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Farage’s Desperate & Implausible Efforts to Distance Himself from Batten

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/02/2014

Farage’s Desperate & Implausible Efforts to Distance Himself from Batten

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Nigel Farage’s Desperate & Implausible media Efforts to Distance Himself from his long term associate Gerard Batten MEP!!


minded that Gerard Batten’s anti Islamic stance and the very clear position that was so very likely to be seen as incitement to racial hatred in the form of his involvement with The Charter for A Muslim Code of Conduct was published in 2006 almost eight years ago and was featured on this blog extensively since then with articles and publication of the full text which I very clearly denounced as far back as 2007, if not earlier, Nigel Farage’s desperate attempts to distance himself from the publication and its apparent racist views is utterly disingenuous and clearly dishonest.Nigel Farage & Gerard Batten have worked side by sider for some 20 years and are inextricably joined at the hip in the most crass and amateur ‘Good Guy Bad Guy’ relationship through those years.It is utterly implausible that Nigel Farage had no part in the publication as documentation will clearly show.

Even the most gullible must surely find this croc of PR spin unpalatable – Just where is the denunciation of the stance Gerard Batten took by Nigel Farage, for I can not find it until all of a sudden we are expected to believe his Damascine Conversion of the last day or two!

Just how gullible does the arrogant hubris of Nigel Farage believe the British peoples to be? Particularly as you will note Nigel Farage’s fierce defence of his extremist, racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual associates in his vile EFD Group which he personally launched and founded – with this in mind it is not just the claims of Alan Skedd that give credence to the comments about ‘nig nogs’ nor the injudicious use of ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ relative to foreign aid by his placeman as an MEP and his flatmate Godfrey Bloom that gives the lie to his claims.

Nor does Nigel Farage’s pursuit of personal income and the use of his personal staff and alleged long term mistress and publicly funded confidante to support his pursuit of his EFD Group and efforts to form it as a Pan EU Political Party:

—–Original Message—–

From: Fuller Annabelle <>
Sent: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 8:43
Subject: Fwd: doc

Hey honey,

Trevor Colman et al are trying to stop UKIP being a proper political party and making it just an anti EU talking shop and using the pan EU parties to stop that.

If we don’t get the money from joining a party then the country itself will be on the back foot if we ever do get a referendum!

Is there any chance you could send this to a pro ukip blogger like skeptyk for debate? It’s just for the internal ukip people to realise that the NO campaign are not playing nicely


Subject: Fwd: doc

Enquiries from concerned UKIP members about European Political parties provoke examination of the “NO” campaign’s agenda.

Having looked at the “NO” campaign’s efforts in ‘Independence’, they have been prompted to ask if this means that the real, hidden agenda is (a) to establish control over MEPs, (b) to control who MEPs employ (c) to control how often they go to Brussels (d) to control how long they spend in Brussels (e) to control how their budgets are spent and (f) to control how they vote. 

Which leads on to what really lies behind the “NO” campaign, which is to roll back time and throw away all the achievements of the last ten to fifteen years, abandon the platform which Brussels gives to the Party, trash the electoral advances of successive elections, and return the Party to the status of a fringe pressure group, a talking-shop.

Their logic is that this would put an end once and for all to any engagement by the Party with corrupt federalising EU institutions and return it to a pure and unadulterated state.

Above all it is to undermine, even reverse, the clear mandate given at the Leadership election in 2010 when this very agenda was decisively and utterly rejected by the Party’s membership. 

Also of concern to a corresponding member is the wording of the Question for the ballot paper.

At the risk of boring people to death, this is very much a technical issue because it is by numbers of MEPs who join that the amount of grant and how it is allocated is determined. Recent defections from the EFD group have already affected UKIP funding in Brussels as they will reduce any grant we receive if the membership agrees to allow this to go ahead. So the question has to address whether we allow our MEPs to join or not. There is nothing sinister about it: the question has to reflect the reality of what will take place.


Nigel Farage distances himself from MEP over ‘Muslim code of conduct’

Ukip leader says Gerard Batten’s proposed charter was private publication and has never been party policy
Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has said he is trying to rid Ukip of ‘Walter Mitty’ types after a string of controversies. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

The Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, has distanced himself from the views of his own immigration spokesman, Gerard Batten, after the London MEP proposed a special code of conduct for Muslims.

Ukip stressed that asking Muslims to sign such a document had never been one of its policies, even though the launch of Batten’s “proposed charter of Muslim understanding” used to be promoted on the party’s website.

Batten, who was on Wednesday campaigning for Ukip in the Wythenshawe and Sale East byelection, told the Guardian this week that he could not see how any “reasonable, normal person” could object to signing the charter, which calls on Muslims to accept equality, reject violence and accept the need to modify the Qur’an.

