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GP-PN > So there was a by-election , in Oldham

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/12/2015

GP-PN > So there was a by-election , in Oldham

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By: Peter NORTH

So there was a by-election , in Oldham, that produced the utterly predictable outcome of Ukip failure.

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Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




So there was a by-election.

There isn’t much I would say about the Oldham West by-election. In 2001, 6552 voted for the BNP’s Nick Griffin. Today, 6487 voted for Ukip.

It looks to me like Ukip has hit that glass ceiling. Not only has the immigration gamble failed to grow the base in any meaningful sense, it hasn’t dented Labour at all even as Labour is in full civil war. It has parked Ukip firmly in the BNP slot with nowhere for it to go.

There is broad spectrum agreement now that Ukip has stalled and has nothing left to do now except quietly die.

This is a cause for some celebration among a great many anti-kippers and Tories. I just think it’s sad. Had Ukip played it’s hand well it could have been a major new force in politics – and a welcome one. Instead, against all the best advice, Farage threw caution to the wind and set course for the rocks.

It is now tarnished in such a way that it cannot recover. All that time and effort wasted. All those hopes dashed. All because of one man and his arrogance.

I suppose that should be a warning of sorts to Arron Banks. One bad turn and Brexit is buried. A movement tied to Ukip is one that has shackled itself to a concrete block and jumped into the harbour for a long sleep with the fishes.

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History shows that Political Parties that permit themselves to become personality cults almost inevitably reach their glass ceiling fairly rapidly viz: The EU’s Roy Jenkins SDP Construct, Liberals aka: Bonham Carter Party, Oswold Mosleyand the like. Ukip has fallen into that trap and compounded the error by recruiting from the mantle of the BNP just consider the level of racism in Ukip CLICK HERE.

One wonders how Aaron Banks made the money he is squandering on Ukip and now due to being part of the Ukip Cult following we see his Leave EU campaign floundering – with all the lack of gravitas and failure to get facts and strategy lined up that Ukip has used to engineer its eventual demise.

One has to wonder at Aaron Banks’ ineptitude, was it that: to make his money he accidentally tripped over a formulaic method that he had little understanding of? Why on earth for instance, when trying to launch a campaign that was supposedly cross party and none would one spread marmite on every item on thwe menu by employing Nigel Farage, just for a quick hit of members?

One has to wonder why one would bring in a FINANCIAL Director from your other business, with zero background in PR, politics, EU matters, history of marketing as ones CEO and then lauch the poor girl to do a front line presentation on TV – providing cringeworthy ineptitude, as she did CLICK HERE. It was astonishingly incompetent of Aaron Banks to throw her to the media wolves without any training!


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