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Ukip Nottingham Founder Exposes Ukip Corruption

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/10/2015

Ukip Nottingham Founder Exposes Ukip Corruption

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Ukip Nottingham Founder Exposes Ukip Corruption

000a ukip-025 count.png

I have today received further information regarding a published article of 29-Apr-2015. The material has been sent to me specifically for publication by Ian Gilman via a third party.
I have no reason to believe it is other than true though I have been unable to confirm it directly, though it does link with plausible correlation to the media reports of the time, regarding the removal of the candidate.
Further the comments regarding the destruction of evidence is entirely to be expected relative to the Ukip MEP Derek Clark who was a thoroughly dishonest man and had fraudulently spent a large sum of public money which he was ordered to repay – although he was put under police investigation no charges were brought which I believe it is entirely reasonable to believe was because of his age and mental state. Though Ashley Mote was prosecuted and sent to prison a second time although of similar age.
Derek Clark was a consistent liar and frequently tried to discredit both this blog and that of Junius with his dishonest and defamatory claims. You may recall the many times Derek Clark lied that he had not been forced to repay 10s of £1,000s he had fraudulently spent just as some will remember his boasts of just howmuch he had stolen from the EU, claims he boasted of openly at public meetings yet tried dishonestly to deny when I published the details!
I have little or no doubt that this evil and corrupt man would very likely have destroyed evidence of his criminality and am pleased to note that my opinion is corroborated.

Irenea Marriott and Trevor Rose who have turned their backs on UKIP and are standing as independent candidates.

Irena Marriott  Bulwell, Nottingham.

Employed by Derek Clark MEP in Nottingham office.

Witnessed the destruction of that office by Clark and R.O. Don Ransome , watched as coal hammers were taken to computers to destroy evidence of fraud & theft from UKIP members. Clark & Ransome were manic and terrified of potential, but staunched problem.

Dumped by Clark, has been talking /complaining will open up.

Please find below a posting that appeared on the Facebook account of Toni Marriott she is the daughter of Irenea Marriott, unbelievable.

Posted by Toni Marriott

I’m sharing this post on here with you all, so that you know why Irenea Marriott is standing as an independent candidate and not for ukip, it’s easier to broadcast this so you can read for yourself, how two very sneaky individuals have, in my belief, orchestrated this whole thing. ……I posted this to her recently in support.

I remember years ago in 2004 when you started working voluntary for UK Independence Party (UKIP), I didn’t trust politicians one bit as most people my age don’t, I had never voted, even though I was in my early 20’s because I thought all parties were corrupt, a bunch of smarmy, smiling assassins, making promises they do not intend to keep, in order to get what they want and where they want and then destroying your country, with stupid decisions the people did not ask for and never making good on those promises, that got them their power (rather not have a hand in getting that person to power, so better not to vote was my philosophy) I told you back then that they would use you up and spit you out when it suited them, but you told me and countless others that they were different, even got me to vote for the first time in my life and I voted UK Independence Party (UKIP) from that point, because I may not have trusted politicians but I trusted you and it was only on the weight of your words of support for them, as honest people that cared for this country, promising to give Britain back to the British and being independent from others that I have voted for them ever since. As an army wife at the time, I in turn encouraged many soldiers, forces families and friends over the years to vote Ukip up and down the country, many of whom you met.

Being from such a large family yourself you encouraged many of them also to vote for ukip, as well as your numerous friends and various high ranking connections. I often worried about you, when I would hear that even in ill health you were out on the streets in all weathers, leafleting and spreading the word for the party. I often told you off and asked you to at least take a break, but you were stoic and believed truly that you were making a difference for not only your children and grandchildren, but your beloved country and it’s people, that is what kept you going and pushing ever forward, especially at a time when ukip were unheard of, other than people thinking you were a bunch of, how was it put?

A bunch of closet racists? and the reaction you got from people was not always pleasant but aggressive and I feared for your safety regularly.

So imagine my surprise when after all your hard work I hear that you have been, in my opinion, constructively ousted from ukip and their explanation?

That conveniently around election time, that it had been brought to their attention that you were allegedly in cahoots with Britain first?

Because apparently to state that you agree that Lee Rigbys killers should get the death penalty, on a Britain First post is fraternizing with the enemy?

You and the rest of Britain probably agree with that statement made on that post.

Ukip realised they had made a mistake listening to over exaggerated claims by an anonymous source and immediately re instated your membership.

However you went on to find out, that in the last week before election papers were called that you were being denied to stand as a candidate for Ukip on the new RO’S, a Mr Paul Oakdens instruction, who had swiftly used your prior cancelled membership as a means to find another candidate on the last day when it would be, in my opinion, too late for you to contest this decision.

Even though he knew you were innocent.

So why would this RO make such a move, when you had (A) already been found innocent (B) had stood twice prior as MP with good results and (C) had also stood twice as Councillor, coming 2nd on both occasions.

Isn’t the point of choosing candidates, to choose the ones that would be most successful? Mighty suspicious to say the least.

I believe all these events came into play because members, including yourself, were and had already been questioning the constant rule breaking by Mr Oakden that seemed to fall on deaf ears, but came to light more when another member challenged the underhanded and corrupt manner at which the new chairman got his seat for Nottingham district branch over you, with the help of the same Mr Oakden and the questionable character and past of the said new chairman, that did not disclose, as is the rules, what other parties he in fact belonged to.

For all Ukips talk and the very definition of their name Ie being independent from the EU, Mr Oakden placed a foreign gentleman, who has only lived in the uk just under 2 years, has no loyalty or love for Nottingham or it’s people, into a place of power, which he did by breaking numerous rules.

A man that is now known to have been an active member of a far right political party whilst living in his home of Italy, a party akin to the BNP. By the rules this man should never have gotten that position sheerly on his past connection to that party, but he did, he was voted in by means of broken rules by Mr Oakden, which again should never have been allowed.

When the aforementioned member challenged the new chairman and Mr Oakdens conduct other members asked if these accusations were true, you merely told the truth when asked, yes they were.

Ukip or at least some people within it, do not want honest people working for them it seems and they have shown by their actions, to my mind, their true colours, that they are prepared to bend and twist the rules and go against everything they supposedly stand for, to get ahead.

I for one will not be voting for them again and I shall make sure that every single one of my many contacts hears about their treatment of loyal members, whose only crime was to tell the truth and try to protect the party from corrupt people.

Maybe Nigel Farage, who you’ve personally campaigned with, does not know the cloak and dagger act going on behind his back, but he seriously needs to take a look, because you are all under the umbrella name of Ukip, if people see corruption, they think you are all corrupt and there is no denying rules have been flouted and certain underhanded people are doing his party serious damage at voting time.

You have enough support and sway with people to be heard if you put the same effort into being heard as you have with getting that party acknowledgement, I suggest you show them how a true British Bulldog bites!

Don’t let a few bad apples take away something you have worked so hard for. Many others like myself will not understand and will question, as I did, why such a loyal member of all these many years, has suddenly decided to stand as an independent, once they hear how things have unfolded and you were left no choice, they will draw the same conclusions I have, because it is crystal clear to me that you have been railroaded and no one will vote for a party with such practices and if they thought for one minute, that their treatment of a lady held in such high regard, by so many people, could be kept quiet they were wrong.

Do also see my earlier posting on this issue CLICK HERE





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