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Is UKIP Providing The End To Real Democracy – Just Protest?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/05/2014

Is UKIP Providing The End To Real Democracy – Just Protest?

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Is UKIP Providing The End To Real Democracy fieldin a plethora of low grade nobodies of little merit, Just a dustbin for Protest votes on route to the risk of a futeure when Farage is gone for a charismatic leader to make a play for a protest led role as dictator?

Some will recall a dapper little chap with militaristic pretensions and a dodgey background who led Germany to an earlier attempt at dominance!



Ukip chairwoman Janice Atkinson who called for protesters who ‘hurl abuse’ to be arrested caught swearing at anti-racism activists

MEP candidate accuses Green Party of ‘harassing public’ in Kent and says ‘I think my view of them is self-evident’

A senior Ukip MEP candidate who last week called for abusive protesters to be arrested by police has been caught on camera swearing at a group of local activists.

Janice Atkinson, who is the party’s South East chair and described herself as Nigel Farage’s “number two”, was pictured raising her middle finger at members of the People’s Assembly in Ashford, Kent.

People’s Assembly and Green Party member Maria Pizzey said she and a small number of activists held a peaceful protest next to Ms Atkinson and Ukip’s Ashford chair Norman Taylor, who Ms Pizzey said seemed “embarrassed” by his colleague’s behaviour.

According to the protesters, former Tory candidate Ms Atkinson made “personal comments about [Ms Pizzey’s] body size”, and said: “I don’t care where you f***ing post this, just f**k off!”

It comes as the latest in a string of altercations in the South East between Ukip and a

number of groups including Unite Against Fascism and the Green Party.

Members of the small group of People's Assembly activists said they stood 'peacefully' next to the Ukip stand and let members of the public approach them

Members of the small group of People’s Assembly activists said they stood ‘peacefully’ next to the Ukip stand and let members of the public approach them Ms Atkinson, who last week told The Independent that recent protests had made her “fear for her safety”, posted a picture of the activists on Twitter yesterday with the caption: “The attractive face of the Greens, apparently.”

She said that the protesters had been “harassing the public”, resulting in “many complaints, one to police”.

But Thom Pizzey, who attended the protest along with Maria, said: “We never shouted. We stood respectfully and quietly to the side of their stall and let people approach us.”

He said the group had been “exercising free speech and freedom to protest”, and that “the only one who swore or was aggressive” was Ms Atkinson herself.

Last week Ms Atkinson said that the accusations of fascism and Nazism aimed at Ukip by activists were “disgraceful”. She said the party had called for any protesters who “call our supporters fascists, hurl other abuse or any physical assault” to be arrested by police.

Speaking to The Independent today, Ms Atkinson accused the activists of being “the Socialist Workers anarchy wing of the Greens” and “masquerading as ordinary voters against Ukip”.

She said: “They were intimidating my party workers, women and elderly distinguished gentlemen, calling them racist bigots. That is unacceptable, we are the third party of politics.

“They were also intimidating members of the public who approached me. One young woman who said she was in her 30s and had never voted before, said she was voting for me. The fat Green woman approached her, telling her that I was a racist bigot. She was very upset, she later told me she had complained to the police.

“I think my view of them is self evident. I have nothing else to add.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE
To understand the competence of Janice Atkinson that justifies her being placed as number two on the South East regional list above UKIP’s golden girl the partner of the EU lobbyist a local councillor in her own right Diane James who stood for them in Eastleigh gaining one of their best ever results in a by-election.

Well why was Janice Atkinson, who has so little self control and such a gutter approach to politics selected as number two after Nigel Farage with a near certain chance of being elected as an MEP, surely it could not have been her utterly inept handling of the last London assembly and Mayoral elections that were such an inept catastrophe for UKIP as reported in detail by UKIP themselves see CLICK HERE

One clearly argue that this woman, who is let us face it more talented than almost any other UKIP candidate likely to gain a seat such as the seried ranks of nebishes and nobodies that UKIP has lined up that so typify the utter irelevance of UKIP MEPs and MEPs in general which is why the British electorate, few of whom could name their own MEPs let alone any serious number of MEPs from Britain explaining why the electorate are so willing to use UKIP as their toilet to flush away their votes in protest at the ineptitude they perceive of our politicians.

It is these phenomena that make it a matter of indifference to both the informed and the ill-informed even the misinformed as to whether UKIP have 7 or 70 MEPs elected – their role is merely as a protest and as I have pointed out time and again the more of these useless parasites that UKIP has elected the more damage they do the image of the partyy – one only needs to consider the ticking time bomb of the utterly inept nobodies, perverts, fools and freeloaders UKIP will have elected, having seen their lists, be that 7 or 70 such liabilities they can without doubt do damage to the image of the party where there is almost nothing that they can do to enhance UKIP’s reputation and we can count on UKIP gaining ever more publicity as they take it in turns to fall out with Farage as has been the norm to date where nearly 50% of MEPs elected to UKIP seats have parted company with UKIP and or Farage as he is the Party!

This is not unique to UKIP MEPs as you will have noted it is a trait of Nigel Farage’s to fall out with people who come between him and his ego driven insecurity where he falls out with many be they wives, mistresses, NEC members, EUrorealist activists and of course MEPs. I feel sure that UKIP far outstrips any other party in ‘churning’ of members, leaving a trail not of failures but of those who have seen through the corruption and the very scam that is UKIP.

The most telling story of this coming Thursday is not just how many protest votes UKIP will attract as it is irelevant – the telling factor is what percentage of the vote UKIP gains for Councillors – it is my guestimate that UKIP’s local election results this year will be as risible as those last year where of some 1,750 seats in which UKIP candidates competed less than 150 were elected!

There will of course be some knock on effect that should aid UKIP in that the local election is being held on the same day as the British public will be registering their protest votes via the EU. However I doubt UKIP will gain much over 10 percent of the seats available, even if they do that well!

UKIP just isn’t trusted in domestic politics and the better they SEEM to do the more they face scrutiny as the trueism of ‘the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its Rse’; UKIP is not being picked on and nore is their a conspiracy to smear them it is just that until now no one gave a damn about them sufficient to investigate them and the more they rise in perception the more they will face scrutiny!

Many will remember the artwork caricature of Michael Foot when he was portrayed as a crumpled duffle coat and a walking stick – I feel it is likely that the lasting image of UKIP, long after they have moved into fading history, will be an Arthur Daley cost (over worn) a pint barely supped alongside several empty claret bottles and a smouldering Rothman fag in an ashtray – what else can UKIP legitimately claim to have left as a legacy beyond the devisive racism in its many forms from that of Gerard Batten to the insecurity of the neo BNP voters attracted by demonising a sector of people as Hitler did with the Jews to play to populism for his own gain against rivals.




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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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