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Annabelle Fuller, Nigel Farage’s Tax Payer Funded (ex?) Mistress A Thief!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/04/2014

Annabelle Fuller, Nigel Farage’s Tax Payer Funded (ex?) Mistress A Thief!

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Annabelle Fuller, a UKIP employee, Nigel Farage’s Tax Payer Funded (ex?) Mistress, or so common knowledge affirms as has his ex Deputy Leader Mike Nattrass MEP transpired to be a common Thief as Andrew Bridgen MP found out to his cost; a situation which she sought to mittigate by questionable claims of sexual assault when caught!



Farage’s alleged lover ‘made false sex claims against Tory’

Mr Farage and Ms Fuller deny having an affair
Nigel Farage
Alexi Mostrous, Billy Kenber, Laura Pitel
Published at 12:01AM, April 5 2014

Police are investigating claims that the alleged former mistress of Nigel Farage falsely accused a Tory MP of sexual assault.
Annabelle Fuller, until recently a Ukip spin doctor, had previously accused Andrew Bridgen of inappropriately touching her at his Westminster flat in 2011. Mr Bridgen, who denied wrongdoing, was arrested but no charges were brought.
The case went quiet until Monday, when Scotland Yard officers spoke to Mr Bridgen for 50 minutes about allegations that Ms Fuller, 32, had fabricated the claims against him.
The allegations were made by Jasna Badzak, a former Ukip press officer and parliamentary candidate. Other claims by Ms Badzak against Ukip, including allegations of “financial irregularities” at the party, are also under investigation by the police.
Ms Badzak was convicted in October of defrauding Gerard Batten, a Ukip Euro MEP and her former boss, out of £3,000. She received a 12-month suspended sentence but is appealing.
Last night Ms Fuller said that Ms Badzak’s claims were “the lies of a proven fraudster”.
In June 2011 Ms Fuller met Mr Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire, in a Westminster pub before returning to his flat with a mutual acquaintance, according to an account she gave at the time. She alleged that the MP reached up her skirt and touched her on the bottom and leg.
A week later Ms Fuller withdrew her allegations, conceding that her behaviour could have been construed as flirting. Later that month she waived her right to anonymity to tell a newspaper that her life had “been destroyed” after Mr Bridgen threatened to sue her for “ludicrous and false” allegations.
She said she had gashed her head fleeing from Mr Bridgen’s apartment barefoot after taking his Westminster pass and BlackBerry phone. When a security guard asked if she wanted to call the police, she said she replied: “I just want to get the hell out of here.”
Police officers are now looking at whether Ms Fuller stole Mr Bridgen’s BlackBerry and pass. Ms Fuller said she took them to prove where she had been.
It is understood that police inquiries are at an early stage. A spokesman said they were “looking into” the allegations and that no arrests had been made.
“It sounds like someone is just trying to make another attack on me, which I’ve had in the past few weeks,” Ms Fuller said. “I’m not going to say any more because I haven’t actually spoken to the police about this.”
Ms Badzak said she first contacted police with her evidence in July 2011 and was contacted this year by David Manning, an acting superintendent at Scotland Yard.
Mr Farage, the Ukip leader, already faces an inquiry into allegations that his party may have breached parliamentary rules by using taxpayers’ money to fund its political operations.
Both Mr Farage and Ms Fuller deny having an affair after an ex-colleague claimed she was his “former mistress”.
Mr Bridgen declined to comment.
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Those who read this blog on a regular basis will realise this is a somewhat old story and The Times brings nothing new to the narrative – in fact there is more information on this blog at the time of Annabelle Fuller’s theft of Andrew Bridgen’s Blackberry telephone, House of Commons Pass and at least one item of correspondence and how she fled the flat and also banged her head in her flight and was apprehended before leaving the building and the police were called.
Ww were given to understand at the time that although Annabelle Fuller’s rapidly dreamed up story to try to justify her theft put additional strain on Andrew Bridgen’s marriage and subsequently gave rise to his estrangement from his wife and difficulties over his access to his children he was ‘advised’ by CCO to take the matter no further as far as having Annabelle Fuller prosecuted for theft and maybe even for false allegations of sexual assault.You will also remember Annabelle Fuller had been playing The Westminster Bicycle and peddling around in the pub for most of the day and there were claims she imposed on Andrew Bridgen’s good will, as he and a male colleague were returning to his flat, she tagged along on the pretext of using his toilet facilities!

Annabelle Fuller, being a well known accoutrement of Nigel Farage’s and often around Westminster could not reasonably have been expected to behave as she did and steal Andrew Bridgen’s property and leg it at speed! Facts which Andrew Bridgen’s male colleague can of course verify.




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