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Ukip’s Lone Nutter Is Clearly Nigel Farage This Time

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/03/2015

Ukip’s Lone Nutter Is Clearly Nigel Farage This Time

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip’s Lone Nutter Is Clearly Nigel Farage This Time, as so often as he announces policy on the hoof and then seeks to blame others!

000a ukip-025 count.png

it seems even The Sun has seen through the fraud that is Ukip, run as a one man band by a little man of much deceit and guile but no apparent integrity
As I have warned for many years not only does Ukip, after 22 years, have absolutely no sign of an ethical, responsible and viable EU eXit strategy but its absolute leader has zero vision for his cult or our Country beyond his own self interest.
Now it seems he is prepared to sell out Ukip for his own gain by trying to force an early referendum on IN?OUT of the EU when all informed sources appreciate that due to Ukip’s abject failure to show an ethical, viable EU eXit strategy and a clear informed and responsible vision for the future and Nigel Farage’s divisive incompetence as a leader who is not so much like ‘marmite’ but so corrupt and vindictive that he and his cult have built so many enemies they are assured that in a Referendum they would ensure Britain would remain in the EU.If the campaign to Leave_The_EU is fronted or managed from within the Werstminster Bubble or by a self selected clique of London based schmoozers approved by the Notting Hill set and the Tories who were the very people who got Britain embroiled in the EU Scam – IF this happens we WILL lose the referendum

Difficult as it clearly is, as The New Statesman has made clear for the less well informed, David Cameron is glad of the help of Nigel Farage in ensuring a referendum to Leave_The_EU would be lost as he has permitted such self serving snakes in the grass – the very Judas Goats who will lead Britain to the slaughter by permitting, due to the divisive actions of Ukip, members of the political Westminster bubble to front the No Campaign with a team of some of the best schmoozers and boot lickers to be found in the bubble, as they put forward the perceived wisdoms that will enhance their job and raise money to lead the Country to the slaughter.

It seems the self nominated Mathew Elliott, Business for Britain, Tax Payers Alliance and no doubt the self congratulatory Ian Milne (who has recently written a cut and paste boilerplate article on the motor industry without even considering how the industry functions with JIT and part sourcing!).Clearly with such inept Westminster bubble sycophants the aim is to ensure the Leave_The_EU campaign loses as would have the AV argument Mathew Elliott led had he not been rescued from his own incompetence!

As it stands at the moment not only do the polls show a referendum would be lost but that support for Leave_The_EU has dwindled as membership of Ukip and the Farage cult has grown!

As I have consistently warned the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse, as Farage’s fan club has grown and his cult has received more exposure they have come under increased scrutiny and their faults, failures and internal endless squabbling and divisions have become ever more apparent.

It seems increasingly l;ikely that Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage are all too likely to be facing criminal charges shortly and there is every possibility Nigel Farage’s doxy the serial liar Annabelle Fuller will face criminal charges before the election comes or shortly after – charges that are almost bound to implicate Nigel farage in the light of her tel;ephone conversations with him in the early hours from Andrew Bridgen’s apartment when, as I understand Patrick O’Flynn has attested she ‘targeted’ Andrew Bridgen a Tory MP before admitting she had deliberately stolen his Blackberry phone device, his House of Commons Pass and confidential correspondence.

The Telegraphs self serving hagiography written for Nigel Farage based on the latest book he has had written about him not withstanding – some of the media are willing to expose the truth as with The Sun, as I mentioned earlier and show here:

Whilst on the subject it is worthy of note that no one with ANY understanding of the workings of our own Governance and the checks and balances of Parliament will realise that whoever was in Government and whatever their will and majority it would not be possible let alone possible or beneficial to have a referendum in 2015 as do not forget that a Bill to enable such a referendum would have to be passed first which would require debate, passing the House of Commons stages to go to the House of Lords where it would be likely to be heatedly debated as so many members of that place are funded by the EU and obliged by oath to serve the EU not Britain! Even when (IF) passed by the HoL it would then require ratification of any changes made and a vote in the HoC before final reading in the HoL before being put forward for Royal Assent – then there would be the administrative problems of public debate followed by organising the Referendum itself!

Only an irresponsible fool would risk Britain’s entire future on an over hastey Referendum and even the 2017 target is optimistic in the light of, as Cameron puts it ‘the moving parts’, do not forget the huge body of law that must be considered and the immense areas of international compliance that must be put in place to ensure the security of our trade with the rest of the world – not just the EU.

Let us not forget when we hear light weight pundits wittering about percentages of UK law that are dictated by the EU – they have virtually no idea what percentage of the law has been enacted to be compliant with the EU as we in Britain are obliged to comply with laws and terms handed down by such bodies as the WTO, WHO, UN, CODEX and many more international bodies that enable our global trade.

To blithly quote %s of law is to totally mislead, whether deliberately, dishonestly or in stupidity is entirely another point the largest single % of our laws are Road Traffic Acts, including closures for repair etc which are short term are these to be considered in %age terms when of so little relevance – what weighting is given tyo a single Law that has upto 100 scheduled parts relative to a couple of lines of law closing a road for laying a watermain?

It is clearly irresponsible to whip up/incite the electorate with such meaningless figures!

May I commend those with a serious intent to try to campaign to Leave_The_EU to first read FleXcit access to which can be found in the >Right Sidebar< of this blog or go directly to This will however expose you to some indication of the complexity of the aim to Leave_The_EU – a task which clearly has been over simplified by the more self serving individuals and organisations who seek to hide the truth for their own gain – Just where is the detailed work of the likes of IEA, Business For Britain, Ukip, Tax Payers Alliance, The Tories, Nigel Farage’s Cult, Ian Milne, Mathew Elliott, David Bannerman and the army of those within the Westminster Bubble seeking their own ends at the expense of OUR Country?

Before a Referendum the No Campaign must first ensure its representative committee is selected by the peoples of Britain not just appointed/anointed by the self same political elite who caused the EU disaster in the first place – then we need Regional Organisers firastly Region by Region, then County by County, City by City, Town by Town, Village by Village and Community by Community – not like a political party or cult that has its target areas but in every community in these United Kingdoms and beyond the mallign influence of politicians Unions and the like.

For this Referendum to be of ANY value it must be seen to be fair, equally and fully funded and without the interference and corruption by either politicians or the EU, and avoiding being misled by companies, corporations and other influences that draw their instructions from foreign sources as with Nissan of Sunderland who are a French franchise or most of the water companies and power suppliers who are similarly French, nor Siemens, British Gas, HSBC etc etc who are also foreign – one should not expect Councils to take a stance as they are there to represent the people not Bertelsmans nor themselves!

We must remember that we have laws in this Country that demand that schools and educational establishments shall NOT be politicised and thus teachers and the like have no part in this referendum, beyond their own votes.

Perhaps you start to understand the complexity of holding this referendum if it is to be binding and not the very source of an ongoing running sore that the EU has been due to the duplicity of its enactment and verification to date.




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