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Clearly UKIP Sees Itself As ‘A ONE MAN BAND’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/01/2014

Clearly UKIP Sees Itself As ‘A ONE MAN BAND’

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Clearly UKIP Sees Itself As ‘A ONE MAN BAND’ & cancels the morning session of its business conference as without Nigel Farage it would be irelevant!!


Hi,nothing shows more clearly than the article below that Farage sees UKIP as a ‘One Man Band’ clearly he feels that not only would no one be likely to attend were he not there but after the ridiculous mess he made of last years party conference where he so lacked leadership skills that he could not cope with his drinking buddy & personally appointed MEP Godfrey Bloom’s antics he clearly does not dare risk the possibility of anyone stealing his lime light!Clearly with only two complete non entities largely unknown to the British public as his warm up act without him the entire event would fail, or so it seems.

UKIP leader cuts business summit in East Lancashire to a half-day

Lancashire Telegraph: UKIP leader cuts business summit in East Lancashire to a half-day UKIP leader cuts business summit in East Lancashire to a half-day

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has cut a planned day-long business conference in East Lancashire to a half-day.

Final preparations are now being made for the event, at the Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel, in Blackburn Road, Clayton-le-Moors, on January 24.

It is open to all from the business world interested in hearing about the party’s views.

Mr Farage will be available for questions after the session, with UKIP’s deputy leader and North West MEP Paul Nuttall, and Amjad Bashir, party spokesman on small and medium-sized business.

It had been initially planned that the event would span the day, but it is now to begin in the afternoon, with registration at 1.30pm.

Entry is by £10 ticket, and those wishing to attend should email A UKIP spokeswoman said: “Nigel has such a whirlwind life he could only make it in the afternoon.

“He just never stops and his feet rarely touch the ground with all the demands on his time.”

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Or to follow the lighter hearted lead of Petrina Holdsworth, formerly Chairman of UKIP, who posted on a largely UKIP controlled public Forum:

Default Farage`s One Man Show

Roll up !Roll up ! The amazing Nigel Farage will amuse and enchant you with his wild stories of terrifying and amusing encounters of the political kind with such well known personages as Tony Blair ,Robert Kilroy-Silk.Barroso and others .He will then sign copies of his book in front of your very eyes.
Do not miss this exciting moment,the never to be repeated (or is it just the start) “one man show.”

Go on folks – 10th Feb tickets £21 at the Assembly Hall Theatre T.Wells Kent.
All profits to the Nigel Farage Benevolent Fund no doubt.

To meet with a rapid riposte from Eric Edmund a for5mer elected member of UKIP NEC who was dishonestly forced off of the NEC by Nigel Farage and cronies he controls based on a pack of lies who said, possibly more in hope than expectation:

‘If you sit on the benches of the Bailey long enough you may see whole Cabal in the dock. The legal process grinds exceeding slow but exceeding fine. ‘
Followed up shortly after by a comment from Niall Warry who was UKIP Chairman of Wales later serving as Branch Chairman of Cheltenham’s UKIP Branch during which time he also served as UKIP’s Head Office manager – his comments are similarly condemnatory:


That UKIP is a one man show is beyond doubt.

Nigel keeps coming up with catchy populist rhetoric on immigration and much else but on detail and how to actually extract us for the EU there is sadly deafening silence.

Yes he will do well in the euro elections but even if he was to achieve all 70 odd MEPs what on earthly good would that do to getting us out of the EU? It would of course make his sycophants all wealthy beyond their abilities but then that is all that really matters to Nigel.

What existing UKIP MEP has actually achieved anything of consequence?

Nikki, an ex -UKIP MEP, works hard but on a project, for an early referendum, which would be a disaster for our causeas we would lose.

Nigel runs his cult EUkip for his own self and financial advancement and to deny this is to be blind to the bleeding obvious.

The extraordinary part of this story is that UKIP has managed to dupe so many gullible people that they stand every possibility of being THE party to act as the dustbin into which the majority of protest votes will go during the EU elections this coming May – However it is unlikely they will be able to follow that with any similar result in the elections of 2015 for Westminster and Local Government.Mided of just how untrustworthy and useless the politicians of  the two other parties are sadly we can not count on the low grade scoundrels in UKIP not having a major impact in 2015 – but clearly they are unfit for purpose in their present state and structure lurching from idiocy to idiocy without any signs of consistent competence or acceptable gravitas for the task of leading Britain to Leave-The-EU.




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