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Some Thoughts On UKip’s Inevitable Coup!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/06/2016

Some Thoughts On UKip’s Inevitable Coup!

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 Some Thoughts On UKip’s Inevitable Coup leave one to speculate whether Nigel Farage will prempt his overthrow by setting up a new party called ‘Grass Roots’ or similar funded and chaired by Aaron Banks – leaving UKip to go bankrupt under Nuttal, Hamilton, O’Flynn & Evans or return to his former life but with Aaron’s money & a substantial EU pension to featherbed his ineptitude, as proven by his last efforts in the city?

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UKIP – The Coup

June 7th, 2016. \\ Politics. \\ Tags: UK, #Brexit.

It was always going to happen. As UKIP leader Nigel Farage becomes increasingly irrelevant in the Brexit debate, his successor in waiting appears to be kicking at the stable door.

Deputy leader Paul Nuttall, who likes to portray himself as a working class Liverpudlian who has risen through the political ranks, appears to be about to make his move. A former staff member in the European Parliament, he is far better educated than Farage, has more real-life work experience, and enjoys great popularity amongst the UKIP rank and file.

Nuttall is reported to be backed by disgraced former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton. An amusing aspect of this somewhat Quioxtic tale is that it was Farage who appeared to fall over himself to bring Hamilton, and his flamboyant wife Christine into UKIP in the first place: Farage had possibly hoped that Hamilton would bring some money to the UKIP table.

Subsequently, the relationship between the two men has not been good. Farage is alleged to have used his influence to block Hamilton’s rise in the party, and has reportedly stated that Hamilton “may be too old to be a frontline politician.”

However,the most interesting facet of all is the fact that the news of Hamilton’s support for Nuttall’s post-Brexit leadership challenge has been leaked (not very delicately) by UKIP’s own press office. This suggests that the coming coup may enjoy deeper support than the Faragistas had expected. The UKIP press office has traditionally been Farage’s power base, and has been staffed according to his wishes, and generally by those with whom he enjoys close relationships.

As for the Brexit vote, at the time of writing it is impossible to say what will happen. But whatever, it would appear that Nigel Farage will exit stage left, and possibly return to the world of market trading from whence he came.

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