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AN APPOSITE RE-POST! UKIP Treachery, Trash & Unprofessional In Fighting …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/10/2016

AN APPOSITE RE-POST! UKIP Treachery, Trash & Unprofessional In Fighting …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



UKIP Treachery, Trash & Unprofessional In Fighting …
Examples provided generously by public postings on the internet, supplied to me by disgusted supporters and members of UKIP who wish to see the party made fit for purpose!

000a ukip-025 count.png



again and again we have heard Ukip leadership, including Nigel Farage promising professionalising the party is an essential – I well remember this comment some 20 years ago, then in far more formal tones as a promise from Nigel Farage in 2004, which has been repeated as a mantra ever since – quite clearly a meaningless mantra

  1. as we have since seen Ukip MEPs in the EU Parliament dressed as chickens
  2. presenting speeches on the floor of the parliament clearly consequentially drunk eg Godfrey Bloom’s disgracefull performance
  3. Ukip MEPs driving around in a wartime armoured car from a museum pretending it was a tank like small boys!
  4. Tim Aker various investigations for sexual assault & rape – ongoing CLICK HERE
  5. Roger Helmer fast asleep in the Parliament, probably after a visit to some young woman masquerading as a ‘massage parlour attendant’
  6. William Dartmouth having a ‘paddy’ like a three year old
  7. Nigel Farage exposed having spent the night with a prostitute (Lega Howells double page spread in NotW CLICK HERE)
  8. Tom Wise sentenced to 2 years in prison for embezzeling tax payers’ money with Lindsey Jenkins
  9. Derek Clarke boasting at a public meeting how he defrauded the tax payers
  10. Malcolm Pearson (Lord Pearson) as Ukip puppet leader for Nigel Farage was exposed by the NotW in a double page for overt & outrageous racism
  11. Nigel Farage exposed under Parliamentary privilege for employing his wife (£30,000 for part time work) and his sometime Mistress Annabelle Fuller alias Beatrix Sanderson alias Trixie at the expense of the tax payers
  12. Nigel Farage standing in the turret of an APC – on a trailer! – delivering a speech outside the Conservative Party Conference, about parking his tank on their lawn!
  13. Derek Clarke forced to return money he had fraudulently obtained
  14. A group of Ukip MEPs & staff moved on by Belgian Police for disruptive behaviour with an inflatable bulldozer at the EU Parliament
  15. Graham Booth forced to repay £1,000s he had fraudulently obtained
  16. Stuart Agnew & David Bannerman under investigation for obtaining tax payer’s money fraudullently to fund a Ukip Regional Organiser – Peter Reeve
  17. Stuart Agnew, Malcolm Pearson, Nigel Farage explaining to Camera how they obtained donations illicitly without declaring them, as required by law

Yes clearly Ukip has for many years required professionalising and I don’t mean as professional criminals, they seem to be adept at that!

IF YOU read back through the archive on this site you will find a huge amount of similar examples showing just how unprofessional and corrupt Ukip are and have always been – To try to defend this by quoting examples of similar behaviour in other parties is no defence, for two reasons, firstly because Ukip promised to be different and to tell it like it is and clearly they are not and as for telling it like it is they have lied and bullied, defamed and abused for their own gain and gratification on a regular basis.

Clearly they desperately needed to professionalise but trying to build professionalism out of the sleaze with toxic Ukip and the material on offer is clearly not a possibility despite 20 years of promises!

Not only do we have the news today in the press of the fact that their front runner for leader was not only involved in a fist fight with another Ukip MEP in a meeting chaired by the odious incompetent Gerard Batten MEP CLICK HERE but had been thrown out of a football ground by a director of Chester for ramping up an issue of racism CLICK HERE there is also additional detail HERE and HERE

Clearly Steven Woolfe is not fit to lead a rubber duck on the end of a string around a bath let alone a British political party but sadly if he doesn’t it is very clear there is no one else with credibility, competence or ability to do the job.

