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>GP – PN: Musing On the Inevitable Self Destruction Of Ukip

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/03/2015

>GP – PN: Musing On the Inevitable Self Destruction Of Ukip

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Guest Post – Peter North:

Musing On the Inevitable Self Destruction Of Ukip, with both reasoned opinions and undeniable facts!

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MUSINGS on Ukip:

Saturday, 21 March 2015


13%. Despite everything that’s said, that is Ukip’s national polling. While true believers hold firm, the fact remains that despite all the issues out there, and the near desperation of voters for a sensible and respectable alternative, when asked about which parties they would vote for, very few want the Ukip option. The only people for whom that statistic doesn’t seem to get through, is a tiny, hard core, vocal minority, who dominate internet debates, who are Ukip because they dislike the system and the establishment parties more than most. It just doesn’t register with them why Ukip is unable to breakthrough and why it has become the most hated party with the most hated leader.

It’s a dustbin for ranty, foamy kippers. Spiteful, unhinged, unpleasant cranks who basically think Anders Breivik was right – and get aggressive at even moderate criticism of Ukip, making enemies of people eurosceptics need to win a referendum. Any party that attracts such misanthropic losers should be treated with deep suspicion. As crappy as establishment politics is, I don’t want people like that in office. These days there is not a fagpapers distance between the rhetoric of the BNP and Ukippers as they are today. Farage is just the sanitised front for it.

Ukip’s message is based on anger and resentment – and that is its cultural constituency. It says nothing to those ordinary folks now in jobs on higher than ever salaries, doing well and getting on with life – And that’s a very big constituency these days. The shrivelled and retreating message of Ukip can’t win. And it doesn’t deserve to.

All this “liebore”, “LibLabCon”, “EUSSR” crap is hackneyed, aggressive babytalk. It’s the language of losers, and it’s the language of zealots. Any reasonable, normal person looks at that stuff and thinks “w****r”.  And rightly so. And thus every time a kipper makes the case for Brexit, it becomes the politics of w*****s. Now everything they touch turns shit and good ideas are discredited by association. We can really do without it.

If you are really are serious about leaving the EU, you need to tell the Farage cult to Foxtrot Oscar.

  • We should thank UKIP for providing a dumping ground for so many mouth breathing, swivel eyed, personality disordered idiots who parade their ignorance as if it were a badge of honour.

    I have nothing but sympathy for the decent folk in UKIP who have seen their party hijacked by xenophobes, morons, money grubbing Faragistas and the mentally unstable.

  • The morning after the election will be most amusing, as the kipper toys will fly out the prams, thick and fast…

  • I believe you are wrong to imply that kippers (albeit I assume only some) think Anders Breivik was right.

    • Hi,

      Niall you only have to read the extremist, racist, anti Islamic drivel Gerard Batten and his clique of self styled so called christians publish and peddle, to realise just how xenophobic and evil Ukip is in some quarters.


    • Ever since Ukip went full BNP and went for the loser vote up North, that’s actually a fairly common attitude in Kippers. Turning it into an immigration single issue party gave them permission to say all the things that have been festering in Ukip for a long time.

      • My point is that to blanket ALL kippers as supporting AB is simply WRONG and counter productive.

        • Hi,

          I don’t believe Peter implied unanimity of Ukippers in praise of AB, but there is no doubt Ukip has provided a home for such extreme and vile racists – just as I gave an example of their specific vile behaviour, which goes unchallenged by the leadership team and in fact emanates from at least one of the leaders of the Ukip cult.

          I have seen no evidence of widespread and responsible denunciation of the racism that is clearly endemic within Ukip, all be it hidden in incitement veiled behind anti Islamic propaganda and values.

          Let us not forget that after over 500 years of acceptance of a well int6egrated Jewish community of British in many quarters of Ukip there is a determination to ban Kosher meat as with Halal – this has also emanated from Ukip’s leadership and alongside banning of the Niqab has been policy in Ukip!

          Where exactly is the very fine line between incitment of theser hatreds and the actions of hatred of Anders Breivik?


To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

Followed shortly afterwards with this more detailed opinion:

Monday, 23 March 2015

Boxed in on all sides

I am now confident Ukip will poll less than 10%. The economy is improving and household debt is going up because of improved confidence, where only one in ten according to a new PwC report is in fear of losing their job. And so gearing the Ukip message to the “dispossessed” has proven a pretty poor strategy. Ukip’s base is shrinking, making it a party of losers. The boats anchored down so heavily with rage that a rising tide sinks them. 

By sending out dog-whistles to that shrinking demographic it distances Ukip from everybody else – and now it is cornered into making stupid comments on the spot because it has failed to put its intellectual arguments in place.

So now it comes over as an ever so slightly thick, angry nativist party lead by an opportunist – and all the while Ukip branches are playing host to mainland EU MEPs known for their far right activities, while Farage himself prates on about “multiculturalism” (which most normal people perceive as something else entirely), describing Islamists as a fifth column. Listen to the song their rhetoric sings. All the Left have to do is keep pushing at all the sore spots and Ukip walks into the trap time after time.