In a separate video interview from 2010, Batten also proposed a ban on new mosques across Europe, suggested Muslim countries should not be “appeased” and warned of the threats of having “two incompatible systems living in the same place at the same time”.

A number of MPs and MEPs condemned Batten’s comments, with Robert Halfon, a Tory MP, accusing him of taking an “unbelievably sinister” position comparable to asking members of the faith to wear a yellow star.

Halfon, who is Jewish and has spoken out repeatedly against Islamic extremism, said he considered Batten’s views frightening.

He tweeted: “Big difference [between lawful] Muslims & extreme Islamists. UKIP MEP Batten’s statement a 1st step to wearing a Yellow Star.”

Sarah Ludford, a Liberal Democrat MEP for London, also criticised the comments, saying they “rip apart Ukip’s pretence” that it treats everybody equally.

“His offensive blanket stereotyping of Muslims as jihadists speaks volumes about Ukip’s extremism and should warn voters that voting Ukip means associating with hatred and Islamophobia,” she said.

Two prominent Muslim MPs, Sadiq Khan and Rehman Chishti, condemned the “offensive” idea of a charter for Muslims. Chishti said Batten, who is Ukip’s immigration spokesman, should not be allowed to stand again as an MEP.

Meanwhile, Syed Kamall, the Conservative leader in the European parliament, who is a Muslim, left a letter on Batten’s empty seat at the parliament chamber in Strasbourg, offering him a guarantee that he had no intention to commit acts of violence or promote extremism.

“Do you have a form I can sign already?” asked Kamall. “I am anxious to assure you that I have no intention of mounting any attacks on unsuspecting infidels, nor of attempting to radicalise you or anyone else.

“If the forms aren’t ready yet, perhaps you would take this note as my guarantee? My wife and family would be most reassured to know you will allow me to stay in Britain, especially since I was born here. Please feel free to drop into my office to discuss this over a cup of tea. I promise you will be entirely safe.”

Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of Muslim think tank the Ramadhan Foundation, said asking one particular community to sign a “loyalty pledge” against violence was “offensive and an insult to all decent people”.

In response to Batten’s comments, Farage said in a statement: “This was a private publication from Gerard Batten in 2006 and its contents are not and never have been Ukip policy. No such policy proposals would have been accepted by Ukip in any case. Ukip believes in treating people equally.”

It comes as Farage tries to rid the party of “Walter Mitty” types after a stream of controversies. These include the party’s suspension of a councillor for blaming flooding on gay marriage and the ejection of the MEP Godfrey Bloom following comments about women and sending foreign aid to “bongo-bongo land”.

It also comes the day after Ukip distanced the party from Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto, its former Commonwealth spokesman, who was revealed by BBC Newsnight to have once been part of a kidnapping gang.

With Ukip hoping to top the polls in May’s European elections, Batten is top of the party’s MEP candidate list for London, having passed a round of psychometric testing to make sure his views were acceptable.

Batten told the Guardian he had written the charter in 2006 with a friend, who is an Islamic scholar. Asked on Tuesday whether he still believed Muslims should sign the charter, Batten said: “I don’t suppose the pope would disagree with it or the archbishop of Canterbury or anybody else. So why should they feel aggrieved that they might be asked to sign? They don’t have to. If they don’t believe in those five points, they don’t have to sign it.”

In a press release from the time, published on Ukip’s website, Batten calls on Muslims to sign a five-point affirmation, in which they would promise to accept equality, reject violence in the name of religion, and accept a need to “re-examine and address the meaning and application of certain Islamic texts and doctrines”.

Asked why Muslims had been singled out, rather than followers of other faiths, Batten said: “Christians aren’t blowing people up at the moment, are they? Are there any bombs going off round the world claimed by Christian organisations? I don’t think so.”

In a statement to the Guardian, Batten later said: “I would expect the fundamentalists to agree with me that democracy is incompatible with fundamentalist Islam. Moderate Muslims have to decide which side of the argument they are on.

“Who is in favour of jihad? Apart from the jihadists of course? I was, and still am, happy to speak out against it. It is amusing that the Guardian equates being opposed to extremism and jihadism as ‘overlapping with the far-right’. So are leftwing liberals in favour of jihad? If not, do they overlap too?”

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If you wish to pursue more details on this subject you might care to search this blog
You will, I am sure be fascinated by the further revalations scheduled based upon the overt racism of Gerard Batten, Nigel Farage and others in UKIP’s leadership clique and its odious and self serving claque.Much further detail can also be garnered by following my TWITTER account and even perhaps were you to CLICK HERE




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