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The Toxic Nature of Nigel Farage Will Lose The Referendum For EUroSceptics

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/05/2015

The Toxic Nature of Nigel Farage Will Lose The Referendum For EUroSceptics

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The Toxic Nature of Nigel Farage & his odious cult of Ukip Praise Singers Will Lose The Referendum For EUroSceptics

000a ukip-025 count.png

it is noteworthy that you have to be 58 years old or more to have had any say in whether these United Kingdoms should be a global trading nation making its own decisions and alliances on the world stage or whether we should be a vassal region in the ever tightening grip of the supra national Empirate of the EU, with its strutting overpaid and unelected little beaurocrats and its determined political aims of ‘Ever closer Union’.

Those of us old enough to remember that referendum can rwemind you that Enoch Powell predicted the disaster that has befallen our country and its loss of sovereignty CLICK HERE this speech made in the House of Commons received little attention in the media – unlike his speech made to a little local Conservative group which was so widely and deliberately misinterpreted by the illiteratti and branded The Rivers of Blood speech, deliberately to discredit him, in the knowledge that the largely ignorant masses would not understand the classical quotations which underpinned the meaning of his words of caution.

Whilst the oleagenous Edward Heath lied to Parliament and the British peoples as he claimed that ratifying our membership of the EU and the signing of the catastrophic Treaty of Rome would ‘lead to no essential loss of national sovereignty’ – a lie he admitted to years later proudly claiming that ‘he had lied deliberately as he believed that the British people would not have voted YES to ratify the Treaty had they known the truth’!

Even with this outright lie and dishonest letters to the main papers from the Government team the margin voting YES was tiny – a margin that would have been inadequate to change the rules in a golf club let alone surrender the ultimate sovereignty and governance to a foreign and particularly alien authority.

We see much the same thing again as the work of the only individual who has had the political and intellectual rigor to present a responsible, viable and honourable EU exit and survival strategy has been largely dismissed by the stuffed shirts and parasites looking to feed from tjhe honeypots of the Westminster bubble as these political lightweights jockey for position mindlessly seeking notoriets and expenses as they make ALL the same mistakes that were made by the No Campaign in the referendum of 05-Jun-1975.

Do YOU remember who led the NO Campaign in 1975 clearly not, because they were all squabbling over who should lead it just like now and just like now the idiots were arguing in favour of a ‘large tent’ policy unwilling to put forward the benefits of not being vassals of the union in EUrope and with no strategy or unified plan.

In 1975 the pro membership team were unified and well planned organising, as is already happening this time, the lies and distortions that so readily and dishonestly mislead the public with FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) using EUrope based companies to spread alarm about withdrawing fgrom Britain and loss of jobs when any responsible individual shows that clearly this is just propaganda and that Britain has no intention of withdrawing from the Economic Area merely repatriate its democratic rights, decision making, justice system and sovereignty with the added advantage of control over our own borders, military and airspace able to negotiate and make international agreements around the world that suit our peoples and our allies including the Commonwealth.

There is no downside risk when we Leave_The_EU and it is only the foolish, who have not thought through the details that claim we would make huge savings when we leave as in economic terms the end of our membership is clearly economically neutral, as every penny we save in EU contributions will be required to re-establish our Civil Service trained with competence and our embassy structure around the world with an established body of first class staff and negotiators as we once had.

For a fuller understanding of both the how to and the ramifications of making a responsible and organised eXit from the EU it would seem there is only one published plan of any degree of competence, and it can be read free of charge by any responsible individual with the wellbeing of these United Kingdoms at heart at CLICK HERE

You will note that even in Scotland they realise the disadvantages of the politically inept and the likelihood of the great damage they will do the NO vote, as they singled out Nigel Farage as an example! You will be minded that the Ukip cult followers have dithered between being opposed to EU membership one minute and trying to be a fully fledged political party with a plethora of policies all seemingly funded by the economic savings when we Leave_The_EU, savings that are not in any way plausible as we rebuild our own structure.

Despite the Nigel Farage cult’s opposition to EU membership over the last 22 years they have NEVER been able or competent enough to provide a responsible workable EU eXit & survival strategy for these United Kingdoms and this muddled lightweight thinking will be the very thing the pro EU lobby will exploit, using massive amounts of EU casjh, as they did during the Irish referendum on the New EU Constitution as presented in the Lisbon Treaty.

SNP’s incoherent position on staying in Europe

David Torrance
Monday 25 May 2015

We’re approaching the 40th anniversary of the last time citizens of the UK were asked about Europe.

Of course then, on 5 June 1975 to be precise, voters were consulted regarding the European Economic Community (EEC) or Common Market. Should the UK stay in, or should it get out?

It had only been a member for two-and-a-half years, joining along with the Republic of Ireland on 1 January 1973, but Harold Wilson, recently re-elected Prime Minister with a wafer-thin majority, had promised a referendum and thus duly delivered.

Cannily, Mr Wilson gave his divided Labour Party a free vote, while most Conservatives (including their then fledgling leader Margaret Thatcher) campaigned to remain in the EEC; the SNP, meanwhile, wanted out. Mr Wilson hailed his negotiations with Brussels a success and took his case to the country.

