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A ROUNDUP Of Material Supplied To Various EU Authorities re Ukip

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/10/2016

 A ROUNDUP Of Material Supplied To Various EU Authorities re Ukip

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


A ROUNDUP Of Material Supplied To Various EU Authorities re Ukip that has come to me. As I make clear I can not vouch for the detail but I believe it to be largely accurate – Much of it I have published previously.

I STRESS if details are shown to be wrong, I have acted in good faith and in the light of the importance of BreXit I have passed on the material – corrections WILL be made where apposite, as shown in detail below & at CLICK HERE

000a ukip-025 count.png



firstly I have broken with my normal convention of publishing material I have not written myself being in either blue or where written by Ukip in purple.

The reason in this article is that it is such a composite of sources that rathert than clarify, to abide by the convenvention could well obfuscate.

The material below, I am assured by sources I have reason to believe are reliable, has been put in the hands of the investigation authorities of the EU – in some cases specifically identifiedwithin the report/article.

As the article/material makes clear this is a long list of detailed and annotated allegations of sharp practice and in many instances criminality on the part of Ukip itself and or staff and officials, members and leaders of Ukip.

I stress these are merely allegations, though I have, based upon my own experiences over almost 20 years of observing, reporting and dealing with Ukip, as you will appreciate absolutely no reason to doubt the fundamental accuracy of the material.

Where possible I have sought second &/or third party corroboration and you will note much that is included herewith has been reported previously and elsewhere and including on this web site blog!

I have neither ammended, added to, or redacted the material as I believe readers have the right to read the material as it was supplied to me – in order to facilitate use of their own judgement as to its veracity.

I stress again that I incline to believe, based upon my expertience of Ukip, that this document is largely accurate. That this is in the form that it was presented to the authorities seems incontrovertible. That it is in this form and unaltered will aid those with deep pockets, in the media, to research the accuracy of the material in detail and make such corrections as they may find required and extend the facts where apposite.

I believe that I have a duty to present the material as it was received, though I add the CAVEAT that I have NOT been able to check the material in detail, due to the cost of doing so, but I do believe that in the public interest it should be in the public domain for verification and in some details even available for perhaps rebuttal.

I am publishing this material in good faith and will immediately annotate any corrections made to me, if identified in written form with a checkable identity of the author of such corrections, which I find to be compelling. I will withold the address details and UK land line of anyone who emai9ls me further details but I will pay no notice to claims made that do not provide a proper name, address and land line that are checkable.




Documented allegations of premeditated, deliberate and intentional financial theft and fraud by UKIP MEPs and staff members for personal enrichment and abuse of EU funds for UKIP party political purposes in UK (United Kingdom), high level corruption, money laundering, child pornography using EU resources and abuse of the office to avoid criminal sanctioning

Addressed to:

Mr Donald Tusk,

His Excellency President of the Council of the European Union,

Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 175

B-1048 Bruxelles/Brussels

By Fax: + 32 2281611

His Excellency President of the European Parliament

Mr Martin Schulz

Rue Weirtz

1047 Bruxelles/Brussels


By Fax: + 32 22846974


His Excellency President of the European Commission

Mr Jean Claude Juncker

CHRL 9/234,

Rue de la loi, 200

1049 Bruxelles/Brussels




Director – General

Mr Didier Klethi

Directorate General for Finance

Rue Weirtz

1047 Bruxelles/Brussels




Mr Guy Verhofstadt MEP

Chair of Group of the alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Parlement Europeen

Baat. Paul-Henri Spaak


60, rue Wiertz/Wiertzstraat 60

B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussels


By Fax: 00 32 228 49566



This wide ranging criminal allegations report is a joint effort of multiple individuals, privy to the internal workings of the UKIP as a political party in the UK and encompasses last 5 years of criminal conspiracy to defraud, abuse the offices, transfer criminal property into private accounts of the individuals involved as well as abuse EU taxpayers funds for the exclusive party political purposes of UKIP political party, contrary to both EU regulations for the use of expenses system and UK legislations prohibiting use of taxpayers funds for the party political purposes. 


Individuals named below have all been members of the joint criminal conspiracy to defraud EU, taxpayers funded operations and to engage in the criminal efforts to silence their critics through persistent harassment abusing their offices, threats to kill, actual sexual assaults on underage children, sexual assaults on women, production and distribution of child pornography, employment of non-existent staff members to steal staff expenses salaries, exclusive use of EU funds designated for MEPs running of their constituency offices for UKIP offices, use of EU funds to pay staff at their private companies, use of office expenses for payments of personal mortgagees, use of office expenses for payment of UKIP Headquarters at Lexdrum House, Newton Abbott, use of EFDD group office in the European Parliament Building for sole UKIP party political purposes, payment of UKIP staff  for their exclusive role as UKIP staff while falsely presenting them as MEP assistants where none have been, using sophisticated fraudulent scheme to sign in non-attending UKIP MEPs in Brussels via Kamila Zarychta directly into payments office, rather than via normal register, presentation of fake and inflated invoices fraudulently self stamped by MEPs themselves rather than by independent accountants as per EU regulations for the sole purpose of enrichment, exclusive use of promotional activities funds for UKIP party political purposes, for inciting racial and religious hatred, during UK General Elections 2015, local elections in 2013 as well as Brexit literature during recent Referendum campaign.  Abuse of the parliamentary immunity to avoid UK prosecutions and abuse of the offices for harassment of whistleblowers that were exposing UKIP deeply embedded organised criminality.


NIGEL FARAGE, as a Chair of EFDD Group and abuse of the EFDD office in the European Parliament Building and staff on EFDD payroll


UKIP uses EFDD room in the European Union Building in London at 32 Smith’s Square, London SW1 (old Conservative Party Headquarters) as UKIP London Head Office.  Office was never used since 2011 as EFDD office and consists of the following:


Main computer and server for website (party website) run by web master Damian Wilson, paid from EFDD resources.  His email address is and he has never done any work for EFDD, solely for UKIP.  His salary is paid from EFDD funds.


Nigel Farage MEP uses it as his office and is accompanied there with UKIP Chief Press Officer Gawain Towler who is producing solely UKIP press releases for the press from his personal email account rather than official EU Parliament email address to avoid detection.  None of Gawain Towler’s activities have been done for the any parliamentary business or any other business of EFDD group in the European parliament.  Gawain Towler is known and his only role is and has been until today chief UKIP press officer or senior UKIP press officer, party political post, while being paid by EU taxpayers funds channeled through EFDD funding.


Annabelle Fuller now in the UK using false name due to criminal notoriety of Beatrice Trixy Sanderson.  Up until her arrest in 2014 for serious criminal allegation of theft of House of Commons, issued secured mobile phone containing state secrets in the form of messages from the Prime Minister David Cameron and other senior figures, theft of parliamentary pass and false allegations of sexual abuse against Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen and civil servant (blind man) Edward Green, in conjuction with Nigel Farage who was also interviewed under caution.

Prior to her arrest, Fuller’s role was working as Farage’s most trusted UKIP advisor, UKIP press officer and as a person who was running Twitter account, Facebook account and organising and writing all UKIP Farage’s newspaper appearances and his newspapers’ columns (Nigel Farage is functionally illiterate and cannot use computers at all, nor can he write English language).  Annabelle Fuller was paid from EFDD funds, for solely working for UKIP including organising and supervising UKIP youth branch Young Independence and has never done any work for EFDD or Nigel Farage in his role as MEP. 

She has also like Gawain Towler used her private email address to avoid EU Parliament possible investigation and detection of her work.  She has never used any official email address, never did any work for the EU Parliament, for MEP office, for EFDD group but solely for UKIP.  After EU Parliament exposure of her close relations with Nigel Farage and the fact that EU Parliament is using taxpayers money to pay Nigel Farage’s mistress and his wife that happened almost simultaneously with Fuller’s arrest, Annabelle Fuller has been moved to the staff expenses of UKIP MEPs Jane Collins and Mike Hookem, while continuing in her role as UKIP press officer. 

Strangely and illegally on official Mike Hookem’s website Annabelle Fuller is listed as Beatrice Trixy Sanderson (false name that was not changed by deed poll) not only bringing EU Parliament into disrepute but making mockery of all EU Parliament payments regulations.



Michael Heaver is another person receiving EU Parliament payments while solely working as UKIP press officer. Michael Heaver is also paid exclusively by EU Parliament for UKIP part political work, has never done any EU/ EFDD or parliamentary work and is paid by EU payments office for party political role.  Same applies for Alexandra Phillips also UKIP press officer, official title UKIP Head of Media, never done anything for EFDD group, exclusively worked for UKIP as a political party yet paid from EU funds, effectively using EU taxpayers funding through false and forged contracts to get the authorization from EU Parliament payments office.  Same charges apply to Herman Kelly whose sole work is being UKIP press officer and chief harasser of anyone who dares to disagree with UKIP racist and offensive policies.  Kelly’s main role was always to issue threats to whistleblowers and anyone else questioning UKIP’s industrial scale fraud.



UKIP Nigel Farage MEP



Nigel Farage has been for years pocketing all EU expenses directly for his own personal enrichment and has been directly channeling those expenses based on fraudulent invoices for the costs that never existed, for the expenditure that never existed including infamous ‘small barn pretending to be an office’ for which he was found guilty by UK Electoral Commission but never properly investigated by OLAF or EU Payments office. Steve Harris and Ray Finch were before 2014 UKIP regional organisers, while Christopher Chris Adams was Eastern regional organisers.  All three were fraudulently presented to EU payments office as Nigel Farage’s MEP employees where none of them worked for him but all three worked as UKIP’s party organisers on full time basis, away from Nigel Farage’s main office in the European Union building with addresses presented in already exposed barn that was used to defraud EU payments office.  In 2010 Nigel Farage presented to EU parliament knowingly fake office expenses for 6 month to the tune of £211,000 that were paid and directly from Nigel Farage’s Lloyds Bank to offshore account in Isle of Man than moved to Cayman islands account Thorn in the Side and subsequently after Times newspaper exposure of two Cayman islands accounts (one containing false office expenses, the other one funds from Fund 400 and Fund 600 that not a single MEP has ever seen in all times UKIP Farage was a Group president of Independence and Democracy, EFD and EFDD, moved to Geneva.


All EFDD funds for promotional activities were used for UKIP promotional activities and Brexit promotional activities that simple Google search can reveal with imprint of EFDD/UKIP and presented to the EU Parliament falsely as subscriptions to publications and MEP constituents correspondence where there has never been a single record of any UKIP MEP written and posted correspondence with constituents (odd email from few yes, but nothing printed) and funds were solely used for party political purposes.


Kirsten Farage is Nigel Farage’s wife who was employed by Nigel Farage until EU elections 2014 for party political purposes and personal enrichment of Farage household where only role Kirsten ever played was as a email communication point for Nigel Farage via her personal email address for delivery for urgent and confidential UKIP related material as well as for organising UKIP conferences.  This is just one example of EU paid Kirsten Farage’s activities.


I have received this from Lawrence Webb who asks…..if anybody going to the Conference can help as requested in the email below then please  respond to Kirsten Farage directly if you can.

Many thanks



Lawrence J Webb

Regional Organiser

Tel. 020 7403 7175


From: Kirsten Farage []

Sent: 05 September 2011 13:03

Subject: UKIP Conference


Dear Lawrence,


I am looking for some willing volunteers to help out at this week’s conference. The Congress Theatre is a public building and we need to put security on every door and every staircase. Furthermore we are looking for people to do the odd station or airport run to collect or deposit guest speakers and also to escort them on and off stage.


