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Nigel Farage Hammers Yet Another Nail Into The Ukip Coffin

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/12/2015

Nigel Farage Hammers Yet Another Nail Into The Ukip Coffin

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Nigel Farage Hammers Yet Another Nail Into The Ukip Coffin, some will once again claim it is the Final Nail!

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Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




yet again someone is claiming that Ukip has had the final nail driven into its coffin lid but thoser with a longer memory will appreciate that both Nigel Farage and his cult following in Ukip have had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra!

The saving grace for Nigel farage has been his guile and duplicity in removing anyone of competence who might challenge him at the first opportunity – being a sociopath he has had no qualms about destroying the long term future of Ukip in his delusional belief that beyond his irresponsible and populist mantras and ability to pander to the under belly of society he totally lacks vision, strategy, tactics or any vestige of leadership qualities.

That no one has risen to challenge him is down to his sense of self preservation at all cost and his belief that any lie justifies his blind belief and that his blindness can be defended with any lie – and we all know just howmany lies this strutting little martinette has told, just look at5 the long list of sound, competent and honest people he has stabbed in the back to preserver his income stream CLICK HERE

Nigel Farage Hammers The Final Nail Into The UKIP Coffin

How big was that fish Nigel?

How big was that fish Nigel?

Just when you thought Nigel Farage couldn’t get any more deluded.

He just can’t help himself, he’s got one MP who he describes as “borderline autistic” who he can’t agree with on the most basic principles, his party has descended into the realms of absolute farce and he’s been nowhere to be seen for weeks. His sole political point is to blame anything and everything on the EU and migrants, so how could things possibly get any worse for Nigel Farage’s comedy cult of a party?

Well, this self styled patriot of the British people could have taken advantage of a whole series of newsworthy events in order to score political points, but he was probably too busy propping the bar up down the pub to really notice what’s been happening in our country.

In the meantime the north has been flooded, we’re on high level terror alert, there’s the crisis with refugees and there’s the ongoing situation in the Med and in Calais…

So what does Nigel talk about?


Yes, you read that right. Our upstanding patriotic mustard panted champion of all things British is in an absolute state of fury over angling.

Catching fish with a rod.

It must be true because it’s in the Daily Express.

Even the most blindly devoted UKIP followers must see this for what it actually is, a man totally devoid of ideas leading a useless party that is destined for the dustbin of oblivion.

Never mind eh Nigel? We’ve heard there’s a vacancy at the EDL, who’d be delighted to have you. Pegida’s probably out of your league, but failing that there’s always Britain First. Doesn’t matter really – you just killed UKIP and we can’t say we’re all that sorry about that.

Nutty Nigel

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