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Now The Ukip Ferretts Are In Their Sack Squabbling Over Leadership Sex!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/08/2016

Now The Ukip Ferretts Are In Their Sack Squabbling Over Leadership Sex!

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Now The Ukip Ferretts Are In Their Sack Squabbling Over Leadership Sex!

Bill Etheridge one of the no hoper Ukip Leadership Candidate should have stuck with his disabled wife Star Etheridge CLICK HERE & their Golliwogs CLICK HERE in The Tories!

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yet again we have the sleaze side of Ukip floating to the top of their septic tank of ambition. Time and time again we all hear of the sleazy promotion of mistresses and the seedy old men seducing the naive young staff in Ukip – sadly one only has to walk through the EUropean Parliament for a few minutes to see the degeneracy as the youngsters beguile the fat old men to gain favour and promotion and ready access to the MEP’s expenses!
That Viagra is readily available on request for these flagging men on their EU based healthcare packages speaks volumes!
Yes indeed it is probably quite accurate to call Bill Etheridge a “dity disgusting cheat” as his current doxy has done on Twitter, but if they all told such truth in the EUropean Parliament the noise would be deafening! It is clearly considered one of the perks of elected office and public service, it is so common that it is rarely considered a story by the media!
This all so readily fulfills Nigel Farager’s game plan as the only slightly credible candidate was assured of being bypassed as we await the debacle to continue with his NEC not putting a foot wrong in carrying out his wishes, right down to his most loyal members resigning AND RETURNING! – with Nigel Farage ensuring he remains in the public eye, with his passe facial fungus designed to look like a failed Mexican drug dealer whilst his aide carries the can facing 21 charges with the FBI! – all keeping the door open for a return as leader – Yet again!

‘Disgusting cheat’ Wannabe Ukip leader’s fiancee brands him a ‘liar’ after Viagra find

THE FIANCEE of a UKIP leadership candidate has accused him of cheating in a furious Twitter rant after finding a box of half-empty Viagra in his car.


FIANCEE: Lorraine Chew has started a rant against Bill Etheridge MEP on Twitter

MEP Bill Etheridge’s partner took to the social media site to rage against the politician, calling him a “dirty disgusting cheat”.

Lorraine Chew posted a photo of the half-empty packet of Viagra she found in his car and called him a “liar”.

She wrote to her 109 followers: “Getting out my fiancés car @BillDudleyNorth yesterday I find half a box of viagra dirty disgusting cheat you should be ashamed of yourself.” [sic]

Lorraine Chew TWITTER

MS CHEW: She claims she found Viagra in his car

Lorraine Chew TWITTER

PHOTO: Ms Chew snapped a pic of what she claims she found

Furious Ms Chew added later: “Yet he wants to be trusted to lead his party?

“He’s nothing but a liar and will do anything to get what he wants even backstab his friends.”

A few days before Ms Chew’s outburst, Mr Etheridge tweeted that he had apologised to his wife.

“I find half a box of viagra dirty disgusting cheat you should be ashamed of yourself”

Lorraine Chew

He wrote: “Apologised in my speech to @mzdior76 yesterday. Wrong to neglect those you love no matter how important a cause. Time to be mature.”

Mr Etheridge, whose policies include bringing back the death penalty and banning the burka, has been enjoying watching Andy Murray compete in Rio while the scandal unfolds.

On Sunday night he tweeted: “Andy Murray take a bow. Wonderful performance.”

Meanwhile his angry lover tweeted: “Apologised then f…d me over again…Hmmm can this man ever tell the truth”. [sic]

She later followed this up saying: “Someone is going to be very sorry.”

Lorraine Chew TWITTER

OUTBURST: Ms Chew suggested Mr Etheridge would even ‘backstab his friends’

Drama unfolded at Ukip’s leadership hustings last night as multiple witnesses said a senior Ukip activist “started screaming and shouting,” Guido Fawkes reports.

The activist was shouting at a rival camp accusing them of re-tweeting the offending public messages.

Ukip HQ then reportedly sent messages to all involved asking them to delete their tweets about the matter because they want “a fair and decent fight”.

Ukip approved parliamentary candidate Jason Mark Rutter, said in reply to Ms Chew’s comments: “The Ukip leadership contest is not the Jeremy Kyle show.

“We should not be personally attacking fellow members.”

Lorraine Chew TWITTER

TWEET: Ms Chew has shared the messages publically

Etheridge TWITTER

CONTEST: Mr Etheridge is standing for Ukip leadership

It comes as there are calls to have Nigel Farage back as Ukip leader.

The in an interview with the Sunday Times.

Mr Farage said: “If Brexit wasn’t delivered, then I would have to think seriously about plunging back in.”


ANGRY: Ms Chew’s comments are still on Twitter

He added: “But I hope I don’t have to.”

Yesterday Ukip MEP Jonathan Arnott quit the race to succeed Mr Farage claiming he only had a chance of coming second.

He said: “There is no prize for a silver medal in a leadership contest.”

Bill Etheridge and his media team have been contacted for a comment.

To view the original article CLICK HERE


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