Please have a chat with your local membership and see if you can find some interested parties. Any volunteer would obviously not have to pay to attend, will get a free lunch and the odd coup of tea. (Unfortunately they will not be allowed any alcoholic beverages whilst on duty!)


Please let me know how you get on.


Many thanks,


Kirsten Farage




Where all proceeds from UKIP conferences would end up in aforementioned Farage’s household.  During 2014-2019 mandate after introduction of EU Parliament rules where MEP could no longer employ close family member, same arrangement continued with help of with close Farage’s enforcer (thug who was instructed to engage in harassment of UKIP victims, including extortion and blackmail of at least one sexual assault victim – [I have redacted the victims name – GL-W] during UKIP Birmingham Conference, where the crime was reported, Ray Finch’s threats to her family to release the footage of her sexual assault in exchange for money but police could not proceed with the arrest of Finch and Farage due to subsequent extreme deterioration  of [I have redacted the victims name – GL-W] health, continuous threats to her family and Farage’s and Finch’s use of Parliamentary immunity (self declared) to avoid any questioning. Kirsten Farage is now ‘employed’ by Ray Finch, to circumvent EU Parliament rules while she does not and has not ever worked for Finch only for Nigel Farage as his wife and occasional secretary to organise UKIP events (as she herself admits in above original email). Despite numerous reports and allegations made to British police, nobody from UKIP hierarchy was ever fully investigated because of EU Parliament’s payments office and EU’s OLAF unwillingness to provide assistance and referral to the British police.  The most blatant Nigel Farage’s criminality (funded by EU Parliament stolen funds) was recently exposed in Birmingham Crown Court in criminally organised framing of Nikki Sinclaire, former independent MEP.  During his testimony, Farage’s paid and instructed John Ison admitted breaking and entering (burglary of Nikki Sinclaire’s office on the orders of Nigel Farage, hacking of her personal laptop – crime under Computer Misuses Offences – creating and submitting forged invoices- all on order of Nigel Farage and with consent and instructions from Nigel Farage to frame and destroy Nikki Sinclaire for simply choosing to blow whistle on Nigel Farage’s and UKIP’s fraudulent activities.  Nigel Farage’s self confessed mole and puppet admitted all these criminal offences, admitted instructions received from Nigel Farage, was paid by EU Parliament funds to commit those serious criminal offences and EU Parliament’s OLAF and EU Parliament’s payments office still chose not to do anything against Farage leaving British police powerless to conduct any investigation and submit request for charges due to the fact EU Parliament is not UK based and criminal activities originate from UKIP Farage’s misuse of his position and access to EU Parliament funds. 


Despite EU Parliament and Commission’s self professed claims of abhorrence to racism and steps taken to create raft of legislations promoting equality of EU citizens, it is staggering that EU Parliament’s money was used by Nigel Farage to produce this poster among many others to incite hatred and subsequent violence resulting in the death of Jo Cox MP, the very same day when poster was unveiled.  Why is EU Parliament’s payments office paying for UKIP campaign literature, knowing that use of public money for party political purposes is illegal both in UK and EU parliaments Rules and Regulations and since that literature incite racial and religious hatred, EU Parliament payments office staff who continually authorise use of expenses for payments of racist literature (since at least May 2011 when it was brought to their attention and OLAF’s attention) are jointly liable for criminal use of taxpayers funds


All UKIP literature, not just Brexit literature, but also all elections literature by all UKIP MEP’s and all UKIP candidates is solely funded by EU Parliament’s money and nobody is willing to investigate it, thereby acting as an accomplice in the crimes UKIP Farage and his MEPs are continuously committing.

In addition to using EU Parliamentary Funds for party political purposes, it is interesting that EU Parliament Office never checked status of Funds 400 and Funds 600, that in case of 3 last EU Parliaments Groups, Nigel Farage always had control over and not a single penny was seen from these funds that were directly transferred to Nigel Farage’s Lloyds Bank account and moved offshore. 


While all UKIP MEPs should, under EU Parliament Expenses guidelines have independent running of their offices and staff, it is interesting that Nigel Farage has a final say on the employment of UKIP staff members using exclusively EU funds.  UKIP staff has no other jobs, have no other source of incomes and previous excuses UKIP used for OLAF investigators, following Tom Wise imprisonment, was and is, that Regional Organisers roles and Press Office roles are done in free time, which incidentally always covers full working hours and there is no single record of any MEP, EU or EFDD related activities from any of these individuals.


In addition, Nigel Farage was paying during General Election 2015 Raheem Kassam, editor in chief of Breibart blog to run Nigel’s media operations while he was PPC for South Thanet in Kent, a role that has nothing to do with EU Parliament work but party political role for national General elections.  Only EU Payments office can explain why Nigel Farage (and all other UKIP MEPs who were all prominent Parliamentary Candidates in UK General elections) to use UKIP EU paid offices and were allowed to submit all expenses of at least £20,000 per candidate to be solely paid by EU Payments office.  Why did EU Payments office fully finance UKIP General Election expenses to the tune of almost £2.5 million?????


Finally, for the past 3 years UKIP’s Nigel Farage has expanded his fraudulent activities to US market, where first class tickets for visits to USA are bought and paid by the EU Parliament Payments Office, where Farage has no official business attending Republican Party Convention nor trying to get media career in USA.  During each of USA trips, every media appearance from Fox to Alex Jones is paid and money immediately deposited to the offshore account in Cayman Islands.


 Derek Clark, ex UKIP MEP


Derek Clark, ex East Midlands UKIP MEP.  UKIP’s Derek Clark, although already found guilty for UKIP two staff members, just like all other UKIP MEPs do, an was ordered to repay £31,000 (which he quickly did from the money accumulated as a bribery payment to Nigel Farage to avoid further OLAF investigation), failed to disclose following:


Derek Clark was personally selected by Nigel Farage as elderly pensioner with early onset of dementia with full signed undertaking that


1.     Clark’s salary would be immediately upon receipt be paid to Nigel Farage while Clark would continue to live from his generous already earned pension

2.     Clark would not be opening office as MEP Constituency Office in East Midlands but would furnish EU Payments office with false address of the office and instead use that money for payments of UKIP Headquarters at Newton Abbott

3.     In exchange for arranging of payments for UKIP staff, UKIP HQ, UKIP HQ running costs (that was done in conjunction with Trevor Colman and William Dartmouth), Derek Clark as well as two others would be repaid for their own personal benefit 10%

4.     All three, Trevor Coleman, William Dartmouth and Derek Clark would continue misleading European Parliament payments office about the nature of his offices.  Neither one of them ever had MEP constituency office nor MEP staff.  All funds paid to them were used for running UKIP national office, fully paid by defrauding EU Parliament.

5.     It is absolutely not true there was no personal enrichment involved as Derek Clark, on instructions of Nigel Farage lied.  Nigel Farage benefited fully from Derek Clark’s salary, while Derek Clark personally benefited from 10% of all money paid for offices, staff and expenditure of UKIP main National Office in exchange for Derek Clark, Trevor Coleman and William Dartmouth signing off fraudulent claims.  Derek Clark after OLAF finished their investigation boasted about ‘OLAF EU stupidity’ while Trevor Coleman boasted publicly in 2014 of making over 200,000 per year through fraudulent claims, according to him to expose ‘stupidity of EU payments officials’


This is yet another case where EU Parliament officials simply turned a blind eye on UKIP industrial scale fraud to the point of abusing taxpayers money to finance far right political party, against both national and EU payments regulation.  

The question remains and will remain, why EU Payments Office and OLAF refused to pass details of this very well known fraud to British Police because fraud is a criminal matter and abuse of taxpayers funds to fund political party are also criminal matters!  Running Party Headquarters solely using EU Parliamentary funds designated for MEP constituency offices and 10% bribe are very serious criminal offences, yet EU Parliament payments office chose to cover up their crimes and aid and abet UKIP criminals in avoiding criminal responsibility.



Godfrey Bloom (UKIP MEP until 2014) and Jane Collins, UKIP MEP since 2014



Godfrey Bloom during the entirety of his MEP career used EU Parliament staff expenses to pay employees of his private company TBO Investments Ltd.  Emma Lund, Victoria Skowronek (Godfrey Bloom’s niece), David McLaughlin and James Pawlowski (Goodfrey Bloom’s nephew) were all full time employees of TBO Investments Ltd and never worked a single day for MEP and/or European Parliament.  Their sole job was secretary, assistant and director of TBO Investment, while their salaries were paid from EU parliament funds designated for MEP assistants.  In EU Parliament rule book there is nowhere provision that EU paid MEP staff can work for exclusively for the political party (as all other UKIP MEPs were doing and are still doing) and especially not for the private company owned by MEP where all staff worked for his private company on full time basis and never worked a single day for MEP. 


Jane Collins, before she was elected as a successor to Godfrey Bloom (following his infamous assault on journalist Michael Crick) while ‘working’ for Godfrey Bloom, never worked for MEP and certainly not for EU Parliament in any capacity.  Jane Collins had a two jobs paid by EU Parliament office, a stable girl for Godfrey Bloom’s wife’s stables (Katharina Bloom’s private business) and as UKIP Regional organiser (fraudulent name used for EU Parliament payments office was ‘MEP constituency manager’ where simple Google search shows that none of these ‘constituency managers’ ever existed but were all UKIP Regional Organisers, party political role of running UKIP Party affairs in their respective regions, ie Jane Collins, Yorkshire Regional Organiser .  None of employees of Bloom’s private business were not paid by their private companies, Katharina’s stables nor TBO Investments but exclusively by EU Parliament payments office, making significant personal enrichments. 


Godfrey Bloom’s EU Parliament paid constituency ‘office’ was his home, house with a mortgage at the address of 108 Main Street, Selby, Yorkshire, YO8 7ET and during his entire mandate EU Parliament payments office was paying off the mortgage on Bloom’s jointly with his wife owned property obtaining property by deception, obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception, false accounting and fraud.


Same arrangements of Bloom’s fraud continued with newly elected Yorkshire and Humberside MEPs (and close Bloom’s family friends) Jane Collins and Mike Hookem.  Same TBO Investments employees are continued to be paid by EU Parliament payments office where accounting firm White and Hoggard are run by same David McLaughlin who simply stamps ‘invoices’ for TBO Investments employees (including himself who is now using name of White and Hoggard) to defraud EU Payments office and continue paying TBO Investments staff with EU Parliamentary payments. 


In addition, both Hookem and Jane Collins are employing a person using fake identity and committing identity fraud (her real name Annabelle Fuller was never legally changed to Annabelle Beatrice Sanderson), UKIP Nigel Farage’s alleged mistress and UKIP press officer that certainly has never worked for these two MEPs but solely as UKIP press officer permanently stationed in London, producing and delivering UKIP press statements.


Alice and Suzanne Walker are invented employees where Jane Collins herself collects their payments as these two individuals have never worked for her and is committing a well known UKIP fraud of registering fake employees for personal enrichment.


