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WOOD, Malcolm – 02-Apr-2012 – IN MEMORIAM

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/04/2014

WOOD, Malcolm – 02-Apr-2012 – IN MEMORIAM

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Malcolm Wood

Died on Monday, 02-Apr-2012

Malcolm Wood, who is pictured above, died suddenly during the night.

I had some years ago worked relatively closely with Malcolm Wood on various Sovereignty & Constitutional issues – not least of which was The Magna Carta Society petition to The House of Lords & subsequently to Her Majesty The Queen.
The picture above shows Ashley Moat, who went on to be elected as a UKIP MEP and then sadly to prison for an historic technical offence when bankrupted by John Major’s toadying to The EU! Barry, Lord Ashbourne as a direct descendent of one of The barons who signed the original Magna Carta of 1215 Malcolm Wood and I participated at The House of Lords as you can see for more details you may wish to CLICK HERE
Malcolm Wood was also an active supporter and participant in a number of The Huntsman Political weekends which I ran from time to time.
Subsequently sadly Malcolm felt it expedient to vaulte face for the sake of his income and actively campaign against me with baseless lies but it must have been hard for him to let truth get in the way of his income stream which clearly he enjoyed as he continued to work long past rational retirement age.

Malcolm and his wife Jenny held well paid jobs in the corrupt leadership structure of UKIP where their funded loyalty was sadly uncritical of the antics of the leadership, which I believe to be the key to UKIP’s failure to achieve anything of note towards the aim to Leave-The-EU but a great deal to butter the bread of a small clique and honey coat it to boot!

Malcolm & Jenny held a series of posts at the Salisbury branch level and went on to be the South West regional organiser for the party leader Roger Knapman during UKIP’s most popular period with undoubtedly the greatest successes and growth – sadly not maintained after roger Knapman’s departure and although Malcolm remained as SW Regional Organiser for UKIP it was at the next election that he and Jenny switched to the direct employ, managing the office of  of one of the less relevant UKIP MEPs, William Dartmouth.

During the 2010 election Malcolm took the position of Campaign Manager for Nigel Farage and many will remember the debacle when Nigel came 3rd. in a two horse race with a risible percentage when one considers neither Labour nor the LibDims stood in the seat!
Malcolm did at least, at times, try to bring a degree of professionalism to The Party which is largely absent and his chairing of UKIP meetings was often competent if not balanced! One need only consider his chairmanship of The SW Regional Committee as it duplicitously engineered the departure of Dr. Eric Edmond or the collusion in the corruption of Hugh Williams  now of UKIP NEC.
Notoriously after the SW Regional Committee deselected Gawain Towler as a candidate in the light of the public comments regarding his obscene and lewd behaviour with his daughter, Malcolm Wood did nothing to uphold the committee decision when Nigel Farage set aside all concepts of decency and democracy and arbitrarily reappointed Towler!

Although not a man I personally had a great deal of respect for, one can only feel sorry for his wife Jenny their children and Grandchildren ,who are left behind, when Malcolm could have been expected to spend his retirement with them, in health and comfort, for some considerable years to come.


Malcolm’s Woods’ funeral took place at:

13:45hrs. Tuesday 17-April-2012  at the Salisbury Crematorium.

Salisbury Crematorium is at:

Burrington Road, Off London Road,

The crematorium will show up on your sat.nav., if you are from out of area, if you enter the post code.
There will be a reception, to which all are invited, at:

The Greyhound Inn,
Market Place,
Wilton, Salisbury,

The Family have requested that only family provide flowers.
Any donations in lieu of flowers can be made, in memory of Malcolm, to:

The Dogs Trust
The Army Benevolent Fund

Please make Donations, marked:

In memory of Malcolm Wood
c/o: Chris White Funeral Directors,
12 South Street,

. .

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