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#Ukip Facing Prospect Of A Repeat Of The #Paul_Henke Court Case – This Time Facing Delphine!! …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/11/2017

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#Ukip Facing Prospect Of A Repeat Of The #Paul_Henke Court Case – This Time Facing Delphine!! …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



The Main Web Site:


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

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My Legal Case against UKIP


Hello.  My name is Delphine and you can view a short version of my legal case against UKIP here. (3.50 minutes).  I have been banned from UKIP membership and no reason has been given.   I was an active campaigner, travelling the country (with my lovely dog Rusty) to spread the word and assist the parliamentary candidates to victory.  Unjustly treated by the party, I have launched a legal case.  I am seeking your help to continue this fight.  Thank you for taking the time to listen.

About Me


Carrying the Banner for UKIP

(Centre in pic).  

I was a Branch Committee Member and a local UKIP candidate, placed a respectable 2nd.  View my candidacy flyer at the link at the top of this page.

Read the story of my injustice in the section: ‘What Happened to Me’ at the top of this page.


One of the many Street Stalls I organised

I was a passionate and committed campaigner.

Leafletting, coordinating and fundraising – always in the best interests of the party and aiming for success.


Happy Campaigning Days in Thanet

That’s me – second to the right of Nigel Farage.  

Our country needs UKIP more than ever to campaign for a clean Brexit rather than leaving the EU in name only. 

My Political Activism for UKIP

Giving the Facts

Allaying People’s Fears

Countering the Scaremongering

Rusty the Campaigning Canine…!

Always popular wherever he went.  

Here we are in Rochester.

…More Rusty

Here we are again.  Rusty was getting attention from a new friend.  Must be the jacket.

Rusty’s Final Days…

Sadly, Rusty ( pictured here at Clacton ) is no longer with us and will be much missed by those who knew and loved him.  RIP.

…Introducing Joey, another rescue dog, who is featured in the two videos on this site.

My Second Video

View this version for a more detailed outline of my case.  (10.06 minutes)


Photograph Sources

Copyright for Conference photographs accredited to: and

Other images are from various sources.  Please contact me if I have published your image and you wish to be accredited on this site.

To view the original web entry CLICK HERE


My Story

Hello, my name is Delphine and I need your help.  

I had never, ever, been interested in politics, but became increasingly concerned about our borders opening to more and more European countries.  In September 2013 I joined UKIP and within a couple of weeks I attended my first political Party Conference.  I quickly became very involved in party activism and suggested various ideas to the leaders of my local branch: Runnymede, Weybridge and Spelthorne. I have fundraised extensively for a wide range of charities for over 12 years, and brought many of these transferable skills to the party. 

In January 2015, having been a party member for 15 months, I decided to put my name forward for the position of Chairman at the forthcoming AGM. Over the previous six months I had already planned and successfully delivered fundraising events, an essential party strategy with the forthcoming campaigns ahead. I had also initiated and arranged monthly Public Meetings to encourage enrolment of new members and gain new party activists. There had been none of these type of events during my initial period of membership with the branch.


Despite having 6 member nominations, my application was blocked by the two men running the branch. One was the Chairman, ‘appointed’, not elected.  (The two Regional Organisers later admitted I had been blocked from the position – I have this information formally verified).  Complaints about the AGM brought about a special meeting presided over by the two aforementioned Regional Organisers.  They declared the AGM to be null and void, officially announced a split of Runnymede & Weybridge (R&W) branch from Spelthorne and EGM dates were set for both branches.  One of the men who had blocked my application gave his immediate resignation from the R&W branch, and also from his positions as Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Candidate for the forthcoming election.  He stated that he would be transferring his membership to the Spelthorne branch.  

The EGM 

I went on to be officially elected as Chairman at the EGM for R&W branch on 31 March.  Two weeks later I discovered that over £3,000 of funds had been withdrawn from the R&W branch account by the aforementioned individual who had transferred his membership to Spelthorne.  He had put this money into his own personal bank accounts.  He had no authority to do this and was not even a member of the branch. I emailed the Regional Organisers about this matter and received no response from either of them.  He remains a party member.  Throughout the summer discord arose between committee members.  An unauthorised meeting was held which resulted in me being removed from the Chairman’s role with the complicit backing of the Regional Organisers. 



Members of the committee who resigned their positions included: the Agent, Campaign Manager, Parliamentary Candidate, IT specialist (who was setting up a website for the branch), and a target candidate. Two members additionally resigned their Patron membership within the party, one transferring his membership to another branch.  Many branch members wrote to Paul Oakden to protest, saying they wanted me reinstated, but this action ‘fell on deaf ears’ as they say.  Paul Oakden telephoned the Campaign Manager a few days later, stating that he would not overturn the decision.  


I next wrote an Appeal to the NEC but the then General Secretary deemed this matter was not sufficiently relevant to be raised at National Executive Committee level. I made an official complaint against one party official, but again this was totally ignored by the General Secretary (in both cases breaking party rules). I learned in December of that year that I was also banned from the Branch Christmas Party.  This was the same event I had initiated and organised the previous year.  


