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Ukip’s Squabbling Ferrets Are Set A Clear Example By Ukip’s Own NEC

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/08/2016

Ukip’s Squabbling Ferrets Are Set A Clear Example By Ukip’s Own NEC

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Ukip’s Squabbling Ferrets in their sack Are Set A Clear Example By Ukip’s Own NEC – showing the utter incompetence of Ukip at all levels to manage the simplest of tasks with competence, integrity & without corruption and vituperative self destruction!

000a ukip-025 count.png

Ukip’s Squabbling Ferrets Are Set A Clear Example By Ukip’s Own NEC
The low grade corrupt liars, cheats, criminals & clowns that form Ukip’s management and senior members consistently manage to bring Ukip into disrepute from their leader, whether when he admits to the position of leader or is acting as puppet master, to the lowest levels of the odious squabbling claque – as they jockey for position trying to emulate their leaders and get their snouts in the troughs on the EU Gravy Train.
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NEC – Bending the rules and Breaking the Law …
Yesterday · Public

Breaking the Law …

6th July, 03:16:40 pm Piers Wauchope

Email to all member of the NEC:
“UKIP Councillor in Cambridgeshire, Lisa Duffy, is “certain” to replace Nigel Farage as Party Leader.” The headline and article form Peterborough Today.

8th July, 06:36:13 pm Liz Jones

Good for her and best of luck. She is certainly a hard worker.

10th July, 10:27:29 am John Bickley

She will be a very good candidate. She did a fantastic job for me when I stood in Wythenshawe & Sale in January 2014.

10th July, 10:51:10 am Rob McWhirter

Is her mobile still like a broken mirror? She might want to fix that if she stands. But yes, I like her too.

12th July, 09:29:28 pm Mick McGough

Sadly, I could write a CV on her catalogue of failures; she has made many serious cock-ups costing the party thousands and caused me no end of grief, once resulting in a re-run of an NEC election and a re-run of selection of London Assembly candidates when she missed out great chunks of CV text. Only last year she was intrinsically involved in the many failures regarding general election address print and distribution. When co-ordinator for the Eastern region EFDD referendum campaign she wilfully ignored instructions and I had to get Patrick (O’Flynn) to replace her with Andy Monk.
If anybody wishes to know more about problems with by-elections speak to Margo Parker MEP or ex NEC member Toby Micklethwaite. We on the NEC were always asked to clap her after by-elections not knowing about the work she failed to do – ask me at the next NEC.
She rarely answers phones or responds to emails and texts. After raising this at the NEC she left an auto reply to emails to the effect that if you haven’t had a reply within a week, re-send your email.

13th July, 12:21:24 pm Adrianne Smyth

Adrianne Smyth (2013-2016)
I think that is a little unfair, Mick. I totally agree with you that too many hats mean jobs are not done satisfactorily but I think over the last few years so much has been heaped on Lisa and she has really worked for too many hours and for too long on day after day.
I recall doing assessments all day with her in Huntingdonshire into the evening (tiring in itself), after which she snatched a quick supper and then drove all the way to Eastleigh that night to run the (very successful) by-election for Diane James.
Lisa has dedicated herself to the Party and the huge success UKIP is currently enjoying in East Anglia is in large part due to her efforts, especially around the Ramsey area, where she has not only promoted UKIP most successfully but also been responsible for enormous improvements in the town, the shopping, the market and the general way in which UKIP is viewed by the local populace. We need more community minded people like her in our tanks.

13th July, 12:34:42 pm Rob McWhirter

I have just posted my form assenting to her candidacy, following the withdrawal of Paul.

13th July, 01:38:15 pm Mick McGough

I’m sorry Adrianne Smyth but please read the catalogue of faults I have emailed you directly, which is far from exhaustive.

14th July, 11:39:38 pm Victoria Ayling

I will not support Lisa under any circumstances. An incompetent loud mouthed bully. Totally without conviction and more interested in filling her boots. With all the demands for intense vetting for candidates, I find it very odd that you support one who is so unsuitable.

15th July, 07:12:31 am Rob McWhirter

If she is (unsuitable), then vetting should show it. I’m looking forward to finding out who the rest of her supporters are – I only know her proposer so far …

15th July, 10:16:25 am Mick McGough

Lisa is being promoted using the Eastern database. Eastern Region Newsletter – View this in your browser.


