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Nigel Farage’s CPAC Venture Lived Down To Prediction

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/03/2015

Nigel Farage’s CPAC Venture Lived Down To Prediction

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Nigel Farage’s CPAC Venture Lived Down To my Prediction in the earlier posting. A small fish in a big pond can however be a great irritant in a small puddle!

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as I clearly cautioned CLICK HERE

 CPAC conference has lost much of its cachet, its significance has waned and only the key note Republican speakers command an audience, beyond the scrapings of the extreme right wing nutters.

Clearly Nigel Farage had high hopes of a well filled pot for his efforts, this was clearly not likely as I warned.

To think that it was this that Nigel Farage put himself through the rigours of his January detox and his efforts to break his dangerous and damaging habits. Without the ‘lift’ his habits have given him increasingly over recent months the lack of an audience must have hit hard, though a blessing as few would have witnessed his embarrassing and stereotypical presentation of well rehearsed negatives.

Nigel Farage went all the way to Washington in the hopes of making money from capacity crowds at the annual CPAC conference – only to speak to a near empty hall with a few people with little of worth to do.

Nigel Farage largely failed to ‘hit the spot’

The audience stayed with Mr Farage as he ventured into an assault on the growth of corporatism – “big business, big banks and big government”. When he turned his attention to foreign affairs, however, he stood on uncertain ground.

Criticising Mr Obama’s Middle East policy as being insufficiently forceful had been a reliable applause line at the conference throughout the day, so there was a certain amount of unease in those gathered when Mr Farage came at the topic from a different angle.

“The time has come to assess whether an interventionist foreign policy has been successful,” he said. “We’ve actually inflamed and stoked the fire of militant Islam by doing what we’ve done.”

His words were a sharp contrast to Ms Palin’s remarks just 40 minutes earlier.

“Aside from God almighty, what is the only force strong enough to keep this barbaric tide at bay?” she asked. “It’s the red, white and blue; it’s the United States military.”

To judge by the front page of GOOGLE not only did no one notice the abject and embarrassing failure of Nigel Farage nor did they miss an opportunity to point out he spoke o an empty hall & 1,000s of vacant chairs

4 days ago – @BuzzFeedNews Clicked hoping it was Nigel Farage; was not disappointed. … @BuzzFeedNews There is no speaker speaking in the hall!





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