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#Ukip Conference Ploughs A Lone Furrow In Unseemly Indignity …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/04/2017

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#Ukip Conference Ploughs A Lone Furrow In Unseemly Indignity …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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fortunately Anthony Joshua and Klitchko conducted themselves with greater dignity with their audience of 90,000 than Ukip was able to do with 1% of the attendees!

Scenes of chaos as two women fight at Ukip rally after one ‘accuses 62-year-old of being drunk’

A woman is heard shouting “You’re not going to attack me,” and “there was no need for that, no need whatsoever” as footage of the brawl is posted on Twitter

Video thumbnail, Fight breaks out outside UKIP meeting

Fight breaks out outside UKIP meeting

Two women were caught on camera fighting at a UKIP rally after one allegedly accused a 62-year-old of being drunk.

Three people ended up on the floor with others crowded around trying to break up the mayhem in Hartlepool – just before a demo which was set to be attended by UKIP leader Paul Nuttall.

Paul Nuttall has now reportedly cancelled his speech in Hartlepool as a result of the fight.

BBC reporter Richard Moss tweeted a video of the fight, saying: “Just to add to the chaos as we wait for @paulnuttallukip a fight has broken out between two women in Hartlepool. Neither from UKIP .”

One woman is heard shrieking: “You’re not going to attack me,” before adding “there was no need for that, no need whatsoever.

“Look at what you’ve done. I’m 62 years old.”

A fight broke out at a UKIP rally in Hartlepool (Photo: London News Pictures Ltd)
Women ended up on the floor during the chaos (Photo: @BBCRichardMoss/Twitter)
A fight broke out at a UKIP rally (Photo: @BBCRichardMoss/Twitter)

Another shouts “why did you punch her” before the first woman yells: “I didn’t punch her. She’s accused me of being drunk and I’m not drunk. I’m 62 years old.”

She continues: “Look at the state of my legs. How dare you do that to me.”

Another woman says: “I live in Hartlepool and I have a right to say what I want to say.”

People can be seen trying to break up the fight, as one man is heard calling the police to alert them to the incident.

UKIP have been approached for comment.

People tried to help break up the fight (Photo: London News Pictures Ltd)
(Photo: REUTERS)
(Photo: REUTERS)

The scenes came after UKIP’s election campaign launch descended into chaos yesterday as it was stormed by protesters and a Muslim woman branded the party “racist”.

The scenes unfolded just minutes before UKIP leader Paul Nuttall – who wants to ban the burqa – gave a speech kick-starting the general election countdown.

Three demonstrators wielding Stand Up to Racism placards burst into the King George V suite at London’s Marriott County Hall hotel yesterday morning.

They were bundled out by security guards – but minutes later there was a second set-to between UKIP staff and a woman from Somaliland wearing a hijab.

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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