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Ukip A Fractured Party Facing Terminal Splits

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/03/2015

Ukip A Fractured Party Facing Terminal Splits

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip A Fractured cult rather than a Party, now living under a glass ceiling and Facing Terminal Splits.

000a ukip-025 count.png

Hi,lacking any vestige of competent leadership, driven forward by just one man

FARAGE, Nigel 94 ORCHESTRATING A DEFECTION 01not only is the party deeply divided by the extraordinary diversity of its core membership, whether from Tory, Labour or the more extreme wing of sometime BNP & National Front supporters or the extremely divisive zionists of Friends of Israel or the dividing extreme fundamental Christians with their hatred of so much in the modern world, be that homosexuiality, competing sup[erstitions whether Catholic or Islam – Ukipwill always fight like ferrets in a sack.As a result Nigel Farage is able to bully and manipulate, astutely never putting pen to paper, rarely signing anything and employing staff to cope with his computer communications, on a deniable basis

FARAGE, Nigel  104By ensuring divisions amongst his cult followers and orchestrating the ex communication from the cult of anyone who may dare to challenge his absoiute control he has built in a glass ceiling within his comfort zone, ensuring his position as Ukip’s only recognised personna and able to invent suitable policies to keep him in the media eye as he feat6hers his nest!Fortunately more and more people are seeing through his scam – gone are the days of leaders with his style such as Oswald Moseley, Adolf Hitler and the like who managed to orchestrate their rise to personal power and wealth jumping on populist band wagons and exploiting prejudice – a policy hard to break through a glass ceiling opf between 10 & 20% with, due to social media and the communication ability of the public at large.

This of course means that after 22 years Nigel Farage has only now achieved the membership levels achieved by Oswald Mosleley who also exploited prejudice blaming a small sector of the community for the failures of the underbelly of the society.

Nigel Farage once had a clear message that was redollent with a huge percentage of the public with a desire for reinstatement of our national sovereignty and repatriation of our democratic human rights of self determination in opposition to the politicisation of the EU. Sadly this was a concept that required clear educated research, the wisdom to present a well thought out vision for a future independence and an understanding of the importance of international regulation of trade and rights to ensure a level playing field comparing like with like both for export and import of goods and to oil the wheels of global trade.

This unfortunately was beyond the leadership skills of Ukip for they had an excellent tune on their organ, a competent performing monkey but totally lacked an organ grinder of any professionalism

As a result Ukip has reverted to the position of a one man band chasing after the populist ant immigrant vote having lost sight of the goal and having never competently presented a vision for the future, just suitable sound bites for any given media opportunity.Thus after 22 years Ukip still has no clear organisational structure making it, like the house of cards, witghout resilience to the latest scandal they have engendered and without an sign of a responsible think tank to draw up policies and draft a consistent presentation of their vision of the benefits of independence.

For lack of the intellectual rigor of a think tank not only does Ukip, after 22 years of ‘claiming’ to espouse leaving the EU, ansolutely no sign of a responsible, thought through, ethical and costed EU eXit and survival strategy but consistently displays its fundamental lack of understanding of what such a strategy, leave alone the required tactics, would entail.

Also for lack of a clear intellectual base and a responsible and competent think tank Ukip has regularly had to resort to the man, or waman, of the moment to delegate to them, as individuals, the task of drawing up their manifesto – a task that has lurched from delay to disaster, duplicity to disappointment on a regular basis.

The lack of principled and consistent policies and the determination to have policies to engender the populist vote has left Ukip looking foolish all too often, desperately claiming that leaving the EU will provide an endless cornupocia of cash to fund each and every item on their ‘wish list’ – unaware that the better informed amongst the public realise that leaving the EU will, unlike the efforts at sp[reading fear by the Federalists in areas of the Government and Government cloned lightweight fronts such as Open EUrope and Business for EUrope, the informed realise that when we Leave_The_EU the benefits will largely be cost neutral and it is the principle, democracy, values, tolerance, inclusivity and identity that will be the greatest beneficiaries.

There will be no great burning of regulations as regulations are, in trade terms, essential to the wellbeing of industry, service and commerce in general if there is any aim to trade with others and across borders, where allegiances and agreements are essential to ensure balance and a level playing field comparing like with like, without misunderstandings that lead to conflict.

In its present form Ukip is as arcane and out moded as the very EU it so blithely and irresponsibly rants about!

That Ukip is failing to make progress is unsurprising and in its present form is unlikely to ever break the 20% glass ceiling it has imposed upon itself with its self serving incompetence. A concept Ukippers find hard to grasp but which is made abundantly clear by detailed analysis and competent survey as shown below:

The two tribes of UKIP

ew data from YouGov Profiles reveals the very different characteristics of UKIP voters with a Tory or Labour past

Although UKIP voters are more likely to be prior Conservatives, there are a significant number who have also switched from Labour. This much we already know, but new YouGov Profiles data reveals how different the two sides of UKIP really are – from their demographic background all the way down to the issues they feel strongly about and their TV viewing preferences. 

Formerly Conservative voters (Blue UKIP) are most likely to reside in London (20%), the Midlands (17%) or the South (14%). 19% of previously Labour voters (Red UKIP) are also from the Midlands, but their next most likely residence is in Lancashire (16%) and Yorkshire (13%). Red UKIP are half as likely to have a university degree and are 16% more likely to be from a working class, C2DE social background.

They share a concern for core UKIP issues – immigration, the EU, crime – but Red Ukippers have strong support for nationalising railways and utilities, while Blue Ukippers are more likely to oppose political correctness and think multiculturalism has had a negative impact.

In terms of top scoring celebrities, Jim Davidson has strong appeal from both factions. Beyond that, the public faces most particular to Blue Ukippers are mainly from a political background (Margaret Thatcher notably scores highest) while entertainment celebrities like Piers Morgan and Louis Walsh may have a bigger pull for Red UKIP voters.

The pronounced taste for entertainment among Red UKIP voters carries over to the TV programmes they’ve recently watched that could carry adverstising. Programmes like I’m a Celebrity and Jeremy Kyle are particularly favoured by ex-Labour voters, however none of these feature in the Blue UKIP list. For former Tories, drama and crime programmes are more watched.

In the run up to the election, YouGov will be applying Profiles to every constituency in Britain. Users will be able to see detailed information on the quintessential resident of each locality, but they will also be able to see how each area divides on the big issues, compared to the region and Britain as a whole.

by: @willdahlgreen

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