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UKIP Sells Seats, Candidacies & Office for Cash, Often Undeclared

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/05/2014

UKIP Sells Seats, Candidacies & Office for Cash, Often Undeclared

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Sells Seats, Candidacies & Office for Cash (It has also been claimed that publicly funded jobs have been the reward of sexual favours!), Often Undeclared – which may well explain the astonishingly low calliber and lack of gravitas of its MEPs and candidates, now and in the past.


that UKIP attracts front page news like this can not be passed off, even to the most gullible, as some sort of smear tactics – this is clearly and undeniably reliable journalism and carrying out their duty to inform the public. Were this the action of any other party responsible UKIPpers would be only too pleased to see such blatant corruption exposed.
I have never heard a spokesman for UKIP speak out in support of Labour for rewarding their donors with Peerages, nor for that matter has anyone officially spoken out against Peerages for services to the Tories as in the case of the liar and racist scoundrel Malcolm Pearson!

Ukip faces scandal over ‘cash for Euro seats’

Ukip candidate Jane Collins
Jane Collins made an interest-free loan of £10,000 to the regional party branch weeks after her selection Adam Gerrard/SWNS

Billy Kenber and Alexi Mostrous
Last updated at 12:01AM, May 14 2014

 Ukip faces a “cash-for-Euro-seats” scandal after forcing MEPs to donate large sums and threatening to bar those who refused from standing again, its former deputy leader says. Ex-Ukip insiders have also raised concerns that the party favoured wealthy MEP candidates before this month’s European elections.


Two leading candidates for the May 22 poll, and the partner of a third, donated or lent the party tens of thousands of pounds about the time they were selected for safe seats, according to an analysis of Electoral Commission records.


No new MEP candidates from the Labour or Conservative party have made declarable donations in the past four years. Three Liberal Democrat candidates who have donated large amounts have not been given winnable seats.


The revelations come amid further controversy for Ukip. Yesterday a British Asian former chairman of its youth wing resigned from the party, claiming that it “deliberately attracts the racist vote”, while Janice Atkinson, a prospective MEP, provoked derision by asking police to arrest protesters who called Ukip members “fascists”.


David Campbell-Bannerman, Ukip’s former deputy leader, left the party in 2011 after repeatedly warning Nigel Farage and other top officials about its “overt [link] between financial contributions and selection to a public elected office”. He said that it was “potentially very dangerous” and could be seen as being “cash for Euroseats”.


In his resignation letter, leaked to The Times by a former Ukip branch chairman, Mr Campbell-Bannerman raised concerns including that “Ukip MEPs will only be there in future to keep the party solvent or to pay lip service to the leader”.


Mr Campbell-Bannerman, now a Conservative MEP, accused Ukip of drawing up plans to field four MEP candidates simply so they could “pay all their salary to the party” without carrying out any work.


He wrote that his “urgent calls” for legal advice had gone unheeded and warned that “any future Ukip MEPs beyond 2014 will either be very rich or just sycophantic placemen/women of the leader”. Mr Campbell-Bannerman said yesterday that he stood by his comments.


All Ukip MEPs elected this month will have signed a “code of conduct” forcing them to donate 10 per cent of their salary, equivalent to about €10,000 (£8,000) a year, to the party. Any MEP not fulfilling this promise risks being “blackballed”, according to emails sent by Alan Bown, one of Ukip’s biggest donors.


Mr Campbell-Bannerman was primarily concerned with pressure applied to sitting MEPs. However, a number of new candidates likely to win seats at the European Parliament on May 22 have also given generously to the party.


Under European electoral rules, parties register a list of candidates in ranked order in each of the UK’s 12 regions.Voters choose a political party rather than an individual candidate and each party’s share of the vote then determines how many of their ranked candidates are elected in each region.


Jill Seymour, 56, a parish councillor in Shropshire, is ranked first on Ukip’s regional list for the West Midlands, making her almost certain to become an MEP. She and her husband Brian, 77, a manufacturing tycoon, paid the price of a “car” to host what was then Ukip’s biggest public meeting, a 900-person gathering, in Telford last September.


Ms Seymour was the highest-ranked candidate in the region in a preliminary list endorsed by Ukip’s selection committee and was voted in by the party membership as the top candidate two weeks after the Telford event. Ukip has not registered the donation, which it would have been required to do if it exceeded £7,500.


Jane Collins and Amjad Bashir, who are ranked first and second in Yorkshire and the Humber, made interest-free loans of £10,000 each to the regional party branch in November and December 2013, weeks after their selection. Mr Bashir also financed a Ukip event attended by more than 1,200 people in Gateshead last month. Staff said hiring the venue with sound and lighting equipment and crew for an evening event would cost £10,200.


Mr Bashir declined to say how much the event had cost but that he was “democratically elected on merit and am working hard as a part of a team to secure the best possible result for Ukip in the European elections”. Ms Collins did not comment.


Ms Seymour has not campaigned as fervently as some of her fellow prospective MEPs. She has only spoken at three Ukip-organised events in the West Midlands this year, while the second- and third-ranked candidates have each spoken at least a dozen times, according to the party’s website.


In seven local hustings organised between the West Midlands MEP candidates since April, Ukip was the only party not to field their top-ranked candidate on a single occasion.


