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Martyn Heale & Ukip’s More Extreme Connections.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/03/2015

Martyn Heale & Ukip’s More Extreme Connections.

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Martyn Heale, Nigel Farage & Ukip’s More Extreme Connections.

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as regular readers of my blog will be aware we long ago published the press clippings on Martyn Heale, as provenance of his xenophobic and racist background.
Although we had heard tell of his more extreme connections, as no one seemed to have published them and no one came forwrd with substantive facts they would stand by, in keeping with this blog’s fundamental principle of ONLY publishing verifiable facts, we did not write of the other information we had.

However this is rather changed by the article published on a Forum site today – although in keeping with much of the pond life on that particular Forum the posting is made hidden behind a pseudonym!

However the simple fact that the coward unwilling to put his name to the facts he published has published, almost word for word, information that confirms that which we had heard a couple of years ago – I now feel I am freed to republish his comments as largely I can confirm them!

Though I must say he does damage his credibility by sheltering in anonymity as do so many of the others on that Forum who are too ashamed to put their name to their maunderings and self serving keyboard courage!

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    Why has no one in the press picked up the fact that Martyn Heale was far from being a National Front member ‘for a year and two months’ back in the early 1980’s? He was known as ‘the postman’ for the League of St George i.e. he passed messages between the League and like-minded groups in Europe. This was before the Internet, of course. Some of us recall a birthday celebration for a well-known German statesman held in Lucy Roberts’ house on April 20th 1981. Thompson, Griffin, and Brady were all there (but presumably not Sonia). Thompson made an impromptu speech about the subject of ‘nationalist unity.’ Heale arrived a bit later, and soon caused a heated argument with some other guests. (Someone later said to me, ‘Whenever Martyn Heale comes along, there’s trouble.’) A glass of red wine ended up thrown over one of Ms. Roberts’ exquisite blue plush Louis XIV chairs. I asked Heale what had happened. He replied, rather darkly, ‘I don’t like being questioned about the Hoffmann Military Sports Group.’ He used the German title of the patriotic group in question – and with impeccable German. A member of the Hoffmann group had died in the Munich Beer Festival in 1980, and was subsequently fingered by the West German establishment as the culprit. Doubts remained, though, with fingers being pointed instead at Lyndon Larouche’s European Labour Party (also suspected of some role in the mysterious death of Swedish Premier Olof Palme.) Whatever Nigel Farage’s friend of thirty years later had to do with all this is beyond me. But it was odd when, after making light of his brief involvement with the NF, he then said, knowing he was being filmed for a documentary, ‘I was never in the Gestapo, I was never in the Stasi…’

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    Quote Originally Posted by loeb View Post
    Why has no one in the press picked up the fact that Martyn Heale was far from being a National Front member ‘for a year and two months’ back in the early 1980’s?

    They have.

    He was also featured on “Meet The Ukippers” where he discussed his NF past.

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