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Annabelle Fuller Seemingly Leads A Life Of Fantasies, Lies, Duplicity & Luck!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/01/2016

Annabelle Fuller Seemingly Leads A Life Of Fantasies, Lies, Duplicity & Luck!

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Annabelle Fuller Seemingly Leads A Life Of Fantasies, Lies, Duplicity & Luck! Exploiting the cupidity of amateur journalism YET AGAIN!

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Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




you will find that most of the material below has been posted in detail with numerous links on this web site – posted at the time of the events.

I have also seen many of the documents concerned and named and published them. I have also seen and hold copies of most, if not all of, the text messages listed in this full article.

I was too pretty for politics: Caught up in a sex assault case with a married MP and accused of being Farage’s mistress. But UKIP’s scandal-hit Femme Fatale claims it was really her looks that held her back 

  • Annabelle Fuller was the most colourful woman in British politics
  • She was accused of being the former mistress of Ukip leader Nigel Farage
  • Then a married Tory MP was accused of touching her inappropriately
  • She was then investigated by police for concocting the entire episode
  • She is finally free to speak after police decided to take ‘no further action’
Annabelle Fuller was the most colourful woman in British politics

Annabelle Fuller was the most colourful woman in British politics

If you’re determined to keep a low profile after a noxious tide of bad publicity, then it might seem ill-advised to change your name to ‘Trixy Sanderson’, dye your hair peroxide blonde – and complete the effect with a visible tattoo.

But then Annabelle Fuller certainly needed drastic action of some sort because, for a while at least, she was the most colourful – if not the most notorious – woman in British politics.

First, there was the extraordinary accusation on the floor of the European Parliament that she was the former mistress of Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

Then there was the devastating spat with married Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who was accused of touching her inappropriately during an evening that ended with her fleeing his apartment in tears.

She was then investigated by police for concocting the entire episode. His marriage has since broken up.

The investigation dragged on for two agonising years, during which time she has been effectively barred from answering the damaging allegations. But today, she is finally free to speak after police decided to take ‘no further action’ in the case – and, truly furious, she is making up for lost time.

This is not just because of the ‘disgraceful’ behaviour of the police who brought an assault case against Bridgen firmly against her wishes, and then investigated her for making false claims against him even though she wanted nothing to do with the case in the first place. 

It didn’t help her mood to learn that the investigation was prompted by the word of a convicted fraudster.

In her first, explosive, talk since her life was put on hold with the Bridgen allegations, she also sets the record straight on the supposed romance with 51-year-old Farage: it never happened, she says, because he hasn’t got the muscles for it.

But most of all she wants to make it clear that she has been singled out for the sort of attention and criticism that no man in politics would ever have to put up with, criticism that has driven her to attempt suicide twice.

‘Politics very nearly killed me,’ she says. ‘A combination of resolve and a supportive family brought me back from the brink – that and the NHS, of course. 

‘I was never arrested or charged with anything, yet I have lived a life of utter misery, too scared to open my front door. I thought of having to go to trial and then to prison simply for running away from an apartment.

‘If it had gone to court with no evidence I would have known it was a stitch-up. If there hadn’t been an MP involved, the case wouldn’t have gone so far. They were scared of the political system. 

‘I wouldn’t rely on the police to solve any crime and now believe that any one of us is just one false accusation away from a nightmare.

‘I don’t want to be a politician. I don’t even want to be a councillor. I don’t see the appeal at all. 

‘Everyone pokes into your life. I’m speaking now because I don’t want people to think I’m some sort of criminal. The only thing I was guilty of was drinking too much and going back to a stranger’s flat.’

We meet in the two-bedroom cottage in Wiltshire she now shares with her three tortoiseshell cats. 

They pad around endless piles of stuff that litter every surface. The white Laura Ashley coffee table groans with paperwork from the police, ashtrays, a cat brush – evidence, perhaps, of a life thrown into chaos.

Rumours of an affair with Farage started circulating as early as 2006, but she says it only dawned on her she might have enemies when she began receiving crank calls in which she was called a ‘whore’. 

Annabelle says these were mostly born out of colleagues’ jealousy over her looks and success.

‘People were jealous that Nigel paid attention to a twentysomething woman and that he took my advice,’ she says. ‘They just said, “Oh, they must be having an affair”.

‘Politics – like being an au pair – is harder for pretty people because it makes rumours easier to believe. I did feel like women were jealous of me. 

‘I certainly had some colleagues within Ukip who were bitter. They used to make snide remarks. Y’know, “How have you had time to put make-up on in the morning?”.

‘Politics is a man’s world and a man’s game. Women are treated differently. They’re set higher standards, they have to do more academically. 

‘There’s still this misogynistic attitude that if you’re a woman in politics, then it’s acceptable for people to attack your private life and the way you look and dress.