To talk of Farage returning is risible it is he who is directly responsible for the current debacle due to his lack of OQ (Officer Qualities) and now surely no decent British party would want him after his vile and mysoginistic endorsement and efforts to justify Donald Hump’s sexist, obscene and degenerate braggadocio of being able to do what he liked sexually to women being a ‘sleb’!

Even the idiotic Susanne Evans tried to justify Trumps sleazy behaviour in that he has tried to deflect the facts of his vile comments by endeavouring to blame Hillary Clinton for the infidelities of her husband – in a ridiculous effort to show he believed in the equality of women no doubt!! Just how Susanne Evans felt she should seek to justify such behaviour on Sky News channel today I have no idea – but like Farage who would want such a low life as a leader!

I have also heard today that Ukip’s EU Press Officer has been suspended by the parliament for being involved in a fight but as an outspoken sympathiser of the IRA known for threatening people if they publish facts Kelly has been a timebomb waiting to explode in Ukip’s face as is the odious Gawain Towler.


Well I guess ‘as a Seleb you can grab any P***Y you want & #F**K any girl you want’ as Donald Hump has boasted and Nigel Farage has endorsed as normal talk for people who see themselves as like him! I for one have never come across the gutter style and language that these two try to pass off as #norma’ locker room talk, despite having been a regular rugby player and athlete in the army and elsewhere. Such sordid mysogynism is not only inappropriate but for a 59 year old man aspiring to POTUS or for that matter anyone of responsibility it is absolutely inexcusable – End Of!

I note there is something very suspect under foot in Wales at the moment, related to a press officer whose pay off was allegedly to be number one on the list and she was bumped & quit Wales but I hear she is heading back! With a vengeance!

Well a small EU Region like Wales with TWO leaders is part of the farce Nigel Farage left when he quit the sinking ship!

All part of the professionalism promised by Nigel Farage 😉

I have taken the liberty of reprinting an article I published in 2013 as it shows whence some of the information todays MoS published:

UKIP Treachery, Trash & Unprofessional In Fighting …!
Examples provided generously by public postings on the internet, supplied to me by disgusted supporters and members of UKIP who wish to see the party made fit for purpose!




SORRY about the delay!

We’ll try for the screen captures & copies next – they seem to be causing conflict in loading!

There was considerable cross referencing to do AGAIN and also redacting to ensure the security of my sources, and the checkable veracity of the posts.

I appologise for the delay but having done the work last night Firefox crashed thus I have redone the work when it was convenient!

Here are the facts and the examples promised:



You may find the sordid style of the odious squabbling and jockeying for position and popularity of these insecure and self serving people gives an insight into just how odious is UKIP’s leadership team and the claque who wriggle, squabble and back stab, when not fauning and grovelling or in the beds of others to gain status really are!

Let us go back in time a little with a YouTube entry from the amoral and foul mouthed Annabelle Fuller:

Interesting when you consider this foolish woman’s track record of corruption and dishonesty!

Behaviour which forced her to run away from UKIP due to her unprofessional abuse of data protection – abuse which cost UKIP one of its better donors and chairmen John Whittaker who quit as he was no longer willing to befoul his personal reputation covering for Nigel Farage’s doxy’s dishonesty and incompetence.

We understand it was the track record of foul language and unprofessionalism that cost Fuller her next job withThe British legion and then with Army Pensions, despite her father’s influence.

However she is back again with Farage and on a salary of around £50K as I recall, not to mention drawing two incomes from the public purse by being paid for other and more personal services via her claims of having PR experience of value, rather than just pestering journos with strange tweets and personal calls, as they have told me! Billed presumably through Athena PR!

Or for that matter telling lies about people and promoting her personal style whilst drunk to the extent of not just false witness and dishonesty but also stealing from the unsuspecting marque as with the Blackberry, The House of Commons pass and private correspondence when trusted to enter an MP’s flat!

I presume there is some devious means of paying to avoid the EU rule of being doubly employed from their funds! Another UKIP financial scam organised by their tame accountant to keep Farage’s fingerprints off of the paper work!