Miss Jane Collins ‘office’ (actually UKIP Yorkshire and Humberside office) is rented from company called LMK, a shell company that is owned by Jane Collins’ partner Mike Kendall.  Miss Collins lives with her partner Mike Kendall on the same premises in converted garage, all paid by EU Parliaments office.  Same ‘office’ is also rented by Mike Hookem, other UKIP Yorkshire and Humberside office for around £14,000, where Jane Collins (paying as she declared herself additional £7,200) simply continued the same fraud UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom used when he was renting office from himself and using EU payments office not only as a payroll for his private company, ‘tradition continued’ by his two favourite successors, but also to pay for his private residence (all amenities too) and provide all three of them full with illegal living expenses coverage, resulting in sizeable personal enrichment.  Miss Collins admits that she is keeping all office allowances for herself, and can be often heard boasting about ‘how easy is to take money from useless EU Parliament’.


David Campbell Bannerman – ex UKIP now Conservative MEP


David Campbell Bannerman was initially elected as UKIP MEP for East England during his time as UKIP MEP used as his ‘office’ his own house and presented EU Parliament payments office bills from himself to himself where EU office expenditure money was used to cover the mortgage, electricity, heating, water, telephone, waste and council tax bills for the personal property owned by David Campbell Bannerman himself.  Offices as such, as is the case with Godfrey Bloom, Jane Collins and Mike Hookem never existed.  DCB used maximum allowed expenses allowances including inventing staff members, he only ever had one Oliver W Adam, who was full time UKIP press officer until DCB defected to the Conservatives and Conservative Party forced Oliver W Adam to only act as MEP press officer and resign his UKIP press officer role.  However, DCB’s house at 153 St Neot’s Road, Hardwick is still presented as an office where it is a family house bought with personal mortgage by DCB, where DCB uses EU Parliament funds for personal enrichment. 



In addition, DCB along with Stuart Agnew MEP have for years been employing UKIP Eastern Region party organiser Peter Reeve boasting in secretly recorded Sunday Times footage that employing UKIP Regional Organisers and using MEP offices as exclusively UKIP offices, where constituents are banned, are illegal according to EU Parliament’s Rules and Regulations, that Peter Reeve is doing a job on full time basis and certainly has no time to do anything else.  Stuart Agnew also boasted on recordings that anytime ‘idiots (his words, not mine)’ from OLAF raise the questions, all MEPs are instructed to say that regional organisers are constituency managers, who help party in their free time, to deliberately mislead OLAF investigators and stop any investigation.  Video footage of Stuart Agnew MEP still exists with Sunday Times (and should have been obtained by OLAF as evidence and admission of theft, fraud and money laundering as well as abuse of office) and it is simply unbelievable it wasn’t and neither Stuart Agnew nor DCB were ever charged with admitted offences.


In addition, Stuart Agnew has bought, using EU Parliaments office funding a flat at 25 Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 1RL where mortgage on the flat is paid by the office expenses and used by members of Agnew’s family. 


Stuart Agnew has also used his MEP office to inflate size of his Norfolk farm to ensure maximum CAP subsidy, despite the fact that recent exposures of his farm in British press show he does not meet basic standards to receive such subsidies.


Apart from Peter Reeve, Stuart Agnew also employs UKIP regional secretary Jeffrey Parkes on full time basis and openly boasts about it.  Steven Platt is long term appointed UKIP Referendum agent, whose sole job was preparation for the British Referendum on EU membership, yet he was paid by the payments office of the European Parliament, pretending to be a staff member for Stuart Agnew. Agnew also used literature allowance to erect huge billboards in various farms in Norfolk, misusing EU Parliaments money allocated for MEP constituency correspondence, exclusively for UKIP party political purposes.


Marta Andreassen, ex UKIP MEP


Marta Andreassen was South-East England MEP, who despite continuously living in Barcelona and never maintaining residence in the UK, was solely on the wishes of Nigel Farage elected as an MEP. Election fraud happened when Nigel Farage gave Marta Andreassen’s personal details to Malcolm Pearson, also known as Lord Pearson, to falsely register her as living in his Central London flat. Marta never opened, nor maintained any office in the UK, nor in Spain and all of her employees were fictional characters where she was herself collecting their salaries, through a series of fraudulent invoices and illegal money transfers to her personal account. She fell out with Nigel Farage in 2011 when he demanded that she pays him £10,000 for the privilege of being an elected MEP and unlike other UKIP MEPs who paid him via UKIP, Marta refused and left for the Conservatives. Marta is well known to EU Parliamentary authorities for her previous actions that resulted in termination of her employment and as an MEP she continued defrauding the European Parliament.


John Bufton, ex UKIP MEP for Wales


Six months after 2009, EU elections and assumption of duty, John Bufton suffered a serious brain stroke that left him in a permanent vegetative state.

[GL-W: I can not confirm this medical diagnosis – however I have not been in touch with John Buffton since and can think of no occasion where I have noted his presence or media exposure and having checked with various individuals in Ukip none of them can recal meeting with, seeing or even seeing him on TV since! I believe this diagnosis could therefore be true! GL-W]

Faced with losing sizeable income for the party, UKIP failed, and never notified EU Parliament payments office, nor EU Parliamentary authorities, and UKIP continued to claim John Bufton’s full salary, opened UKIP Wales office, employed UKIP staff, including Nathan Gill, Kamila Zarychta and claimed full expenses as if John Bufton was functioning as MEP. John Bufton wasn’t aware of the deplorable fraud, where his forged signatures were used on the orders of Nigel Farage, who apart from his salary, was also collecting John Bufton’s attendance allowances, after Kamila Zarychta kept signing him in through her links with 2 other Polish girls working in the EU payments office. For her ‘efforts’ in committing elaborate fraud, Zarychta was rewarded with £90,000 salary per year, half of it paid through John Bufton’s fraudulently established office, and other half was paid through Gerard Batten, who was also involved in UKIP well known Welsh scam.


Trevor Coleman, ex UKIP MEP for South-West England


As previously mentioned, Trevor Coleman, along with William Dartmouth and Derek Clarke were 3 MEP’s that never opened constituency offices, but directed their expenses to maintain and run UKIP national headquarters office at Lexdrum House, Newton Abbott. It was and is simply unfathomable that EU Parliament payments office was and still is paying for rent and running of political party main national office, including the whole party’s IT infrastructure, party’s chairman, party’s treasurer, party’s membership secretary, is paying for party membership cards and fully financing all UKIP elections.


Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP for North-West England


Paul Nuttall has continued his well versed fraud from his previous mandate and continues to claim for the office that simply doesn’t exist at all, is merely a PO Box, located in a long closed warehouse on the bank of the River Mersey and uses office expenses for payment of the mortgage on his private property. His office staff are Wayne Harling, UKIP regional organiser, whose sole job is to run UKIP operations in North-West England. Noel Matthews is paid by European Parliament to run and maintain Bloggers4UKIP website, while Helen Smith is recently convicted UKIP councilor in South Thanet, convicted for theft from the South Thanet garden centre, and assault on an employee who tried to stop her. None of these three ever did any work for Paul Nuttall’s ‘constituency office’, which doesn’t exist. All other names on Paul Nuttall’s assistants list, apart from Robert Welsh, who is EU Parliament accredited assistant simply do not exist and were invented by Paul Nuttall to realise fraudulent additional income via fake employees. His false invoices are simply rubber stamped by Paul Nuttall himself, with a stamp provided by a aforementioned “White and Hoggard” accountants with very close UKIP ties. Paul Nuttall almost never attends European Parliament, especially not in Brussels’s, but is frequently signed in by his long-standing mistress number 2, Kamila Zarychta.


Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP for East Midlands


Roger Helmer has opened UKIP East Midlands office in Manor Walk, Market Harborough, which is UKIP East Midlands office and not constituency office. Roger Helmer abuses his Parliamentary staff allowance to pay for UKIP Party director and as of recently UKIP Party chairman, whose sole job is to run the party, Paul Oakden. Nicholas Tite is UKIP East Midlands regional organiser, who is jointly paid by Roger Helmer and Margot Parker to cover large area of England, organise all UKIP activities in the area, recruit new membership, act as an election agent, prepare UKIP literature, organise distribution network for UKIP literature through postal system (paid by EU Parliament office) as well as maintain and submit monthly records of UKIP income and expenditure and liaise with electoral commission. Tite’s job is a full time job and despite UKIP’s fraudulent claims, submitted to the European Parliaments payments office, Tite is not an MEP constituency manager (title solely invented to defraud EU payments office and OLAF) after Stuart Agnew was secretly recorded boasting to Sunday Times about illegal payments to Peter Reeve, also UKIP regional organiser.


Gerard Batten MEP London


After previously having UKIP London office at 28-42 Olympic House, Ilford, he recently moved his London office to Romford area of London.  UKIP London office is not MEP constituency office as all constituents are barred from visiting office and is solely used as UKIP London office which can be proven by self addressed envelopes and UKIP London membership forms that bear the same address as EU Parliament paid Gerard Batten’s office.  Throughout the years, since he was elected for the very first time in 2004, Gerard Batten misappropriated at least £1,000,000 of EU taxpayers money. Apart from employing the notorious Kamila Zarychta, whose sole job, apart from fraudulently signing in UKIP MEP’s to allow them to collect their attendance allowances and playing Farmville on Facebook, also employs the following individuals:


Lawrence J. Webb, UKIP London regional organiser (oldest scam in the UKIP book) whose job is a full time job running all UKIP Party activities and 32 branches in London electoral area. Lawrence Webb is also paid by the European Parliament payment office additional sum to be UKIP council leader in the Havering Council. Lawrence Webb is also, like all other UKIP regional organisers falsely presented to the European Parliament as MEP constituency manager, although on all UKIP paperwork, including above presented email from Kirsten Farage, Lawrence Webb job title and full time responsibilities are those of UKIP regional organiser.


Despite EU Parliament explicit ban on employing family members, Gerard Batten still employs his brother Harold Christopher Batten, born 1950 with permanent address at Palmers Green, 119 Broomfield Avenue, London N13 4JR. Harold Batten is hiding behind the trading name of Roundel and is responsible for submissions of hugely inflated design and printing invoices for UKIP literature and range of Gerard Battens books that are fully paid for by the EU Parliament office and sold via Amazon for Gerard Batten’s personal enrichment. Just one example of hugely inflated invoice dated around 26th January 2011, issued by Roundel for Gerard Batten’s UKIP letterhead and his and Lawrence Webb’s UKIP business cards to the tune of £61,000, where just one sheet of plain white paper with UKIP heading was presented to cost £2,500 while a single business card was presented to cost £1,000. Apart from the hugely inflated invoices, where money obtained is split the Batten brothers, Harold Batten is on £2,500 per month retainer, also under his trading name of Roundel. Despite Gerard Batten’s long-standing protestations to the contrary, Gerard Batten was forced to admit in the sworn court statement that he has been employing his brother since 2004 until present. In addition, Gerard Batten has also, just like recently convicted Ashley Mote, used his secretarial allowance to employ on a monthly retainer of £2,500, his good friend, Paul Diamond, barrister, who was representing Gerard Batten personally in his private court matters, including representation of his wife when she was convicted for non-payment of TV licence. When confronted about his abuse of taxpayers money for his personal use, Gerard Batten made a written submission that he will return to the European Parliament misappropriated funds which he never did. Apart from funding the UKIP London office, including a purchase of £6,000 worth of printing press, payment of all office expenditure, in 2011 he bought his older son Richard a property in Forest Gate using EU Parliaments money and the fact that Redbridge Council did not charge him business rates, which he used as a mortgage payment for his son.