Nigel Farage refuses to discuss employing his former ‘mistress’


Split: Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who was accused of touching Annabelle Fuller inappropriately, pictured with his then wife Jackie+5

Split: Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who was accused of touching Annabelle Fuller inappropriately, pictured with his then wife Jackie

Accusation: Police said former Ukip researcher Jasna Badzak (pictured) had told them Annabelle had confessed to fabricating the Bridgen episode+5

Accusation: Police said former Ukip researcher Jasna Badzak (pictured) had told them Annabelle had confessed to fabricating the Bridgen episode

‘No one called Andrew Bridgen fat, did they? They did to me. You soon realise that as a girl you are fair game, an easy target.’

Farage and Annabelle have both denied there was any affair, but Westminster rumours persist. And then there’s the small matter of Farage’s wife Kirsten, who threatened to ‘have security drag Annabelle out by her hair’ unless she left a party to celebrate Ukip’s European election victory in 2014.

Pressed for the absolute truth, Annabelle says today: ‘I did not have an affair with Nigel Farage.

‘That rumour, started by bored tedious people – possibly within Ukip – is almost like an urban legend. 

‘I go for hunky army types, which Nigel is not. He’s a nice person but he’s just not my type: he doesn’t have muscles – and he’s not single. His sons are my age. I admire him an awful lot. He’s incredibly brave and strong and determined.’

It wasn’t until the Andrew Bridgen incident in 2011 that Annabelle’s life began to really unravel, however.

The facts of what happened that night remain blurred.

Annabelle says she felt a hand on her leg – but can’t be sure – while she, Bridgen and civil servant Edward Green were smoking on Bridgen’s balcony after he invited them back to his London flat following a drinking session. 

Bridgen strongly denies this happened and she herself admits she might well have over-reacted.

What is clear is that Annabelle was genuinely alarmed. ‘I didn’t know where the hell I was. I didn’t know these people. I felt they could take advantage of me,’ she says.

‘I should have gone home that night. Really, if I could change one thing in my life I would have gone home.’

She maintains that the building’s security guard called the police after seeing her fleeing from Bridgen’s flat with a gashed forehead and lip – the result of running into a wall. 

At Charing Cross Police Station in Central London, she had to hand over the bottom half of her clothes and make a statement. 

‘I was thinking why on earth did I start down this chain of events. I wasn’t in a fit state to give a statement. I was drunk and scared.’

In her view it is yet another example of the police mishandling a claim – or in this case a non-claim – of sexual abuse. Later that day she was woken up by the police to say that Bridgen had been arrested.

‘I said I didn’t want to press charges. They said they could go through with it without my co-operation because I’d given a statement. It was really quite intimidating. 

‘I think questions have to be raised about them taking a statement from someone who was drunk. I didn’t know I was giving a statement and had I known, I would have said no.’

Details soon emerged in public. ‘I think Mr Bridgen should have kept his anonymity. I felt sorry for him at that point,’ she says. 

Ukip leader Nigel FarageFormer Ukip MEP Nikki Sinclaire 

Bombshell: Ukip leader Nigel Farage (left) and former Ukip MEP Nikki Sinclaire (right)

The police dropped the charges a few days later, but the damage was done. ‘Bridgen threatened to sue me and accused me of breaking up his marriage. I find it astonishing. You invite a young girl back to your flat, you take some responsibility.’

But two years later Annabelle was thrust into the political spotlight once more – and this time with such devastating force that she was driven to think of emigrating and, on two occasions, suicide.

In March 2014, in a bombshell moment, former Ukip MEP Nikki Sinclaire asked Farage in the European Parliament if he thought it a fair use of taxpayers’ money to employ his wife Kirsten and his ‘former mistress’ Annabelle Fuller.

‘It was an abuse of parliamentary privilege,’ Annabelle says bitterly. ‘It was nasty, vindictive, spiteful.’

A stunned Farage replied: ‘I don’t want to answer that at all.’

‘I got a taxi to my parents’ house in Surrey and sat under their dining room table because it was the only place that couldn’t be seen from the window,’ Annabelle says.

‘The consequences of those few words… I couldn’t even have lunch with a male colleague without people thinking, “I wonder if.” ’

A month after Ms Sinclaire issued her extraordinary statement, Annabelle was told that she was being investigated by police for making false accusations.

Police informed her that former Ukip researcher Jasna Badzak, who in 2013 was convicted of forgery and fraud against her boss Gerard Batten (she is appealing against the conviction), had told them Annabelle had confessed to fabricating the Bridgen episode.

‘I’d never heard of Bridgen in my life before meeting him and had only met Jasna twice. What she was saying was totally false. The police told me they had to tick every single box because it involved an MP.’

Her phone records were pored over and in January 2015 four people, including Farage, were interviewed by police.

Such was the emotional impact on Annabelle that she quit her job as Farage’s personal communications officer and changed her name to Beatrice ‘Trixy’ Sanderson.

