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Middle Aged Ukip Official Sexually Harasses PPC

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/12/2014

Middle Aged Ukip Official Sexually Harasses PPC

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Roger Bird a Middle Aged Ukip Official Sexually Harasses a young Asian woman he interviewed as a PPC


as a result of conversation with other informed individuals both inUkip and well informed in Ukip matters and having watched Natasha Bolter’s interview on BBC Newsnight by Tom Mangold I found her testimony fairly convincing and having read the messages released earlier by Roger Bird in his defence I found the messages allegedly sent by Ms. Bolter were unwise but did not effect the allegations she has made as they were far from explicit and post dated his appointments of Ms. Bolter’s selection as a PPC.
That Roger Bird would seem likely to have abused his position of trust in the party even seeking to sell positions in the party for sex would not surprise me. There have been other instances where Ukip leadership has exploited its position of power to employ sexual partners on the Ukip payroll.
I also believe that Ukip’s claim of prompt action is questionable as they admit, as Newsnight informed us,they were notified of Ms. Bolter’s sexual and racial abuse by Ukip members on 05-Nov-2014.
Ms. Bolter has informed us that she had no knowledge of any action taken by Ukip though they claim they instructed an inquiry on the 6-nov and a week later appointed an independent team to investigate the matter yet it was apparent their idea of independent was in fact Ukip controlled internal disciplinary committee thus under the control of Nigel Farage as are all matters in Ukip since he holds the whip handle and largely the purse strings and has a proven track record of totally ignoring Ukip committee rulings.
It must be a stunningly lax investigation when you consider that over a month has passed and there has been zero contact with the claimed victim – thus clearly the investigating team have only the word of the miscreant and possibly a second hand version of the complaint of Ms. Bolter.
Hardly a professional nor a rapid or independent inquiry – just another shoddy Ukip shambols!
There is also the possibility that Roger Bird’s position is more difficult than one might think as it was he who acted as returning officer in the coronation of Nigel Farage as the ‘glorious cult leader’ without a single ballot being cast and seemingly in direct contravention of Ukip’s own constitutional rules!
Might this be an expedient manner in which to remove an embarrassing individual who has acted for Nigel Farage making way for a proper election which with Stuart Wheeler’s support would favour Douglas Carswell and would also open the door for Patrick O’Flynn to make a play for leadership!

Ukip’s star woman quits after sex claims

Natasha Bolter claims that Roger Bird propositioned her over dinner at his London club
Jack Hill/The Times
Natasha Bolter

Ukip’s most high-profile ethnic minority candidate has quit the party, claiming that she was sexually harassed by its general secretary.

Natasha Bolter, a headline speaker at Ukip’s party conference, has pulled out of hustings today in South Basildon, where she was widely expected to be elected as parliamentary candidate in the winnable seat.

Ms Bolter, 35, claims that Roger Bird, Ukip’s general secretary and the man in charge of vetting parliamentary candidates, propositioned her over dinner at his London club on the day that he interviewed her as a prospective candidate.

“He asked if we could continue the interview at the Oxford and Cambridge Club that evening,” Ms Bolter said. “I thought it was because I was nervous. [But] when I went I could see that he wasn’t really interested in what I had to offer as a politician. He took me down to the snooker room and said ‘I find you very attractive’. He said, ‘Would you like to come home with me?’ ”

Ukip suspended Mr Bird last night “following allegations of impropriety . . . with regard to candidate selection”.

It is understood that Mr Bird, 41, has claimed that he had a consensual relationship with Ms Bolter. She denies that any romantic or sexual contact took place. Ukip leaders were understood to have urged Ms Bolter as late as Sunday night to stand in the hustings.

Neil Hamilton, the controversial former Conservative MP who is now deputy chairman, has been parachuted in as a last-minute candidate.

Ms Bolter, who defected from Labour to Ukip in September, claimed that Mr Bird continued to try to sleep with her after she told him that she was not interested.

