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Do Demetri Marchessini, Nigel Farage & stuart Wheeler ALL Agree?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/01/2014

Do Demetri Marchessini, Nigel Farage & stuart Wheeler ALL Agree?

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Do Demetri Marchessini & Stuart Wheeler as donors to UKIP & Nigel Farage  ALL Agree? Clearly in UKIP they are not alone in openly denigrating and abusing women and homosexuals!!


when will it dawn on Nigel Farage it is not about what he says but about what he does and the example he sets – it is all very well having the title ‘leader’ but without the ability clearly your party will never develope beyond a cult.UKIP may be a very successful cult already but it is making the move from the cult of today with a ruthless, self serving, dictatorial ‘leader’ and having a competent team and not just fans who act as praise singers in return for prefferment. It is not just the general public who would find it hard to name a single solitary person in UKIP other than Nigel Farage and Gorfrey Bloom but news editors and media presenters struggle much beyond two or maybe three people to call on in the party.

Of course Farage has dictated in the party for almost 20 years and thus his party is made up of people who are no challenge to him who know when to praise him and who he wants destroyed!

The lack of any basic program of training or example from the leadership clique is why UKIP ends up in the headlines getting bad publicity time after time, as the better informed will realise and which may well account for UKIP’s abysmal and consistent failure in General Elections and other national domestic elections where after 20 years UKIP still has less than 150 councillers and no one of public note or stature.

Farage berating people like Godfrey Bloom, Marta Andreasen and David Bannerman gives you the measure of the man since each was his own golden wonderkid selected and promoted by him personally without due process or meaningful democracy!

Just as it was at Farage’s personal demand that he set up and ran his Pan EU EFD Political Group of extremists, fruitcakes, nutters, racists, anti homosexuals and advocates of violence where UKIP aids and assists them both financially and with added clout, or so he claims!

Farage can indeed turn a ‘smart’ sound bite just as can any ‘Delboy’ or spiv but iot is not a matter of what he says – lies though much of it is, plausible as it may sound but what UKIP as a Party does and achieves and to date that amounts to not a lot.

It is also worth noting that Nigel Farage has fallen out with over 50% of those he chose as candidates who were elected! Blaming others for ones own failings is the sign of a particularly weak and insecure man!

No more ‘Walter Mittys’ allowed in UKIP, says Nigel Farage

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said he would no longer tolerate ‘Walter Mitty’ characters creating embarassment for his party

Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip 

Nigel Farage has admitted that Ukip made mistakes in its early days by letting in “Walter Mitty” characters who have damaged the party’s reputation.

The Ukip leader urged his candidates to “professionalise” ahead of the European elections in May after a string of blunders last week led to widespread ridicule.

He said Ukip must get better at screening out new members who might prove to be “disappointments” and bring the party into disrepute.

Speaking to The Times, he said Ukip had a “struggle with talent in the early days” but added: “It’s very natural that a newish party will attract all sorts of people.”

He described some former members of Ukip as “Walter Mittys seeking a role in politics which, in the end, they will let down not just us but themselves with”.

Last week Ukip councillor David Silvester sparked fury by blaming the recent flooding on the Government’s decision to legalise gay marriage.

Mr Silvester accused David Cameron of acting “arrogantly against the Gospel” and added: “It is his fault that large swathes of the nation have been afflicted by storms and floods.”

Day later Mr Farage himself provoked a wave of anger by claiming women with children were worth less to city firms than men.

He courted further controversy by labelling the ban on handguns in the wake of the Dunblane massacre “crackers”.

It emerged yesterday that Godfrey Bloom, who was expelled from the party last autumn after describing women as “sluts”, taunted a disabled Oxford student by asking him: “Are you Richard III or not?”

He compared David Browne, an undergraduate from Belfast, to the medieval king who suffered from a spine deformity during an Oxford Union debate last Thursday.

Mr Farage called for greater discipline among the Ukip members and said he would not tolerate further embarrassment from candidates voicing eccentric views.

He plans to set up day-long assessment centres to find top quality candidates for next year’s general election to prevent people who are “just about the odd barmy opinion” being picked.

