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Yet Another Display Of Ukip Un-Professionalism

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/11/2014

Yet Another Display Of Ukip Un-Professionalism

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Yet Another Display Of Ukip Un-Professionalism


this format for a report on internal handling of finances by Ukip would seem perhaps to be a standard format for handling the many internal inquiries into misappropriation of funds – only the amounts vary and the individuals concerned – Just think howmany £Millions could have been kept for party use had these been the principles enforced in instances like the handling of monies from Ashford, or the cash collected in buckets at various meetings, funding paid through graham Booth’s (& possibly others) credit card machines, donations in cash and kind seemingly to buy positions on selection lists etc.
Mick McGough a discredited and offensive bean counter in Ukip is hardly the one to be handling such reports, as was it not he who acted as co signator for his corrupt chum Andrew Smith when Smith was Ukip’s treasurer, a role for which Mick McGough had no formal authorisation!
Many will remember it was Andrew Smith who fled his position of trust when challenged over some 27 financial irregularities by the then NEC member Richard Suchorzewski – including how less than 15% of the money raised with the Ashford scam, described by Nigel Farage at the time, ‘Ukip’s most profitable fund raising idea ever’.
It was Mick McGough who spun and lied slandering those who sought justice when Tom Wise defrauded the EU & Ukip, to protect the criminal actions of Tom Wise! To be fair he did so with such supporters of Tom Wise and his criminality as Nigel Farage, Roger Helmer and the Ukip boot lickers Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher and others, all colluding to cover-up Tom Wise‘s criminality.
Smith fled leaving the accounts in the most unprofessional disarray to be taken over by the clearly self serving subsequent couple of treasurers!
Mick McGough also repeatedly tried to spin and lie to protect his chum Andrew Smith when Andrew Smith mailed out a scurrilous eMail, which this blog published, in which he laid out for Ukip NEC members how best to dupe (fraudulently mislead) The Electoral Commission.
Mick McGough also featured in the report on corrupt practices within Ukip drawn up by Ukip’s then returning officer CLICK HERE
In view of the track record of lies, corruption and spin from Mick McGough there is clearly no reason to believe one word of thge report below – is it just another McGough cover-up for his puppet masters in return for their favours?
McGOUGH, Michael 05
It is sad, both for their supporters and for the electorate at large, to note just what floats to the top in the septic tank that passes for Ukip’s leadership, staff and leadership clique.
UKIP_logo 01
Lambeth and Croydon North
report re £1000 donation
13 November 2014
I have examined excel spread sheets bank statements and vouchers/invoices presented to me by the branch
treasurer for the year to date and prior.
The spread sheets represent an
analysed cash/cheque book for the bank account combined/consolidated with an
analysed account of pure cash transactions.
The donation from Robert Mason is recorded as a cash receipt on 1st March 2014. Rather than banking this
amount it was kept as a cash float for paying expenses prior to the May elections.
1) failure to fully inform the committee and members of the financial transactions has led to unnecessary mistrust.
2) the Treasurer has failed to comply with the rules by not submitting annual branch accounts for the year to 31st
December to Head Office (HO)
3) the Treasurer has failed to complete and return to HO the quarterly donation reports
Forms for submission of these reports are sent to treasurers ahead of the quarterly deadline and must be completed and returned even if
donations are NIL. The £1000 donation in contention was not reported to HO in the quarter received but only in the current quarter after the start of my investigation.
4) good practice requires that all monies received are paid into the bank account and any cash required is drawn out in separate transactions.
This ensures that there is a full audit trail.
5) good practice also dictates that records are kept up to date shortly after events not much later.
6) officers have admitted pre-signing blank cheques to enable speedy completion of transactions but this should be avoided in future. If absolutely necessary the cheques should have written at the head ‘not to exceed £x’.
This will limit any potential loss if misused or stolen.
7) whilst proper financial accounts will combine all branch transactions separate records should be maintained for the bank account and for cash transactions.
8) there was a large payment in May for Carnival Security for which there are no receipts.
Knowing the facts of what occurred that day I can understand why this happened but proper receipts must be obtained in future.
9) certain expenses were reimbursed to the Chairman, seemingly, with the approval of the committee. Such approvals should be minuted or expense vouchers signed by other committee members to record such approval.
Going forward I suggest that the treasurer meets with the full committee and one of the ROs for an open book exercise whereby all records may be examined and questions raised to ensure they are completely happy with past transactions.
I suggest that more openness and team working should avoid problems in future.
NEC Member




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