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So Sad:- Ukip On The Make & The Take AGAIN!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/03/2015

So Sad:- Ukip On The Make & The Take AGAIN!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


So Sad:- Ukip On The Make & The Take AGAIN, so soon after Janice Atkinson & her corrupt assistant were exposed by The Sun we now see Jane Collins & Jill Seymore exposed in dubious personalised profiteering!

000a ukip-025 count.png




increasingly it is becoming clear to even the dullest of the Ukip cult followers that they are and have been taken for a ride by a corrupt clique with their claque following in tow ever hopefull of preferment and crumbs from the table that are overlooked by those who have been given seats for the feast at the Gravy Train troughs.

Nigel Farage himself may rue the day he acted so intemperately accruing dangerous enemies amongst the many true patriots who not only seek to see these United Kingdoms liberated from the thrall of the EU as a vassal state, but were willing to put in the work to provide a vision for the future and work on producing a responsible, ethical EU eXit and survival strategy – largely for no greater reward than securing the future for both our Country and its diverse pweoples and as a force for good on this planet.

Having built an Empire Britain is rare in having brought the rule of law, stability, a sound system of Governance and a peaceful transition to Independence of our former Colonies, who to this day largely trade and co-operatye in democratic harmony as members of The Commonwealth.

On this very day in 1807 one of Britain’s greatest gifts was to pass laws making slavery illegal yet now we see a new hatred of different peoples being espoused by a political cult within Britain once again, whether the hatred of Westminster insidiously encouraged by the SNP or the EU Assembly in Wales or even more dangerously by Ukip who are emulating the style of Nazi Germany as they seek to blame all their failures on a sector of the community as did Germany with the Jews or Ukip’s Gerard Batten with his squalid anti Islamic publications and the Ukip pamphlet on immigration


Not only, due to incompetent leadership and their poor judgement, is Ukip embroiled in racism but also has, not just a track record of fraud and misuse of public money but clearly such behaviour is endemic in its ranks!

Ukip politicians channel Brussels cash to partners

Nigel Farage, pictured here with with Harriet Yeo, has seen his party embroiled in another scandal
Gareth Fuller/PA
  • Nigel Farage
    Nigel Farage, pictured here with with Harriet Yeo, has seen his party embroiled in another scandal Gareth Fuller/PA

Two Ukip MEPs are channelling thousands of pounds a year to their partners using European allowances in a potential breach of EU rules.

Jill Seymour and Jane Collins faced calls for an investigation after using taxpayers’ money to pay rental or running costs on offices owned by their partners, and one MP accused Ukip of “a boatload of hypocrisy”.

The revelation came a day after another MEP, Janice Atkinson, was expelled from the party over disputed allegations that her chief of staff overcharged a restaurant to cash in on expenses. Mrs Seymour was one of 24 Ukip MEPs elected to the European parliament last May. Five months later, her husband, Brian, 78, a businessman, bought a run-down building once owned by the local council through his private pension pot.

Mrs Seymour, who is standing for parliament in May, now uses her European allowance to rent the property in Wellington, Shropshire. A spokesman said she paid rent “at market value as assessed by three independent estate agents”, but refused to disclose the sum. He added: “It is used as an MEP office only and this is all completely legal and above board.”

Nearby commercial properties of a similar size are typically available for £10,000 to £20,000 a year.

Ms Collins runs her office from a house in Brough-on-Humber near Hull. The property, known as Wallingfen Lodge, belongs to a company called LMK, owned almost entirely by her long-term partner, Mike Kendall, and his two children. The couple live in a converted garage next door.

Ms Collins does not pay rent, but her fellow MEP Mike Hookem pays about £14,000 a year to use the space, which he “graciously shares with Jane Collins free of charge”, according to a spokesman. She contributes around £7,200 a year in running costs, a set-up described by a party spokesman as “totally in line with European Parliament rules as they stand”.

Ms Collins said she paid no rent to her partner because it was “something that I wouldn’t do because I’ve no need to, to put it bluntly”.

A senior Ukip source added that it would be “silly” for her to do so, and could be perceived as “slightly wrong”.

The arrangements by the MEPs were described by Sir Alistair Graham, a former standards commissioner, as “indefensible”. Kevin Barron, a Labour MP and chairman of the Commons standards committee, said that they “would be deemed an abuse of the allowances” in Westminster.

Although there is no specific prohibition on using the EU general expenditure allowance to pay a partner for office space, officials pointed to wider rules warning against conflicts of interest, including financial contracts that benefit a partner.

In Westminster, a regime brought in after the 2009 expenses scandal stipulates that “no costs may be claimed relating to an MP’s rental of a property” owned by a family member.