With the next AGM date set for 14th January, and somewhat against my better judgement, I was persuaded to stand again as Chairman (though technically I was still holding this position).  My nomination was sent to the Regional Organiser a week ahead of the vote, and was duly accepted.  I had around 12 people supporting my application.  

The AGM was actually an EGM on the day, despite no notification being sent to the members (another rule broken) and yet again I was blocked from standing for the Chairman position.  With two others, I walked out of the meeting, after handing over our membership cards.  My words were: ‘You can have this’.  I later discovered that after I had left the premises, the rules appear to have been changed and they started the development of a new group, describing it as a Steering Committee.    
At 9.05am the next day I rang UKIP Head Office stating that I DID NOT wish to resign and requesting my membership card be returned to me. I was told I HAD resigned and that was that!  I then emailed the General Secretary on several occasions, copying in the Regional Organisers, and requesting a date for the AGM.  I also asked when we could expect to receive the minutes for the meeting. My emails received no response. There never was an AGM for 2016. (yes, a further party rule broken)   

I heard that once ‘resigned’, a member would be required to wait three months before applying to rejoin. Out of curiosity, I waited three months before emailing UKIP Head Office to enquire about rejoining.  I was told that my membership status was listed as: ‘do not rejoin’.  Despite asking several times for an explanation, I was given no further information.  This unjust dissolution of my party membership status led to my decision to seek legal advice.

My Political Activism for UKIP

In the short time I was with them (2 ¼ years) I attended every Party Conference, including the incredible event at Doncaster with the defection of the MP Mark Reckless.  I had a seat near the front of the stage with my friends Bill and Beryl, cheerfully waving our UKIP banners. I spent five nights in Clacton campaigning for Douglas Carswell.  I visited Rochester three times for Mark Reckless and twice to Thanet for Nigel Farage.  I took my dog Rusty with me every time, proudly wearing his UKIP flag!  

I worked incredibly hard for the Referendum.  I organised and ran numerous Street Stalls and leafletted in every ward in my constituency.  I coordinated campaigning activities for members and arranged Tellers to be available for several polling stations to ensure a UKIP presence for every hour of Polling Day.  

Legal Case 

My reasons for this action are as follows:  

1.  To seek justice for my unfair removal from the party.   

2. To highlight and raise awareness of the corrupt conduct of some party members, mostly paid staff, who do NOT appear to have the best interests of UKIP at heart.  

I was told at the onset, and several times since by my legal team that, if successful, I would only win a small amount in compensation.  This has NEVER been about profiting from the party.  I want UKIP to flourish. Our country needs the party more than ever to campaign for a clean Brexit, rather than leaving the EU in name only. This will be hard to achieve unless these self serving party officials are removed.  

18 months later, I am now approaching full litigation.  Full litigation means certain individuals will be subpoenaed to take the stand.  The truth will be revealed and I hope appropriate action is taken by the party.  I am suing the party for Breach of Contract.  In May 2017 there was a Hearing held at the High Court as UKIP had failed to provide certain disclosures to my solicitor.  We won this stage and UKIP was obliged to give my team the relevant information.

However the significant EGM minutes for 14 January apparently ‘can’t be found’ …surprise, surprise!  The other disclosures though have proven highly pertinent to my legal position and will be utilised at the next court session. This Hearing cost me around £15,000.  Hand on heart, I have never broken a single UKIP rule, though there have been many party rules broken by others, a few of which are listed in this message.  

My Funding Target

My costs so far are £26,000 and I only have limited funds remaining.  My solicitor tells me that to continue my costs will be in the region of another £18,000 to £30,000.  This is a great deal of money but I feel it is an important case I am determined to pursue on the side of what is right and fair.  Values I once thought the party would uphold. 

I am therefore asking for your help to enable me to continue. My target is to raise £30,000  so that I can complete this legal action and help put the party back on track. This money will be spent on future legal costs and not used to reimburse me for what I have already spent.  Whatever you are able to give towards this will be most appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Apologies that this is such a long message.  

My case is complex, involving many people and many incidents.  Believe me, this is the short version!  My Witness Statement is 23 pages long and there are over 110 exhibits (copies of emails, meetings etc.)  I would like to pay tribute to my solicitor, David Ludlow of Barlow Robbins in Woking and also my Barrister, David Mitchell, who won against UKIP in the Henke -v- UKIP case in 2014.  Any contribution you can make will be very, very welcome.  I do not want to have to give up on this case, which I am told I have a very good chance of winning.  

How to Donate toward My Legal Fees

Follow the link, ‘How You Can Help’ at the top of the page. 

Thank you for any contribution, no matter how small, that you are able to make.

Other UKIP Cases

Henke vs UKIP (2014)

(Steve Crowther suspended Paul Henke from UKIP membership for 100 years)

My Barrister, David Mitchell won this case.

You can read more here:

Donations toward my Legal Fees

Any amount that you are able to contribute, no matter how small, would be most gratefully received.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card




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