Review her comments on YouTube above and assess for yourself just howmuch of a liability she is for UKIP and then read on – you may also consider it is a blind eye to her services that explains why Farage’s wife is paid £30K for her inactivity as a UKIP staffer – unknown in terms of any work done by Farage’s own constituency office and her employment was unknown until research turned up the facts which Daniel Foggo subsequently published in The Sunday Times.

Let us move on:

Here is a posting from 10-Feb-2013 – yet again from Annabelle Fuller regarding Diane James, and involving Sean Howlett, Steven Wolfe, David Coburn and Mick McGough

The conversation moved on involving discussion of the same individuals and minded of the disproportionate income relative to competence and ability it is clear the money isn’t even for professionalism, integrity, ethics or discression!” Loyalty to the party is clearly a ‘No No’ from this specimen!

Clearly Nigel Farage’s own PA is clearly out of her depth and batting in her own self interest all too willing to drag Farage and UKIP into the gutter of her life!

These duplicitous individuals are all over Diane James like a cheap suit to her face but clearly happy to do all they can to unseat her behind her back regardless of her doing well for UKIP at Eastleigh – it seems they are working to protect their jobs by ensuring their puppet master faces no challengers – so very typical of the divisive and unprofessional behaviour in Farage’s Party!

Again the conversation moves on and we see UKIP Yoooff who themselves consider Diane James ‘An Utter Bitch‘ someone who their contempt for is manifest, with comments like ‘who has never represented the party

UKIP who endlessly proclaim they are ethical and represent true British values are clearly rotten to the core.

It is that they endlessly protest they are not like the other parties that makes this more shocking as they are clearly riddled with hatred, self interest, greed and rivalry on a scale that surpasses even the worst in other parties.

Then on a different theme we see the infighting in UKIP Yoooff from the correspondence with his apparent mentor Steven Woolfe:

And toadying to, of all people, Neil Hamilton, the corrupt and discreditted ex Tory, dumped in a miasma of sleaze that has now engulfed UKIP:

You will of course be able to find further examples of stupidity, self serving, unprofessionalism, nepotism, cronyism, back stabbing, disloyalty and downright vituperative trash with just a few minutes search on the internet this little party displays all the reasons that so few honourable and decent folk of any consequence back them in domestic elections.

Although UKIP’s numbers are small; relative to the main parties they sure make up for it with their vile behaviour which can be found with a moments search!

Just look at CLICK HERE where much of this material can be found to have been posted!


PS ADDED 22-Sep-2013

This eMail correspondence that follows is an extract from the full eMail which I received on this issue:

Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 10:27:01 +0000
Subject: Sean / Annabelle emails

YI: Change You Cant Believe In

KT got some threats after he posted this post earlier, as readers know KT is nice and fair, yeah KT pokes fun at politicians (if you cant laugh at them then you only cry) but its always done in the right way, anyway KT is going off piste a bit, lets rewind a bit, lets go back to say …. February 10th , that cool?
its an email exchange between UKIP members before the polls closed for Eastliegh, in fact a few weeks before the polls closed , these email involve Ms Fuller (Nigel Farage`s PA) , Sean Howlett and David Corburn :

They are discussing the then UKIP candidate for Eastlaigh Diane James, but then it moves on As you can see Nigel Farage`s PA and others were bad mouthing Diane James behind her back and then being all nice to her face, even tho Diane came second in Eastleigh people close to Nigel Farage were slagging Diane James of, even after these e-mails YI (Young independence) requested that people vote for Diane James:

UKIP claim they are different than all the others, the truth is that they are as two faced as all the others, they asked voters to vote for someone they described as a “utter bitch” and someone *who has never represented the party* , different from the others? no chance!

Update : While KT was checking this piece out he came across Ms Fullers You Tube page
KT may be mistaken but UKIP are not keen on Poles……

I believe now that this post has the various screen shots we can reasonably expect utterly implausible claims that their Blogs have been hacked – surprising that they have failed to claim this previously even though they knew the material had been screen captured and circulated!

Claims of being hacked are quite fashionable at the moment – such claims are so much more plausible if they are reported when they happen rather than when when their postings are highlighted!


To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

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