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Nikki Sinclaire’s Solicitor Has Issued A Press Release

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/06/2016

Nikki Sinclaire’s Solicitor Has Issued A Press Release

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Nikki Sinclaire’s Solicitor Has Issued A Press Release regarding her Court case which starts today!

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Former MEP to present cogent defence to allegations of Misconduct in Public Office.

Nikki Sinclaire is due to appear at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday 27th June to answer charges of Misconduct in Public Office and associated Money Laundering – arising from a suggested expenses fraud. The allegations date back to 2009 and 2010, shortly after her election to the European Parliament where she served as an MEP until 2014.

Nikki was arrested four years ago alongside three members of her staff, who were not subsequently charged.

A report from an independent forensic accountant demonstrates that the value of the amount claimed, over that which she was entitled to, was  €3,800 (£3000). The prosecution have previously quoted figures for the value of the case which include sums by way of the MEP’s daily subsistence allowance that there can be no question she was entitled to receive.

The lengthy process has taken its toll on Nikki who feels her life has been put on hold “I worked tirelessly in my role as an MEP to serve my constituents and am devastated that I have had to face these allegations. My life has been blighted by the case which, through no fault of my making, has taken far too long to resolve. Thankfully, I  finally have the opportunity clear my name and rebuild my life”.

John Allchin
Tel: 07712 391 378

Offices Nationwide

The allegations date back to 2009 and 2010, shortly after her election to the European Parliament where she served as an MEP until 2014.
May I draw your attention to the fact that this was during the period when she waas under the control of UKip and acting as a UKip MEP at the start of her term as an MEP, you will I am sure appreciate that during that time, in accord with the decision of Nigel Farage all UKip MEPs were, as they were untrained in accountancy terms, under the direct control of Nigel Farage and overseen by his nominated accountant Robin Howlett!
Any accounting errors should have been noted and corrected by UKip during that period!
Personally I hope Nikki Sinclaire gets the justice she deserves and that those who plotted against her for their own gain are brought to book for this risible case which over a matter of some £3,000 of accounting errors would seem to have cost over a £ a Million with ongoing Court costs!

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