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Following His #Filipino Wife’s Apparent Belief In #Cardinal_Sin #Batten Lands #Ukip With Problems AGAIN …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/04/2017

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Following His #Filipino Wife’s Apparent Belief In #Cardinal_Sin #Batten Lands #Ukip With Problems AGAIN …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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not only does Ukip have a near industrial propensity for stupidity, but now with no credible leader it seems not only Party leadership candidates get in fist fights and their MEPs are repeatedly under investigation for fraud one , Tim Aker, has been under investigation for the rape and sexual assault of numerous young women (some very young!) see:

Investigation of Tim Aker for Rape & Other Police Investigations of Ukip!

Posted on 01/10/2016

#Ukip MEP #Tim_Aker is facing FOUR new RAPE investigations …

Posted on 12/01/2017

Ukip MEP Tim Aker is facing FOUR new RAPE investigations …

I Understand Ukip’s MEP Tim (Timur) Aker Has Been Questioned!

Posted on 01/05/2016

I Understand Ukip’s MEP Tim (Timur) Aker Has Been Questioned! The full story so far + UPDATES can be found if you CLICK HERE .

Ukip’s endless involvement in racism, such as that of Gerard Batten, which manifests in his constant extreme anti Islamic behaviour, which I feel sure is based on his own Bronze Age superstitions and influenced by his Filipino wife who would have been raise under the aegis of Cardinal Sin the leader of the Catholic Church in the Philipines where there has always been conflict between the two superstitions.

The endless outbursts from so many Ukip members, candidates and members of their leadership from their onetime leader Malcolm Pearson’s outrageos anti Muslim ranting, as covered with accuracy in a double page spread in the News of The World, to the party links with the BNP, Lega Nord, EDL and other extreme groups has did little to help the party’s long term survival or even credibility in the BreXit Campaign, which they did so much to put at risk.

The overt racism of members was such that it even gave credibility to the utterly spurious claims of Nazi style behaviour by Alex Wood in both the Mirror and the Daily Mail which I covered at CLICK HERE & also HERE together with a copy of The Mirror’s apology for their poorly reasearched and false allegations against him.

However to have Gerard Batten endlessly carrying on with his knee jerk reaction is far from helpfull and you will note that due to lack of leadership ability Paul Nuttall seems not to have a clue what to say – all rather similar to the days when Geoffrey Titford as nominal leader failed to act for a considerable time over the fact that his office was being used to produce anti Islamic tracts and publicity, including a pamphlet accusing Mohammed of being a paedophile, completely out of the context of history!

It is of course true that most of the various Bronze Age Gods that were invented have a lunatic fringe of extremism, Muslims do not bear the exclusive blame for such behaviour – consider the huge number of killings in the name of so called christianity, as with the Inquisition, Jones Cult, Waco, German death camps which were all founded on religious superstitions!

Ukip MEP’s ‘death cult’ remarks spark new Islamophobia row

Party leader Paul Nuttall refuses to say whether he agrees with views of Brexit spokesman Gerard Batten

Ukip is facing renewed criticism over its attitudes towards Islam after it emerged that one of its senior MEPs said non-Muslims should have a “perfectly rational fear” of the faith, which he described as a “death cult” steeped in violence.

The Liberal Democrats and Greens described the comments, written in a blogpost by Ukip’s Brexit spokesman, Gerard Batten, as “hateful” and “the gutter of British politics”.

Asked twice about the issue at the launch of Ukip’s election campaign on Friday, the party’s leader, Paul Nuttall, declined to say whether he agreed with Batten’s views.

Ukip’s stance towards Islam has been in focus since Monday, when the party announced what it terms an “integration agenda”, including a ban on full-face veils and compulsory medical checks for girls seen as at risk of female genital mutilation.

Paul Nuttall after the Ukip campaign launch on Friday.
Paul Nuttall after the Ukip campaign launch on Friday. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Later in the week the party adopted as a candidate an activist from the anti-Islam Pegida movement, who has praised the far-right leaders Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders and described Islam as “evil”.

Speaking at Friday’s campaign launch, Nuttall said the candidacy of Anne Marie Waters would be considered by Ukip’s national executive committee. But he did not answer questions about the views of Batten, an MEP since 2004.

In the post on his personal blog written after last month’s terrorist attack in Westminster, Batten said Islam should be referred to as “Mohammedanism – the cult of Mohammed – because that is what it is”.

He continued: “It is a death cult, born and steeped in 1,400 years of violence and bloodshed, that propagates itself by intimidation, violence and conquest.”

Batten wrote: “The terrorists are the vanguard of Mohammedanism. They set out to cow the non-Mohammedan population, so that the ‘moderate Muslims’ can get on establishing sharia courts, forcing halal food in school and works canteens, and making the authorities look the other way regarding criminal activities for fear of being called racist and Islamophobic.”

Saying that a phobia was a fear without a rational base, Batten said: “A normal non-Mohammedan should have a perfectly rational fear of ‘Islam’.”

Protesters ejected from Ukip launch – video

The Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake said: “[Nuttall] must stop turning a blind eye to this blatant Islamophobic language and make clear it will not be tolerated.

“Ukip’s lurch towards Islamophobia is a desperate attempt to stay relevant after Theresa May has taken over their hard Brexit agenda. This kind of hateful language has no place in a UK political party.”

Caroline Lucas, the Greens’ co-leader, said: “Ukip’s descent into the gutter of British politics is continuing. Their leadership and spokespeople have lurched even further to the right as the Tories do their Brexit work for them.

“The deep prejudice within this hollowed out party is being exposed – and the Green party will continue to challenge this bigotry every time it rears its ugly head.”

Asked about Batten’s comments, Nuttall instead defended his party’s Islam-focused policies, saying these were “somehow perceived as being anti-Muslim”.

He continued: “Actually, it’s all about equality. It’s all about breaking down barriers. It’s all about integrating people into society.”

The start of the event was interrupted by protesters, who shouted that Ukip was racist. Asked later whether this was the case, Nuttall said: “No, they’re not right. It’s disappointing that certain people in politics don’t want to debate. What they want to do is shout people down.”

Batten, who has previously said he has a policy of not talking to the Guardian, was contacted for comment.

To view the original article CLICK HERE


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