She dyed her hair peroxide blonde. She even considered emigrating to Australia. More distressingly, she made two suicide attempts – the second of which in September last year saw her hooked up to a life- saving drip.

After being cleared by police Annabelle says she felt ‘reborn’ and spent Christmas in Mauritius with girlfriends before getting what she calls her ‘I’m free’ tattoo on her foot.

Today she is back to brunette and intent on rebuilding her life. But she is full of anger. Perhaps unwisely, she has resumed working for Ukip and is helping MEPs Jane Collins and Mike Hookem. ‘I don’t want to go back to Annabelle Fuller,’ she says.

‘She was more happy-go-lucky but more naive. Trixy Sanderson is someone just trying to be a nobody.’

To read the original article CLICK HERE

Below you will find an article freely written by Jasna Badzak and supplied to this web site.

Jasna Badzak accepts full responsibility for the information she has supplied however I am happy to confirm that I believe her material to be accurate being in line with my own experiences of the lies and foul mouthed abuse of Annabelle Fuller and the liar and general low life racist Gerard Batten, not to mention the dishonesty, squabbling and back stabbing of the undeniably dishonest and corrupt leadership team of Ukip, which I have been publishing in detail over many years on this web site and elsewhere.

Fuller’s pack of lies


I met Annabelle Fuller, now known as Trixie (possibly for all kind of tricks!) Sanderson mid February 2011, shortly after I fell out with Batten over his racist’s idiocy with UKIP Immigration – Action Overdue, Muslim Charter and final breaking point after he tricked me to attend the meeting with bunch of Christian Concern, BNP, EDL extremists on false pretences that he wanted me to meet “his friend who was also a refugee’ who turned out to be a notorious anti-Muslim hate preacher Sam Solomon, which happened after legitimate pre-arranged meeting I organised with Mark Stephens, Julian Assange’s lawyer at that time, on 10 February 2011 (emails and written evidence exists).  I met Fuller at 32 Smith’s Square (the old Tory Party HQ) in the European Union building, where the EFD group that UKIP belonged to, had a small office, where Nigel Farage, Gawain Towler, Damian Wilson were based as well as Fuller and I. 


When I first met Annabelle she was, surprisingly extremely friendly to me saying that she knew me from before, from the launch of UKIP General election campaign, that we met there, smoked together that I could not recall.  I first heard about Fuller by the end of November 2010, after Batten asked me to put in the newspapers story about alleged Farage’s affair with the woman named Annabelle Fuller, because he wanted, in his on words ‘to destroy Nigel’s marriage’. 


I was never researcher and I never researched anything for any UKIP MEP or even UKIP itself, as I was falsely represented in the Mail on Sunday.  I was UKIP’s press officer, based on my journalistic background, where Nigel Farage asked me to help UKIP post General Election 2010, where I, as opposed to other UKIP candidates had all positive media coverage, was in media and was stopping UKIP’s candidates’ media stupidities (monitoring buffoonery of Paul Wiffen and few other UKIP candidates as well as coaching some of them).  Nigel specifically asked me to monitor Batten and help him get any positive media coverage and stop him making ‘comments that could sink UKIP’.  I failed miserably in that role, as Batten is simply impossible to work with, paranoid, obsessed with hatred and impossible to reason with, which was subsequently been proven in the media with his various. persistent racism to explicit threats to journalists who even attempted to uncover his massive fraud.


I flatly refused Batten’s request, not out of some deranged loyalty to Nigel, but I was never in the business of breaking up the families, especially where children were involved, and frankly could never give a toss who is sleeping with who.  I never published those seedy stories and simply don’t care about those types of journalistic trash.  I immediately called Nigel, who was busy with something so Steve Crowther called me back, asking what was going on. I told Steve that I needed to talk to Nigel, that matter was private and not for his ears.  Nigel called me some 5 minutes later and when I told him he was furious, threatening to sue Batten and he told me that someone was forever been trying to put that story in the press.  I tried calming Nigel down telling him I had absolutely no intention of doing it and will stop Batten even if I catch him trying with his sole contacts in Express with Anil Dawar or RT, Putin’s propaganda machine. 


When I finally met Fuller in February 2011, she was exceptionally friendly towards me, frenetically saying how I was a great person, someone she could work with, pleased to see me etc. which gave me inclination to keep that woman close but also feeling that she could be either very unstable or worse.  We immediately exchanged phone numbers, email addresses and remained in constant, daily contacts until September 2011, long after I left UKIP 30 April 2011. My initial reservations towards Fuller became true very soon, as she was constantly plotting ‘revenges’, trying to set up various MEPs (DCB and Trevor Coleman in particular) and as evidence I have hundreds of emails and texts on my Blackberry phone which is securely stored, disconnected and out of UKIP reach.  I have attached just a few of them to this statement.  I regularly spoke to Annabelle, worked with her, had lunches, coffees, cigarettes on the roof of the EU building; easily disapprove her blatant lies to the Mail on Sunday claiming we had only met twice!


