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Yet Again, As Shown Previously, #Ukip Fails To Responsibly Check Facts & Accepts The Spin Of Liars On Their #CVs …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/01/2018

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Yet Again, As Shown Previously, #Ukip Fails To Responsibly Check Facts & Accepts The Spin Of Liars On Their #CVs …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

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time and time again followers of Ukip will have noted this blog has highlighted lies & misleading statements of Ukip leadership team.

You will recall this blog has for years stated Nigel Farage was a philanderer and a liar, we made it very clear that he treated his mistresses as prostitutes paid for by the tax payers for his enjoyment such as Annabelle Fuller, Laura Ferrari & others – we also exposed the fact that Farage was using public money to pay his wife, seemingly to buy her tollerance of his behaviour, she was ostensibly paid £30,000pa as a member of his constituency staff – despite the fact that his own constituency office manager neither knew she was employed nor was he aware she did any work for Ukip!

You will recall it was this blog that exposed the undeniable fact that David Bannerman’s CV was a pack of lies – even showing his identity was a complete fraud.

There have been many other frauds this blog has exposed including the relentless exposure of the dishonesty & corruption of the Ukip MEP Tom Wise which led to his being sentenced to 2 years in prison.

It was also this blog that exposed the undeniable fact that Ukip MEP Derek Clark was a liar and was fraudulently using public money – a fraud that our actions exposed and which led to him having to repay 10s of £1,000s.

We exposed the fact that Nigel Farage was claiming expenses to fund his constituency office which was provided free of charge by Julia Longhurst.

We also exposed the fact that Roger Knapmann’s family were exploiting foreign workers at the expense of British workers and was actively recruiting skilled building labour in Poland and importing Poles to work for minimum wages by the coachload – We were even involved in exposing the fact that Roger Knapman as Ukip’s leader was himself employing teams of Polish builders to work on his own house and housing them in his attic – whilst advocating the same scam to others and offering to supply the labourers at cut rates doing British skilled workers out of work.

Here is yet another set of fraudullent claims being made by and on behalf of yet again a Ukip leader which I am exposing – you will note I stated Henry Bolton’s CV was deeply suspect some time ago.

You may find these two links of help:

1992 –

2012 –

Having myself served in The Regular Army & having myself gone to #RMAS The #Royal_Military_Academy_Sandhurst I felt it might be interesting to check Henry Bolton’s military record & where he served – interestingly he did not feature on the list of those who were Officer Cadets at RMAS – Eventually I found he never had a Commission in the Regular Army nor did he serve in Afghanistan – He was never an Army Officer in the Royal Hussars as claimed.

Henry Bolton was eventually commissioned as a probationary 2nd.Ltnt. in 1992 as an infantryman in the Wessex Territorial Reserve.

All rather different to the claims and inferrences of his CV as put about by Ukip and on Wikipedia! Yet another Ukip fraud! We find him now having dumped 3 foreign wives and several children lashed up under dubious circumstances with a drug store blonde with something of a ‘track record’ who is younger than his own children being 25 years his juniour!

well here are a few more details:

  • 45m45 minutes ago

    I understand ‘s O.B.E. To be Ordinary Officers of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order: Henry David Bolton Stabilisation Team Leader, Provincial Reconstruction Team, Helmand, Afghanistan. For services to international security and stabilisation.

  • Greg_Lance-Watkins Retweeted RichardAENorth

    ‘s is clearly not to be trusted as comparison between his claimed ‘s implications show relative to the truth nor can his morality & ethics be seen as of calliber for the leader of anything least of all a British political party even !

    Greg_Lance-Watkins added,

    RichardAENorth @RichardAENorth

    Replying to @Greg_LW

    2nd Lt (on probation) in the Territorial Army (1992) … and then civilian stabilisation team leader …

  • 1h1 hour ago

    Greg_Lance-Watkins Retweeted RichardAENorth

    has all the qualities required by a leader viz an inaccurate & misleading CV a serial philanderer a dangerous liability & likely to be responsible for the closure of a party whose demise was ensured by & crass hubris & hedonism.

    Greg_Lance-Watkins added,

    RichardAENorth @RichardAENorth

    Replying to @Greg_LW

    2nd Lt (on probation) in the Territorial Army (1992) … and then civilian stabilisation team leader …

Here are a few more points worthy of note which I have published on TWITTER recently:





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