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PMEP Shneur Odze Exposes UKIP’s Un-Professional Leadership

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/02/2014

PMEP Shneur Odze Exposes UKIP’s Un-Professional Leadership

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Prospective UKIP MEP Shneur Odze Exposes UKIP’s Un-Professional Selection Process and incompetent Leadership!!


yet further evidence of UKIP’s unprofessional procedures and selection process due largely to incompetent leadership and the low grade of its leadership, MEPs, NEC and staff who have been proven consistently corrupt and incompetent to perform the simplest of required political tasks – SELECTION of CANDIDATES!

Jewish UKIP MEP Candidate Refuses to Shake Hands with Women

UKIP member refuses to shakes women's hands

Ukip member Shneur Odze (pictured far right) with leader Nigel Farage (center)

A nasty row has broken out within Ukip over a Member of European Parliament candidate’s refusal to shake women’s hands due to his religious beliefs.

Shneur Odze, a prospective MEP for the North West of England, has told party members his Orthodox Judaism forbids him from physical contact with women other than his wife.

Some party activists say they are offended by his stance, which threatens to alienate half the electorate.

But senior officials have rebuked these activists as “rude” and “wrong” for refusing to respect Odze’s beliefs.

Fred McGlade, a Ukip regional organiser, has already resigned from his post in protest at the decision to include Odze, 31, on the party’s list of top MEP candidates.

He warned Ukip chairman Steve Crowther that he would stand down if Odze was chosen by the party, because of his attitude towards women.

At least one Ukip branch has banned Odze because of what a member described as his “difficult and aggressive behaviour”.

Crowther told the Times it was “rude” of McGlade and others to complain about Odze.

He said: “We have a policy of tolerance for and acceptance of people’s own religious observance. We do not consider it grounds for complaint. It harms no one.”

Ozde, who is fourth on the Ukip’s MEP list in the North West, was unavailable to comment.

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UKIP’s lame and unprofessional justification of this prejudicial and demeaning behaviour towards women should be tollerated as it is part of this inappropriate candidate’s ‘belief’ – presumably IF a British citizen who was an extreme adherant to Islam UKIP would justify stoning adulterers, hanging homosexuals & bi lateral amputation for some crimes and forced child marriage.

Perhaps UKIP are would be willing to uphold the beliefs of Somali, Ethopian and other origins who are now Muslims with British citizens to follow their belief in Female Genital Mutilation and forced child marriages.

As ever UKIP due to lack of competent leadership and authoritarian centralised power and lack of internal democracy (Read their constitution and consider the low grade of their leadership, MEPs, NEC and staff) thus is in complete disarray on some of the simplest of situations in moral judgement and the fundamentals of Governance.





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