Annabelle Fuller’s interview with the Mail on Sunday is easily proven to be a ridiculous fabrication, on her part, on many counts.


After I left UKIP, fed up with constant fraud that all UKIP MEPs were apparently involved in and Batten’s blatant racism, I reported Batten to the Metropolitan Police, for inciting racial and religious hatred contrary to S5 of the Public Order Act, via my local police force, Harrow Road Ward Safer Neighboourhood Team, based on his Charter of Muslim Understanding, UKIP Immigration – Action Overdue, questions to European Parliament regarding his imaginary Bilderberg Jewish Conspiracy, handwritten notes and proposal for Dismantling Multiculturalism, his Binding Code of Conduct for Muslims and Jews, as well as interview he gave where he compares Muslims to barbarians who live in 6th century and saying that reformer of Islam was Bin Laden. 


In May 2011 I submitted a detailed, documented fraud report against all UKIP MEPs except Mike Nattrass, their admissions, documents proving thefts, payments to UKIP regional organisers, payments for UKIP offices, mortgage payments for Bloom’s house, employment of family members, fake employees, where money was split, paying with EU staff expenses employees in MEPs private companies, purchase of the car and insurance of the car, Marta Andreassen’s residency status, Cayman Island’s offshore accounts, priority farming and wind turbine subsidies, as well as role of UKIP’s employee in Brussels Kamila Zarychta who through her contacts in the EU payment office was illegally signing in her ex boyfriend Paul Nuttall, John Bufton who had suffered a consequential stroke and Gerard Batten, for times where none of them were appearing in Brussels and were collecting daily subsistnence allowances.


I also reported Paul Wiffen after seeing on his laptop (after Annabelle Fuller told me) in the editing suite two disturbing child pornography images (one of young maybe 2 years old blonde girl with huge blue eyes naked where hairy male hand is fondling in the area where her breasts would be, and small baby, black skinned where same hairy male hand was touching genitals)


On 31 May 2011 in the evening I suffered severe palpitations and next morning around 7 am I suffered a severe heart attack where my tropomin levels reached 4.7.   I never had any heart issues, did not have any risk factors (no cholesterol, no triglycerides, no family history), fit and healthy and only 39 years old!  Only previous instance where I suffered palpitations was after meeting at the Christian Concern on 10 February 2011 as I was trembling, furious and shouting on the phone (phone records exist) to Nigel Farage about latest and for me last idiocy Batten did, which is when I stopped going to Batten’s office and refused to help Batten with anything, keeping all conversation to the bare minimum and relative to my usual behaviour, quite rude.  (Texts and emails exist). 


After the heart attack Annabelle called me every day to ask how I was (while Batten was busy hacking into my Facebook saying how my heart attack was caused by my Resident’s Association and not him, which is the way my son and my step children found out I had heart attack as I was still in hospital attached to oxygen, measuring devices and receiving urgent medications to stabilise my heart.  He went as far as sifting through people on my Facebook friends list and in really bad colloquial, Serbo-Croat sent to three acquaintances, not friends how I suffered bad heart attack, how I am feeling bad, alarming those people to ask me why am I contacting them to discuss my health issues and why am I using that regional accent that did not belong to the area where I was born and which I used). 


Fuller even visited me at my home, after she had tried to arrange lunch and I was still too unwell to attend. 


Few days later she convinced me to start Employment proceedings against Batten, guided me how to fill the forms, telling me which forms to use (texts and emails exist) and even forcing Steve Crowther to force Batten to quickly settle the case for the suffering he caused me.





Annabelle called me on 09 June 2011, in the morning to ask me how am I, and then she asked if I watched the news.  I told her I read BBC teletext as I do every morning until this day, as I don’t have a patience to watch badly edited and presented news, as a former news editor!  

She asked me if I seen Tory MP was arrested and I replied I did, it was the very first news on teletext.  Then she asked me do I know who is that MP.  I replied, No I don’t know.  She told me Andrew Bridgen (name that did not mean anything to me despite the fact I was for considerable time in the Conservative Party, as I did not know every backbencher).  She told me ‘I have his phone’. 

Then we talked about her forthcoming Ascot Ladies Day attendance and she was asking for my fashion advice.  She told me that she planned to wear white dress and was not sure whether to pair it with red hat or white.  I told her that red hat would clash with white badly and that white hat has to have some pastel colours otherwise she would look like a bride.  (Police have a record of that call, and as they were searching for the records of calls between Annabelle and I, they found two phone calls she made to Nigel Farage from Bridgen’s bathroom before she fled stealing his House of Commons issued Blackberry and HoC pass (and items of confidential correspondence – as she later publicly admitted!).


On 15 June she attended Ascot and sent me photo, calling me to say how right I was and how everybody was complimenting her on her looks.


All that time Fuller behaved her usual self, completely normal, cheerful.  On 27 June we chatted on Facebook, (I am attaching that chat) she was in Morocco, when she told me how miserable she was preoccupied with some things and sent me link to the Mirror interview she had given. 