UKIP like all political parties and organisations, has to abide by laws that govern the use, safekeeping and sharing of personal data such as addresses and phone numbers of our members. All of this information is kept on databases. We can’t just let anyone know these details. In each branch, the officers: The Chair, Secretary and Membership Secretary, may have a legal right to view the personal data of the members, but only because they have read and signed the UKIP Data Protection Forms. These forms aren’t merely for internal administration, they are a legal requirement.
The only members other than branch officers, who may have access to databases are the County and Regional Chairs and Regional Organisers. The amount of data they can access depends on their level.
The crucial law everyone must follow is contained and explained in the Data Protection Act 1998. Basically, in layman’s terms, you’re not allowed to share any data in these records with someone else, who hasn’t also signed the necessary UKIP forms, and isn’t entitled to have access because their position doesn’t warrant it or they are a non- member. If someone stops being an officer or a senior regional position, then their right to access the data also stops. They are not allowed to copy and keep it for their own means or as personal records either.
If you’re in a position of trust and you pass on any Party data, which you are responsible for, to someone who shouldn’t see it, then you have broken the law. Not simply a Party rule – the LAW. Therefore any claims that someone within UKIP was doing this, should have been immediately investigated. After all, if UKIP were known to be allowing unauthorised members free access to secure data, it would be a criminal matter. It’s not the kind of thing you would expect anyone in a senior position of the party, to turn a blind eye to.

15th July, 10:49:53 am Rob McWhirter

I’ll leave such things to the Returning Officer, Adam Richardson, (who I don’t envy).

15th July, 04:29:03 pm Victoria Ayling

Adam (Richardson):
I am very concerned that Lisa is using the Eastern Region database to promote her leadership ambitions. This I believe is wrong. Please can you look into this?

15th July, 04:45:15 pm Adam Richardson

I have already set about doing so and sent a warning to David Platt (Eastern Region Organiser for Cambridgeshire, which coincidentally is where Lisa Duffy lives). But am currently working towards a solution to promotion of candidates. No databases should be used to promote candidates or potential candidates without sign off and even then the opportunity must be afforded to ALL candidates.


Adam Richardson says he sent a warning to David Platt (the Regional Organiser). But what he doesn’t say is “and George Konstantinidis (the Eastern Regional Chairman)”. Why is the Returning Officer sending a warning to only ONE of the two possible senior regional sources who could have fed Lisa Duffy the Eastern Database? Does the Returning Officer think ONLY David Platt is capable or most likely to have broken the law? Or is this because he knew, even before it came to the attention of at least two NEC members, that David Platt and Lisa Duffy were in this together?
Why does the Returning Officer send only a warning to David Platt and not sanction him and Lisa Duffy? Lisa Duffy used to be the Director of UKIP, the position Paul Oakden held directly before being appointed the new Party Chairman. Has Lisa Duffy suddenly and conveniently forgotten the rules of obtaining and using confidential data?
Adam Richardson and the NEC have allowed David Platt and Lisa Duffy to get away with breaking the law governing Data Protection. This is deliberate criminal activity by someone who wants to be the leader of this Party. Suzanne Evans was suspended from the party for 6 months for what, complaining about what a UKIP candidate had said? Meanwhile, David Platt and Lisa Duffy are known to have broken the law, and what do they get, a warning!

Fast forward 12 days …

27th July, 09:32 am Nathan Gill

To: John Bickley
The subscriptions and renewals in a failed pathetic system, John. I stopped paying into Patrons when multi jobber Reeve and Duffy illegally campaigned against me just as they have been illegally using the Eastern Database recently. I told you this. You said someone would contact me. THEY DIDN’T. We have a database system that is not used to its potential and never has been. Patrons were left off list of members, less they were offended by being chased for renewals. How many lapsed members of the Patrons club are there and how many have confirmed they had left? What is the chase up procedure, none I’d gather?
Once we accept that elected members can ride carte blanche over the rules of the Party and act just like LibLabCon we might as well give up and go home.
I joined UKIP because I thought it was different. What I’m witnessing now is the same grubby clambering up the greasy pole, the sacrifice of principles and loyalty in order to chase power and money. It’s rather unedifying and probably in reality completely predictable.

27th July, 09:34 am Mick McGough

To: John Bickley
Still a pathetic system, totally neglected. So, let us check:
Janis has gone
Douglas’s Twitter chum Amjad has gone
You want Nathan Gill gone
Next Steven Woolfe
Then Bill Etheridge
Actually, you’d find it easier to impose the Charter, should lose half that way.