The net effect of this is that Ukip cannot present any winning arguments and taints good ideas by association thus is actively damaging the very cause it was set up to fight, ie leaving the EU. That is all entirely the doing of Nigel Farage, and it was inevitable this latest nonsense would be the product. It was predictable, it was predicted.

Sticking the knife in further today we have Matts Persson, director of Open Europe, saying “Mr Farage faces some “very difficult political decisions”. He said: “You have some questions to answer about exactly what you want to see. Is it a free trading, Hong Kong Britain with very Liberal politics including on migration – or is it what probably most of your [Ukip] voters want, to shut the borders and shut the world out which would mean a loss in terms of Britain’s GDP and economic competitiveness?”

But Ukip has now boxed itself in on that question by going up the “take back our borders” cul-de-sac, (and in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like), when even Alan Sked knew this was a dead end. This is why, up until Farage, Ukip was smart enough to go around the subject rather than meeting it head on. Ukip cannot now present a viable case for leaving the EU without making a u-turn on everything it has campaigned on while it has been in the public eye. There is a totally realistic way of achieving Brexit according to Persson’s vision, but Ukip have categorically ruled that out. So too has Open Europe by the looks but that’s a whole other story.

Now the Brexit camp looks like it’s going to have to fight against the perception it is seeking Ukip’s empty, backward vision for Britain as well as countering the disingenuous spin of europhiles. And if you were wondering why I detest Nigel Farage… that’s why.

  • “I am now confident Ukip will poll less than 10%.”

    Shouldn’t that be 110%, shurely shome mishtake?


    I can only speak for the people I know around here. The number one subject is immigration. Number two subjects are local, so I won’t bore you. (Number 76 is the boring old EU.)
    Ukip are the only people to get worried, indeed upset, about this topic. The other parties either will not mention it or else present a pack of what I can only call lies.
    When that MEP presented her fudged bill on TV, I thought Nigel Farage spoke brilliantly. He constantly says things that resonate with me too. He exudes common sense.
    Mr Cameron’s performance on TV yesterday when he announced in his chummy way to the BBC announcer that he was not going to stand for President: I saw a slightly out of date old Etonian and his lady wife in a mansion pretending to be like me.
    Mr Miliband is actually a bit more like me than that. (But not much actually).
    Please do not write Mr Farage off. He really does speak to my soul and I am sure that he speaks to a lot of other people too as we watch Britain morph into a completely different country and try to come to terms with the impossible.
    PS We have a super local MP and he will get my Conservative vote. I hope that I am in no way a swivel eyed loonie! Our local Ukip party members are mostly from the Secondary Modern Queen’s School and stuck firm in the 1950s.

    • Hi,

      you seem to claim that Farage’s populist band wagon jumping is in some way reasoned and accurate and not just mopping up, and inciting, the acceptable fave of the BNP.

      If, post EU membership, we are to continue to trade globally we will be bound by aspects of global movement of people enshrined in international law, which Farage and his cronies disingenuously pass off as law imposed by the EU.

      The EU makes very little law of consequence, thus little would change. The EU merely repackages the laws agreed by such as WHO, WTO, CODEX and a host of other organisations that these United Kingdoms is a members of.

      Leaving the EU will be fairly cost neutral as we will have to set up all sorts of areas of competence within our shores to ensure we comply with international laws to continue trading internationally.

      I for one can not wait for Britain to be master of its own destiny once more, liberated from the over bureacratised and undemocratic EU, however EURealists understand that little would change save self determination.

      Alliances are so much more dignified and stable, adjustable and flexible than a one size fits all super state!


    • It seems to me that we who want to live in a country that governs itself in accordance with international law and which has an ancient, open and fair system of administration and law, cannot afford to be divided.
      Mr Farage whatever you call him is the best publicist we have. Rubbishing him all the time is silly.
      He is not Adolf Hitler. Just a very naughty boy.

      • Hi,

        how I agree with you Farage is a good publicist but there are absolutely no signs that he is a leader, or has any of the required OQ to lead; nor has he the self discipline to do the sound work that is required of a competent leader.

        No indeed Nigel Farage is no Adolf Hitler, he lacks Hitler’s military experience, has no decorations for bravery, seemingly has never had the discipline to take orders, hence perhaps his inabilities as a leader.

        It is also worthy of note that Adolf Hitler was not just an orator but was also an accomplished author in his own right, having presented many involved and complex concepts in his lengthy, if somewhat laboured, book; part manual and part strategy layout in Mein Kampf – after 22 years of ‘claiming’ a desire to Leave_The_EU Nigel Farage hasn’t even managed to come up with the most simple outline of a responsible, ethical EU eXit & survival strategy, let alone the detailed work needed to outline the tactics nor any clear vision of the future liberated from the EU.

        You are right, Nigel Farage is no Adolf Hitler but it is surprising just howmany of Adolf Hitler’s concepts Ukip espouses, read for instance Gerard Batten’s vile Immigration pamphlet and his racist renunciation of Islam, so redollent of Hitler’s efforts to blame the Jews as a group for the problems of his Country.

        But I do agree Nigel Farage is no Adolf Hitler.


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