In that interview she told how she was the one assaulted sexually by same Andrew Bridgen MP, how she was broken woman, unable to leave her home, without her parents, like a scared child, how her life was destroyed. 


My initial reaction was ‘Are you OK? How are you feeling? OMG’  a couple of minutes later it dawned on me:

All this time when she claimed she was miserable, depressed, unable to leave her home, she was in reality in touch with me, was behaving normally, was cheerful, went to Ascot without her parents (see the photos placed on posted at the time!), she never said a thing. 

I immediately called her and asked what on Earth happened, I was in touch with you regularly (texts, emails and calls exist) and you never said a word except the name of Tory MP who was arrested. 

I asked her, ‘Annabelle what happened?’

She replied ‘Nothing happened’. 

I asked ‘What do you mean nothing?’

Her replied shocked me to the core.  She said she was out, drinking and smoking in front of pub in Westminster, met Bridgen and his advisor (later it turned out it was Edward Green, Civil Servant not adviser!), they ran out of cigarettes, jumped in the cab together, went to petrol station to buy cigarettes and cab dropped them off at Trafalgar Square.  

There, she said, she asked Bridgen to use his bathroom, and all three of them went to his flat in Admiralty Arch. 

She went to the bathroom while Green and Bridgen went for a glass of wine and cigarette on the balcony. 

As she left the bathroom she saw Bridgen’s phone and House of Commons pass on his bed and ran out.

As she was running away she slipped and hit her head on the glass door, alerting building security.  The building Security Guard approached asking her what was she doing in the building and she told him she was in Bridgen’s flat and was attacked there, almost raped! 


Throughout the conversation I kept asking her did he touch you, did he attack you? And she kept saying ‘No, but I had to say something to the little fucker, I am not gonna go down over his phone, is he flipping?’

Then she became excited saying ‘Oh, you should see what gems I found on the phone.  Messages from Cameron and so on! I am going to download it, we will use it, it is brilliant’. 


I kept asking her, several more times. if he attacked her (meaning Bridgen) and she kept saying ‘NO, NO, are you mad? I had to say something to little fucker to get him off my back’. 


I was shocked that anyone in the World would be capable of doing such a thing and told her ‘Are you fucking crazy? How can you accuse someone of that?’ which is unusual for me to use swear words.  I put the phone down completely shocked.


Several days later, I am not quite sure either on 07 or 08 July 2011 (I remember it was a couple of days before my son’s birthday on the 10th. July) I reported it, to my local police who came to my home to take her photo, her FB messages and my brief statement. 


On 06 October, after trying to postpone hearings and responses, Batten somehow managed to arrange CMD at the Employment tribunal. 


I was not even informed and by pure accident I called Tribunal on 05th to ask when the Hearing would happen, only to be told that I was to have the hearing the next day!


At that time I had a barrister representing me and Batten appeared with Paul Diamond (another notorious racist, google him!) and his chief witness Pavel Stroilov, the man I met only once for a minute in front of old Horseferry  Magistrates Court, where the Assange proceedings were happening. 


I barely recognised him as he was not in his usual cape and cylinder but in suit.  Only when Diamond said that was Batten’s chief witness ‘Russian dissident’ Pavel Stroilov, I began wondering what can he testify to, if I only met him once for a minute to stop him and Batten mumbling about ‘dirty Arabs’ in public, as had it been overheard by a journalsit it would have been very damaging for Ukip. 


ThePresiding Judge at my hearing was Linda Goldman, who later on turned out to be a Barrister working in the same Chamber as Matt Richardson, UKIP’s legal advisor!


Batten started out by lying, claiming that I had never worked with him, how he never did anything wrong, my Barrister pointed out that Batten was in fact under police investigation for racism and fraud, as well as under OLAF investigation for fraud against The European Parliament, and then Paul Diamond, asked for ) reporting restrictions, based on Article 8 of Human Rights Act protection of the family (this later turned out to be illegal and was dismissed). 


Goldman however granted it immediately, asking Batten how long did he want it. 


Batten replied as long as it protected him until he had secured his re-election.


I was angry with my Barrister for not challenging ‘the illegal reporting restrictions’ that should only have been granted in cases of sexual harassment or disability harassment but not in the case of racial and religious harassment, under the terms of The Equality Act 2010 and constructive dismissal. 


As we were leaving Batten said to Diamond “I will report her for crime too”.


On the way back, my ex-husband who drove me to and fro Court, as at point I was very weak and unwell awaiting heart surgery that subsequently happened on 24 October 2011, urged me to call Nigel, which I did. 


I spoke to Nigel on car’s speakerphone and those in the car heard the entire conversation. 


I told Nigel that Batten was being idiot, lying claiming that I never worked there, how Batten was under both police and OLAF investigation.  Nigel said it was about time OLAF investigated the Fucking BT Salesman (how Nigel always referred to and called Batten) as he had been stealing uncovered for far too long. 