In October he invited her for a second time to the Oxford and Cambridge Club, where membership is limited to those who attended the universities. “He asked me to pop into his office first at 5pm,” Ms Bolter said. “If the general secretary of the party rings you and says that, you go.”

Mr Bird allegedly told Ms Bolter, who was wearing jeans, that she was not dressed smartly enough to dine later at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, she said. She said he bought her a £169 dress from Ted Baker and some matching shoes, before approvingly telling her that she “now looked like a girl who could get in a taxi”.

“That pissed me off,” Ms Bolter said. “I felt like slapping him. Before, when I was in jeans, I was obviously an Underground or a bus kind of person.”

Ms Bolter claimed that at this second meeting, after a heavy meal, Mr Bird “leant over and tried to kiss me”.

“It was obvious that he wanted to sleep with me,” she said. “He said, I can help you, I’m supporting you.

“I was quite adamant that I’m not going to sleep with him or anyone [in Ukip]. It’s hard enough for women. We shouldn’t have to sleep with people to get to the right place.”

Ms Bolter said that she left while “very upset”.

After that night she alleges that she received anonymous emails “bullying” her and alleging that she had slept with Mr Bird and was even pregnant with his child. She complained to party officials who instigated an investigation that led to Mr Bird’s suspension last night.

Ms Bolter’s problems with the party did not stop with Mr Bird. She alleges a catalogue of racism and sexism that went undealt with despite complaints to top officials.

She claimed, she was told by another prospective parliamentary candidate that her only job was “to look pretty and to get us votes”. On another occasion, a local party chairman allegedly told her that a woman with a young baby was a “f***ing Pole” who “hasn’t worked out the benefits system and how to get a free pushchair”.

Last night a Ukip spokesman did not comment on the substantive allegations. However, he said that the first knowledge that the party had that anything was wrong was on November 5. He said that an internal inquiry began on November 6 and that Mr Bird was suspended after a “draft report” by ­external consultants submitted on December 7.

“Unfortunately, Ukip has had to suspend Mr Bird pending a full investigation into allegations made against him. The party has acted swiftly and decisively and will not tolerate ­impropriety of any kind amongst its staff,” the spokesman said.

Mr Bird declined to comment.

 The above story is hidden behind The Times paywall!
A measure of the unpleasant attitude of Ukip members and the claque that follows them can be found discussing Ms. Bolter HERE on a Forum which acts as a sounding board for Ukip members and was formerly under the control of Ukip but which still has their claque and various senior members with false names upholding Ukip views and attacking those with whom they disagree or who dare criticise Ukip!

Ukip’s women problem: Roger Bird harassment claims aren’t the first sex scandal to hit Nigel Farage’s party

It’s an issue that Mr Farage has so far been unable to solve – and which could ultimately hurt Ukip in the polls

The claims involve one of Nigel Farage’s most prominent female prodigies, the potential parliamentary candidate Natasha Bolter. She told The Times newspaper that Roger Bird twice propositioned her for sex and said that he could advance her career in return.

In a statement, the party said it had acted “swiftly and decisively” in suspending Bird pending an investigation – but the allegations will come as a major blow to the Eurosceptic party which has been working hard to deal with what Mr Farage himself admitted is a women problem.

This is not the first alleged sexual harassment scandal to involve the party. In July last year a report revealed claims that a female activist had been assaulted, spat on and called a “whore” after her drink was spiked at a Ukip gala dinner.[ also CLICK HERE & HERE]

That report was produced by the then-general secretary Michael Greaves, who said that “for what it’s worth something may have happened to her”. The unnamed activist did not take her allegations beyond a complaint to the Ukip director Lisa Duffy for fear of creating “a scandal for everyone who works so hard in Ukip”.

Two months ago the former Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom quit the party on the grounds that it was becoming too “politically correct”.

To view the original article CLICK HERE




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