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Does Anyone In #Ukip Tell The Truth? #Farage #Bolton #Collins #Nuttall #Batten etc. All Proven Liars! …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/02/2018

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Does Anyone In #Ukip Tell The Truth? #Farage #Bolton #Collins #Nuttall #Batten etc. All Proven Liars! …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

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Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall will not face charges over electoral fraud claims

Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall will not face charges over claims he used an empty house as his official address on a by-election form.

Labour accused Mr Nuttall of pretending to live in the Potteries before last February’s by-election in Stoke-on-Trent Central, after he gave his address as a property in the Penkhull area of the city.

Staffordshire Police said in a statement: ”We have conducted a thorough and extensive investigation into allegations that false information had been supplied on the nomination form of Paul Nuttall.

Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall will not face charges over claims he used an empty house as his official address on a by-election form.

Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall will not face charges over claims he used an empty house as his official address on a by-election form.

“After full consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service a decision has been made that there is insufficient evidence that criminal offences had been committed.

“We take any allegations of electoral fraud very seriously and will continue to work closely with the Electoral Commission, and local authorities, to ensure we play our part to protect the integrity of the electoral process in Staffordshire.”

Although Parliamentary candidates are not required to be resident in the constituency where they are standing, it is an offence under the Representation of the People Act to knowingly provide false information on a nomination paper.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
One has to wonder who are the more corrupt the politicians the police or the CPS!
Many months ago, contemporary with Paul Nuttall’s criminal behaviour when he fraudulently claimed he lived in a flat in his chosen constituency, we published all the compelling evidence that he had lied & committed a crime under the British Electoral Law, including providing photographic evidence.
Now, minded that I live many miles away and was able to provide proof of the crime, the police & CPS claim they could not find sufficient evidence – are they really that incompetent or are they corrupt? I leave it to you to decide if this is outright corruption or a simple case of utter indollence or even a case of one law for the public & another for corrpt politicians!
You might also care to note that with no valid evidence, merely the lies of John Ison, who was colluding with Nigel Farage, the police spent over £1,500,000 trying to ‘fit up’ Nikki Sinclaire on a trumped up claim she had claimed for flights when she had taken the more costly option of driving to the tune of £3,000 claimed being an overspend of just a few £100!
They were able to fabricate enough evidence to drag the case on for 5 days in Court despite the fact that they colluded with John Ison in the criminal obtaining of some of the false evidence, a fact they were well aware of and which the Judge cautioned the witness for his criminality!
Nikki Sinclaire was eventually totally exhonerated of any crime yet to date John Ison has not been prosecuted for his undeniable and proven perjury nor the other crimes surrounding his offences, nor has Farage been prosecuted for his clear corruption & collusion with John Ison and as yet not a single one of thye corrupt police or any member of the CPS been prosecuted for their criminal actions!
There is no doubt of Paul Nuttall’s criminality nor of his fraudulent efforts to deceive the electorate with the CV he provided claiming he obtained a PhD at Hope University which was a lie. He also claimed that he playyed Football for Tranmere Rovers team which he did not – another lie. Paul Nuttall also claimed to have been at Hillsborough on that fatefull day when so many were killed & he claimed he lost close friend(s?) nearby – this also was a lie.
However it comes as no surprise that Gerard Batten also lied regarding Paul Nuttall in an effort to pretend Nuttall is not a liar.

You will note Gerard Bqatten’s lie above when you compare it with the facts on Linkedin, where it is clear Paul Nuttall lied:


You may be aware that The Liverpool Echo’s Court reporter Linda Roughly was blamed for the error on Paul Nuttall’s website – a claim that does not exhonourate Paul Nuttall in any way as he was responsible for anything on the site which, unlike Wikipedia, is password protected & pray who would invent the detail regarding Hope College?

I also find it utterly implausible that Linda Roughly would do anything without checking as Court reporting is a skill founded on absolute and reliable accuracy and checking every fact. Interesting to note that Linda Roughly has been a Court reporter for the Echo for many years even possibly dating back to Hillsborough here is a report of hers from 14-Feb-1992:

You will note, as ever, I have supported my claim thaty Paul Nuttall is an habitual liar, as is Gerard Batten with clear and compelling evidence.

Should you wish to check up on the lies and crimes of Nigel Farage, Laure Ferrarri, Henry Bolton, Annabelle Fuller, Mark Croucher, David Bannerman, Derek Clarke, Douglas Denny and many more in Ukip just start reading the rest of this blog & do use the search box in the right column to find the details!



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