I told Nigel “You must come as a witness that I worked there and I reported Batten’s unbelievable racist, harassing, obnoxious behavior towards me” (I have text messages with Nigel and Annabelle discussing Batten’s vile behavior). 


Nigel’s response was that he can’t testify against his own MEP as that would destroy his Parliamentary Group.  I told Nigel he must do the right thing for once as Batten had destroyed my health, but Nigel kept repeating how he can’t testify against his MEP and about how fragile his EU Parliament Group was! 


I furiously put the phone down on him in contempt at his dishonesty; however I was confident that I had all written evidence against Batten that was needed. 


A few days later I was contacted by a Policeman named Reardon to tell me that they looked at Batten’s publications, especially The Muslim Charter, and everything I highlighted in his other racist documents and could not find anything racist (later on when that same Charter appeared on front pages of various leading newspapers The Charter was condemned as a Nazi style document and caused national outrage). 


A few days before my surgery I was again contacted by Reardon and officer Galvin who came to my home saying fraud report I produced was too complex for them and it would be the best way if EU Parliament investigated it as they did not understand it or the procedures completely, they did not have resources to investigate fully, as it was complex!  


I told them that OLAF was investigating and that OLAF had contacted me (someone else possibly from the police contacted OLAF) and Reardon and Galvin took details how to contact OLAF and promised that they will cooperate with them. 


OLAF then asked me to send all documentary evidence to them, which I did.  Several OLAF investigators were involved but the main one was Neil Ritchie. 


I had my surgery on 24 October 2011, in my good old fashion refused full anesthetics, immediately discharged myself from St Mary’s Hospital and came home for recovery, under strict cardiologist order to take it very easy, not to get upset at all as raised adrenaline would risk causing damage to my heart, as it had in the first place! 


I was given to understand that during the procedure they had had to burn additional electrical pathways in my heart, that were created through stress caused by  adrenaline hits.  They also checked my arteries via angiogram that prove that all arteries were clear, elastic and in excellent condition, without single deposit. 


I had a deadline to submit all evidence against Batten by 30 November 2011.  On the 29th November as I was slowly copying documentary evidence in 4 copies for 3 Tribunal members and defendant Batten, I ran out of the cartridge on my all in one copy, scan, printer and called my ex-husband, as I was unable to leave my home, still with wounds from deep cuts in my groin area, from the introduction of the angiogram, I asked if he could buy me some (I remained on very good and friendly terms with my ex husband). 


Around 11 am someone knocked on my door  and when I opened they told me they were police officers, 4 of them, 3 were male and I recognised Galvin and Reardon, the third male officer was called Stoppard and female officer was introduced as Else.


Since at that time I was almost 10 years member of the Westminster Police Community Consultative Group many police officers, especially senior ranks would, whenever they were in my area, pop around to my place for cup of tea and to discuss happenings. 


I thought this group came for the same reason and that Galvin and Reardon maybe had more information about still live fraud case, the child pornography case or the Bridgen investigation.  I let them in, without even glancing at their warrants, apologised that I was in loose pajamas, that I had to walk slowly due to being cut post surgery and asked them who wanted tea or coffee. 


I went to my kitchen while they proceeded to my living room. 


One of them Galvin, started saying I am under arrest, and I took it as a joke, as many police officers, prior to him, especially jokester, now Superintendent last time I spoke to him, Andy Howe, used to do joke like that.


I kept saying to Galvin, “Hold your horses, tea and coffee are coming, I can’t do it any faster”. 

He continued saying “you are under arrest”, while I was preparing cups, tea bags and sugar.


As he continued with his “you are under arrest mantra”, I came to living room before I had poured water from the boiled kettle, asking him, jokingly “what did I do?”. 


He said “You defrauded European Parliament”. 


I replied to him “Are you insane, how can I defraud some institution that I had never had access to and had never been to”.


Galvin said “I am arresting you for fraud against European Parliament”.


I asked “what do you mean, who could have reported such stupidity”. 


Galvin replied “Mr Batten”. 


Then it dawned on me that Batten was making up the stuff and they were gullibly and without checking actually doing his bidding!  


I became very upset, as anyone completely innocent without even a parking ticket to their name would, I became very unwell, my blood pressure ‘spiked’ recording huge blood pressure and I became faint and was collapsing. 


Reardon called ambulance and 4 medics arrived furious, left their names to testify against police behavior and took me immediately to St Mary’s.


By the time my ex husband had arrived, he found me on the couch, with 4 medics tending to me and the two of us left with ambulance.  I can not at present speak anymore about this crime that was committed as there is live criminal investigation, but can only say that day I suffered ventricular atrophy and that I am only person I know of that has been convicted of the crime that didn’t exist and never did existed for which there is no plausible evidence or valid paper trail!