Mr Barron said the disclosures threw up “moral issues” regardless of whether or not the arrangements were against EU rules. “It does make you wonder exactly what type of regime they have in Europe, if they have a regime at all,” he said. “This is public money, no matter what its source.

“If you look at what Ukip say about the British expenses system, this looks like a boatload of hypocrisy.”

He and Mr Graham called for investigations by Ukip and the European parliament.

Ms Collins, Ukip’s parliamentary candidate in the key target seat of Rotherham, has previously railed against MPs who used the expenses system to their advantage. “All MPs have tried to get as much as they can out of the expenses and most of them have stayed within the law,” she said in 2010. “But I can’t understand why the MPs feel they need to get so much out of the system.”

Defending her own arrangement, the MEP said that she and Mr Hookem “could never find anywhere else as convenient, as good value” as Wallingfen Lodge, claiming that they were “saving the taxpayer money”.

However, she admitted that she did not hand back any of the €4,320-a-month general allowance that she did not use. Instead, she lets it “roll over” each month to be spent on other things.

The examples in this article are by no means extraordinary within Ukip as Godfrey Bloom rented family proprty with his EU income as his offices and Mike Nattrass also had his Ukip constituency office in empty offices he owned and no doubt rewarded himself with public money and also rented space to Nikki Sinclaire for her offices!

Nikki Sinclaire had property of her own that could have been used as her offices and could have paid herself from the public purse but felt it would be inappropriate to do so, on ethical grounds. Perhaps such principles in part explain why Ukip and the executives and leadership of Ukip have been so happy to lie about her and aid in bearing false witness against her!

I am sure that such examples are not unusual and it is a matter of public record that Nigel Farage drew allowances for an office that were provided free by a Ukip supporter – money we understand he was found guilty of misuse of and had to repay a very substantial sum to the EU!

And on and on it goes – just when will Ukip be exposed for what it really is , a vehicle for Nigel Farage’s ego and the self enrichment and self aggrandisement of a small clique.

The dishonesty of Ukip is unparalleled in British politics as it has latched onto racism in a cynical and clandestine way villifying immigrants and Muslims as the root of the problems to attract the increasing underbelly of society who fail in the advance of technology and competition – all as a cover to attract sufficient votes to remain on the gravy train.

For all the promise and claims of wishing to Leave_The_EU in their 22 years of existence Ukip has done absolutely zero to move us closer to the eXit – in fact after 22 years Ukip has failed not only to promote a vision of the future for these Umnited Kingdoms but has absolutely no sign of a responsible, ethical EU eXit and survival startegy as they have shown they have little or no understanding of the complexities of leaving nor have they any responsible costed policies on anything beyond a rather childish wish list backed by low grade populist and amateur sham policy documents!




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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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2 Responses to “So Sad:- Ukip On The Make & The Take AGAIN!”

  1. geoffbastin said

    This article is being deliberately misleading. MEPs don’t get expenses they get allowances. Allowances are given and do not need to be spent and can be “rolled over”.
    If you care to study the salaries paid to the 28 EU commissioners plus their monthly allowances for entertainment etc. you will see where the real money goes.
    This is just another silly article to try and down UKIP along with so much else that is only a smear. It’s too late to have any effect just as all those that spend their days trying so hard to lie and cheat their way to a living by publishing lies and distortions are too late.
    This blog is full of bitter and twisted articles often copied from many other sources and lacks originality. This particular article was well discussed in yesterdays Times so this version is old news. Perhaps as UKIP is such a nonentity in the eyes of many it would be better to concentrate on the larger parties who always claim to have “Long Term Economic Plans for Hard Working Families” and all that rot because I’m sure you would find far more to write about there and it wouldn’t be so repetitive and boring as your usual diatribe of misery and over-reaching adjectives.


    • Hi,

      for someone who reads this website so assidiously it is astonishing that you have so consistently found it hard to grasp its fundamental principles, nor it seems much of the basic sentiments or factual details.

      Never mind I am glad to continue to provide material that you obviously find challenging to understand, all be it its motivation – however simplisticly I try to explain it for you.

      That you seem determined to try to attribute your choice of motives to my personal actions still is quite informative about your lack of comprehension.

      The continual instances of corruption on widely different fronts on the part of Ukip and its leadership team is in no way mitigated by the realisation that greater evil exists elsewhere, nor has anyone who has ever known me described me as bitter but if it keeeps you reading do by all means believe your fantasy, as I care not a jot what others think about me save those I respect amongst my friends, as any who know me would be all too willing to tell you.

      Do please circulate your opinion as it helps to broaden the readership.



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