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Which Idiot Exposed Ukip To This Criticism?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/09/2014

Which Idiot Exposed Ukip To This Criticism?

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



 Which Idiot Exposed Ukip To This Criticism? With Nigel Farage encouraging illegal under age drinking & unclarified magic fish production!



Nigel Farage is heading for government – but his Ukipper capers would be a menace to Britain

Sunday People political editor Nigel Nelson urges voters not to give Nigel Farage a crack at government


Some intelligence reaches me which I might avoid sharing with my children – each generation has been brighter than the last.

Denmark has carried out the same IQ test on 18 year olds since the 1950s to check their suitability for military service.

And the Danes found IQ went up three points a decade.

Then something odd happened. Scores peaked in 1998 and are now 1.5 points lower. UK and Australian studies produced similar results.

Scientists don’t know why we’re getting dumb. And dumber. Just that we are.

Which takes me to the North Kent coast and the South Thanet constituency where I suspect Danish IQ testing would show an even sharper decline in intelligence.

That’s because Nigel Farage has been selected as Ukip parliamentary candidate there.

South Thanet voters would need the IQ of donkeys to send the Ukip leader to Westminster. And those in Clacton would be asses to allow Tory defector Douggie Carswell to remain their MP.


PA Farage: your having a laugh
Farage: your having a laugh

This Nigel likes that Nigel. I enjoy his company, and admire his political savvy.But Ukip MPs would be a bloody menace if David Cameron or Ed Miliband end up leading a minority government next year.

Coalition deals would have to be done, and if Ukip had any part in them it would be a deal with the devil.

Ukip is no party of government. Its manifesto looks as if Nigel wrote it on the back of one of his fag packets.

Ukip’s only answer to complex issues like terrorism, immigration, and fuel poverty is to leave the EU.

The Kippers even claim, bizarrely, that exiting Europe would put more fish in the sea.

John Chapa / Barcroft USA Ukip's pledge: more fish in British waters
Ukip’s pledge: more fish in British waters

 And then there Nigel’s own IQ to consider. He’s offering to buy a pint for the winner of the Ukip conference prize draw, a modest financial commitment.

I’ve read the small print which says the competition “is open to individuals aged 16 or over who are resident in the UK.”

But 16 year olds can only drink legally in a pub if they are bought a meal as well.

And I wouldn’t trust Britain’s economy to a man who spends five times more than he originally intended.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE
Yes all too easily this can be shown to be the frippery of the media but the very fact that Ukip is laid open to these criticisms whether of failing to explain how their move to leave the CFP might give rise to more fish and how abrogating on Treaty Undertakings can be achieved or encouraging 16 to 18 year olds to break the law, when it comes to the national licensing laws.
How may the idiots in Ukip’s leadership team be considered suitable for any position in Governance when their entire policy seems to revolve around policies and clever weezes dreamed up on the spur of the moment and endless ill thought out band wagon jumping is no substitute for gravitas, reliability and responsible intelligent planning.
After 21 years with the core policy of Leave_The_EU neither Nigel Farage nor Ukip in general have managed to provide a credible, honourable and ethical exit and survival strategy – little wonder they lost their last representative MP at Westminster so rapidly when Bob Spink saw through the smoke and mirrors and comic behaviour of Ukip’s leadership to its core of racism, anti homosexuality and criminal corruption.
Little wonder Ukip after 21 years has but a miniscule spattering of Councillors and that includes the all but irrelevant Town & Local Councillors and absolutely no one within so much as a sniff of election in a General Election as they pin their desperate hopes on a Tory turncoat hanging onto his seat in a by election!
Like Alex Salmond in Scotland Ukip is desperately trying to enrich and empower itself without any credible structure or plan, dependent on stirring up fear and hatred amongst the least well educated and those who feel dispossessed by the relentless march of modern life and the unarguable effects of the global increase in population, communications, mobility and technology hand in hand with undeniable increases in temperature and changes of weather patterns that this planet has always been at the mercy of as our local star pulsates on what seems to be a cyclical basis over the eons!
I note today a Ukip press release written for Jill Seymour that endeavours to make much of the efforts of Staffordshire to ring fence expenditure for its cancer patients and end of life patients – yet as ever with Ukip they capitalise on criticism funded by the public purse but have, like Alex Salmond, no plan B.
For those interested in the subject of cancer care, the NHS and end of life care may I suggest you CLICK HERE for some FACTS! I suggest Jill Seymour reads this too before letting Ukip write more press releases for her!




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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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One Response to “Which Idiot Exposed Ukip To This Criticism?”

  1. Ah! that’s what I like a Journalist who is clairvoyant. How does he know what’s in the UKIP manifesto before it’s even published. Perhaps the author and Mr Lance-Watkins had better find out how government works before decrying every politician. Government both local and national is run by full time staff and the politicians only represent the conscience of the electorate. By failing to understand this essential point is why we keep hearing that Politicians run the country. No they don’t but they think they do. So we can have all the nuttiest politicians in the world and it won’t make much difference as you should have witnessed over the years. Years ago the full timers ran the show and politicians were in an advisory role until in the seventies suddenly the politicians started replacing the full timers and nudging them off their desk space attempting to take control. It hasn’t worked and now we have Cabinet government ( locally and nationally ) that is more akin to dictatorship. No politician can be expected to know about every subject but we seem to think they should so they rely on dozens of advisors. If you see how many subjects Cameron covers in a day that would become obvious hence the continual sound bites.
    By all means lets continue making fun of our political representatives but please don’t forget they are mostly trying to emphasis the concerns of the many who feel ignored or unrepresented by out political system.


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