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GP-RN – Ukip: the last 100 days.+ Ukip’s Predictability

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/02/2015

GP-RN – Ukip: the last 100 days.+ Ukip’s Predictability

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Guest Post- Dr. Richard North:

Ukip: the last 100 days.
Ukip’s Predictability is more damaging to EUroScepticism than Channel4 was.

000a ukip-025 count.png


it does seem that Ukip have lived down to my prediction that their reaction to the Channel4 program would be far more damaging to Nigel Farage’s ambitions than the program itself.

Let us not forget Channel4’s over the top inaccurate love fest of Farage not so long ago.

May I also remind Ukip that for several years I have pointed out that ‘the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse’, now that Ukip has promoted itself as likely to have excellent results in the upcoming General Election and hold the balance of power – even puting forward the fantasy that Nigel Farage could well become deputy prime minister, they have made themselves a target for lampoon.

There has been an element of the media, whether in a sense of mischief or out of gullibility, who have played to Ukip’s propaganda. Many will be aware the media is struggling having shed the better quality of journalsists and now running entire news rooms staffed by young, inexperienced members better qualified with Google than experience as they copy nes stories from the internet and reprint implausible stories handed to them by PR companies and press offices.

Many of you will remember the slavish poppycock published at Ukip’s Bournemouth conference which was a tissue of lies put out by Annabelle Fuller, one has to ask what was the motivation of the undescerning journalists who published it?

You may well remember one Ukip conference that failed to garner any publicity beyond some lightweight lass at The Times who interviewed Nigel Farage where tjhe most notable factor was his claim that he had lost a testicle.

That Ukip has utterly failed to show any signs of gravitas or even understanding of the issues of how to Leave_The_EU and the conseque4nces is irrefutable. That Ukip is like a sack of ferretts as they all jockey for position angling for more secure positions and jumping ship when they fail makes them prime material for a lampooning docu/drama.

Let us not forget Ukip has made themselves a target for satire buy their aspiration to office whilst failing totally to establish a body of policies that are costed, responsible and plausible.

Consider the fact that Ukip has for 22 years claimed to be opposed to EU membership yet in all that time they have abjectly failed to put forward a clear, responsible, ethical EU eXit and survival strategy.

As the Channel4 program made very clear Ukip has totally failed to even make the point that when Britain leaves the EU the EEA will stiill exist and international trade IS NOT controlled by the EU but the EU is controlled by The WTO and various other bodies.

Ukip has failed to show that there would be no consequential loss of jobs when we leave the EU, the EU could not legally nor would it suit them to harm trade with Britain.

Ukip’s crass incompetence and lightweight self serving dishonesty is probably the greatest threat to EUroScepticism that exists and their failure to act responsibly is the biggest single reason that in a referendum Britain’s best interests are unlikely to be served and Ukip has made it all too easy for the scoundrels seeking to destroy Britain, for their own ends, to implement FUD as Ukip has absolutely zero plausible status or competent policies..

Tuesday 17 February 2015

000a C4-016 UKIP.jpg

The most disturbing thing that came over from the UKIP: The First 100 Days was the facility with which writer-director Chris Atkins was able to make the case for massive job losses following the announcement of the Ukip “government” that Britain was to leave the EU.

That is a reflection of the total failure of Ukip to break the link between membership of the EU and participation in the Single Market. It is also an accurate reflection of the consequences of the sort messy exit that Ukip has on offer.

Thus has the party of “out” allowed itself – even if by default – to be associated with the graphic images presented in the programme, lending more substance to the job loss meme than a thousand hours of Europhile chat shows could ever do.

The association between Ukip and an immigration policy committed to deporting illegal immigrants was also made clear, and – however much the “kippers” might squawk – the consequences of such a policy would involve an aggressive programme of raids and not a little violence.

Where the programme falls down – rather like Ukip policy – is that there was no attempt to explain how Mr Farage’s “government” would manage to deport so many migrants, without first establishing agreements with countries willing to take them. That all previous governments have been unable to do this is one reason why so few have been deported.

Also missing from the fictional scenario is any reference to repealing the Human Rights Act – which might take rather longer than a year, after the repeal Bill had been blocked in the Lords. In real life (not that we are dealing with such an elusive thing) – and in any case during the first 100 days – there would be very few deportations. Most orders would be tied up in endless appeals in the courts.

Thus, the idea that the fictional Deepa Kaur MP would be put on the spot so quickly, with the situation deteriorating to the point where there was rioting in the streets, lacked any credibility whatsoever – entirely in keeping with Ukip’s policies, which are about as fictional as was Chris Atkins’s story line.

Not at all fictional, though, is yesterday’s Guardian/ICM poll which not only put the Conservatives four percent ahead of Labour, but had Ukip going down two points to score a mere nine points, the second poll in a week to put Farage’s party below ten percent.

With Farage’s own personal rating also taking a dive and the Ukip “brand” becoming even more toxic than Labour or Conservative, the “kippers” now seem to be on their way down.

Soon enough, this might even become apparent to the professionals, although Matt Goodwin will probably be the last to realise. But when Ukip does crash and burn at the general election, there will be more than a few pundits marking “UKIP: The First 100 Days” as the turning point.

It won’t be, of course, but it will give “experts” like Goodwin the excuses they need for having missed the downturn that should eventually lead to Ukip’s last 100 days and oblivion.
Richard North 17/02/2015

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