Gerard Batten is also ‘employing’ Pavel Stroilov, his close personal friend, who does not speak a word of the English language and is incapable of being any sort of assistant. Arrangement between Stroilov and Batten is that a payment of £2,000 per month is equally split between the two of them.


Lubov Zsikhotska is the latest Batten fraudulent employee who is of Ukrainian origin and does not have a right to reside or work in the UK, where EU Parliament office is aiding and abetting commission of the serious criminal offence of employing an illegal immigrant and risking £50,000 fine. In previous instances, part of Gerard Batten’s secretarial allowance was used for the employment of UKIP press officer, practice that he continues with employment of Mark Croucher, who runs UKIP’s blog used for slandering and harassing UKIP opponents, as well as Paul Kevin Wiffen, producer and distributor of child pornography, based in UKIP London office (EU Parliament paid), where Paul Wiffen was paid by the European Payments Office for the job of producing and distributing child pornography.  His two accomplices, Arron Knight (also on EU Parliament payroll) and Vladimir Bukovsky, also paid by EU Parliament through offices of Gerard Batten were convicted for possession and distribution of child pornography, while Wiffen is fully protected by Gerard Batten who is abusing his MEP office and ‘Parliamentary immunity’ to protect ‘lucrative business’ Paul Wiffen is running from office premises and splitting money with Batten. For a number of years, Gerard Batten has been paying his close friends Paul Kevin Wiffen and Vladimir Bukovsky for their ‘entrepreneurial efforts’ in the creation and distribution of child pornography. Wiffen is presently subject of Metropolitan Police investigation (where his chief witness is same Gerard Batten) using address of British Parliament, House of Commons and is also through secretarial expenses paying for the defence and libel case of Vladimir Bukovsky, who was in 2015 arrested and charged by the Cambridgeshire police for creation and distribution of child pornography. It is beyond reprehensible that EU Parliament office is paying, not only for infrastructure and work in creation and distribution of child pornography but is also paying for the defence of charged child pornographers.


Gerard Batten has also used taxpayer funds to purchase, in 2009 a second hand green Ford Focus, from Ford, Dagenham to the tune of £4,200, as well as yearly private insurance for the vehicle. Subsequent to his hit and run accident in May 2011, he purchased another Ford vehicle from the same dealership in the same manner using taxpayers money.


Batten’s EU funded, and published books so far include:


The Road to Freedom: How Britain Can Escape the EU

Henry VIII – Tudor Serial Killer

The Inglorious Revolution: The Subversions of the English Constitution

Charter of Muslim Understanding

UKIP Immigration: Action Overdue (poor attempt at a Mein Kampf forgery)

Yearly Cost of the EU (book that has been published every year since 2004)

Where all the cost of publishing the books comes from the EU Parliamentary payments office, and all revenue ends up in Gerard Batten’s pockets.


Margot Parker UKIP MEP


In her official declaration of interests, Margot Parker failed to declare that she is Director of EurocomConsult, consultancy (lobbying services) for EU regulations for promotion marketing, food and fragrance industries that she still continues to do, directly causing a conflict of interests and abuse of her MEP position to realise  unlawful enrichment abusing MEP office.


Apart from aforementioned Tite, parker also ‘employs’ Barry Cooper, who is yet another UKIP Regional organiser (MEP Constituency Manager to fool and defraud EU Payments office).  Interestingly, Barry Cooper lives in South West outskirts of London but is ‘working every day’ in UKIP East Midlands, meaning he ‘drives’ at least 240 miles every day to perform this job.  Interestingly, UKIP Regional organiser, UKIP officer that must be paid from UKIP funds not EU funds but is through well known UKIP fraud still paid through UKIP scams, openly admits on Margot’s website that EFDD funding was used for UKIP campaign and admits this fraud in writing;


 “Margot’s constituency manager Barry Cooper said: ‘The papers are not UKIP branded – they are an EFDD publication and as such should be relatively easy to get out. The title is “Leave Bulletin” and it is a very comprehensive paper which gives accurate information and counters the core arguments of “Project Fear”. It is not overly-technical or full of jargon, so is accessible to normal people. The target audience is the undecided voter.


“‘The distribution of these papers should combine traditional door-to-door deliveries and street-stall hand-outs with a number of additional avenues such as:

   ·        Newsagents – many newsagents are happy to take free newspapers. As this paper is not UKIP branded it should be possible to get local newsagents to take a bundle.

   ·        Hairdressers, betting shops, small independent retail businesses and non-chain convenience stores – much like newsagents it is worth asking any of these sorts of establishments if they will let you leave a pile in their premises.

   ·        Public meetings, school talks etc – This would be a great piece of material to hand out or leave on seats. Public schools and colleges in your areas might also be willing to take a few – it is worth checking with them.'”

(Excerpt is directly taken from Margot Parker’s official, EU paid webite)


Margot’s other employee is also UKIP employee, Regional organiser, paid by EU for their UKIP work and Louise Davies admits it herself on website

Brexit FAQs Document

Margot and her team have put together a document with some of the most commonly encountered questions and myths relating to the UK leaving the EU. This is mainly intended for branches and members to prepare themselves for knocking on doors or manning street stalls, but it has answers and facts that could prove of use to even seasoned campaigners.

The document is now in its second version and includes an excellent blog post by Roger Helmer MEP addressing and debunking the pro-European newspaper that has been delivered throughout the region and country. This is an important addition and Roger’s rebuttals should serve you well. Nick Tite, who works for both our MEPs said there had already been interest from branches, the media and the public in Roger’s blog.

If you would like a copy, you can have it either as a PDF file that you can print out for yourself, or you can have a printed and bound copy – free of charge. Either way, please email with your preferred format and mailing address if necessary.


(This excerpt clearly demonstrates that Louise Davies works for UKIP, even uses UKIP email address as UKIP employee and is still fraudulently paid by EU Parliament for UKIP party political work)


Margot Parker’s ‘employee’ is Donald Don Ransome, UKIP Regional Organiser for East Midlands Region, whose sole job is to do the job of party organizer that has nothing to do with MEP’s job or EU Parliamentary duties. 


Excerpt below, again directly from Margot Parker’s official MEP website (EU Parliament paid) shows extent of Donald Ransome duties, and none of them are in any way related to EU parliament or EU MEP duties. 

Feel free to share these with other members, or even to give them out to members of the public if you w



Street Stalls – Mark your Diaries


The list below includes all stalls that we have been informed about. There may well be something going on in your local area that is not listed below. Even as UKIP is supporting the campaigning efforts of Grassroots out, we are also conscious that we are fighting elections as UKIP in May.


As such, a national UKIP action day is planned for April 2nd – please contact your branch chairmen for details. You can find a list of branch contacts on Margot’s website.


There is nothing stopping you getting involved in stalls outside your normal branch areas, so please feel free to get in touch with any of the contacts mentioned below if you want to help them. The more the merrier!


Friday 1st April

Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 2nd April

Derbyshire – Derby. 1000. Blue Peter Island. Contact: Contact: Tilly Ward (07889864029)

Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (

Nottinghamshire – Mansfield. 1000 – 1400. Mansfield Market Place. Contact: David Hamilton (07796546894)

Nottinghamshire – Nottingham. 1030 – 12:0. Bulwell, market square, NG6 8QA. Contact: Francesco Lari (


Friday 8th April

Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 9th April

Derbyshire – Derby. 1000 – 1300. St. Peters Street.  Contact: Tilly Ward (07889864029)

Derbyshire – Ilkeston.  1000 – 1300. Bath Street. Contact: Liz Duncan (0766467983)

Leicestershire – Market Harborough. 0900-1300. Old Grammer school, Church square. Contact: Richard Billington (0973323033)

Lincolnshire – Gainsborough. 1000-1300. Market Square. Contact: John Saxon (0142783987)

Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (

Lincolnshire – Skegness.  1000-1400. The Hildreds Shopping Centre, Briar Way. Contact: Don Ransome (

Northamptonshire – Northampton. 1000-1400. Market Place NN1 2DL. Contact Rose Gibbins (07804511188)

Nottinghamshire – Sutton. 1000-1300. The Sundial. Contact: Ray Young (07986541569)


Friday 15th April


Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 16th April


Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (

Nottinghamshire – Nottingham. 1030 – 1230. Clifton, in front of Clifton Cob shop, NG11 8AQ. Contact: Francesco Lari (


Friday 22nd April


Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 23rd April


Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (


Friday 29th April


Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 30th April


Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (


Friday 1st April

Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 2nd April

Derbyshire – Derby. 1000. Blue Peter Island. Contact: Contact: Tilly Ward (07889864029)

Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (

Nottinghamshire – Mansfield. 1000 – 1400. Mansfield Market Place. Contact: David Hamilton (07796546894)

Nottinghamshire – Nottingham. 1030 – 12:0. Bulwell, market square, NG6 8QA. Contact: Francesco Lari (


Friday 8th April

Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 9th April

Derbyshire – Derby. 1000 – 1300. St. Peters Street.  Contact: Tilly Ward (07889864029)

Derbyshire – Ilkeston.  1000 – 1300. Bath Street. Contact: Liz Duncan (0766467983)

Leicestershire – Market Harborough. 0900-1300. Old Grammer school, Church square. Contact: Richard Billington (0973323033)

Lincolnshire – Gainsborough. 1000-1300. Market Square. Contact: John Saxon (0142783987)

Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (

Lincolnshire – Skegness.  1000-1400. The Hildreds Shopping Centre, Briar Way. Contact: Don Ransome (

Northamptonshire – Northampton. 1000-1400. Market Place NN1 2DL. Contact Rose Gibbins (07804511188)

Nottinghamshire – Sutton. 1000-1300. The Sundial. Contact: Ray Young (07986541569)


Friday 15th April


Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 16th April


Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (

Nottinghamshire – Nottingham. 1030 – 1230. Clifton, in front of Clifton Cob shop, NG11 8AQ. Contact: Francesco Lari (


Friday 22nd April


Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 23rd April


Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (


Friday 29th April


Lincolnshire – Stamford. Stamford Market, Stamford PE9 1PZ. Contact: Marietta King (


Saturday 30th April


Lincolnshire – Grantham. Grantham Market, opposite the George Centre NG31 6LH. Contact: Marietta King (




In the official Court statement when Ransome was charged with drink driving, unlike when same Ransone  in collusion with Margot Parker sends his invoices to EU Parliament, Ransome himself gives out as his employment status ‘UKIP Regional Organiser’ as well as weekly income (fraudulently paid by EU) as UKIP regional organizer



A LEADING member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been caught drink-driving in Boston.


Donald Ransome, who is UKIP’s East Midlands regional organiser and has also stood unsuccessfully for seats on Boston Borough Council on several occasions, was stopped by police in London Road at about 3.30am on December 12 after his Ford Mondeo car was seen straddling the central line.


He failed a roadside breath test, was arrested and taken to Boston Police Station where he recorded a breathalyser reading of 57 micrograms of alcohol.


This was more than one-and-a-half times the legal limit of 35 micrograms.


Ransome, 52, of Clarke Court, Wyberton, admitted a drink-driving charge when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.


He was banned from getting behind the wheel for 16 months, fined £500 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim’s surcharge.


Representing himself in court Ransome, who spearheaded UKIP’s European election campaign in the East Midlands last year, said on the day of the offence he had been at a Christmas party and had “misjudged” how much alcohol he had drunk.


He revealed he had a net weekly income of £800 and agreed to pay his financial penalties within 14 days.


Magistrates were told Ransome had three penalty points on his driving licence from a speeding offence in 2007 but had no previous criminal convictions.


