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Nigel Farage Earns Yet More Bad Publicity.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/12/2014

Nigel Farage Earns Yet More Bad Publicity.

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Nigel Farage’s Ukip Earns Yet More Bad Publicity and we see it’s management in panic by ordering it’s members not to use its logo to promote Ukip on social media.


interesting that Ukip have banned their members from using their most recognised symbol:
UKIP_logo 01Thus showing all the dictatorial dementia we have come to expect from them:
Let us face it Ukip has attracted so much bad publiity it will be unlikelt to be able to0 move on:

Ukip’s tweet crackdown amid embarassing scandals

Nigel Farage is cracking down on the use of its logo on social media sites following a number of gaffes

Nigel Farage with his party's logo at theis year's Ukip party conference

Nigel Farage with his party’s logo at this year’s Ukip party conference Photo: Geoff Pugh/The Telegraph

Ukip is banning the unauthorised use of its logo on social media sites following a number of gaffes and offensive comments by its members.

The party said people will only be allowed to use the logo with “express written consent” from its leadership.

Ukip’s chairman Steve Crowther warned members thinking about using Twitter: “My advice: just don’t.”

The disclosure, made by the Observer, came as the party faced embarassment over a Christmas message printed in a newspaper which said “Say No to the UK!”.

The message, which was presumed to have mistakenly included “UK” in place of “EU”, was printed by Ukip’ Rotherham branch in a local paper.

It follows a number of incidents where members have posted inappropriate tweets.

William Henwood, a Ukip candidate in Enfield, tweeted about Lenny Henry saying he should emigrate to a “black country” and does “not have to live with whites”.

Ukip member Andre Lampitt, who starred in one of the party’s promotional videos, was suspended after he called Ed Miliband “not British”, said Africans should “kill themselves off”, Islam is “evil” and Nigerians are “bad people”,

In the latest scandal, Kerry Smith, a Ukip parliamentary candidate, was recorded making remarks about homosexuals and Chinese people.

Nigel Farage described him as a “rough diamond”.

Ukip’s national executive council has threatened to suspend members who embarrass the party under new rules it has introduced governing their use of social media sites.

According to the Observer, the new rules state “party members shall refrain from using the Ukip logo in terms of their online postings, including avatars, unless they have express written consent to do so from the party leader, the party chairman, the party secretary, the general secretary, the party director, the regional chairman or regional organiser for their region.”

Writing in the Ukip members’ magazine, Mr Crowther said: “The NEC has adopted a new set of rules for online communication to fill a notable hole in our code of discipline … My advice: just don’t. Remember life before you could delight the whole world with your every passing thought? It wasn’t so bad, was it? I have no Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram thingy. It’s lovely.”

A spokesman for Ukip claimed the move is also to prevent imposters using the logo by setting up fake accounts.

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Clearly for as long as Ukip parades liars, cheats and dishonest pond life like Mark Croucher as it’s spokesmen the party can hardly be seen to be credible. Little wonder with such excrement still involved that the party attracts such poor  press and is not trusted in domestic politics.

A clear example of this odious little man’s dishonest and deliberate damage is that he makes much of not using social media yet he has a string of false names and blogs posting lies, fantasy and dishonest spin and publishing vile slurs against individuals both on blogs and on various forums!

I concede it is of course a measure of an organisation that inept leadership may attract competent individuals but as can be seen with Ukip it is unable to hang onto decent members and supporters as it weeds out those who may prove a challenge or have gravitas that may outshine those in control – read between the lines the articles in the media tyhat so frequently allude to or report the internal squabblings and constant changing of policies and personnel to scrape the bottom of the political barrel for its followers and friend.

In the article above it is all too clear that in something of a panic Ukip has been exposed displaying the fact that despite its much vaunted claims of being Libertarian it finds itself in the embarrassing position thaty it must make laws for its members not to promote its logo as all too many of them are louche and libertine and can not be expected to do other than bring shame on the logo.

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