What has UKIP become?

Everyone will have their favourites in any election or race to become the leader and that’s natural. Most of us would do anything to help someone get to the top but breaking the law? There has to be a limit. What has the NEC and the Returning Officer allowed UKIP become? Why is criminal activity being allowed to go unchecked and unpunished? Despite being mentioned and brought to the attention of senior members of the party; not by one member with their own axe to grind, but by two on the NEC and on a completely separate occasion, an MEP; no internal charges, or reports to the Police are made. Wouldn’t you expect, after all the complaints UKIP officials have made about the Conservatives breaking the law on election expenses, they’d want to make sure none of our members were breaking the law?
If UKIP’s NEC cannot police itself and will not bring to account senior members in neglect of their duty, let alone members with designs on being Party Leader; behaving with full knowledge of their actions, breaking the law, then it has failed in its duty to govern and represent this Party.
John Gurney
Missed yesterdays episode?

Thank you kindly for following and sharing, but we really do need your help, if we are to succeed in putting #StevenWoolfe4Leader onto the Ballot paper – it is about democracy…

The Woolfe Pack is asking for anyone who wants to see honesty and justice by bringing the NEC to court, because they refuse to answer our questions and own up now.
Please make a donation. In the event that we do not need to take legal action, or spend all the money that is donated on legal costs; all monies will be donated to Steven Woolfe’s Leadership campaign fund. For any further information, please contact us at: this page The Woolfe Pack, via our messenger service.
Unlike others who make apparently ambiguous statements about having lots of (financial) backers, we really do need your money. We need approximately £2,000 to engage a solicitor and barrister, and a further £3,000 to put forward an injunction to stop this whole leadership farce continuing: –
Please Click Donate Now to make donations to “The Woolfe Pack” PayPal account (you will be taken to another page whereupon you can make your donation).

Thank you kindly,

The Woolfe Pack, we don’t follow the sheep!
Published 25/08/16, For The Woolfe Pack and Written by John Gurney.
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David Griffiths

Who ever thought that Lisa Duffy would be remotely suitable as leader? She might just be suitable on a Parish Council, but the thought that she might possibly become leader of a national party is just a joke. She has no public speaking skills, she has no presence.
14 · Thursday at 18:02

Myra Lovett

There is no way Lisa Duffy could be regarded as a possible Leader of UKIP. She cannot even have a discussion of anything without recourse to and many hesitations reading her notes for goodness sake. She makes statements, but does nothing to explain the why’s and wherefor’s. It is tremendously tedious attempting to follow what she is on about at the best of times.
Edited · 6 · Thursday at 18:44

Peter Shaw

I have to agree with Myra concerning Liza Duffy, she lack’s presence whilst one could be forgiving in respect that the party is young and public skill’s are still being honed,
from the speech’s I have seen many of the current candidates lack that projection of confidence not only within themselves but to gain the attention of other’s,
It’s one thing talking at village hall’s but taking that to the extreme of national debate’s and winning over somewhat militant votes is an art that few process.
6 · Thursday at 19:53
The Woolfe Pack
The Woolfe Pack
UKIP is nearly Quarter of a century. We do not require the likes of Duffy to ruin it.

Martin Ginever

If Duffy wins the leadership, then there has been large scale vote rigging
11 · Thursday at 19:59

Anne Lyons

This lot are like Fred Carnos circus. Most need booting out and starting again.
Edited · 5 · Yesterday at 00:09

Steve Jones

This is a poor reflection of UKIP leadership, at a time when the party should be exploiting the mess in the Labour Party those who should be leading are massaging egos, ask Farage to return it is clear that the remaining hierarchy is unfit to lead.
7 · Yesterday at 08:01

Mike Walker

I have asked this woolfe pack why Steve left it so late to register ,without an answer,this is all so sad and ukip will lose another member and donor if i cant get satisfactory answers.
2 · Yesterday at 09:28
The Woolfe Pack
The Woolfe Pack
The answer to your question will be posted tomorrow a.m

Gladys Galvin

Yesterday at 13:24

Lisa Grant

Duffy as Leader, this would be Party SUICIDE! I wouldn’t let her run a jumble sale, let alone a political party, give her a dinner ladies job and see what hard working dinner ladies think of her, loudmouth with no skills!
3 · 11 hours ago

Glenys Hutchinson

Sending out ballot papers on 1st September so hoping mine gets here on time (if at all).
1 · 8 hours ago

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