An UKIP spokesman declined to comment on Ransome’s conviction or future with the party.



Lisa Porter





Tel: 01205 315000

Boston Office

16 Wide Bargate





It is simply astonishing that EU Parliament still provides full funding to UKIP as a political party and never investigates, let alone charges and/or order arrests of UKIP MEPs for whole scale industrial theft of EU Parliament funding for both party political purposes and personal enrichments of UKIP MEPs.


No wonder prospective UKIP MEPs call MEP selection process ‘ticket to lottery jackpot’ where each one of them, except Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass became quick rich millionaires from previous near bankruptcy positions.


Patrick O’Flynn MEP


Patrick O’Flynn is a former political editor of UK based anti-EU publication Daily Express, who in exchange for corrupt media work payments for Nigel Farage, became UKIP MEP.


Patrick O’Flynn quickly adapted to UKIP modus operandi of defrauding UKIP Parliament and immediately put as his ‘employees’:


Lisa Duffy aka Scruffy Duffy or Smelly Duffy, whose primary job is UKIP Party Political Director organising all UKIP campaigns, interviewing candidates for all local, national, EU elections, by-elections, interviewing candidates, finding new candidates, running campaigns with local UKIP Regional organisers, corresponding daily with UKIP Regional organisers, organizing and running UKIP internal elections, conducting background checks on prospective candidates, processing payments for elections, deposits, liasing with Electoral Commission, teaching Regional organisers how to submit monthly reports to Electoral Commission, how to submit fraudulent UKIP expenses in collusion with UKIP MEPs to obtain main source of UKIP funding, EU Parliamentary payments that account for 99% of all UKIP party funding, how to obtain and submit nomination papers etc which is more than full time job.  Lisa Duffy is based in UKIP HQ and has never done a single day of work for Patrick O’Flynn MEP, except when she ran his MEP election campaign using unspent money from EU payments to UKIP MEPs that were never returned. On top of it UKIP’s Lifa Duffy was a Mayor of Ramsgate and District Councilor there.


Andrew Monk

Andrew Monk works as a financial adviser and is the former Deputy Leader of the UKIP Group on Huntingdonshire District Council, representing Ramsey (2010-2011). He was a Parliamentary candidate for South East Cambridgeshire in 2010.  Andrew Andy monk is listed by UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn as ‘correspondence manager’ another UKIP role where his job is corresponding with other UKIP branches apart from his other full time role as UKIP NEC member.


Jack Duffin

Press Officer


Jack Duffin is strangely listed as a press officer, where his sole previous achievement was to be UKIP Young Independence Chairman (role he bought in cash from UKIP Deputy Chairman at that time, notorious Neil Hamilton).  What is even more strange Jack Duffin is based in Essex, some 100 miles in one direction away from UKIP Peterborough office masquerading for EU Payments office as Patrick O’Flynn MEP office and Jack Duffin would have to drive at least 6 hours every day minimum to reach O’Flynn’s office to do any work.  Following recent UKIP’s all out war over UKIP leadership, it was revealed that Jack Duffin never did any work for O’Flynn and was solely paid for his Young Independence Chairmanship, again party political role for UKIP.

Pete Reeve

Regional Organiser – Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Bedfordshire


Peter Reeve himself admits that he is UKIP regional organiser and puts that role on EU paid official O’Flynn’s website.  Despite his full payments for his party political role, EU payments office is currently financing Peter Reeve and his live in partner Lisa Duffy, election for leader of UKIP.

David Platt

Regional Organiser – Hertfordshire & Suffollk


Similarly to Peter Reeve, David Platt aslo  admits that he is UKIP regional organiser and puts that role on EU paid official O’Flynn’s website.

Andy Monk

Correspondence Manager

Lisa Duffy

Chief of Staff


Until recently Patrick O’Flynn also employed UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans, whose sole role was Deputy Chairman of the Party and one of 3 designated UKIP spokespersons, whose job included media apperances on UKIP’s behalf, and preparation and presentation of UKIP General Election Manifesto, until she fell out with Nigel Farage, was suspended from UKIP and was moved to the secretarial budget of sole UKIP MP Douglas Carswell.


Elizabeth Lisa Burton Lisa Burton used to be UKIP East Region NEC member and UKIP administrator for Eastern region until her untimely death at the end of 2014.  It is simply astonishing that both Stuart Agnew and Patrick O’Flynn use a name of deceased UKIP member for their own person enrichment. 

David Jamie Huntman is another UKIP member whose name UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn uses to fraudulently transfer EU taxpayers money to UKIP party political coffers.  UKIP’s Jamie Huntman himself admits that he lives in South Essex (very far away from Peterborough where UKIP East office with Patrick O’Flynn is located and there is no word of his ‘work’ as any type of assistant for Patrick O’Flynn


Cllr Jamie Huntman: Why I, as a local businessman had had enough – and chose UKIP



Cllr Jamie Huntman Leader of UKIP at Essex County Council and UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Castle Point writes:

I’ve had enough, have you?

That was my slogan last year when I got elected as one of the first UKIP County Councillors in Essex and that’s the nub of it, the reason I stood and why so many voted UKIP.

It has got to the stage where our Leaders in Westminster and indeed many of our representatives there do not actually live in the real world they just occasionally visit it for political gain. A significant amount have all gone down the traditional route into politics, the right degree then research post then MP, all career and no conviction. How can they judge us when they have no idea what we do to survive and make a living.

All my life I have lived in Essex and have run my own business for the best part of it. It has not been easy, the whole system is set up for you to fail with red tape and bureaucracy even though we are meant to be the wealth creators, employers and unpaid tax collectors.

“Call me Dave” Cameron suggests we the small business will lead the way out of recession and it is my view that no one is more entrepreneurial than the people of South Essex. However the Prime Minister’s words are empty like they so often are as we receive little or no support. Of course the political elite do not have to worry as once their career is over in Westminster they can go to a well paid post in Europe or run some quango.

Cameron has misjudged the people here, our word is our bond so when we are given broken cast iron guarantees on Europe and promises to reduce immigration that are not kept we quite rightly take a dim view, the trust has been broken.

Since becoming a Councillor what has amazed me most is the amount of patronage that exists. It is a lucrative career if you have the right friends and I often wonder how these salaried Cabinet positions get allocated. No difference I suppose to the way David Cameron fills his cabinet and quangos a mixture of ability and favours I would imagine.

On my travels speaking to Conservative Councillors and members or as they have supposedly been condescendingly labelled by their own elite, “swivel eyed loons” I always ask the same things .One is where do they feel their Party stands on the political spectrum today. By far the majority feels they have not left the Conservative Party the Conservative Party has left them. Of the three Parties in Westminster there is the thickness of a cigarette paper between them, they all seem the same. Secondly and this relates to Castle Point, of all the people in this Great County of Essex why was it not possible to find one to represent you in Westminster, of course I believe the current MP Rebecca Harris hails from Windsor. I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

On two big issues Europe and Immigration.

I am not against Europe I love French wine and Italian food and I could go on but a trading union is one thing but to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is quite another. It is getting to the stage that our once great Parliament the envy of the world is becoming toothless.

As far as immigration goes we have a proud history of it in this Country but it must be controlled I personally have no problem with people coming here embracing our culture and country, paying taxes and contributing to society, But to abuse our generous benefit system to segregate into ghettos and in some cases attack us from within is plainly wrong.

I am very proud to be English, I am not ashamed of being patriotic. I love my Country and its rich History and values. I want to shout about that from the rooftops. This is one reason I stuck my head above the parapet and stood as a Councillor and why now I will be standing in the General Election next year for UKIP in Castle Point.

Here in South Essex we, as we always have are leading the way. People get it here, in the main they are hard working and proud, they want less Government interference and more freedom to get on and earn a living .We work hard and want to reap the benefits and rewards of that labour. UKIP here has had much success because we represent that, we are the only Party now offering a clear alternative to the Political Establishment who are clearly worried and I fear will do whatever is necessary to cling onto power, I expect a lot of platitudes, rebranding and mud slinging locally. We in UKIP will cut through that concentrating on our common sense message.

So the question is clear, do you want to be represented at last by someone from Essex who works in Essex and have you had enough too?


Sourced from


Jamie Huntman is UKIP regional organiser for Essex, where his sole role is UKIP Party Political role and he has never worked in any capacity for Patrick O’Flynn as his MEP assistant and/or did any work for the EU Parliament. He is just another example of UKIP’s persistent theft of the public funding for the Party Political purposes.


Tim Aker UKIP MEP for Eastern Counties


Tim Aker is both UKIP MEP and UKIP councilor in the Council of Thurrock. He is presently under serious criminal investigation for a series of sexual assaults on women and underage girls. Tim Aker is also known as UKIP fixer, meaning that he is deeply involved in the harassment of UKIP whistleblowers. Despite of huge distance between UKIP office in Grays (to the EU Payments Office presented as an MEP office) and Patrick O’Flynn’s Peterborough UKIP office, a majority of the ‘staff’ ‘employed’ by Tim Aker are identical to those in Patrick O’Flynn’s Peterborough office. UKIP regional organisers Jamie Huntman, David Platt and Peter Reeve are paid by both Tim Aker and Patrick O’Flynn. In addition, their salaries for their UKIP Party Political roles are supplemented by payments form the office of Stuart Agnew which is based in Chelmsford. Stuart Agnew, just like Patrick O’Flynn, ‘employs’ and ‘pays’ deceased Elizabeth Lisa Burton, who died in 2014, where both Patrick O’Flynn and Stuart Agnew collect payments fraudulently in the name of a deceased person for their own self enrichment.


Tim Aker also pays his close friend and UKIP Councilor, Jack Duffin (one of the leaders of UKIP Young Independence for his Party Political Activities, just like Patrick O’Flynn does). Tim Aker also pays his close friend and UKIP Councilor Luke Spillman. None of Tim Akers staff members are in any shape or form MEP assistants, they have never done any work for the MEP, nor for EU Parliament, but exclusively work for UKIP Party, showing once again that EU Parliament Payments office is the majority source of funding for UKIP Party Political operations.



Chairman Cllr Peter Smith 07814 017577

Secretary Cllr Russell Cherry 07812 788356


Action Day in Thurrock Saturday 15th August

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Dear Members and Supporters,

UKIP Thurrock are having an action day tomorrow for an upcoming by-election, and are appealing for help.

Campaign launch day:

West Thurrock & South Stifford by-election

Saturday 15th August 10:00 for 10:15 am

Bottom of Palmerston Road, Grays, RM20 4YL


Cllr Peter Smith

Deputy Regional Organiser Essex


In the above extract from UKIP’s web page, “Friends of Brexit”, Tim Aker’s listed ‘employee’, Peter Smith, confesses himself that he is UKIP Thurrock Councilor, and UKIP Essex regional organiser, whose sole job is to organize events and campaigns for UKIP Eastern Counties region, and is not, nor has ever been any sort of assistant for Tim Aker, despite receiving his salary from EU Parliaments Payments office, under false pretenses that it is for Tim Aker’s secretarial expenses.


Jonathan Arnott UKIP MEP for North East England


Interestingly, despite the long list of MEP assistants, UKIP’s Jonathan Arnott, lists only two people as his actual assistants working in UKIP’s Hartlepool office, that covers the whole North-East, as can be found


Press/Media Enquiries

Lynda Roughley

Press Officer



Darren Leckey

Personal Assistant



No other person works as any kind of assistant for Jonathan Arnott


A Wythenshawe teenager is believed to be youngest parliamentary candidate ever selected in the country.