This whole criminal charade was seemingly over an attempt to silence me, causing me not only exceptional further health complications but severely affecting the whole of my family, especially my son who was witness to many late night visits by UKIP thugs with very explicit threats towards both of us and causing him unimaginable fear, and most probably a recently recorded violent crime.


Suddenly in March of 2014 I started to receive calls from Acting Superintendent Manning from OCU Westminster, Metropolitan Police who suddenly wanted to investigate all criminal complaints I made had made 3 years earlier in 2011. 


Initially I refused to talk to him, telling him that after what your police officers did to me, I don’t have any trust left in the force, especially following lies to Prime Minister and Mayor of London and Court case where identical documents were described as “forgery” and other lies, which the Police knew, as Batten wrote in his police statement, last paragraph, which he submitted 7 months after I was arrested “I am reporting her for this crime because she is taking me to Court” (he did not even know what crime to invent, yet seven months later he showed clearly his malicious intent, in his own words in his own statement, that his sole reason for reporting me to the police was that I was taking him to Court!).


This incident reminded me of Batten’s comment to his Barrister as they were leaving the court!


Manning persisted and called me almost every day. 


At that point I remembered after everything I went through (full heart failure, multiple shock caused paralysis, constant admissions to hospital, uncontrollable blood pressure, huge oedemas that made me look bloated in the horrible, untruthful articles in Daily Mail and Telegraph that were placed by Gawain Towler, over which I will be suing both papers for libel), that I never heard what happened regarding the false accusation’s and perverting course of Justice case relative to Andrew Bridgen MP. 


I decided then to contact Bridgen, I called his office & said to his assistant that I urgently need to speak to him about the crime that was committed against him. 


I left my number and he called me that afternoon.  During our initial conversation, I asked him if police contacted him at all, he said sounding surprised NO, and then I told him if he could keep quiet and listen to what I had to say to him.  I repeated to him exactly the story Annabelle Fuller told me.


He then asked me ‘How do you know that, all details? You were not there?”


I said Fuller told me and he confirmed that’s exactly as it happened and that I reported to the police.  Suddenly Bridgen broke down and said in the trembling voice, I lost my marriage because of that, I don’t have any contact with my children because of that, and POLICE KNEW!


I told him that this Superintendent keeps calling me and  wants to investigate it. 


Bridgen asked me if I could check what was going on. 


I arranged A meeting with Superintendent Manning on 24 March 2011.  I met him there together with DS Worthington and recorded whole meeting, and told him anything I say or he says in the meeting is a public knowledge as I will not fall for police criminality again.


He agreed, and I have a recording of the full meeting that lasted over 1.5 hours. 


I re-reported Batten’s incitement to racial and religious hatred, full set of UKIP fraud that at that time both were making headlines in broadsheets, proving once again I was never lying, Wiffen pornography, Bridgen’s case of false accusations and perverting the Course of Justice and one new crime that UKIP managed to commit in the time police were needlessly harassing me, wherea  victim of their criminality approached me through my lawyer and gave a statement.


Manning really started investigating, passed fraud to the fraud unit, pornography to the Major Crime Unit and contacted Bridgen to finally take his statement. 


DS Worthington took my statement, my Facebook messages with Fuller, and her Ascot photo that was taken mere 7 days after that ‘horrific attack that left Fuller unable to leave home without her parents’. 


On 04 May 2014 I met with Manning again, who, to my surprise, was acting normally, as a proper police officer and in the presence of the broadcaster and journalist Lee Jasper I filed criminal complaint against Batten, the police officers involved in my harassment and conviction without any crime, as well as the Judge who turned out to be known to Batten!


Those investigations are still open and obviously therefore I cannot make comments, nor talk about it in any detail. 


Coming back to police search to verify calls between Fuller and I and discovery of calls Fuller made with Farage, while she was in Bridgen’s bathroom, before she stole Bridgen’s House of Commons pass, his phone and his confidential correspondence.


Superintendent Manning came to take additional statement and to show evidence to Bridgen, as Bridgen described it he was shaking like a leaf. It was also confirmed that Bridgen’s Blackberry contained messages from the Prime Minster at the time of theft as it was a House of Commons issued phone, covered by the Official Secrets Act and only owner and person who stole it could have known about them!  


Police also recovered sworn statement from Patrick O’Flynn, who at that time was with the Express, is now a UKIP MEP who stated that he introduced Fuller to Bridgen in front of the pub, where he too was, and told her he was MP. 


At that point police had overwhelming evidence and brought in Fuller for questioning under caution. 


During questioning she changed her story yet again – first she said to the building security guard she was assaulted, then retracted, then told Mirror she was assaulted, retracted it again and during interview she again changed her story saying she was assaulted by both Bridgen and civil servant Green, who is blind! 


Police at Charring Cross also questioned Farage about the content of those phone calls, but it turned out, instead of properly questioning him, they were taking selfies with him!  


