'She wants to f*ck me': Did Nigel Farage 'do a Trump' with his own locker-room bants?
Picture: Getty Images / PA

It’s not just bouffant-haired billionaire Donald Trump who has an irresistible way with words when it comes to ‘locker room’ bantz, according to a report in Private Eye.

Nope, Nigel Farage also has a good line in alpha male brags, rather like the ‘silverback gorilla’ Trump himself.

Private Eye reports that Farage told a journalist (referring to sultry French nationalist Marine Le Pen), ‘I like Marine Le Pen. I’ve had dinner with her. I think Marine wants to fuck me, you know.’

Farage himself says that Private Eye may have got its wires crossed, telling Metro.co.uk, ‘I think there’s a bit of journalistic licence there. I would never use language like that with someone I had just met.’

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