UKIP has chosen 18-year-old Christopher Cassidy to fight the Wythenshawe and Sale East seat in the next General Election.


“I have been interested in politics from an early age and became involved with UKIP and politics about four years ago,” ” explained Chris, pictured right.


“I have wanted to be an MP for a long time but thought I would have to wait until I was 21 to stand a chance of being selected. But the rules have now changed and the age has been lowered to 18.”Chris, who was head boy at Sale High School, went on to study at Xaverian College in Manchester and plans to obtain a political degree.


He is both election officer and membership officer for UKIP’s South Manchester and Trafford branch.


Christopher Cassidy claims to be Chief of Staff in Jonathan Arnott’s office, while simultaneously being election officer and membership officer for UKIP North-East region, as well as full-time student at Xaverian College in Manchester. Thomas Cassidy simply does not exist, and is yet another name invented by UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott for personal enrichment through the creation of secretarial contracts with non-existent or dead people, where money is simply transferred to UKIP’s MEP personal account.



Jennifer Hansford, is UKIP operative in South Dorset and is, yet again, paid by EU Parliaments Payments office for full-time UKIP duties. NB South Dorset is in South-West of England, while Jonathan Arnott is based in Hartlepool, North-East England.


Michael Johnson is a UKIP regional organiser in Middlesbrough, is not working for Jonathan Arnott and is simply yet another UKIP scam to gain revenue from EU Parliaments payments office.


Gordon Parkin UKIP NE regional party chairman, is not, nor has ever been, employed by Jonathan Arnott. Gordon Parkin had a long running legal battle with UKIP as a party over his previous BNP membership, and after Gordon Parkin won, and UKIP was faced with huge legal bills and damages, his name was fraudulently added to the staff register of Jonathan Arnott, where EU Parliament payments office is de facto and de jure paying for UKIP legal bills and damages. Jonathan Arnott himself, in the widely publicized Mirror article, admits meeting Gordon Parkin, his own alleged employee that should be in Arnott’s office on a daily basis and certainly not be paying Gordon Parkin from secretarial expenses to settle UKIP debts to Gordon Parkin.


UKIP John Tennant is UKIP regional organizer for NE region, and also chairman for the UKIP branch in Hartlepool in a very well known UKIP scam, where EU payments office is paying for the entirety of UKIP’s political operations. Since 2015, John Tennant is also a UKIP NE councilor, heavily subsidized by EU Parliaments payments office.


Louise Bours is a UKIP MEP for North West England


Louise Bours, after changing her name from Elizabeth De Bours became an MEP for UKIP after beginning her affair with UKIP deputy chairman Paul Nuttall.


Louise Bours is using as service providers “Harper Black and Associates” solely owned by David Harper, UKIP councilor in Tyneside as well as Olpol LTD, owned by Oliver Adam, press officer for a wide range of MEPs. 


UKIP’s activist Nigel Brown is again paid by the EU Parliament Payments office, using Louise Bours secretarial allowance, with full knowledge that Nigel Brown since 2009 solely works for UKIP, long before Ms Bours even started her extramarital affair with Paul Nuttall and joined UKIP, was parachuted to become MEP and certainly Nigel Brown does not do any work for her as an MEP, or for EU Parliament.  


Similarly UKIP’s Wayne Harling is UKIP long standing ‘enforcer’ (read person whose sole job is to harass anyone objecting and/or reporting UKIP’s wide-ranging criminal activities.  The very fact that EU Parliament’s Office is paying for someone to criminally harass people under the guise of ‘immunity from prosecution’ UKIP MEPs regularly use to avoid even questioning about criminal conduct of their staff let alone their own criminal conduct.


On top of it EU Parliament Payments office is paying for organising these activities


Young Independence Football Teams


Young Independence are hoping to get a few football teams together in which they will play against teams within workplaces that employ alot of young people, such as Tesco and McDonalds.


Preferably we would like to have teams for each region but with the initial limited membership, there will be one team.


It is hoped that after the football games, we can attract young people by asking of their concerns within the local community and asking what issues concern them and giving them the UKIP/Young Independence answer.

Hopefully this will help us interact with the youth and raise membership.


All abilities accepted.


If you are interested then contact me;

Mobile – 07828278328

email –


Wayne Harling’s role apart from being UKIP’s enforcer aka thug that appears on people’s doorsteps, is also in charge of organizing sporting activities and membership raising activities for UKIP in North West Region. His role as well as role of all other staff on Louise Bours’ secretarial list and secretarial lists of other UKIP MEPs is solely party political role, where taxpayers money is through laundering and corruption transferred to UKIP and used for UKIP party political activities.


Similarly to UKIP’s Paul Nuttall, Louise Bours also does not have any constituency MEP office and is instead using money she collects for her own personal enrichment.


Noel Matthews is paid by European Parliament to run and maintain Bloggers4UKIP website.


Gary Robinson, another person on Louise Bours fraudulent list of ‘assistants’ paid by EU Parliament is UKIP activist from Wigan, near Manchester, who runs on a full time basis UKIP online portal UKIP Daily and comments on all anti UKIP articles in national press, where majority of those articles are exposing UKIP criminal activities.

GL-W addition on 10-Jan-2017:

You will note at the start of this article, do read the preamble in full, I am merely reporting that which I am told was the information passed to the EU, by various bodies and individuals.
Today I received an eMail claiming to be from Gary Robinson, I include below in italics his eMail which effectively would seem to be his defence appropriate for the EU if they choose to act on the information put to them:

Mr Lance – Watkins,
On your website you have an article which has some incorrect information about me. 
Your page states that: “I STRESS if details are shown to be wrong, I have acted in good faith and in the light of the importance of BreXit I have passed on the material – corrections WILL be made where apposite”
You have written:
“Gary Robinson, another person on Louise Bours fraudulent list of ‘assistants’ paid by EU Parliament is UKIP activist from Wigan, near Manchester, who runs on a full time basis UKIP online portal UKIP Daily and comments on all anti UKIP articles in national press, where majority of those articles are exposing UKIP criminal activities.”
This is incorrect. I did write some articles for that site in the past, as you can see from this link – but I never ran the site, have no current involvement with them and I have not written for them for years: 
As for “comments on all anti UKIP articles in national press” I think I may have responded to a few Guardian articles a few years ago but I don’t make a habit of it. 
I hope you will therefore remove the section of the article that relates to me in light of this information as it is defamatory.
Gary Robinson 
No doubt my including his refutation of some of the details passed to the EU and the EU investigation will take this into consideration. You will note it is the details which Mr Robinson refutes and as I make no judgement having no part in the EU enquiry, I trust it will be appreciated that I have acted in good faith in this matter by publishing his claim.
GL-W end of addition of 10-Jan-2017:


Finally, Deborah stokes is yet another fake employee, ‘imaginary assistant’ and long term acting friend of Louise Bours or as she was previously known “Louise Van De Bours’, where Louise Bours abuses taxpayers money to subside her long term acting friend.


Steven Woolfe MEP North West


Steven Woolfe should not have legally been allowed to become an MEP as his nomination declaration does not contain admissions of criminal convictions and is therefore invalid and illegal. Steven Woolfe became an MEP committing further criminal acts, and the sole reason why he hasn’t been sanctioned is because of deep corruption of certain elements in the UK police forces, influenced by UKIP’s corrupt official at the heart of the national CPS (Crown Prosecution Services), Simon Timothy Orme. Orme has for the past 5 and a half years sabotaged every legitimate attempt to expose, prevent and arrest numerous UKIP officials engaged in exceptionally serious criminal activities. Despite numerous attempts to raise the same issues with OLAF (which should be EU anti-fraud agency) criminal activities are continuing, increasing in their scope and only people illegally punished are those that were victims of various UKIP’s officials criminal activities. Bearing in mind derogation of duty both in OLAF and in UK CPS, copy of this file will be forwarded to the FBI, that has the ability to investigate transnational serious criminal activities, resulting in huge embarrassment for EU investigations office that has allowed UKIP’s serious criminal activities to flourish.


Despite his false declarations, Steven Woolfe is not a barrister and has never been a barrister but a person who was deeply involved in money laundering operations in the Cayman Islands, acting as an ‘officer’ opening accounts for many internationally known criminals, including UKIP leader himself, Nigel Farage, who deposited, fraudulently, $7.2million misappropriated from EU funds. Steven Woolfe has opened UKIP office in Cheshire as a hub for UKIP activities in North West England.


One of the most colourful Steven Woolfe employees is Cliff Dixon, well known EDL thug by reputation but with little or no provenance provided by the likes of Hope Not Hate, who lives in Hayes, London, more than 203 miles in one direction from the UKIP office in Cheshire (paid for by EU Parliament payments office). If one was to believe Steven Woolfe’s implications, it would mean that Cliff Dixon travels 406 miles, every day, to work in UKIP’s Cheshire office (it is even theoretically impossible), in reality Dixon commuted from his home to Cheshire on a per week (usually on a 4 or 5 day week).

Cliff Dixon is actually Ukip Hillindon chairman, and runs a blog “English Patriot” advocating promotion of discussion in opposition to hatred and violence to those who aren’t white British. In addition to this, Steven Woolfe also employs his long-term friend George Igler. It simply beggars belief that EU Parliaments office is paying for the advice from an internationally renowned criminals with wide ranging terrorist links. Just as I hugely disagree with the corrupt support of the Labour leadership for extremists and anti British interests.


During the UK Referendum campaign, EU payments office has been paying for the work of “Media Intelligence Partners LTD” media campaign group, to campaign for Brexit, under the guise of ‘working’ for Steven Woolfe MEP.


Similarly, Emma Clayton, Vote Leave Referendum Campaign Organiser is also listed as assistant for Steven Woolfe MEP, where yet again Vote Leave, official Referendum campaign organiser was paid by EU Payments Office to work for the referendum campaign and has never worked for Steven Woolfe in his MEP role and/or for EU parliament business.  Emma Clayton describes herself her role as campaigning, fundraising, organizing events and various administrative tasks for the Referendum campaign, full time job, and there is no single mention of any work performed for Steven Woolfe’s constituency.


Despite being listed as an MEP assistant for Steven Woolfe, Hannah Connell is simply part-time unpaid intern, who is a full-time student at the University of Chester. It is imperative that Steven Woolfe provides an explanation as to why is an unpaid intern (full-time student) listed on his paid secretarial roster and who is collecting payments from EU Parliaments payments office in the name of Hannah Connell.


Luke Thompson is the chairman of Young Independence in Cheshire and author at UKIP’s Daily Blog. Both of these activities are UKIP Party Political activities, and are legally not permissible to be paid from EU Parliaments payments office.


Finally, in the ongoing UKIP leadership elections, Steven Woolfe has used all resources, as well as EU expenses for his unsuccessful nominations to run in the leadership election, where at least £5,000 of EU taxpayers money has been deposited by Steven Woolfe in the UKIP central account as a deposit to run in the UKIP leadership election.


David Coburn MEP for Scotland


David Coburn immediately upon assuming EU Parliaments office submitted false declaration of interests, listing as his primary source of income “air freight forwarding”. This declaration is untruthful and David Coburn’s primary source of income was a market stall trader at Portobello Market in London.


Christopher Lowe, allegedly David Coburns accredited Brussels Assistant is nothing more than his partner and is employed, contrary to the explicit prohibitions of employment of family members by MEP’s.