The Yes campaign comfortably emerged the victor, with England voting 68.7 to 31.3 per cent in favour, and a less enthusiastic Scotland by 58.4 to 41.6 per cent. Shetland and the Western Isles voted to leave, the only two local authority areas to do so.

One can overdo historical analogies (and I usually do), but the parallels are striking four decades later. Now it is a Conservative Prime Minister in possession of a wafer-thin majority and a party that requires a free vote to mask its divisions. And the SNP is now pro rather than anti.

Indeed so pro that Alex Salmond – now emerging as the leader of the SNP’s fundamentalist wing – recently confirmed he would campaign for a Yes vote on Europe shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in-glove, or my favourite beloved of many an SNP press release, “in cahoots with” Tory Chancellor George Osborne.

“I share platforms with everybody,” the former First Minister told his favourite broadcaster the BBC, “except fascists and non-democrats”. Inevitably this prompted cries of “hypocrisy”, but then Mr Salmond has made a career out of ever-shifting points of unshakable principle, so in a funny sort of way he was being entirely consistent in his inconsistency.

Europe is one of those issues on which the SNP has an apparently simple position (pro) but which, on closer examination, becomes a bit of a mess. Shortly before last year’s European Parliament elections Mr Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon et al started inserting little caveats into their pronouncements, largely to the effect that the European Union wasn’t perfect, “far from it”.

But to my knowledge there’s been no attempt to explain in what way they would help make it a more perfect union. Indeed, there’s little evidence the SNP has done any serious thinking about the EU since around 1988, when it committed to “independence in Europe”, a slogan rather than a policy.

Even that didn’t make an awful lot of sense: why so alive to sovereignty within the UK but relatively relaxed when it comes to the EU?

But it goes deeper than that, for the roll call of things the SNP doesn’t like about Europe is quite long: the single currency, Common Fisheries Policy and closer fiscal integration, which the present First Minister has several times made clear she doesn’t support. Even the European Convention on Human Rights (which exists separately from the EU) has come under fire from Nationalists, chiefly its ruling against a blanket ban on voting rights for prisoners.

Then there’s the rhetoric. SNP press releases rail against the “Tory obsession with ripping Scotland and the rest of the UK out of the EU” and Scotland being “dragged out” against its will. Yet when Unionists deployed similar language to describe Scotland vis-Ã -vis the UK they were accused of being alarmist and melodramatic. Similarly, it’s difficult to argue that Scotland leaving a highly-integrated UK would somehow be hassle free but the UK exiting a much looser union would “threaten” jobs and the economy, yet that’s exactly the SNP’s position.

To guard against being ripped or dragged, meanwhile, the SNP points to its “double majority” safeguard under which every part of the UK would need to approve withdrawal for it to take effect. On one level this is a clever piece of political positioning, but on another it’s constitutionally incoherent. Perhaps the UK government should agree with the proviso that the same “double” (actually quadruple) majority apply to any future independence referendum; bamboozle the Nationalists with their own contorted logic.

The SNP also ties itself in knots when it comes to the referendum increasingly likely to be held at some point next year. Yesterday Labour finally bowed to the inevitable and made it clear its MPs would support the necessary legislation, which means virtually the only Members traipsing through the No lobby in the House of Commons will be “the 56”, and on the flimsiest possible basis; supporters of self-determination for Scotland but not, it seems, the UK.

Which isn’t to say the Prime Minister has covered himself in glory when it comes to matters European. It remains unclear what exactly it is he hopes to get out of his Wilson-style “renegotiation” with Brussels, while he’s also set himself up to fail by making freedom of movement a “red line” issue.

That said, Mr Cameron finds himself in a relatively strong position: Ukip is weak (despite having won nearly four million votes) and he has an overall majority, thus the PM’s apparently desire to hold a referendum sooner rather than later.

Last week Mr Salmond was full of sage advice derived from his experience of last year’s independence ballot, ie don’t let unpopular politicians run the show and guard against a dynamic in which it looks like “the establishment”, business or otherwise, is dictating how “the people” ought to vote.

Recently Jim Murphy, a more successful Europe Minister than he was Scottish Labour leader, also set out four clear lessons from Scotland: the need to fight like “an incumbent and an insurgent”, “passion as well as facts”, that businesses must “speak up early” (unlike in Scotland), and a realisation that no matter what the outcome, the forthcoming referendum “will not settle the European debate for a generation”.

Yesterday a YouGov poll showed what such surveys usually show in a Scottish context, that 68 per cent of Scots want to stay in the EU and 32 per cent would quite like to go, ie less Eurosceptic than England where the latter figure is usually a few points higher. Moderate opinion, meanwhile, is actually hardening in favour of the status quo, a phenomenon ironically aided by the rise of Ukip in general and Nigel Farage in particular.

Yet as the recent Scottish experience demonstrated, opinion poll-derived complacency can produce close shaves. But despite the hyperbole of tribal politics, the SNP and Conservatives are actually on much the same page on this issue, both want to remain part of a reformed Europe, and in that respect a Scottish Yes campaign led by Nicola Sturgeon can only pile up votes which make that more likely.

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