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Ukip’s Ferrets In The Sack & Getting Positively Vicious & Untrustworthy!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/08/2016

Ukip’s Ferrets In The Sack & Getting Positively Vicious & Untrustworthy!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Ukip’s Ferrets In The Sack & Getting Positively Vicious & Untrustworthy! I do question whather the Tories would trust Douglas Carswell sufficiently for this story to be true!

000a ukip-025 count.png

clearly the Ukip ferrets squabbling in their sack are ever more toxic and vituperative, as like ferrets they rip apart the body with little finess – the body in this instance being the near moribund body of the functionally disfunctional Ukip.
Ukip allo tearing at eachother for a piece of the corpse whilst the owner of Ukip & derfacto leader of over 20 years standing has quit to manage the battle from the shadows, leaving him with time to stand in the queue at the German embassy & embarrassingly when spotted had no ready excuse beyond the implausible claim that he was not seeking a German passport and EU citizenship.
Why would Farage not want a German passport as he has a German wife on his payroll and as for EU citizenship after a lack lustre series of jobs in the City that left him heavily in debt, lets face it an internet search soon shows him to have trousered around 3 to 7 £Million from his status as a career politician in the EU yet he has been a serial failure in British domestic politics.
Now we see Nigel Farage posturing in American politics and openly backing what could be the most catastrophic POTUS ever considered as he rides the trash waggon of populist politics. As a stand up comic his pitch at the odiopus Donald Trump’s rally was exemplary but in terms of truth and responsibility it was an embarrassment only believed by those of a similar low grade mindset with no grasp of either reality or the truth.
Little wonder that Farage would seem to have done all he could to prevent Nikkie Sinclaire mounting the petition that resulted in David Cameron’s Tory promise th have an in/out EU Referendum.
Nigel Farage even went as far as conspiring with John Ison to burgle her offices and fabricate evidence to seemingly frame her in a corrupt court case – presumably to try to prevent the Petition Nikkie Sinclaire compiled thaty forced the debate in The House of Commons which guaranteed the Referendum. After all why would Farage want to risk Britain leaving the milch cow that had supplied him with a successful career as a professional EU politician which had so clearly enriched him.
We now see Nigel Farage bending the truth and presenting his comedic and irresponsible fabricated fantasy of his role in achieving BreXit at Donald Trump’s embarrassing rally!
Now we see efforts to apparently ‘stitch up’ Ukip’s only ever MP – Douglas Carswell – foolish as I may think Carswell is, I do not for a moment believe that he stole Ukip’s mailing list nor do I believe he supplied consequential material to the Tories that resulting in Nigel Farage loosing his 8th. attempt to get himself elected as an MP.
A crass and ill educated letter, unfortunately devalued by vested interest, from what would seem to be a South African organisation hired & owned by Arron Banks as some sort of private investigators, is staggeringly unconvincing as evidence!
For details of Arron Banks’ involvement CLICK HERE

Senior Ukip figure accuses party’s only MP of helping the Conservatives defeat Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage and UKIP Party MP Douglas Carswell
Nigel Farage and UKIP Party MP Douglas Carswell
Credit: REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

A senior Ukip figure has accused the party’s only MP of helping the Conservatives defeat Nigel Farage during the General Election.

A company belonging Arron Banks, Ukip’s biggest donor, has written to Kent Police alleging that Douglas Carswell, the party’s MP for Clacton, helped the Tory campaign. 

Precision Risk & Intelligence claims that Mr Carswell downloaded Ukip polling data for the South Thanet seat in Kent and passed it to the Conservatives, who allegedly used it during the campaign.

The letter sent to Kent Police says: “We have evidence of excessive spending by the Conservatives and secretive dealings between them and a senior Ukip representative to collude against Mr Farage.”

South Thanet was one of the most closely watched marginal seats of election night given Ukip’s surge in the polls the previous year.

Mr Farage eventually lost the seat to Tory Craig Mackinlay by around 2,500 votes and subsequently stepped down as party leader, though returned within weeks.

Arron Banks
Arron Banks Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Responding to the accusations, Mr Carswell told the Guardian: “There is no basis in these claims whatsoever. We should just be relieved that those responsible for the disastrous campaign in South Thanet were not responsible for the successful referendum campaign.”

An analysis of election records shows that Ukip was potentially £10,500 over the legal spending limit of £15,000 in the  constituency.

Documents show that Ukip split much of the expenses incurred during the campaign between Mr Farage and up to 64 local candidates.

Nigel Farage celebrates the EU referendum result 
Nigel Farage celebrates the EU referendum result

It includes £4,420 to rent an office in Ramsgate, which was split between Mr Farage and 62 local candidates.

Kent police are also currently investigating whether the Conservative Party broke spending limits in its attempts to stop Mr Farage becoming an MP.

Questions have been raised about why £14,000 worth of hotel bills were categorised as national spending rather than local spending by the party.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Next UKIP Leader

Saturday 31st December 2016, 23:00 

Next UKIP Leader

Singles Only. Applies to the next permanently appointed UKIP leader after Nigel Farage. Leadership ballot list may changed at any time. **All in, run or not** Others on request.

Diane James                                          2/7
Lisa Duffy                                            11/2
Jonathan Arnott                                     8/1
Bill Etheridge                                       33/1
Philip Broughton                                   50/1
Liz Jones                                              80/1

To view the odds at Paddy Power CLICK HERE

Surprisingly Jonathan Arnott is still included despite the fact that he has withdrawn as a candidate in the realisation that he didn’t stand a chance of winning!

Precision Risk & Intelligence:

CEO:  Arron Banks
MD:   Kobus Coetzee
COO: Liz Bilney

PRECISION Risk & Intelligence 03

You will note, though Wikipedia is frequently unreliable, that with the most cursory of glances that the entry for Arron Banks presents a fairly unsavoury picture of a man involved in strange relationships, including a wife with a ‘complex’ background and track record CLICK HERE, and a tangled web of companies, many of which are either located in tax havens or interlocked with companies in tax havens.

It is also unusual for a personal entry on Wiki to not include personal background and interestingly there is no mention of parents or siblings, with more store seemingly given to the fact he lives in the much madeover propert once owned by Mike Oldfield between Thornbury & Tockington near the junction of the M4 & M5, whilst his wife, formerly Katya Butler nee Ekaterina Paderina CLICK HERE, lives elsewhere in Thornbury.



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