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Ukip Racism Aids Racism & Staff Bullying in Nigel Farage’s EFDD Group

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/02/2016

Ukip Racism Aids Racism & Staff Bullying in Nigel Farage’s EFDD Group

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Ukip Racism Aids, Racism & Staff Bullying in Nigel Farage’s EFDD Group, as published in The EU & now under investigation!

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Allegations Of Racism Against UKIP Group Assistant In Brussels

February 11th, 2016. \\ Human Rights. \\ Tags: UK, #UKIP, Sweden.

The European Parliament (EP) is reportedly investigating allegations by a staff member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), of racial harassment by a colleague within Nigel Farage’s political group in the EP.

Sarinder Joshua Duroch has alleged that a parliamentary assistant to an MEP for the Sweden Democrats – whose members have been photographed attending party meetings wearing Nazi uniforms – called him “Untermensch”. The word, used by Nazis to describe anybody not fitting their ideal racial demographic, means literally “subhuman”.

The Sweden Democrats are a member party of Farage’s Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group within the European Parliament.

Mr Duroch is reported as saying that “My own party won’t speak to me at all. MEPs have put pressure on me to withdraw the complaint… they said it would cause tension in the group”. The Daily Mail has reported that Hermann Kelly, UKIP’s press spokesperson, “put pressure on party member Joshua Duroch to withdraw his complaint”.

The EFDD is the successor to the Europe of Freedom & Democracy (EFD) group – of which Farage was also vice-President – and about which an audit was presented to the Simon Weisenthal Centre in the Summer of 2010.

The audit highlighted racially motivated crimes of EFD MEPs, and clear neo-Nazi links of individual members. One Italian MEP had called for racial segregation on public transport, and a former senior member of another party had been convicted of collaboration with the Nazis during the Second World War.

UKIP’s membership of this group led to the resignations from the group of three UKIP MEPs whose consciences would not allow them to keep such company.

The assistant in question, Joel Anker, has denied the allegations. Mr Anker works for Swedish MEP Kristina Winberg.

Ms Winberg has reportedly spoken as a guest at a UKIP meeting in Scotland

A 2014 report by the Swedish magazine Expo said local representatives of the Sweden Democrats, as recently as 2008, funded Nazi groups. A year later, an undercover journalist from the Swedish national Radio recorded party members singing nazi songs. One founder member of the Sweden Democrats was a former member of Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS.

In 2013, a local representative of the party was fined for equating rape and assault on women with Muslim culture.

Sweden Democrats Councillor Tina Hallgren Bengtsson photographed in full Nazi regalia

Sweden Democrat Councillor Tina Hallgren Bengtsson photographed in full Nazi regalia.

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