoint Gerard in the event that Henry Bolton loses, so that UKIP members will know as they vote that you have a plan of action around the party leadership and that there will not be any demoralising vacuum at the top.”

Batten’s support is growing: John Bickley says “most Kippers want Gerard Batten to be interim leader. He’s a safe pair of hands and the party’s Brexit guru. Many of the colleagues I work with and I would support him”. He has also won surely game-changing endorsements from Bill Etheridge and Ben Walker. Batten was previously best known for saying British Muslims must sign a code of conduct, describing Islam as “Mohammedanism” and a “death cult” of which we should have a “rational fear”, and calling for an end to the building of new mosques in the UK until a non-Muslim place of worship is built in Mecca. A supporter once defended him to HuffPo saying: “It’s not like he wants to kill all Muslims”. UKIP leadership jostling seems like bald men fighting over a comb to Guido…

It is of interest that amongst those seeking to empower the vile Racist Islamaphobe Gerard Batten; is the odious Malcolm Lord Pearson, who the informed will be aware is an award winning Zionist! Pearson is obscenely anti Muslim and about whom The News of The World did a double page expose, an expose which proved an embarrassment for Ukip during his leadership of the party which was amateur in the extreme and beset with problems due to his own dishonesty as a puppet for Nigel Farage and the dubious influence of the failed Tory MP Christopher Gill!


Well lets see what degree of debacle is the outcome of Saturdays EGM – debacle? well more probably blood bath followed by all too probably a funeral!



Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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