Liam Porter, UKIP staff member for both David Coburn MEP and James Carver MEP is presently subject of series of EU Parliamentary investigation into vile racism that prevails in the EFDD group.  However, EU parliament investigation, pretty much like all investigations into UKIP criminal activities in UK, resulted in the punishment of victim, Sarinder Joshua Duroch, who is currently consulting with UK leading lawyers to issue Employment Tribunal Proceedings and seek significant damages from the European Parliament for keeping and encouraging Liam Porter and his Nazi group, deeply embedded in EFDD group, to not only lose his job, but to cause deterioration of his health through persistent harassment by UKIP members on EU Parliament payroll.


Arthur Misty Thackeray, is UKIP Regional Organiser for Scotland, presently arrested and charged with six offences for sexual harassment of women.  It is very ‘reassuring to know’ that EU Parliament Payments Office is not only paying for UKIP party political activities in Scotland but also paying for sexual harassment of women by convicted UKIP sex pest.


Oluf Marshall, is UKIP Political adviser and listed as Coburn’s staff, despite living in East Lothian and not working for MEP office, but solely for failing UKIP Scotland branch.


Colin Mitchelson is UKIP Coburn’s friend who is Walter Mitty character with penchant for inventing his non existent army credentials and whose sole job is that of UKIP David Coburn’s friend. He never does any work for MEP, EU Parliament nor UKIP, and his payment is therefore completely illegal.


Kevin Newton is rewarded with payment from the secretarial allowance, under false pretenses as he is not working with David Coburn. The sole reason why Coburn is paying him is to keep him quiet about the fact that Coburn never even lived in Scotland, he was London based for 35 years, preventing him from standing as an MEP in Scotland. Through internal UKIP allocation of MEP positions, Kevin Newton was replaced by David Coburn and all secretarial payments are actually illegal hush money to keep that fact out of the public domain. Additionally, Newton is a life partner of Caroline Santos, close friend of David Coburn.


Fraser Walker is a full-time Young Independence (UKIP Youth Branch) chairman for Scotland and also treasurer for very controversial, not authorized UKIP sovereign draw, that operates just like a lottery, however in the case of UKIP, is not authorized by the Lottery Commission. Fraser Walker is full paid for these activities by the EU Parliament payments office despite the fact that he does not work for the MEP constituency office, EU Parliament office but solely for UKIP party political purposes.


Just like Louise Bours MEP, Coburn is also using services of Olpol LTD, owned by Oliver Adam, press officer for a wide range of MEPs. 


Diane James MEP for South East England


Diane James is presently front-runner for UKIP leadership election. Diane James declarations and interests is a work of pure fiction where there are absolutely no records of her ever working for any health care industry provider or consultant, nor finishing first class honors degree from Thames Valley University in 1980 when the University itself was established in 1992.

Diane James lists as service providers, four companies, where apart from Gary Ling, who never heard of her, no other company exists at all, raising very real suspicion that Diane James is using names of non-existent companies and company that has never worked with her for self enrichment.


Susannah Cunningham is a UKIP Esher and Walton regional organiser and her work details are displayed below. What is not displayed is that her role is paid for by EU Parliamentary payments office.

For media and Parliamentary and local candidate enquiries please contact

Chairman : Mrs Susannah Cunningham
Email :  

Telephone : 07730 797267


Ian McKie is a UKIP regional organiser for the Isle of Wight and author at UKIP Daily blog, full-time employed for his UKIP political activities, yet paid by EU Parliaments payments office.


Raymond Finch UKIP MEP for South East England


Ray Finch is previously known as an enforcer for Nigel Farage, was selected as an MEP and unfortunately due to a low turn-out elected as an MEP despite a string of serious criminal convictions including sexual assaults and blackmail. Apart from employing Kirsten Farage for her role as Nigel Farage’s wife, Ray Finch also employs Roger Bird, UKIP’s chief accountant and candidates selection officer, obviously those are two solely party political roles, yet again solely paid by EU Parliaments payments office.


Paul Lovegrove is UKIP regional organiser for Portsmouth and person with a long list of criminal convictions. Lovegrove’s role is solely that of the UKIP regional organiser and due to the distance as well as the large are that Lovegrove is covering, he has never worked for any MEP yet is paid by the EU Parliaments payments office via Ray Finch’s secretarial allowance.


Christopher Adams is also UKIP regional organiser for Buckinghamshire and is also local councilor there who was previously paid as a UKIP regional organiser by Nigel Farage’s secretarial allowance and is now paid by Ray Finch’s secretarial allowance.


John Wallace is a UKIP regional organiser for West Sussex and is paid for by the EU Parliaments payments office.


West Sussex County Office

Ruth Kenward — West Sussex County Chairman

John Wallace — West Sussex County Organiser
UKIP West Sussex

c/o The Office of Ray Finch MEP
The Grain Store, Church Lane, Lyminster, BN17 7QJ

Office: 01903 490099
Email: john @

Mobile: 07966 215467


It is still evident that Ray Finch is now, as is Nigel Farage, using notorious ‘barn office’ not only to collect all office running payments for personal enrichment, but create fraudulent illusion that any of the people listed work for either of those MEP’s.


Barney Wright is a full-time editor of the “Total Sea Fishing” magazine, where Nigel Farage is one of the silent owners. Barney Wright is paid for his running of the magazine by EU Parliaments payment office for the personal enrichment of Nigel Farage.


Dr Julia Reid MEP South West England


Although Julia Reid has a case for to answer in regards to her alleged employment with Trevor Coleman, bearing in mind that Trevor Coleman never had an office but was abusing his office expenses to pay UKIP Headquarters, and Julia Reid was paid by Coleman to work at UKIP HQ, the only other serious question should be asked is why did Julia Reid brought over her close friend Diane Belk, form the University of Bath and Bath Royal United Hospital.  Diane Balk is also UKIP member and Regional Organiser for North Wiltshire Region which is shown in by official UKIP email account


Nathan Gill UKIP MEP for Wales


Despite numerous investigations for suspected arson related to fraudulent insurance claims and renting out squalor to illegal immigrants, subject of serious criminal investigations was Nathan Gill was selected and elected to become Wales UKIP MEP.  Gill was previously masquerading as an assistant to completely brain stroke incapacitated John Bufton and has a form to collect payments and submit fake invoices for non-functioning MEP and his office, while hiding the truth from the EU parliamentary Authorities that John Bufton is incapacitated, unable to perform any of his duties in permanent vegetative state in order to keep defrauding EU Parliament on UKIP’s behalf and for his own personal enrichment. 


Such practice continues now, albeit on a much grander scale, where EU Parliament not only pays for all UKIP Wales operations, including full UKIP Wales campaign to have 7 UKIP members elected to Welsh Regional Assembly, Nathan Gill included.  EU Parliament was sole source of funds for Welsh election campaign where Nathan Gill was and continues to be used as UKIP office in Wales, where all election literature was paid by the EU parliament and where all UKIP campaign officials were paid and continue to be paid by EU Parliament office using Nathan Gill’s secretarial allowance.


Alexandra Phillips is Head of UKIP Media where her full time role is overseeing the work of all UKIP press officers.  At the very beginning of Welsh UKIP Campaign she was dispatched from London, by Nigel Farage to run UKIP Wales media operations and her salary was moved from EFDD secretarial expenses to Nathan Gill secretarial expenses, and remained there despite the fact that Alexandra Philips resigned from her UKIP roles, left UKIP and is no longer working for UKIP.  Who is collecting her illegal secretarial payments to the tune of £60,000 remains a mystery that Nathan Gill has to answer!


Ethan Wilkinson is a cousin of Nathan Gill MEP and does not work and has never worked in Nathan Gill’s Parliament Office nor in UKIP Wales Office that EU Parliament is paying for, under false pretences that it is Nathan Gill constituency office.


This is Ethan Wilkinson self admitted employment history that shows that he never worked for Nathan Gill and therefore his secretarial payments are fraudulent and should have never been paid. The fact that Nathan Gill wants to help his cousin is very admirable but he should do it out of his own pocket, rather than fraudulently abusing taxpayers money. 


Nobly POS – Point of Sale

August 2015 – August 2015 (1 month)London, United Kingdom

I have just started a new role as Sales Manager at an awesome London startup (located at The Escalator) called Nobly POS. As the first member of the new sales team I provide support, via multiple communication platforms, to our amazing community of customers. I also actively reach out to inbound sales leads from across the world and help customers from sign up to business growth. I frequently visit our customers to gather feedback, provide training and support and carry out product demonstrations for new customers looking to join our community.


Nobly POS – Point of Sale was founded in 2013 in London and is currently available in over 40 countries. Nobly POS has created a next generation iPad based, easy to use point of sale system, by allowing customers to setup their shop in minutes without expensive onboarding and support contracts.

Ceo & Founder

November 2013 – September 2014 (11 months)Cardiff, United Kingdom

I am a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) and I am very passionate about this religious community. After identifying a gap in the market I decided to create an online community to connect members of the Church to events all over the world:

> In 5 months I worked with 5 UK based event organisers, selling 500 tickets generating £15,000 in sales

> I created the world’s largest and most up-to-date database of events for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

> I added 350 events in 15 different countries

> I engaged with members and leaders from a Church community of 15 million

> I used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media to promote the platform and provide support to event organisers and customers


Nathan Gill’s alleged assistant Liam Vernon is actually full time press officer for UKIP Youth – Young Independence Organisation and does not work for Nathan Gill MEP as MEP assistant nor on any matters related to Gill’s MEP role. 






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Email him:


Jamie Ross McKenzie

Email him:

Chris Wood 

Email him:

Oliver Corbishley 

Email him:

Jack Smith

Email him:

Matthew Mackinnon 

Email him:

Liam Vernon

Email him:

Thomas Collins
Email him:

National Council includes Regional Chairs.


In addition Liam Vernon worked exclusively for UKIP Wales in party political roles and has never done any work for MEP.  Liam Vernon payments are yet another example how EU Parliamentary payments office is paying UKIP political party officials for their party political work that has nothing to do with European Parliament where UKIP MEPs are abusing secretarial allowances for direct party funding with taxpayers money.


Social Media & Design Consultant for UKIP’s Welsh Assembly Campaign

UKIP Wales

March 2016 – May 2016 (3 months)Cardiff, United Kingdom

A member of UKIP Wales’ core Campaign team in the run up to and during the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections. This election saw UKIP win their first elected members of the Welsh Assembly.


The responsibilities of my role include:


– Social media engagement & promotion

– Event management

– Social media engagement and promotion

– Graphic design

– Leaflet promotion

– Unofficial photographer

Policy Advisor

House of Commons

September 2015 – March 2016 (7 months)Cardiff, United Kingdom

Reviewing, developing, and implementing policies, strategies and communication for UKIP’s 2016 Welsh Assembly manifesto.