The Case was sent to CPS and based on evidence available, which was watertight, including the public admission by Fuller that she had stolen the correspondence, phone and House of Commons Pass, everyone expected and police were confident Fuller would be charged with perverting the course of Justice and aggravated theft as she stole secure phone and pass to the British Parliament.


In the meantime, in May 2014 Batten was stalking me and then used his official papers, abusing his office to make further malicious accusations how I, who did not have any contact with him since I withdrew my Employment Tribunal case after Batten kept repeating how I was arrested and will be charged and when I caught CPS’s Simon Timothy Orme spying on my civil, Employment Tribunal case, where email was mistakenly sent with Cc instead of Bcc. 


That’s another Batten’s lie. 


He did not win the Employment Tribunal case, I withdrew the case to deal with his false accusations and further persistent harassment. 


Batten kept stalking me, following my every step, even threatening organisers of anti-racism meeting that they will be reported to the police if I speak (he was rebuffed by their lawyers). 


Batten’s false accusations are now known in full Judgment against him, where he and other suspects in the criminal investigation withdrew false charges against me, not to face my team of lawyers, Mr Michael Wolkind QC, Mr Stephen Vullo QC and leading solicitor Graham Atkins, known as a man who won the case against Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was Governor of California. 


The crux of Batten’s false and malicious complaint was:


  1. I was saying UKIP was racist, thus a fascist, criminal organisation

  2. That The Sunday Times (name says it appears on Sunday) wrote an article about him on a Friday (which he obviously could not produce as it was blatantly dishonest – actually journalist who was threatened with arrest asked him why did he abuse his office and why did police officer abused their office to threaten him with arrest for wanting to write about Batten’s known EDL links and racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism?)

  3. Why was I talking to Lee Jasper thus he implied it was a crime to talk to Lee Jasper?


I was actually questioned by Major Crime Unit DS Page about this malicious, false nonsense of Batten’s in Charring Cross Police station under caution, with laughter coming from my lawyer who could not believe the lies and nonsense.


Later on, after I re-tweeted the entirely truthful Lee Jasper’s blog after hundreds of people re-tweeted it, among them respected journalist Michael Crick, Louise Mensch, many lawyers, the web site and many public figures. 


I was charged with harassing my stalker! It is wortyhy of note that Batten was always blocked on my Twitter, thus clearly Batten could not be personally harrassed by my Twitter!  


Batten’s febrile case spectacularly collapsed as soon as my lawyers submitted seeking admission from all culprits, Batten, police officers and Judge to make admission of the crimes they committed or to come for questioning and be forced to admit, documentary provenence being to hand. The Batten case claimed against me was unequivically withdrawn!


Next time, they will be forced with subpoenas to admit or come to Court and be forced to admit their crimes that they committed, not just against me but against Criminal Justice System, through their joint criminal collusion, conspiracy to pervert the Justice and convict me of the crime that doesn’t exist. 


UKIP, being endemically corrupt, is still pretending that Judgment doesn’t not exist and are still quoting Batten’s lies, committing further libels and slander.


Having seen that Batten’s lies initially worked, then Fuller also made the same bunch of lies how I am harassing her, although I have not spoken to her or had any contact with her since September 2011 and she dishonestly tried using police, reporting harassment to DS Gordon McKay, from Wood Green Police station, showing again that Fuller was not only harassing witness of her crime, which is exceptionally serious criminal offence, but lied in her Mail on Sunday interview how she lived in Surrey yet was reporting to Wood Green, from her home in Muswell Hill!  


Gordon McKay it is recorded, is under criminal investigation and chose to leave Met as soon as investigation against him opened. 


The rest of Fuller’s delusional lies are not even worth bothering to comment on, especially about her non-existent beauty, which is an insult to all women in politics!  


One serious question remains to be asked and must be answered.  Who in the CPS, was it the now notorious Simon Timothy Orme, who bizzarly chose not to charge Fuller, despite watertight evidence and thus certainty of conviction. 


As for her guilt, in The Mail interview she confirmed it herself, she changed her story yet again, this time to ‘she does not remember whether Bridgen touched her or not, changing her name, thinking of fleeing the country …’ and her usual implausible attention seeking stories.


I have no reason to disbelieve any part of the statement above, as it so accurately dovetails into the many reports I have made on my own web site – reports backed with sourced quotations, links and documentary evidence including statements in the media.


I also believe her denials of an intimate relationship with Nigel Farage and Farage’s lame denials to be totally untrue – particularly in the light of factual details in which I have been involved and also the testimony of Godfrey Bloom, Farage’s flat mate and colleague in the EU; also Bloom’s comments to the ridiculous threat by Herman Kelly that ‘Ukip would sue any paper that published the facts’ when Bloom advised Kelly ‘not to be a fool as they would be laughed out of court on the existing evidence and it would bankrupt Ukip’an exchange witnessed by the media in a public restaurant in Brussels!




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