Ms Seymour said she was unable to attend every hustings because she had been “inundated” with requests, adding that she was “all over the place, we’re out all the time”. “I can’t fit myself into every hustings,” she added.


A Ukip spokesman said the party believed there was “no point” in responding to detailed questions from this newspaper because “past experience has taught us that you will not fully or fairly record our responses”.


Three new Lib Dem candidates have donated to the party since mid-2010, although none of the donations came within a year either side of the party’s regional lists being announced in December 2012.


Rob Speht, a former councillor, gave donations valued at £3,300 in mid-2011 while Jo Hayes, a councillor in Colchester, gave £10,000 last December. Both are number two on their regional lists in areas where the Lib Dems may well miss out on winning a single seat.


A Lib Dem spokesman said the party does not “require either MEPs or candidates to donate to the party” and that donations “do not play a role in the selection or ranking of Liberal Democrat European election candidates”.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

That UKIP’s selection processes for office in both elected office and employment was corrupt has long been known to those informed in the matter of dishonesty withing UKIP and its unarguably corrupt leadership. The problem has always been the willingness of the leadership clique and much of its claque to brazenly lie to the media, the legal authorities and others in a manner most redolent of sociopathy – in that it seems probable that they believed their lies were justified in their belief of the cause they claimed to represent.
To understand the style and extent of corruption one need only read of the lies and dishonesty of Douglas Denny in his capacity as a party returning officer yet willing to utterly corrupt any concepts of democracy to ensure his benefactor Nigel Farage was elected see CLICK HERE
That this was an institutionalised process is shown by the report of another returning officer for the party who enumerated corruption and outlined its extent CLICK HERE.
The indubitable and undeniable corruption that put UKIP MEPs and other officers in position is most clearly displayed by the intellectual pygmies and the institutionalised lack of gravitas of those holding office in the party; clear failings that are glibly passed off as some sort of merit in their not being competent politicians as they are not career politicians and be it the serial failure in The City, fired from his main job for his habitual drunkenness, or the shop sales assistant for BT, or even the Tory serial failure at elections David Bannerman, or even the inherited wealth and status of Stuart Agnew or William Legge, or the good fortune of making money from building society buy outs of estate agencies UKIP has not attracted and kept a single solitary MEP of any realistic competence or calliber.
The serial failures and indisputable self serving rascals and nere do wells who have ridden MEP tickets in UKIP are most plausibly understood to have gained office by bribery in one form or another, be that even pure sychophancy than was ever displayed in merit or democratic due process within the party.
That UKIP is unfit for office is hard to deny be that in its inability to either represent or even understand the processes required either to win a referendum to Leave-The-EU or to promote the benefits of Leaving where after 21 years they have achieved virtually nothing and have even failed plausibly to represent the huge upswing in opposition to membership of The EU amongst the public, diluting the message with their racist stance in supporting racism across The EU, as the undeniably do in offering support and encouragement and even direct financial succour to their CHOSEN colleagues in their Pan EU Political EFD Group, whilst having closely associated via their tawdry MEPs with such organisations as The Front National of France, The Lega Nord of Italy, The EDL  and even the BNP.
FARAGE, Nigel 37 DEAVIN, Mark - LeCOMBER, Tony
That UKIP’s line is to lie to claim they are not racist, in the face of clear evidence to the contrary and the odious display of those of ‘different’ ethnicity as a clear display of tokenism has been as risible as the individual who in pretence of lack of overt prejudice states ‘some of my friends are black’ or ‘I have several gay friends’ when they base their association with black friends or homosexual chums on very febrile linkage – just as where Nigel Farage ensures a photo shoot is organised that can be captioned ‘We are not racist we have several non white candidates’!!
Yet it was Nigel Farage, UKIP’s founder Prof. Alan Skedd assures us to this day, stated Nigel Farage said:
“We will never get the nigger vote”
which of course has been frequently denied, yet seems all too likely to be true as this most litigious of politicians has never visibly taken action to gain redress on the statement and whose subsequent support for racism has been transparent.
I do not for a moment claim that all members of UKIP are racist but it is undeniable that its leadership and senior members aid and support racism and as shown by Sanya-Jeet Thandi racism is rife a’s leadership and the party policies incline to encourage racism see: CLICK HERE
I reiterate that I do not for a moment claim UKIP membership is largely racist but it is clear that racism is a very marked part of the makeup of UKIP as a party or ALL of its members would have spoken out in disgust at the support for xenophobes,over racism, Holocaust Denial, anti homosexuality and the like amongst their CHOSEN partners in the EU EFD Group and even closer to home the propensity to incite racial hatred of Gerard Batten based upon his superstitious beliefs in association with known racists and with his vile attack on honest decent followers of Islam, which inclines and is likely to incite racial hatred and animosity – little wonder he recently obtained notoriety with allegations of a brick being thrown at his house and braking a window!
Despite Gerard Batten’s undeniable lack of understanding of the basic tenets of justice and his willingness to abuse his position to seek to pervert the course of justice I would not put it past him to have invented the story of a brick being thrown at his house for personal publicity – he was after all only too willing to ‘use’ the police to make patently false allegations against me – which fortunately the South Wales Police dismissed despite the efforts of the less diligent and untrustworthy Metropolitan Police.
Am I saying that all of UKIP members are corrupt and racist, clearly not but just as with The Metropolitan Police there is a very clear sector who are corrupt and lack due diligence.




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Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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