Responsibilities included;


– Working with a team to identify and develop key policy areas

– Assembling, interpreting and analysing information

– Providing regular updates


Simon Wall is UKIP regional organiser for UKIP Wales where is full time job is organizing numerous UKIP Wales branches and running affairs of the branches.  For his full time UKIP Role he is yet another person paid directly by EU Parliamentary Payments office where all EU Parliaments payments office is doing in the case of UKIP is subsidizing with tax payers money running of the UKIP as a political party, and acting as main donor of the UKIP as a political party.  If EU Parliament payments office was to stop financing through office expenses, literature expenses and secretarial expenses UKIP MEPs (or applied a greater scrutiny to those fraudulent payments) UKIP would go bankrupt and seize to exist as a political party.  I am again respectfully reminding EU Parliamentary authorities that fraud and corruption of this scale that has been happening with UKIP since 1999 and still continues, where all whistleblowers and people who report these crimes get harassed to the point of taking of their own lives due to the inaction of EU Parliamentary authorites, are classed as serious international crimes and copy of this file as most of the money UKIP MEPs are simply pocketing for themselves ends up through money laundering and associated operations in tax heavens, will be also forwarded to FBI, who also has authority to act in crimes of this magnitude.  It is requested that this material is urgently investigated, compared with all invoices UKIP MEPs have been fraudulently submitting for the last 17 years and clearly spelled indictment sent to UK law enforcement authorities, SFO as well as to FBI branches due to the fact that portion of fraudulently acquired money is ending up financing US tax evasion by various clients of Steven Woolfe, Nathan Gill, Nigel Farage and others.


Angelsey Branch


Covers the following constituency:

Ynys Mon



Ms Afryl Davies



Mr Simon Wall


Jill Seymour, UKIP MEP West Midlands


Jill Seymour is UKIP well known housewife who through her marriage to Stewart Seymour, owner of SMI Ltd became wealthy by marriage and generous sponsor of Nigel Farage’s luxury life.  Jill Seymour bought her MEP position with £20,000 cheque made payable to Nigel Farage which is a corruption of the highest order, yet tolerated by EU Parliament.  


Jill Seymour office is situated in the building owned by her husband where Jill Seymour regularly pays her own husband for the use of the offices they jointly owned, not only self-enriching herself but also breaking EU Parliaments rules of not paying close family members for the service provided.


On her own MEP website Jill Seymour only lists Thomas Hoof, Councilor in Telford as her Chief of staff and herself as a person for all media enquiries.  No other person works in her office.  However, apart from paying Jill Seymour MEP and UKIP Councillor Thomas Hoof, EU Parliamentary payments office also pays for the following individuals, further subsiding (directly funding) UKIP political party operations.


Andrew Etore Illsley is UKIP Regional Organiser who is paid for his full time party activities by EU Parliaments Payments Office.


Kirsty Murrell is simply UKIP member from Telford whose name is used for infamous fake employees payments to UKIP MEPs for the purposes of self-enrichment.


Both companies that Jill Seymour lists as service providers “Anthony RJ Walker IT Services” and “Rachel Jones Public Relations” simply do not exist and reasonable suspicion must be raised whether Jill Seymour is using names of non-existent companies for further personal enrichment.


James Carver MEP UKIP West Midlands


James Carver is former employee of UKIP where he was Regional Organiser for West Midlands as well as UKIP umbrella maker, where all recognizable purple and yellow umbrellas with UKIP logos on them were produced by Jim Carver, ordered in bulks by UKIP MEPs and paid by the EU Payments office in the period 2009 until present.

James carver has a long history of defrauding EU parliament and has secured his place on MEP list by splitting the profit of umbrella making scheme with Nigel Farage.


Liam Porter, UKIP staff member for both David Coburn MEP and James Carver MEP is presently subject of series of EU Parliamentary investigation into vile racism that prevails in the EFDD group.  However, EU parliament investigation, pretty much like all investigations into UKIP criminal activities in UK, resulted in the punishment of victim, Sarinder Joshua Duroch, who is currently consulting with UK leading lawyers to issue Employment Tribunal Proceedings and seek significant damages from the European Parliament for keeping and encouraging Liam Porter and his Nazi group, deeply embedded in EFDD group, to not only lose his job, but to cause deterioration of his health through persistent harassment by UKIP members on EU Parliament payroll.


Derek Bennett is a long standing UKIP West Midlands regional organiser who has already been caught on EU Payments Parliamentary secretarial expenses, despite the fact that he is and always was full time UKIP Regional Organiser for West Midlands Region.  It simply beggars belief that 7 years later, (Derek Bennett was first caught in 2009, reported again in 2011) is still doing the same fraud where UKIP is paying their own political staff using EU expenses system.


Paul Brothwood is UKIP Councillor at Dudley Metropolitan Borough and UKIP Group leader at the Council.  He is representing himself as a project manager for private company.  Why does EU Parliament Payments office has a need to pay UKIP Councillor for his Council work (he is already paid by the Council for the same Councillor’s work) and why is UKIP’s Jim Carver allowed to abuse secretarial allowance payment system to pay UKIP officials, especially bearing in mind that James Carver does not have UK based office and none of these people work for EU Parliament and/or do any work for Carver as MEP for West Midlands, but work for UKIP as a political party in United Kingdom???


UKIP’s events organiser Berenice Dawes is also paid from secretarial expenses allocated to James Jim Carver, UKIP MEP.  Again the question must be asked why why is UKIP’s Jim Carver allowed to abuse secretarial allowance payment system to pay UKIP officials, especially bearing in mind that James Carver does not have UK based office and none of these people work for EU Parliament and/or do any work for Carver as MEP for West Midlands, but work for UKIP as a political party in United Kingdom???


Event in Aggborough


Friday 16 January 2015, 19:30

Organized by : Wyre Forest UKIP

/ Sign-up

Submit an event




► Forest Health


► Health 1


► In Health


Activities Aggborough / Description

Wyre Forest UKIP invites you to an evening with Louise Bours MEP – UKIP’s Health Spokesperson & Jim Carver MEP at Kidderminster Harriers FC.

Come along and hear first-hand why the NHS is in safe hands with UKIP, and how Labour privatised the NHS.

Friday Jan 16th – 7:30pm at Kidderminster Harriers FC, Aggborough Stadium, Hoo Rd, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY10 1NB

Admission only £6 (Pay on the door) which includes food

For more info and to confirm your attendance please email Beri Dawes –


Same question about abusing secretarial expenses and defrauding EU Parliament to pay for UKIP political party activities must be raised in relation to Michael Wrench, who again is not James Carver MEP assistant of any sort but UKIP Cllr and UKIP party worker in West Midlands as he himself writes


About Michael Wrench UKIP

Page Info


                   Start Date
Born on November 9, 1968


                   Home Country
United Kingdom

                   Currently Running for
MP, Worcestershire, Wyre Forest, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

                   Current Office
Worcestershire, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

                   Short Description
Our future is being able to govern ourselves and not to be ruled by the EU and paying £55 Million a day for the privilege.

Published and promoted by Michael Wrench, 44 Round Hill Wharf, Kidderminster, DY11 6US



Councillor Information

Michael James William Wrench

Created with GIMP 

UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Oldington and Foley Park



Michael James William Wrench





Contact Details

44 Round Hill Wharf



DY11 6US


Telephone: 07843 593545



Web Site:


Committee Membership


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Planning Committee


Sarah Hopkins is UKIP photographer, and UKIP Broadwaters local official. 


She does not work for James Carver as his assistant and yet she is also paid from James Carver MEP secretarial allowance, defrauding EU Parliament Payments Office yet again for the benefit of UKIP as a political party, where all James Carver’s secretarial allowance is with his explicit order to defraud EU Parliament transferred for the salaries of UKIP political party officials.


Interestingly, despite the fact that Lynda Roughley is the press office for North East, she is also listed among James Carver’s staff, despite enormous distance between these two locations (West Midlands and North East England), where UKIP’s Jonathan Arnott, lists only two people as his actual assistants working in UKIP’s Hartlepool office, that covers the whole North-East, as can be found


Press/Media Enquiries

Lynda Roughley

Press Officer


How can the same person be


At two different locations at the same time and two MEPs can have her name on their secretarial list – unless it is again the case of Kamila Zarychta, Gerard Batten and abuse of John Bufton’s expenses for Kamila’s fraudulent activities of signing in multiple UKIP MEPs through her EU Payments office contacts for disproportionate salary of £90,000 per annum.


William Bill Etheridge, UKIP MEP, West Midlands


Same Paul Brootwood, UKIP Dudley Metropolitan Councillor and UKIP Group Leader and self confessed full time ‘project manager’ is in the case of Bill Etheridge MEP representing himself as his Chief of Staff???? Same role that Dean Parkes claims to have????  This is same UKIP scam where two people, both UKIP party workers are simultaneously represented at the secretarial expenses rolls of two MEPs for special work they do for UKIP Political Party itself rather than ever doing any work for MEPs in their constituency roles, because UKIP MEPs are known as MEPs who don’t do any constituency role nor any EU Parliamentary work.  Paul Brothwood is twice falsely represented on both James Carver’s and Bill Etheridge’s secretarial expenses for payments for his role as UKIP Leader on Dudley Council, where Btoothwood is de facto boss to Etheridge who is also Dudley Councillor.


UKIP’s Martin Day is allegedly Bill Etheridge’s Parliamentary Assistant, a very difficult task for someone who is functionally illiterate and can not even spell “PARLIAMENTRAY” which would in English language be ‘Parliamentary’.  Martin Day is just Etheridge’s best friend and is receiving his EU Parliament Payments Office issued salary for services of friendship to UKIP MEP. Day is full time career for his disabled wife and Etheridge is abusing secretarial allowance to make charitable donations to his friend who does not work for him in his MEP role.


UKIP’s Craig Winyard is UKIP Spokesman for West Midlands and UKIP West Midlands (region that UKIP considers to be exceptionally electorally important) especially since it was one of the few regions in UK where UKIP had some electoral success.  Winyard is UKIP employee fully paid again by EU Parliament’s payments office. 


Alex Hickinbottom is UKIP’s Bill Etheridge oldest friend.  Alex often boasts about it and about scam of inflated salary he receives from his ‘best mate Bill’, many expenses and how he has to give Bill just 10%.  The only time Alex is seen around Bill Etheridge is in pubs in Dudley.


Dean Parkes is second UKIP Regional Organiser who admits himself in many Twitter posts that UKIP Regional organiser is his second job where his first job is IT expertise for his own company and that ne never set a foot in Etheridge’s Sedgley’s office.  Not surprising that it is another case where UKIP MEP is abusing secretarial expenses for employment of his friends (with cut for himself as a form of personal enrichment) and abusing secretarial allowance for paying UKIP staff with taxpayers money extracted on false presences from EU Payments office. 


Karen Jones is another UKIP full time worker, unlawfully paid by EU Parliament’s office through secretarial expenses.


New era for Dudley and Halesowen UKIP

news headline / lead story


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality

Karen Jones, the new chairman of UKIP’s Dudley and Halesowen branch

27 Jan 2016 / Kelly Harris


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THE first female chairman of UKIP’s Dudley and Halesowen branch hopes to encourage other women to join the purple party.

Karen Jones, who is one of the party’s representatives for Upper Gornal and Woodsetton, was unanimously elected to become the new branch chairman.

Mrs Jones, who is also chairman of Sedgley Parents Group, said she was honoured to take on the role and was looking forward to the forthcoming local elections and other challenges ahead.

She continued: “The local elections are just around the corner and UKIP is already on the march as we fight to bolster our numbers on Dudley Council.


Emily Schifano is best friend of Bille Etheridge’s fiancé Lorraine Chew and Bill is using Emily’s name to pay for services of his fiancé that have nothing to do with any parliamentary work or MEP work.  Emily Schifano is studying biochemistry and does not work anywhere as she is full time student, originally based in Firenze, Italy.

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