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Stuart Wheeler AND Paul Sykes Threaten Ukip

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/12/2014

Stuart Wheeler AND Paul Sykes Threaten Ukip

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Stuart Wheeler AND Paul Sykes Threaten Ukip by showing Nigel farage can not count on their money to fund his cult.


may I remind readers that we have already reported in some detail that Stuart Wheeler has stated his intention to cease funding Ukip as his Tory protege the slease ridden Neil Hamilton has been forced to stand down as a candidate yet again – ever the back room boy – as he is under investigation for claiming unauthorised expenses, including expecting Ukip to pay £85/night to sleep with his wife in the flat she has registered in her name in London!
There is also the point that it is widely believed that Stuart Wheeler bribed Douglas Carswell to join Ukip, when Carswell had his ego pricked by being shunted off to some annex accomodation during the Tory conference rather than having his ego stroked by a place in the main hotel! The bribe was believed to be the promise of leadership of Ukip, to make a collusion with the Tories more possible if Ukip is lucky enough to have a few MPs elected in May!
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Now you will note that Ukip’s finances are under even more threat as Paul Sykes has announced his intent to withdraw his funding – however paul Sykes or as Nigel Farage calls him ‘The Yorkshire Dwarf’ is well known for abusing his power and making grandiose and flamboyant offers yet when it comes to the crunch using his money to fund pet aspects within the party, thus proving to be always a day late and a Dollar short!
Sykes has all too often manipulated Ukip in return for his payment of bills he has caused, such as buying advertising and controlling the wording and style to pander to his own ego rather than the aims of Ukip.
Now you will note:


Nigel Farage’s General Election plans were thrown into doubt last night after Ukip’s single-biggest funder announced that he was suspending donations.

Multi-millionaire Paul Sykes, who has given Ukip about £1.3 million over the past year, said he wanted ‘grassroots’ members to finance the party’s Election campaign instead.

He told The Mail on Sunday he was making ‘no commitment’ about future big donations to the party because that would ‘destroy’ Ukip’s bid to build up a grassroots base and he was ‘standing back’ because party membership fees were rising.

He added: ‘I am making no commitment and no statement regarding me writing big cheques out to Ukip because it destroys the fabric of what we are trying to build.’

The move will potentially be a huge blow to Mr Farage’s plans for a breakthrough next year by winning Commons seats.

Ex-tyre fitter Mr Sykes, whose cash was crucial to Ukip’s record results in this year’s European elections, has been the party’s single most important funder.

Last night Mr Farage said: ‘For a political party to be too dependent on a few donors is not a good thing.’ Asked if Ukip could make up any donations shortfall from other sources, Mr Farage said: ‘We’ll have to.’

The party is reportedly in line for a £300,000 donation from Daily Express owner Richard Desmond.

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