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What Goes Around Comes Around with UKIP Lies, Bullying & Distortion

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/02/2014

What Goes Around Comes Around with UKIP Lies, Bullying & Distortion

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What Goes Around Comes Around with UKIP Lies, Bullying & Distortion!
The Farage Cult clearly don’t like it when others behave just like them!



just like the many blogs, Forums, web sites and the like that UKIP its agents or supporters of the Farage Cult have set up that harbour lies, distortions, fantasies and desperate efforts to defame people like me who relentlessly expose the undeniable racism, corruption, dishonesty, self interest, anti homosexuality of UKIP and those in the cult who have so resoundingly betrayed the electorate and stolen from the public purse on a near industrial level as they so befoul the name and aims of EUroScepticism.

Consider the endless lies and defamatory claims made regarding Nikki Sinclaire, Dr. Eric Edmonds, Junius, Dr. Richard North, John West, Alastaire McConnachie, Robin Page, Nikki Sinclaire, Petrina Holdsworth, Heather Connyngham, Niall Warry, Alan Hardy, Peter Troye, Steve Morson, Dr. David Abbott, Richard Suchorzevski, and many others who have tried to clean-up UKIP to make it fit for purpose.

To seek out many more they have defamed, abused and bullied CLICK HERE

Also check out the lies and distortions of low lifes and self serving scoundrels like Douglas Denny, Gerard Batten, Derek Clark, Mark Croucher, Mick McGough, Paul Nuttall, Anthony Butcher, John Ison, Annabelle Fuller, Peter Reeve, Tom Wise, Gawain Towler, Christopher Gill, Chris Mounsey, David Bannerman, Lord Pearson and their ilk.

I guess that is what one can expect from the scum that are attracted, in many cases, to the honey pots and gravy trains of politics where there is so much unaccountable money to access!

Just look at the pond life attracted to UKIP to ride on the gravy train just by following and applauding the Farage Cult – individuals who have been proven time and again to be liars, cheats, thieves and fantasists.

The one sure fact is that with this web site my name, telephone number, eMail address and home address are all well known and readily available and you can be absolutely certain that there is not a single solitary consequential error of fact on the entire site, as we all know how litigious UKIP can be, regardless of their undeniable dishonesty and distortion of facts to suit their pockets.

IF you have any doubts regarding the veracity of material on this site do not hesitate to check CLICK HERE and contact me directly if you identify any error and I will immediately make any consequential correction needed.

But clearly they don’t like it when people set out to treat them as they treat others!

Labour in Brussels behind ‘anonymous’ UKIP smear site.

A few years ago, an anonymous website called UKIP Watch sprung up, claiming to be ‘exposing’ UKIP. With a (very little) bit of digging, UKIPLiverpool was able to discover that the website had in fact been set up by a Labour party member in Brussels:

In the last few days it has begun to be shared around Facebook again, as a reminder of what we will come up against in the next few months.

With UKIP membership on the rise, and now that we regularly poll third place in the polls, we must look out for, and expose the lows that our opponents will stoop to to discredit us.

Labour and the Conservatives both know that they can’t attack us on our policies, as their attacks only serve to alienate the electorate more and more. They’re too stubborn to realise that the reason we are popular is because only we are in line with public opinion, so they won’t change their policies.

These under-the-radar attacks are going to look more appealing to those parties in the run up to the European elections, as we continue to make in-roads into areas that they consider ‘theirs’.

To view the original article CLICK HERE





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