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Nigel Farage Boasted About The Number Of Women He Got Pregnant

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/05/2014

Nigel Farage Boasted About The Number Of Women He Got Pregnant
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Normally this blog takes little interest in the more sordid aspects of the low lifes of Ukip leadership but Nigel Farage’s Boast About The Number Of Women He Got Pregnant has resurfaced in some quarters!

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Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




as he is a sociopath, in my opinion, with his blind belief if not blinded belief in just how clever and indespensible he is and his absolute lack of understanding of either integrity or ethics I was amused to be reminded of the example  from so long ago that typifies his behaviour.

Such hubris and opinion of his own self worth, when he is clearly such an insecure personality that he lashes out at anyone who might be in a position to challenge him or rival him due to their having the leadership skills he so clearly lacks.

Nigel Farage is so very like Oswald Mosely, without the breeding, education or background, that it is quite surprising and interestingly the two men share many traits, including the fact that their political careers peaked at around 50,000 members but neither men were able to command a following in the House of Commons before their fall from grace and eventual departure in ignominy.

Let us not forget the wisdom of Enoch Powell when he said ‘All political careers end in failure’ and we are watching the end of Nigel Farage’s political life if the public have one Iota of sense – that he has destroyed his own future with his untrustworth behaviour, close association with lies, bullying and abuse of people and his public office which has done little to encourage any but the most dependent on him to raise a hand to help him and protect him from his precarious position and inevitable eventual fall, raising only a hand to toast his departure!

Nigel Farage Boasted About The Number Of Women He Got Pregnant

Posted: 21/05/2014 15:51 BST Updated: 21/05/2014 15:59 BST
An old interview given by Nigel Farage has resurfaced in which the Ukip leader attacks the “lunacy” of maternity leave and boasted about the number of women he had got pregnant.

Asked if women should play football, Farage replied: “Here’s the bigger question. Do we think, chaps, when we’re there in the front line, when the balloon goes up, with fixed bayonets, when the whistle’s about to blow to go over the top, do we actually want to be there with women beside us? Do we? What an extraordinarily bizarre idea! I certainly don’t think so.

He added: “But maybe it’s because I’ve got so many women pregnant over the years that I have a different view. I find it very difficult to think that we could stand up and run over the top together, into the machine guns or whatever. Men and women are different – thank God!”

The interview, conducted with Belgian magazine Up Front in 2010, was uncovered on Wednesday by Political Scrapbook.

Farage was also reported to have agreed with comments made by then Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom about maternity leave. “Godfrey’s comment that ‘no employer with a brain in the right place would employ a young, single, free woman’ has been proved so right,” Farage said. “With this lunacy, that if you have children you get three months paid leave off work, or six months paid leave off work – he absolutely got it spot on.”

Bloom was kicked out of Ukip by Farage last year when he was recorded telling a room full of women that they were “sluts” and then proceeded to hit a reporter over the head with a book before running away in a taxi.

The Ukip leader has made controversial comments about the role of women in the workplace since that interview took place. In January he claimed there was not “any discrimination against women at all” in the City of London.

Farage has admitted that his party does not do as well among women and men, but said women were “slowly but surely” taking over Ukip. “Nobody has done more in Ukip to promote women than I have,” he said in February.”When you get the results from European elections you’ll be astonished to see as many women as men in the top slots in Ukip, things have changed.”

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