“It’s really to try and work out whether these are reliable, steady, solid people,” he said.

“We must together be campaigning on similar issues,” he said.

“I need us to have a disciplined election machine.”

But he insisted he did not want to create “a new Labour outfit where they’ve all got pagers on their belts and they’re told what to say and think.”

Mr Farage believes a third of Ukip’s supporters are former Labour voters and is keen to extend his influence among blue collar workers.

But the former stockbroker risks alienating himself from working class voters by arguing against limits on bankers’ bonuses.

He said: “We don’t need official caps or limits being placed on these things. Don’t forget that quite a lot of this comes back to people in terms of pension incomes and all the rest of it.

“The very thought that the bureaucrats in Brussels now set the limits we can pay the highest earning people in London is truly astonishing.”

Ukip also boasts supporters from among the City elite.

Last year Mayfair-based investment group Harwood Capital donated £50,000 to the party.

Mr Farage argued the salaries offered to top local government officials and think-tanks are of more concern than bankers’ pay.

He said: “The numbers of people now working in local authorities, working in the quangos, who are earning a hundred thousand pounds a year with quite remarkable pension deals compared to people in the private sector are somewhere where really big savings need to be made.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

On the back of Farage’s foolish comments we realise that it has no meaning as he is trying to sort out his own mess as he has had near absolute power in the party, unchallenged by anyone of competence who remains and on the very day he has been published with his big words we note the actual actions in his party:

Ukip donor takes out bizarre anti-gay advert

Ukip donor takes out bizarre anti-gay advert

By Tuesday, 28 January 2014 11:46 AM
Farage plans to rid Ukip of 'Walter Mitty' figures
Farage plans to rid Ukip of ‘Walter Mitty’ figures

Nigel Farage’s attempts to distance Ukip from the extreme views of its members fell apart this morning after a major party donor took out an extraordinary newspaper advert describing homosexuality as an “abomination”.

Demetri Marchessini, who donated £10,000 to Ukip last year, paid the Telegraph for a bizarre “open letter” to columnist Libby Purves complaining about a recent article she had written in the Times.

In a long and rambling text, Marchessini complains about Purves’ description of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s policies on homosexuality as bigoted.

“There are at least 12 places in the bible that describe homosexuality as an ‘abomination’,” he wrote.

“What Miss Purves and many others cannot grasp is the fact that when our government made homosexuality legal, it did not make it moral.

“Governments can decide on laws, but only God decides on morality. How can anybody, let alone Miss Purvis (sic), tell people what they should think about homosexuality?”

The letter contains a lengthy complaint about Purves’ use of the word “homophobic” which he claims is “a phoney word” which “cannot be found in any dictionary”.

The word has been included in the Oxford English Dictionary for at least two decades.

The donor described the word as a combination of Latin and Greek roots, adding: “Anyone who uses it is uneducated.”

In fact, both ‘homo’ and ‘phobia’ have Greek roots.

This is not the first time Marchessini has caused trouble for Ukip. Last year he hit the headlines after claiming that unwed mothers “should be given a good smack” and claiming that date rape allegations “cannot be taken seriously”.

“As there is no violent act, it is difficult to know whether any rape took place,” he wrote.

“The woman’s allegation of rape means nothing.  Women have been making such allegations since the beginning of time.”

He also published a book titled “Women in Trousers: A Rear View” in which he claimed that women wearing trousers were committing “hostile behaviour – they are deliberately dressing in a way that is opposite to what men would like”.

A spokesperson for Ukip said they condemned Marchessini’s opinions on trousers.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

This may sound outrageous but do bear in mind who Nigel Farage CHOSE as his associates in the EFD Group and do bear in mind the similarity of put down of women between that of Demitri Marchessini and Stuart Wheeler’s denigration of women as chess and poker players, Godfrey Bloom (Farage’s chosen one & flat mate) and his comments about sluts and cleaning behind fridges, and Nigel Farage’s own comments that have in the last week incensed many women! Not to mention the allegations of rape within the party which are still being covered up nd the young lady in question being bullied and intimidated so that there is no meaningful inquiry and police action.





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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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